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txt Wild Jasmine (O'Malley Saga #6), text ebook Wild Jasmine (O'Malley Saga #6), adobe reader Wild Jasmine (O'Malley Saga #6), chapter 2 Wild Jasmine (O'Malley Saga #6), Wild Jasmine (O'Malley Saga #6) 88cf40 From The Palaces Of Pashas In Seventeenth Century India To The Scandalous Court Of James Stuart Of England, One Woman Struggles Against Fate To Find True Love Princess Yasaman Has Been Blessed With Rapturous Beauty, Fierce Intelligence, And An Innocent Sensuality That Captivates Two Formidable Men Her Scheming Half Brother, Salim, And Her Loving Husband, Prince Jamal But Her Days Of Bliss And Nights Of Steamy Passion Are Shattered When Jamal Is Murdered, And Yasaman Flees To England And The Court Of James I Calling Herself Jasmine, She Is Reunited With Her Beautiful Mother, Velvet, And Her Grandmother, The Legendary Skye O Malley De MariscoBefore Long, Jasmine Is Caught Up In The Tangled Intrigues Of The Court Of The Stuart King, James I, Where She Is Admired By The Most Powerful Men In England Rowan Lindley, Marquess Of Westleigh, Her Good Natured Second Husband The Earl Of Glenkirk, Who Tempts Her With Forbidden Passion And Hot Blooded Henry Stuart, Prince Of England It Is Here That She Truly Becomes Wild Jasmine, A Woman Who Lives And Loves With Fierce Abandon And Who Surrenders To The Deepest Pleasures Of Love

About the Author: Bertrice Small

Bertrice Williams was born on December 9, 1937 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA, the daughter of Doris S and David R Williams, both broadcasters She studied at Attended Western College for Women and Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School On October 5, 1963, she married George Sumner Small, a photographer and designer with a History Major at Princeton They had a son Thomas David She liv

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    The ambassador of purple prose He could feel her tensing within, and then her quivering little flutters of satisfaction as she crowned the head of his manhood with her own sweet honeyed libations of pleasure The warmth of it sent him out of control, and his own love juices burst forth in greater measure, searing her hidden garden with an intensity of ecstasy Teenaged me unfortunately thought this was awesome LOL Still, it holds a fond place in my heart.

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    Wild Jasmine begins where This Heart of Mine left off, from the separation of Jasmine s parents Jasmine s mother, Velvet, managed to rekindle love with her first husband, while Jasmine s father Akbar, wasn t as enad of any of his other 39 wives, and the loss of Velvet in his life made his hair turn white in a week.And so Jasmine s childhood in India continues without her mother, but with some very devoted caretakers view spoiler The reason she leaves India as a teenager is her half brother s insane lust for her He has killed her husband and when Akbar dies he will force Jasmine into his bed.Jasmine s life in England starts, where she meets her grandmother and the rest She effortlessly makes an enemy with Velvet s stepdaughter Sybil, but then makes up with her after nearly causing a scandal She marries, has children, travels to Ireland, and is widowed It is here that ONE of the most contrived situations in the book takes place.Understandably Jasmine would grieve at her husband s death, but it doesn t seem remotely realistic that she would have the power to drain her own life force away, unless her demand of one last sexual encounter with the dead husband is granted Or as my husband states it, She needs dick or she ll die And how bad could a nineteen year old girl s eyesight be, that she doesn t notice the man in her bed isn t her husband I think it was only the author s device for making that child have bright red hair, or perhaps for letting the character of Rory Maguire have a night in a woman s bed who is so far above his station.Contrived situation 2 The prince wants you, and you have to do it, because one day he ll be king Really Again, huh, twice in the same book Wasn t this why she once left India I find it difficult to believe that any man in a powerful position would insist on an unwilling woman in his bed when there must be an assortment of beautiful, willing women However, the Bertrice Small ethos is, But she s REALLY beautiful, so of course he will settle for no one else And although Jasmine s grandmother certainly has a recipe for a potion preventing pregnancy, it is not used with the princely lover, so Jasmine has a bastard son If ever there were a time to use the potion, this would have been it But conveniently for Bertrice Small there is one bastard child, so she can use the phrase not so royal Stuart EVERY time she refers to this child FOR THE REST OF HIS NATURAL LIFE As well as referring to which side of the blanket the child was born on, and a recap of how Stuarts deal with such progeny generously The stain of bastardy helps pad her subsequent books in this series, certainly hide spoiler

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    This was the third Bertrice Small book I read The previous two were The Spitfire, and Love,Remember Me, which enchanted me This one, Wild Jasmine, not so much Aside from the purple prose how many times did I have to read about yet another lover fondling Jasmine s cone shaped orbs , the plot just meandered on, and I found myself bored at times The two previous books I read were heavy on history, light on romance This one was just the opposite I think I have to agree with another reviewer who stated that the author missed her true calling as a straightforward historical fiction writer She truly writes compellingly about real life historical figures and takes the reader on highly enjoyable romps through several European Courts of different eras Wild Jasmine was a silly bodice ripper and while I can enjoy those silly books if I am in the mood, I had come to expect a lot from the author therefore I was disappointed in this one I am still a fan of the author and will definitely give her other books a chance, hoping for the highly entertaining, if not exactly accurate, historical fiction I loved so much in The Spitfire and Love, Remember Me.

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    This is the first bodice ripper I have read in a long while and I must say I enjoyed it

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    Bertrice Small is God Her books breach the limits of ecstatic and provocative Her characters are legend.

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    oh my God finally I read this book because my boyfriend got it for me for our anniversary that was in July and never takes me than 2 months to read a book but this book was so slow and so boring and I could not for the life of me get into it that was such an annoying character who was just perfect Beyond everything which was annoying in itself but then but then the main character has men falling at her feet left and right which is just not true and it just was all around crap

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    3 starsThis seemed like a never ending which series she ties in alot of other characters from previous books in O Malley Saga this one end in a cliff hanger.But I do enjoy reading Small s books and Can t wait to start on Inheritance next.

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    Even for Bertrice Small, the plot is unusually silly Worse, boring.

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    Princess Yasamin lived a charmed life in India until her brother s quest for power and dominance resulted in the death of her husband Realizing her father, the ruler of India was ill and unable to protect her much longer, Yamasin flees to England to the safety of her English mother s family Anglicizing herself as Jasmine, she forms a special bond with her dynamic grandmother Skye O Malley, and begins a journey of love, heartache and scandal.Almost written as two books part one being India, part 2 as England this was an interesting although not entirely engrossing Jasmine is an interesting, strong willed heroine yet after over 500 pages, I still didn t feel like I knew her Small had the potential to incorporate plot points from Jamine s time in India yet missed the opportunity As a result the ending was mundane.

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    This was the first Bertrice Small book I read and I loved it It has stuck with me through out the years and when I need a good historical romance book I always pick this one up Jasmine is a great lead character who lives through some pretty horrible things but always seems to pick herself up and look to the future There is nothing else I can really say but that I love this book

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