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chapter 1 Weve Never Been Alone , meaning Weve Never Been Alone , genre Weve Never Been Alone , book cover Weve Never Been Alone , flies Weve Never Been Alone , Weve Never Been Alone 103e8d0a1b725 Whether You Call Them Gods, Angels, ETs, Or Aliens, Sufficient Proof Now Exists That Beings Advanced Than Humans Have Influenced Our History Evidence Suggests That These Outsiders Shaped Our Religions, Genes, Technology, And Cultures In Fact, They May Have Provided The Impetus For Modern CivilizationPaul Von Ward Investigates Why Modern Science And Religion Refuse To Address The Possibility That Humans Interact With Advanced Beings ABs He Reviews Sacred Texts, Myths And Legends From The Old Testament, Hebrew Texts, And The Vedas, To The Greek Myths, Sumerian Tablets, And Other Historical Sources To Make The Link Between Religions, Their Gods, And Alien Intervention He Shows How This History Of AB Intervention Has Been Suppressed And Challenges Readers To Reexamine The Origins Of Notions Like Divine Revelation To Find Common Ground Among The World S Cultures And ReligionsPreviously Published As Gods, Genes, And Consciousness