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    Great book that covers new ground on many topics including descriptions and case studies of the tall whites TW I have been researching the topic of UFO s for many years and quite a few of the stories by professional people are new to me which is always refreshing The book is broken down into sensible sections dealing with topics such as the military interaction with ET s, anti gravity technology as well as a host of other topics Among my favourite chapters is the insight into the secret space programme, although having said that I really enjoyed them all I would however, advise Mr Komarek to get himself a good editor for his next book as there are many spelling and grammar errors throughout the text They do not, in my opinion, detract from the excellent content, hence the award of 5 stars More please.

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    It s a decent read with lots of details and names and clear descriptions.But it s still censored and dosn t have 100% CLEAR EVIDENCE, idiot debunker proof evidence to back it up.It s very interesting, but just depressing to read If you are greatly interested in UFOs go ahead and read, otherwise just ignore this book, you won t miss much.

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    Extremely interesting This is not a UFOs 101 book it covers advanced materials than just trying to prove the UFOs exist.

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download UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder , read online UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder , kindle ebook UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder , UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder 53f2dedee907 The Thesis, Of This Book, Is That If Our Leaders Had Not Failed Us In The S And S, The Positive Vision Of Star Trek Could Now Have Become Our Present Day Reality The Author Shows Through Case After Case Of Credible Whistleblower And Extraterrestrial Contact Testimony, That Had Our Leaders Embarked On A Policy Of Openness And Transparency, Rather Than Secrecy And Cover Up, Human Evolution, Would Have Moved Forward Instead Of Backward And The Earth S Environment Protected The Author Shows That About The Time The Bilderberg Group Was Founded In , The European And American Oligarchy Chose To Play To Humanity S Dark Side, Deciding To Selfishly And Savagely Protect Its Established Interests And Institutions, And Its Covert Control Over The Masses, When Confronted With Alien Contact The Oligarchy Chose To Subvert Democratic Principles And The Rule Of Law, In Order To Secretly Monopolize Extraterrestrial Technologies, For Immense Profit, Making This Along With Fiat Money, A Foundation Stone Of Its Covert Global Power Under The Guise Of National Security, Leaders And Ordinary Citizens That Opposed The UFO ET Cover Up Were Discredited, Harassed And In Some Cases Murdered, Under A Covert Policy Of Denial And Ridicule Fantastic And Shocking As It Would Seem To Some, Rather Than Lead Mankind To An Enlightened Future Offered To Us By Ethical Extraterrestrial Races And Civilizations, Our Autocratic Leaders Agreed To Secret Faustian Treaties And Technological Transfer Agreements With Less Ethical Extraterrestrial Races, Thereby Creating The Greatest National Security Threat Of All Time We Can Only Imagine Our Future, If Overt Space Travel Had Become Commonplace, With Ethical ET Cultural And Technological Exchanges Bringing In A New Age Of Enlightment, Along With Exotic Cheap Non Polluting Energy And Transportation, From Reverse Engineered Alien Technologies Ed Komarek Has Had Over Years Of Experience In The UFO Field And Is One Of The Founders Of The Newly Emerging Field Of Exopolitics Evolving Out Of The General UFO ET Field He Maintains A Blog, Exopolitics Having Written Over Articles The Past Decade That Have Been Published In The Internet Press Including, UFO Digest, OpEd News, And The Canadian National Newspaper Ed Can Be Reached On Facebook, Where He Posts UFO ET News Items Daily To His Wall, For Those That Friend Him Ed Can Also Be Reached By Email At Edkomarek Yahoo