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    Vampires of the Scarlet Order reads like it belongs alongside the offerings in the Penguin s Book of Vampire Stories Right alongside the greats of classic vampire literature.There are a few wonderful twists and turns in this book that I ll try not to give away I ll just say what I really loved about this book I love the diary like entries that allow each character to tell their story from their POV As one reads on, they see how each character is connected down the line and the awesome history that dates back earliest during the Spanish Inquisition gave the book a timeless feel especially with the amount of real life figures placed in the story.I love that Summers gave each character their own personality along with their backgrounds It really made them stand out from each other Being a fan of books from vampires and others POVs I loved seeing the world through ancient eyes throughout the ages.One thing about this book is that it was also so original The vampire mythos is tied to various cultural mythologies which explains their origins Summers definitely takes the tried and true vampire lore and makes it his own The vampires within are complex characters that may do bad things but one is sympathetic to their lives and the trials they go through which makes them shades of grey.Vampires of the Scarlet Order is a horror novel, a sci fi novel, a paranormal novel and a historical novel all rolled into one awesome read I bought this in eBook but I m definitely snapping this up in paperback format for my keeper shelf Right next to my Anne Rice collection and my Penguin Vampire Stories classic anthology If this wasn t published 4 years ago, this would definitely go on my Best of 2008 list But alas, it ll probably go on my Best Reads of 2008 List.

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    At the heart of this origin story is dark, descriptive writing that makes you believe that real vampires, not sparkly ones, do actually exist An exciting novel that made me love a good vampire novel again.

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    Soldiers of fortune and seekers of acceptance is the way I would describe the first book, Vampires of the Scarlet Order by Award Winning Author David Lee Summers.The novel opens with an introduction to a young man wanting to obtain revenge and suffering from extreme loneliness In the High Middle Ages, he meets Lord Draco, and is recruited to the Scarlet Order vampire mercenaries.I was entranced with the history I felt like I was there Fear and honor ran through my fingertips as I read It was strange, but the alliance with the Church, seemed to almost make sense A great character and somewhat sad, Lord Draco endeared himself to my soul.Quickly, I was whisked away from the Middle Ages to the Wild, Wild West in the United States I felt like the shift happened flawlessly The real life characters were written so well, that I thought I was actually getting an eyewitness encounter with Billy the Kid Then to Modern Times we come to characters which emerge and captured my attention I loved the way Mr Summers does not villainize the vampires He makes me want to cheer for them and cry for their loneliness and heartbreaks.Vampires of the Scarlet Order took me on a wild ride from year to year and century to century I absolutely became enthralled with the characters Desmond, Lord Draco being my favorite Even if you are not a fan of Paranormal, this novel should be on your list.What got me is that even after reading it, I m still wondering about the Vampires of the Scarlet Order I love the cover too, it seems to leap at me For this, and so much , I will have to rate this novel as FIVE STARS and must read for all

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    I must admit I m not a huge fan of the vampire genre, but I picked this up when I heard the author speak at Tuscon Fantasy and Science Fiction Convention a few years back and I m glad I did.Vampires of the Scarlet Order is the best of what the small press has to offer What major publishing house is going to accept a book by a then unknown author that has vampires as something other than angsty teens The vampires in this book are most certainly not Summers takes the implausible the existence of vampires and puts them in a plausible context being used and discarded by secret government agencies We re treated to a sweeping ride through history before settling down into modern day Las Cruces, New Mexico.This is where it got really fun for me I lived for many years in the desert Southwest and Summers captures the sights and smells of the desert perfectly There s even a few inside references to one of my favorite local Tucson bands If Summers writes horror novels, especially if they re set in the West, I ll definitely pick them up.

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    I have become quite the fan of David Lee Summers This book was such a great read that I was sorry when it ended Mr Summers introduces several new modern vampires who team up with the older vampires who have come to live in America The book is not only about vampires but other worldly legends, nanotechnology, and romance Mr Summers is highly creative and writes the most interesting stories This book is perfect for anyone who loves fantasy, vampires, action, and romance He delves into the new vampires lives and how they became vampires, which I found fascinating Great read Highly imaginative A book I ll not forget.

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