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    William Gibson is the Jay Z of his genre I think I can t be sure, as I don t listen to much rap few 41 year old men should say hip hop any Let me explain I have long admired Jay Z s effortless delivery and the joy with which he seems to embrace his talents he sounds like he knows he s good, values his craft, and enjoys the hell out of what he does And although William Gibson is quieter and, uh, Canadian, I felt the same way about the author while reading Zero History.After the have to admit it was kind of a letdown Spook Country, Gibson proceeds with Zero History as if he has a nerdy chip on his shoulder He sparkles in detail and rhythm, interspersing long, wraparound sentences with short, noiresque dialogue The characterizations are taut and durable This book s natural partner, both in theme and quality, is Pattern Recognition In both novels Gibson scythes through cultural static and creates a present that, while swirling all around us, seems just beyond our comprehension I don t want to make this novel sound like homework Reading Gibson, when he s on point, or anywhere close to on point, is exhilarating Throughout Zero History he blends thematic depth with intricate industrial espionage and, thank God, reads as if he s locking in on whatever it is that makes him so excellent He, like the self proclaimed greatest rapper alive, makes it look easy I don t know from what roborant Gibson s been drinking, but , please, don t stop now The flow between the three Bigend books Zero History is the third of a trilogy troubled me I read both Pattern Recognition and Spook Country so long ago that I felt as if I were missing, from faulty memory, subtle links between the novels Listen You ve probably already formed an opinion on Mr Gibson If you like his work you ll understand when I say Zero History is one of his best If you ve never read Gibson start with Pattern Recogition and work your way through the trilogy Although I doubt he d be so bold as to speak up on his own, he s one of the greatest writers alive.Also, Tad RULES for getting me an autographed copy inscribed to me of Zero History I am forever in your debt, sir.

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    The Devil Wears Prada meets James Bond.The third in his Blue Ant series, published in 2010, William Gibson s Zero History is not really a part of a trilogy, the three books all being only loosely connected, and yet this is the one in which he most completely defines his subject.More about keeping secrets than advertising, Huburtus Bigend is the artful dodger of Gibson s man behind the man behind the man fashionable psychological thriller Gibson is able to intricately describe how drug value is as much about prohibition as about the effect The cant of making something valuable is as simple as Economics 101 supply versus demand and yet Gibson is able to focus our attention into a narrow, laser like forced perspective of the psychic roots of international cool.Gibson s narrative style is tightly wound yet exhibiting laid back sophistication The real key to his successful story telling is his unique ability to describe great detail with a minimum of narration His attention to detail is impeccable and this adds to the quality of his storyline.William Gibson shares his backstreet London bacon and eggs brunch with the world s most interesting man and he was wearing Klein blue.

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    After about page 100, I told Nicola that this book was about an insane search for awesome jeans, but that Gibson is clearly out of the loop because he thinks exclusive jeans might sell for 200 Australian dollars Yesterday, she tells me what she thinks happens in the book without having read any of it A designer decides to make a pair of jeans out of a magic carpet They are one of a kind, and priced accordingly 250 Obviously they only appeal to multi millionairesses One day, such a multi millionairess walks into the shop and falls in love with the jeans However, the jeans are a size 6 and she wears a size 12 She buys them anyway, in spite of the exorbitant price, but then succumbs to bulimia while trying to slim down to fit them The jeans are willed to the woman s niece, played by Anne Hathaway Hathaway is a size zero or something, but she really wants to wear the magic flying carpet flying jeans, so she starts bulking up Once she s finally a size 6, she discovers that she s gained too much weight in the hips and not enough in the waist they just don t fit right Also, her boyfriend dumps her and her career is ruined because she s now a fatty Her agent organizes a reality TV show, with Anne as the host, called Who Fits Size 6 The winner gets to keep the magical magic flying jeans Women from all over the country go on the show to try on the jeans, but discover to their chagrin that the jeans are too small They are all size 8 women who have been fooled by America s vanity sizing, and the magical magic flying carpet magic flying magic jeans are a true size 6 The end Not bad, really.

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    Hollis Henry, an ex punk rockstar, is called in to do another job for Hubertus Bigend and his PR company Blue Ant This time, he wants her find out who designs a particularly underground clothing label Assisting her will be Milgrim, the ex junkie who can translate Russian this is seriously his only skill, but given that Hollis has no skills at all, it s a step up They wander Europe on Blue Ant s obscenely expansive expense account asking people about the clothing label This is literally the entirety of their plan to walk up to other clothing designers and ask them if they know about this underground label Over and over again It doesn t result in much plot or dialog, but it does give Gibson an excuse to describe, ad nauseum, the outfit of every single character in every single scene Around page 300 Gibson seems to recollect that books require plots, and randomly there s a kidnapping Hollis and Milgrim are, as in everything, useless in getting their kidnapped colleague back Somehow, Hollis s boyfriend turns up with a plan Random coincidences occur, everyone speaks in clipped non sequitors, and the kidnapped colleague gets free I never knew what was happening or why I should care, nor did I like any of the characters , no matter how cool their haircuts and boots although apparently their hair and boots are very cool indeed Gibson expends a great deal of effort and page space reminding us of this It s a terrible, dull book Gibson was known for his prescient views of the future, but given that every page is a list of brandnames, his current stories will seem dated very quickly Skip this series Actually, I quite enjoyed Heidi, Hollis s former drummer and a physically fearless bad ass.

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    AllI can say is that this review written by someone else, is spot on By Viking Los Angeles USA See all my reviews Verified Purchase What s this This review is from Zero History Hardcover ZERO GRAVITAS The Play Bigend Hollis.I need to spend insane amounts of money on vague nothingness.and you, being a woman of dubious talents and with no grasp of finances, need a job Hollis I know..it s true pouts Milgrim Who what..oh Hollis I m being followedor maybe notoooo weird wallpaperwhy hasn t my boyfriend called Milgrim iPhone Bigend Peel me a grape here s 10,0000 I need you in Ulan Bator at 25 00 hours Something may or may not occur Milgrim Who what.will there be snacks Hollis He s talking to me..well, will there I mean, okay pouts Fiona You may be under surveillance.motorcycles are cool Garreth I know a very interesting rich guy.No, you don t get to meet him..oh, and I watched 2 seasons of The Unit Evil Spec Ops Villain off screen I killed an entire Afghani village with a dead parrotnow I steal fashion designs and forgot everything I ever learned in sniper school Secret Clothing Designer I am too cool, toyou knowlike, sell OUT..you know.oh my god Everyone Aren t we PRECIOUS..Hugs all around FIN

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    Like a lot of people the first book I ever read by William Gibson was Neuromancer and I still look back on that experience 25 years ago with relish and fondness It was the hippest book I d read up to that point and continued to be the hippest book I d ever read until Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson appeared out of the publishing matrix There is a rawness to early books by great writers that sizzles and marinates the brain in beautiful technicolors I can feel the energy and excitement that the writer is conveying through his exploration of our language to express himself As a writer gets older and becomes a craftsman the writing becomes so much exquisite, crisp and clinical Gibson is confident with where he is going and how he is going to take the reader there, but that does create a victim The raw energy that drove his early books has been harnessed and the energy that used to be expended running hither and yon is now being held to the plow line What we miss now is seeing that greener pasture or glimpsing that mountain stream that is just over the next hill.Zero History is really about clothes and the characters populating the novel are cutting edge cool The type of people that when they walk in somewhere everybody thinks I want to look like that I want TO BE that person and I m really only the right pair of boots or an ultra cool haircut away from being one of those people.Gibson is a great writer and from reading the afterward he had some really talented manuscript readers This book is almost too precise The conversations are all short and perfect The plot pulls you along without a bump I never had to stop and think about anything The characters were all so calm that I would swear they all just graduated from a Zen monastery I felt no tension, no anxiety for the characters because everything always seemed like it was perfectly under control I enjoyed reading this book because I like hanging out with hip, smart people I won t remember much about this book in five years and probably little or nothing after ten, but if I decided to pull it off the shelf and read it again I would enjoy it for all the same reasons as I did this time What I want from William Gibson is another vision of the future I don t want a rehash of Neuromancer I want the raw fever that conjurers up a future that I can barely wrap my head around I want to have to stop reading and take a nap so my brain can catch up and process where he is taking me I want the NEXT BEST THING and that is something that I believe Gibson is capable of giving us if only he would push himself and let that raw energy burn him up again Let the horse go Mr Gibson let the reins out and let him run.

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    William Gibson builds his novels the way the way a sushi chef would build grand complications.Here, in the third volume of what might be called his Blue Ant trilogy, he continues the process of refining and stripping story down to its essential elements, leaving room for the seductive arcana of his finely tuned obsessions The edgeworld fetishes that have always been the materia of true import in Gibson s work The extra space in the narrative also allows for a stronger showing, than we ve seen in his recent novels, of the dense machine language poetry disguised as prose that made such an impact in Neuromancer Deeper excursions into commodity theory are given a free rein as well.What we end up with is a boutique novel Highly stylized and seemingly narrowcasted but unmistakably well made from the finest materials available.

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    Warning spoilersHollis Henry female , ex rock singer, recent author of an art book, and Milgrim male , recovering drug addict, are recruited by Hubertus Bigend male , powerful marketer and financier, to locate the designer of a secret brand of jeans Gracie male , Special Forces pretender, second rate arms dealer, and military supplier wannabe, is also interested in the brand and sends his men to follow Henry and Milgrim to Paris from London Milgrim finds the bug they re using to follow him and plants it in the baby carriage of a Russian mobster The mother s bodyguard beats up Foley, Gracie s man, who blames Milgrim, and tries to kidnap him.The kidnapping fails and a companion of Milgrim s injures Foley Foley blames Milgrim again and kidnaps Chombo, a key member of Bigend s team, then offers to trade Chombo for Milgrim Garreth, Henry s daredevil ex boyfriend, shows up and organizes a wildly hi tech rescue for Chombo Gracie and his associates are carted off by government men, Henry and Garreth decide to get married, and Milgrim becomes a member of Bigend s inner circle Bigend takes his team to Iceland, which he owns most of, due to Chombo s work.This is the second Gibson book I ve read and I don t get him Either he s a lot subtle than he seems or he missed out on some of the basics of storytelling, like plots, character motivation, and McGuffins, the object that starts things in motion, in this case, clothing design.Really Jeans That s it I m a collector of McGuffins, in my own way, and I love a good one the Ark of the Covenant, a couple of stolen nuclear weapons, all the gold in Fort Knox This doesn t cut it Oh, there s some talk about a cutting edge marketing techniques and the possibility of a sale to the military that failed to lift my interest.The central characters, Henry and Milgrim, fall into what I consider the Jimmy Olsen School of Protagonists no special skills, no strong motivation, no particular reason for the author to pick them as the Point of View I seem to see and of that in my reading Why focus on Alfred the butler when the goddamn Batman is standing right there Personally, I like Milgrim, who s out of Swiss rehab and reassembling his personality after ten years as an addict Bigend puts him on the problem because he notices things I wouldn t send a newly recovered addict for coffee without a backup plan.As far as a tightly woven plot goes, this thing is macrame No one will talk about the clothing designer including Henry s friend, Heidi Why They once bonded over a pair of shoes Henry finds the designer and doesn t tell Bigend because of their shared love of fabric or something Gracie decides to interrupt a major business deal and help his subordinate with a kidnapping because it s exciting Bigend doesn t call the cops when Chombo is kidnapped because it would spoil the hi tech rescue Bigend provides all sorts of tracking and safety for the jeans crew and nothing to watch or protect his most critical asset, Chombo.There s a rule in theater that if you show a gun in the first act, you have to use it by the third act Heidi, Henry s friend, suddenly produces a set of hi tech darts on page 232, demonstrates world class skill, and starts carrying them Just in time, too, because she rescues Milgrim from Foley with them on page 257 Perhaps Gibson should consider introducing critical elements a little farther apart.There are some cute toys in the book the world s ugliest tee shirt, a flying penguin, a rattan thighbone.So let s recap Bigend is engineering a major financial coup that will move him into the too big to fail category and Chombo, a key player, is kidnapped because of a small peripheral deal that Bigend has going that ultimately fails Gibson focuses us on the insignificant deal We get to watch a game of hopscotch while the Super Bowl plays just out of sight.One note Iceland, which isn t mentioned that I remember before page 393, used to be a major player in world finances, but cratered in 2008 People who worked in finance are trying to get jobs as fisherman Only outside intervention prevented their banking system from failing completely Gibson doesn t mention any of this The book was published in 2010 He might as well have picked Haiti as his go to paradise Okay, you tell me Is Gibson subtle or is he f ing with his readers Or is he incompetent I lean toward the last two.

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    I wish Gibson s books came with footnotes Each book in this series is structured around some sort of macguffin Zero History actually has a few, each fascinating The main one involves fashion, an area of interest I usually do my best to ignore Here, I hung on every word Gibson has a knack for picking out the sci fi that s already present in our world, and then making it seem even fantastic Every time I thought he d made something up, a quick search revealed that it actually exists.This trilogy is a series That probably seems like a redundant statement, but I had my doubts after Spook Country I figured that these were merely books sharing a character or two not directly related to each other But Zero History knits everything together in a satisfying bundle You could read this book by itself, but you d miss out on character growth and many thematic arcs And without reading Pattern Recognition, a central payoff would carry far less weight Above all, I m going to miss these characters Milgrim, who failed to catch any of my interest in Spook Country, here emerges from his drug addled decade to provide an interesting perspective on the contemporary world And not in a shallow wow, look at the tiny phones way, but much subtle From also ran to favorite character, quite a change.I can t say too much without spoiling a major revelation later in the book Final word I ll be reading this trilogy again, and probably before too long I don t re read books a lot, but will make an exception here P.S Any time Gibson describes London which he does a lot in Zero History it just makes me want to go back there sigh.

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    Gibson keeps his finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist in this third instalment of the Blue Ant trilogy delivering a high tech, internet dominated present which seems as futuristic as his cyberpunk SF novels In a world of industrial espionage, iconic fashion and branding, he highlights the amoral, darker side of marketing Can be read stand alone, but I would advise readers new to Gibson s style to read it in sequence.Extract Brand vision transmission he said Yes She raised an eyebrow Narrative Consumers don t buy products, so much as narratives That s old, she said It must be, because I ve heard it before She took a sip of cooled coffee To some extent, an idea like that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy Designers are taught to invent characters, with narratives, who they then design products for, or around Standard procedure There are similar procedures for branding generally, in the invention of new products, new companies of all kinds So it works Oh, it works, he said, but because it does, it s become de facto Once you have a way in which things are done, the edge migrates Goes elsewhere Where That s where you come in, he said.Reviewed on www.whichbook.net

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