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quotes Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis, litcharts Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis, symbolism Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis, summary shmoop Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis, Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis c2a6294e Paul Hill Was A Well Respected NASA Scientist When, In The Early S, He Had A UFO Sighting Soon After, He Built The First Flying Platform And Was Able To Duplicate The UFO S Tilt To Control Maneuvers Official Policy, However, Prevented Him From Proclaiming His Findings I Was Destined, Says Hill, To Remain As Unidentified As The Flying Objects For The Next Twenty Five Years, Hill Acted As An Unofficial Clearing House At NASA, Collecting And Analyzing Sightings Reports For Physical Properties, Propulsion Possibilities, Dynamics, Etc To Refute Claims That UFOs Defy The Laws Of Physics, He Had To Make Technological Sense Of The Unconventional Object After His Retirement From NASA, Hill Finally Completed His Remarkable Analysis In Unconventional Flying Objects, Published Posthumously, He Presents His Findings That UFOs Obey, Not Defy, The Laws Of Physics Vindicating His Own Sighting And Thousands Of Others, He Proves That UFO Technology Is Not Only Explainable, But Attainable

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    By far the best book written on UFO s Easy for the novice to understand but also packed with scientific data supporting the existence of UFOs and explaining their means of propulsion The author worked for years at NASA and was a well known aerospace engineer He invented ram jets the first jet engines , jet boards personal flying platforms and was a chief scientist on the space station project This is a must read for anyone interested in UFOs.

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    Before I give my review, I must disclose that I was a recipient of Unconventional Flying Objects via Giveaways Thank you to everyone who made this possible it is always such a pleasure and privilege to review an author s work Paul R Hill was quite obviously a well schooled, intelligent individual whose knowledge of physics and aerodynamic astounds He used his technical expertise and years of work as an NASA aeronautical engineer to methodically and scientifically prove certain observed and reported aspects of alien spaceflight could be scientifically viable.Interestingly enough, this book is being published posthumously Mr Hill wrote the book while at NASA, but it could not be published until after his death It is not hard to imagine reasons why NASA would frown upon one of their own taking such an interest in proving the possibility of little green men being able to enter our atmosphere and fly around Throughout the book, Mr Hill recounts reported experiences and official filed reports as a preface to the concepts he is explaining, such as Saucer Dynamics or the reported humming sound the saucers make This was by far the most interesting part of the book for me Otherwise, some of the explanations presented by Mr Hill, while impressive, tended to be above my reading ability I don t consider myself an ignorant person however, lacking a background in advanced math and or physics, a good deal of the charts, equations, and explanations were above my knowledge base I found myself skipping the technical sections and going to the chapter summaries for a concise explanation in layman s terms.This is a book that may be enjoyed by someone who has a technical knowledge than I do of aerodynamics Bear in mind that not all sections are as dense in mathematics as others and the recollections of reported sightings are interesting to read I would give Unconventional Flying Objects four stars for the incredible amount of research and development that Mr Hill put into proving the possibility of alien spaceflight being realistic but would dock it a star for its readability A solid three star book for the average reader.

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    Might possibly be correct but unfortunately no sane person could follow all the maths which tends to fall too often into the category of take my word for it, also it needed to be revised or at least with an appendix explaining if any of the science has changed over the years since it was written

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    Per FTC regulations, I received this book as a giveaway in the GoodReads First Reads program.Premise 1 UFOs are real and have visited Earth.Premise 2 They are subject to the same laws of physics that we understand.Once you accept these two premises mentally, you are prepared to read this book It would also help if you had a significant background in mathematics and physics, and possibly a little chemistry as well.Despite what my wife says, this is not the fringe element that we re dealing with This is a respected scientist whose investigations in to unconventional spacecraft led to an understanding of how these craft operate and why they re not otherworldly in a physical maneuvering sense I ll admit that there is a leap of faith involved getting past the two aforementioned premises I ll also admit that there are several chapters of this book where I just kept turning the pages because the equations and descriptions of the equations were well beyond my meager high school physics or at least what I learned in that course I ve lived long enough to know that just reading words and numbers doesn t mean you understand what they represent.Anyway, if you re of a mind to let go of preconceived notions, this book might be great If you re looking for a reason to believe, this may help If you re bound and determined that we re the only beings in the universe, you may want to reshelve this one because it doesn t help your cause.

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    I received this as part of the good reads giveaway program.While many people do not believe in UFO sighting this book by a former NASA scientist lays out the facts and explains the physics in a way that is hard to just dismiss For anyone curious about the top this would be a great place to start and even if you still don t believe there is anything to it at the very least the book should give you some things to think about

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    Scientific alalysis of the phenomenon of UFO sightings.

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