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    Britain could do better Anthony King presents countless problems with Britain s governing institutions and the limitations on those who run them Perhaps most pertinently, he notes how the legislative function of parliament is largely ignored due to the high demand on MPs time from constituents, public bill committees being formed on an ad hoc basis, their appointments being decided by party whips, and only receiving the recommendations and responses of a desperately concerned public after the broad structure of a bill has been ratified If that wasn t bad enough, parliamentary select committees, the committees with a responsibility for departmental oversight and largely impartial scrutiny are prohibited from conducting line by line scrutiny of rushed legislation.Having read this book, Anthony King points out that we re bound to say, perhaps a trifle wistfully Could do better.

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    Democratically elected ministers, whose original candidatures are selected by a minute group of political party activists, at the helm of their prime minister, assisted by their civil servants, constrained by the rule of law, bound by international treaties agreements, and taking into account public opinions and myriad interests, pass laws and devise policies The author is immensely humorous, so the text is never dry He highlights the various weaknesses in the current Westminster system and advocates for a Nordic approach as the rescue Truly fascinating five stars.

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    Incisive introduction, and brings out perfectly the rolling back of the nation state s powers before supranational political and economic entities..

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    Oh so that s why we can t have nice things Very comprehensive, sharp and pretty much contains valid explanations on all the core aspects of the British political system.

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    This book is not as anti establishment as I had hoped for which might give a hint as to why I sought it out On page 18 Aneuring Bevan is quoted as having said, No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seducation, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin Now these sentiments mirror my own, but I find myself at odds with not Tory s but Globalists, from Thatcher, through Blair and into the modern Conservative epoch we, the people, are at war with the pseudo conservatives Globalists, in my opinion This is why I read this book, to gain insight into a power structure which is not thoroughly examined in the newspapers nor terrestrial television.There is a very, very good chapter in the book on the role mainstream newspapers, particularly those run by the deviant Rupert Murdoch have played in shaping the political climate It is not that the news empires fear the change of government, rather the government that fears the powers of the media Quite chilling when you see it in its entirety.Also, I found the chapter on judges and the judicial system revealing just how much power has transferred from the ministers and MP s to the judicial especially given that our own Independence referendum was almost affected disproportionately by the judicial in spite of a democratic outcome.In conclusion, I embarked on the reading of this book with half an idea that the governance of Britain is hamstrung by bureaucracy, by the ride of the managerial class You only have to look, as I do with disgust and disdain at the antics in Parliament and Prime Ministers question time to understand how obnoxious and unrepresentative many of these buffoons are The book is concise, easy to read and informative.

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    I found Who Governs Britain to be a refreshingly impartial and comprehensive take on all the different strands that affect UK politics.As someone with an interest in politics but a self confessed lack of knowledge, I now feel much better equipped to understand political situations and have a reasonable approach to individuals, parties, and governments mistakes and misgivings.Another excellent Pelican Introduction.

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    Explains the significance of each group such as Foreigners, MPs, media and unions on how they influence the government in the UK In the end, it shows that the UK is not as sovereign in determining its policies as it would have liked to believe However, as this was published before Brexit, an update to this book should be in place.

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    The last couple of years make this a tiny bit out of date, but still fascinating and the recent changes are easy to parse.

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download Who Governs Britain? , read online Who Governs Britain? , kindle ebook Who Governs Britain? , Who Governs Britain? d40e409a5377 The British System Has Been Radically Transformed In Recent Decades, Far Than Most Of Us Realise As Acclaimed Political Scientist And Bestselling Author Anthony King Shows, This Transformation Lies At The Heart Of British Politics Today Imagining Or Pretending That The British Political System And Britain S Place In The World Have Not Greatly Changed, Our Political Leaders Consistently Promise Than They Can Perform Political And Economic Power Is Now Widely Dispersed Both Inside And Outside The UK, But Westminster Politicians Still Talk The Language Of Attlee And Churchill How Exactly Has The British System Changed Where Does Power Now Lie In Who Governs Britain , King Offers The First Assessment In Many Years Of Britain S Governing Arrangements As A Whole, Providing Much Needed Context For TheGeneral Election