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pdf You Need a Budget [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2017] Mecham, Jesse , ebook You Need a Budget [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2017] Mecham, Jesse , epub You Need a Budget [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2017] Mecham, Jesse , doc You Need a Budget [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2017] Mecham, Jesse , e-pub You Need a Budget [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2017] Mecham, Jesse , You Need a Budget [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2017] Mecham, Jesse f0311f6f2a2 Experience A Life Free Of Financial Stress And Transform Your Relationship To Money With This Indispensable Guide The First Book Based On You Need A Budget S Proven Method That Has Helped Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Break The Paycheck To Paycheck Cycle, Get Out Of Debt, And Live The Life They Want To LiveNo One Should Tell You What To Do With Your Money Only You Know What S Most Important To You Always Guiding You Back To Your True Priorities, Jesse Mecham Will Fundamentally Change The Way You Think About Your Money And What It Can Do For You His Proven Method Four, Simple Rules Will Transform Money Management From A Paralyzing Burden To A Powerful Tool, Putting You In Total Control Of Your Life Give Every Dollar A Job Be Intentional About What You Want Your Money To Do Before You Spend ItEmbrace Your True Expenses Break Up Larger, Less Frequent Expenses Into Smaller, Manageable Amounts By Saving Monthly For Insurance Premiums, Holidays, Or Car Repairs, When The Time Comes, Your Money Is Ready And Waiting To Do Its JobRoll With The Punches When Life Changes, So Must Your Budget Make Adjustments And Move Along Flexible Budgets Succeed Because They Re Guilt Free, Realistic, And SustainableAge Your Money As You Repeat The First Three Rules, You Ll Increase The Time Between The Moment You Earn A Dollar And The Moment You Need To Spend It When Your Money Is At Least A Month Old, You Ll Have Finally Broken The Paycheck To Paycheck Cycle For GoodThis Tried And True System Has Changed The Lives Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of People By Teaching Them How To Take Charge, Adjust Money Habits, Eliminate Stress, And Build The Life They Want To Live Don T Waste Another Month Counting Down The Minutes Until Payday

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    Quick review for a quick read this ended up being a personal finance read that I picked up without really knowing the backstory to it The You Need A Budget mentioned here is indeed the same system that s featured from the program app of the same name I didn t connect the two until learning about this book from a Daily Deal on Audible I figured I ve been reading a number of personal finance books lately since the work I m doing also relates to financial matters and I m making decisions i.e trying to buy a house, save for retirement, etc along those lines, what references can I grab Enter this book, then I realized the name matched the program Duh me.Tangent aside, this was an easy to follow audiobook, with a clearly delineated 4 step approach to budgeting Whether you use a program, app or pen and paper Excel spreadsheet, this book claims that the system it proposes works for all those methods and then some It takes the idea that you 1 assign every dollar to a task, 2 carefully look at your expenses, 3 roll with the punches meaning you re flexible and allow assessment with your spending, and 4 age your money keeping ahead of your expenses by allowing the money you ve saved in advance can be used for current future expenses It s a good system and the author gives plenty of examples of how it has worked for his family as well as others who ve used this system The information in this book you could essentially find on the program s website, but it does add a few namely examples new discussions to the mix The book meanders a little from its central discussions from time to time, but I liked the overarching information I gathered from it The audiobook was well narrated and it s a quick read about 5 hours total in audio form I liked it and I ll keep it handy in my personal finance library.Overall score 3.5 5 stars.

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    I first found YouNeedABudget.com 3 years ago and started taking their free classes and using their software then I was interested to see if this book would provide any new insight and information Happy to say that it does He does not push his software, and in fact, mentions you can do this using a spreadsheet program or even pen and paper personally, I believe the software makes this process WAY easier.In this book, Jesse Mecham shares his budgeting system, which has worked for thousands of people from all financial backgrounds, and also adds a section about helping kids learn to have a healthy relationship with money and budgeting as well as budgeting as a couple The section on kids has made me delve deeper into why I sometimes judge my children s purchases Something for me to work on.Jesse provides a realistic system for budgeting that relies on the money you have currently and what it needs to do for you before your next paycheck, whether that s in 2 weeks or 2 months This means that this system is highly flexible and useful for people who have regular income each month or irregular income i.e an artist And really, people who have irregular income need a budget, a flexible one, than people who get paid a set amount every month like clockwork.Reading this book will show you a whole new level of being accountable for your money and help you think about choosing your priorities carefully and consciously.Before deciding budgeting won t work for you, please read the chapter on quitting Quitting budgeting isn t on my radar and this section brought new life into the budget and helped me ground myself again.I gave this review 4 stars instead of 5 stars because I found myself wanting Jesse to delve deeper into several examples and sections There s enough information to understand the point, but I still wanted , you know I was sent a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    Someone suggested YNAB in a FB feed I happened to see a few days ago, and so I poked around on the website app for a bit It was confusing at first as you don t budget money until you have it so not counting my paycheck or my mortgage payment that will happen yet this month didn t make sense at first but then it just sort of clicked I ordered this book right away, and it keeps clicking I ve not been terrible with money always paying bills on time and paying than required on most debts, but I ve not really gotten off the hamster wheel either Something would always come up and I d be back where I started This book reinforces what feels like an a ha moment with the YNAB method, and is coupled with clean and clear writing and lots of personal examples from the author s own and others lives I m feeling intentional rather than hopeful about my money for the first time um, ever And while it s exciting, there s no real gimmick here Just good sense No auditory money pun intended What an awesome start to the new year

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    I love the YNAB software, but there s nothing in the book you can t learn from the website for free.

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    I m ending the year with a non fiction, personal finance book One of my goals for the new year is to give my finances a fresh look I already budget every month but have been looking for fresh motivation and perspective And this book provided that.This is a great book and system for those who are interested in starting to budget And if you already budget every month, this a good, quick read that may just give you some fresh ideas or motivation to make a few changes Audio book borrowed from the library

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    Read this book over holiday break Winter break one of a teacher s only moments to really read First, a disclaimer on yours truly and the bias I may have YNAB has literally changed my life or at least my finances I began the program in May of 2016 and have grown my net worth 120% by following every single video tutorial, religiously following Whiteboard Wednesday, and subscribing to the Reddit and Facebook YNAB forums I picked up this book because I wanted a quick refresher on the system and simply wanted a in depth explanation of each rule This book definitely offered the in depth explanations I was looking for Jesse s writing style is casual and candid, with enough humor to keep the relatively dry topic material moving Jesse also goes into his personal life story it was interesting to see the genesis of the software However, none of this information was anything I couldn t pick up from reddit YNAB or the extensive budget tutorials offered by the online software However, it was a fun read I didn t learn anything new , but the explanations and conversational tone of the book definitely made reading it enjoyable.I would recommend this book to someone trying the YNAB system for the very first time The envelope style budgeting fundamentals of YNAB are deceptively simple easy to pick up but difficult to actually master If you are a fan of the software I would definitely say it s worth a purchase, but don t expect anything super groundbreaking This is a book that is squarely covering the fundamentals and in that regard, it succeeds One suggestion I would have for Jesse for future books is to show exemplars than simply heterosexual, kind of religious y married couples I couldn t relate to the chapter on kids or on budgeting with your spouse, even though I am partnered, because we have our own system and YNAB works for me without my partner needing to do it as well Not every couple budgets together in the same way or needs to Maybe feature a singleton or even a single parent Some other non traditional family Tangent I found Jesse s anti college loan stance somewhat bizarre perhaps saying this as a high school teacher and idealistic naive Jesse seems to believe that all six of his children will pick up scholarships and be able to work their way through college While certainly possible, I have a hard time believing that none of them will have to pick up a loan in, say, senior year I m not knocking his no saving for college stance, but find his philosophy convenient since his kids aren t college age yet.

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    Love the software, found the book wholly redundant So happy I borrowed it from the library rather than budgeting dollars toward it see what I did there.

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    Ik gebruik Ynab alweer jaren, en naar grote tevredenheid Ik wist niet zeker of dit boek nog iets bij zou dragen Niet dat ik een financieel wonderkind ben nu, oh how I wish, maar omdat ik hun systeem Ynab s four rules wel ken inmiddels.Maar met een nieuw jaar voor de deur, een huwelijk met iemand die het woord budget alleen met een vies gezicht uit kan spreken en twee steeds groter duurder wordende kinderen begon ik er toch aan.Akkoord, de vier regels kende ik al en deze worden uiteraard zeer uitvoerig besproken in het eerste deel van het boek give every dollar a job, embrace your true expences, roll with the punches en age your money Maar ik vond dat een heel aangename reminder Er worden voorbeelden aangehaald van andere Ynab ers ja, zo heten wij en hoewel ik dan soms denk wow ja, maar die hebben daadwerkelijk aardig wat geld om rond te schuiven. word ik daarna meestal snel aangesproken door Mister Ynab himself, Jesse Mecham Hij houdt niet van de excuus Truus, als het op geld aankomt.Hij herhaalt regelmatig dat een voorbeeld over duizenden dollars geen excuus geeft aan hen die maar 200 hebben om mee aan de slag te gaan Ynab gaat over hoe je je geld aan het werk zet, niet de pot met geld zelf al ziet iedereen die graag steeds gevulder raken, uiteraard Hij vergeet niet dat mensen met weinig te besteden ook zijn boek lezen en de software gebruiken, of hoe en waarom hij zelf met budgeteren begon de spreadsheet die uitgroeide tot Ynab Iets wat wel eens anders is op sites en in boeken over financi le zaken.Een van mijn favoriete hoofdstukken is die over budgeteren met kinderen Nee, niet voor je kinderen, maar m t je kinderen In het goed gevulde Huize Mecham krijgt elk kind vanaf 8 jaar een eigen Ynab budget voor zijn of haar zakgeld Mijn kinderen met geld leren omgaan blijf ik een lastig iets vinden Vaak vergeet ik gewoon zakgeld te geven, en zij vragen er niet om, om maar iets te noemen Een van mijn missies na dit boek is een heel concreet plan in werking stellen voor de kinderen als het aankomt op zakgeld en leren met geld om te gaan.Het boek leest vlot, is niet prekerig en bezorgt je geen schuldgevoel als je er tot nu een rommeltje van maakte De insteek is positief, en gaat uit van je financi le hier en nu en de toekomst die voor je ligt Dus had ik er nog iets aan Absoluut Ik heb z n om de boel een beetje op te schudden en het geld nog veel beter voor ons aan het werk te zetten Never forget, debt is not an option must buy doughnuts.

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    This is definitely geared to people who are not currently using a budget at all.If you are already using a budget and updating it monthly there is not much here for you.I do like the idea of doing a 1 month daily tracking of all money in and out of your account to see if our current budget can use any revamping I plan to try that out this month and see where we can pinch and splurge a little.Over all it s for people who don t currently keep track of their money and need help getting started on monitoring their finances.

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    I ve read some of the Suzie Orman books and liked them and at times, I ve actually paid off credit card debts after reading her for inspiration This book was not as militant in tone, but like the SO books, I always get to the part where they say something like, So, having paid your mortgage and utilities, take a look at the money you have left over and decide how you will handle it My situation never involves a sum of leftover money My situation never involves giving up a daily cup of Starbucks, canceling a gym membership or postponing the purchase of some designer shoes My situation is , After I ve paid the mortgage, I take a look at the utility bills and decide how I will handle them as there is no money left over to pay them I understand the concept of setting aside small amounts of money each month for future vet bills, auto maintenance and repair, and for Christmas presents, but still haven t figured where and when these small amounts will appear Still, just reading about budgeting makes me feel I ve done something to help myself More careful introspection needed.

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