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    Truly Until reading this book I not only did not believe in UFO s I did not believe 2 2 5 either In other words I felt I knew enough about hard science to exclude the possibility of the Visitors, without having to debunk claims to the contrary case by case But having heard the Author interviewed, I thought I would give him a chance Basically what Richard does is through careful documentation demonstrate that the Government was very interested in UFO s for and extended period, even while maintaining an official position of denial This does not prove the existence of UFO s, but it does demonstrate a real interest in an otherwise unexplainable phenomenon To use Richards Analogy, as the book rolls along the Elephant in the living room looms larger and larger What Richard did for me at least, was allow the US Government to convince me of the reality of the visitors I sincerely doubt the Government keeps 1000 s of pages of top secret documents on Big Foot Any thoughtful citizen should put aside the lables believer and skeptic and consider Richards book We need to ask ourselves, why is my government so interested in this subject, if its all fluff and bunnies Why do such a high percentage of sightings occur near facilities storing nuclear material And what s frightening, the thought that visitors are real, or that so many persons who man these facilities have apparently become temporarily unhinged if they are seeing fluff and bunnies Just a thought A co worker of mine saw this book and borrowed it When I asked why later he told me I used to be a Radar Operator, one night we tracked a blip It just hung in space for 3 passes Then shot off screen as fast as any Jet This was in the late 50 s before the Harrier, and no chopper in the world at that time could do that I wonder how many other quite witnesses there are out there Who have seen the impossible, and know, what we think we know, just isn t the whole of the truth.

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    The object possessed a superior speed, superior climbing ability, and was able to turn equally well as the F 94 Air Force intelligence report on UFO interception, 1952Richard M Dolan s UFOs and the National Security State is a detailed and level headed study of the UFO phenomenon within the context of the Cold War Dolan, an accomplished Cold War historian, has done enough research to convince even the most devout skeptic that the UFO phenomenon is a serious threat to US national security Aside from UFO sightings, Dolan analyses the politics, research, geopolitics, congressional hearings, intelligence communication and technology behind this unique phenomenon.Through declassified documents released via the Freedom of Information Act and other documents by military personnel, scientists and UFO researchers, Dolan shows that the Air Force, CIA, NSA and the FBI considered UFOs to be of huge significance This is the exact opposite of what they said publicly They the Air Force have never found anything to substantiate the existence of such things as flying saucers General of the Air Force Hoyt Vandenberg, to the press in 1952 , seemingly to protect the general public from mass hysteria and paranoia, and perhaps even to protect themselves from the idea that something has superior technology to military intelligence Yet beyond the public facade, there was serious concern and even fear due to airspace violations, military base sightings, attempted intercepts, injuries and even deaths in military personnel whilst pursuing these objects in the sky The UFO matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States government, rating higher even than the H bomb the entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance Wilbert Smith, Canadian government official and engineer UFOs and the National Security State delves deep into complex rabbit hole that is the UFO phenomenon Dolan proves that UFOs aren t strictly just alien visitations Dolan is clever enough to have a level headed analysis of UFOs without constantly resorting to the extraterrestrial hypothesis But it does make you think Whatever they are, the matter is a highly sensitive one to the military industrial complex and intelligence authorities This book is an important look into Cold War politics, intelligence and paranoia It will change the way you look at the US National Security State, and this is only part one of a massive two book study.

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    This is the best book on UFOs that I ve read, and Richard Dolan is one of the few authors on UFOs whom I trust implicitly He s highly intelligent and rational, and brings a fair minded, meticulous perspective to this controversial subject His idea that the UFO cover up has helped spawn the national security state is intriguing I especially appreciate his emphasis on the U.S Government s interactions with this phenomenon, which helps solidify the rational basis for believing that UFOs whatever they are exactly are real.

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    I put most UFO books under the sciences rubric with the thought of someday separating them out, though this is a documented history of the phenomenon drawing substantially on governmental sources As books in the genre go, this is better than the norm, the author being academically trained and the notes being ample and good.I read this, along with several similar books, while visiting an old friend, Michael Miley, and his impressive library at their home in Sonoma, California.

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    Over the last decade or so, Richard Dolan has become the unofficial historian of UFOlogy, and with good reason Dolan, in his usual no nonsense, methodical and rational approach has brought credibility to UFOlogy, which at times is a topic that can leave one s head spinning.In his second volume in this series Dolan also coined the term Breakaway Civilization , which also dovetails trenchantly with this analysis.UFOs The National Security State Chronology Of A Cover Up Volume 1 by Richard Dolan brings forth a substantial effort in chronicling many of the most notable Unidentified Flying Object sighting in modern history 1941 1973.A most comprehensive compelling dissertation of the dilemma humanity is facing within our skies is carried out in this book, and the fact that Dolan carries it out in an objective manner is not something to be taken lightly.Dolan does an exemplary job in detailing not only the cover up of one of the greatest secrets of human history, but he has also centers his sights on the National Security Apparatus as well as the Military Industrial Complex, both of which have played a monumental role in creating this reality matrix that has been carefully manifested around us.Further, showing his attention to detail and nuts and bolt approach, Dolan is meticulous in footnoting all sources This is quite appreciated, because in the arena of ufology, where it s tough to find tangible evidence it is one of the biggest covers up after all it s great to have someone who s willing to stick to documentation rather than insider testimony Not saying the latter doesn t matter, but, it s quite overdone in many circles and this is a much needed common sense approach.Coupled with the above, the author also brings forth of the issues of UFO sightings near nuclear facilities This in it of itself should be highly disturbing, because regardless if you think there are others out there, the simple fact that there is someone technologically advanced enough not only to penetrate the airspace of the United States and its military, but to do so with impunity, in what should be the most secure facilities on the planet Nuclear weapons are the most powerful weapons on Earth, on paper, after all, aren t they is HIGHLY DISTURBING The fact that it s covered up is even so.But there is far, far .Dolan examines the high strangeness in abductions, cattle mutilations and the like, but also examines much of the disinformation and psychological operations that are carried out by the governments in order to downplay, and ridicule this issue.This book sets out to lay the foundation for what will undoubtedly be one of the most pressing issues mankind faces right at this moment.There is nothing else out there even remotely close to this book in this field, except the works of Dr McDonald and the work of Major Donald Keyhoe Both have done a rather incisive job in carrying out similar work as Dolan.Dolan s nod to the old school researchers is definitely a classy gesture, and shows the nature of the man and the respect he shows those in his field.If you want credibility, a thoughtful, cogent examination of an issue that has plagued us at least at minimum for the last few decades and will continue to affect us thorough the rest of our history, this book is definitely for you.Everyone should read this book Regardless of what you believe, it should be your civic duty and responsibility to be informed in this groundbreaking and thought provoking issue, because eventually we will face it head on, whether the comptrollers want us or not.

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    In 1947, when General Cutler asked General Twining if there was anything to be concerned about regarding these UFOs the Air Force was chasing, General Twining replied with a three page letter that the flying discs were something real and not visionary or fictitious and should be made a priority to collect data and share within the military and other important agencies.From that time on and into the 1950s, the subject was taken seriously and made openly in that, the opinion was that these things were under apparently intelligent control Then nearing the 1960s, attitudes changed and while the CIA, FBI and even NSA involved themselves in the subject matter, the public was less notified Project Blue Book became of a public relations effort while the UFO reports that were deemed of National Security value, went to another unidentified excuse the pun source Why some reports are classified and some not, who knows.What is of most interest is the following From at least 1947, objects under apparently intelligent control have been invading United States and other airspace, that the military routinely scrambles intercepts to go after them, for the UFOs only to out maneuver and out perform even our best fighters, and to even manipulate shut down nuclear missiles as occurred in 1967 at the Malmstrom Air Force Base.Set aside the nutty aspects of the contactees, cattle mutilations, crop circles and the like Just that information noted above is beyond dispute and a matter of record and worthy of study That alone is extremely interesting even if it turns out that all of it says about the piss poor make up of the human brain and our identification, investigative abilities than real objects out there Note that Carl Jung wrote a study on somewhat similar terms, discussing not on the reality or not of flying saucers but how people were treating them in relation to Jung s theory of archetypes.But what of the 40s 50s assertions that the flying discs were real We could conceive that we have information since the 1947 Twining memo and that by the 1960s, the theory of intelligent control was dismissed, at least in public, by national security agencies But that wouldn t explain why, to this day, the phenomenon continues and that we re still scrambling fighters, only to be out maneuvered by whatever it is that s out there The subject matter is still, whether coming from outer or innerspace, worthy of continued study.UFOs and the National Security State 1 is an excellent addition and mandatory reading in my opinion to the subject of UFOs.

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    I have become convinced that the scientific community, not only in this country but throughout the world, has been casually ignoring as nonsense a matter of extraordinary scientific importance James McDonald Unidentified flying objects sometimes treated lightly by the press and referred to as flying saucers must be rapidly and accurately identified as serious USAF business in the ZI Interior Zone Technical and defense considerations will continue to exist in this area Inspector general of the air force, December 24, 1959Richard M Dolan juxtaposes, in the least sensationalist manner possible, official disinterest and ridicule with a systematic, large scale, if at times fragmented effort by all branches of the US and other governments to document and study a topic that can potentially trigger the most important cultural shift of this century, if not of all time.

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    If you re not already convinced that the UFO phenomena is legitimate, please let this be your first book on the subject There are a lot of less credible books discussing this phenomena, but Richard does a superb job of presenting just the facts I ll admit that sometimes it gets a little dry, reading wise but just the intensity of the mass of data he relates will leave even the most hardened skeptics scratching their heads Richard started his career as a cold war historian and this book is written to be a serious account of a topic that is often not taken as seriously as it should be I m eagerly awaiting reading Vol II 1973 1991 of this series once I get a free reading moment.

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    This book is a lot of fun It is the first of at present two volumes on the history of what he calls UFOs and the National Security State Dolan studied cold war history The interesting thing about his two books is that they focus, not just upon UFO events, but upon the U.S government s suppressive reaction to those events.He has anecdote after anecdote from the files of UFO organizations describing events and the US government s misdeeds He does appear to have tried to be as complete as possible in the 1,000 pages the two books make up In the end, I find Leslie Kean s book on the same subject to be fun to read and convincing, of the two.

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    Dolan s UFOs and the National Security State books are about the closest thing their is to a definitive account of the UFO phenomenon of the time period addressed, from a well respected and thorough academic researcher Recommended for both the people tentatively investigating to see if there s anything to this UFO thing and the people who take reality of UFO ET s as a given but are trying to figure out what the real story is, at least the small fraction of the real story that has made it into the public domain.

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summary pdf UFOs and the National Security State 1: Chronology of a Coverup 1941-1973, summary chapter 2 UFOs and the National Security State 1: Chronology of a Coverup 1941-1973, sparknotes UFOs and the National Security State 1: Chronology of a Coverup 1941-1973, UFOs and the National Security State 1: Chronology of a Coverup 1941-1973 197a526 Dolan S St Book, UFO S The National Security State Chronology Of A Cover Up Was St Published In By Keyhole Publishing Company Republished By Hampton Roads Publishing Company In The Book Has A Cover Endorsement By Apollo Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell A Thorough Monumental Undertaking The Forward Is Written By Noted Scientist Author Jacques Vallee, PhD It Begins The Important Book You Are About To Read Is The St Comprehensive Study Of The US Government S Response To The Intrusion Of UFO Phenomena In American Skies Over The Last Years Other Endorsements Include Best Selling Author Whitley Strieber A Follow Up Titled UFOs The National Security State The Cover Up Exposed Was Published In This Is A Thorough Historical Analysis Of The National Security Dimensions Of The UFO Phenomenon Getting Past The Official Pronouncements On The One Side Unprovable Assertions On The Other, This Study Gathers Together The Facts That Are Known, Providing A Concise Yet Comprehensive Narrative Among Its Contents Nearly Documented Military Encounters With UFOs Activities Of Over Air Force, Navy Army Bases Relating To UFOs Analyses Of The Roswell Controversy, The CIA Sponsored Robertson Panel, The Condon Committee Report Etc Description Of The Fight Failure To End UFO Secrecy Thoughts On What It All Means

  • Paperback
  • 544 pages
  • UFOs and the National Security State 1: Chronology of a Coverup 1941-1973
  • Richard M. Dolan
  • English
  • 09 July 2019
  • 9780967799506

About the Author: Richard M. Dolan

Richard Michael Dolan is an American historian, ufologist, and radio and television personality.