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summary Tutoring Lady Jane , series Tutoring Lady Jane , book Tutoring Lady Jane , pdf Tutoring Lady Jane , Tutoring Lady Jane af73a7afb9 In Georgian London Anything Goes, And Gavin Reynolds, Viscount Grayson Makes Certain He Experiences Everything Life Amongst The Ton Affords Him Lady Jane Westbury Is An Unassuming Wallflower Who Harbors A Secret Desire For The Rakish And Masterful Viscount Yearning To Be The Type Of The Woman To Attract Male Attention, Jane Bravely Enlists The Viscount S Assistance Together They Embark Upon An Agreement To Turn The Unremarkable Caterpillar Into A Glittering Butterfly But As Jane Emerges From Their Lessons, Confident And Garnering The Attentions Of Some Very Notorious Men, Gavin Realizes That His Lessons May Have Cost Him The Affections Of The One Woman Who Can Make His Jaded Heart Beat Once Again Rating Contains Graphic Sex And Explicit Language

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    I really enjoyed this short read I would have rated it a 4 or 5 except that it was so short I felt there could have been a bit to the story It seemed to concentrate on the thoughts and feelings of the hero and not shed enough light on the heroine quite enough I could have appreciated a tad interaction with other characters to lend to the premise of the story overall it was a fast and easy flowing read just a tad lacking in volume and substance I will say that I adored the ending of this book in how they both chose to reveal their feelings made the read worth while.

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    My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookOk I loved this one My only complain is that it should ve been longer with background information, so that it didn t feel like everything started in the middle At least, I felt that way Also, I wanted steamy scenes And, boy, there were a few of those in this book In the Georgian era London, Gavin, Viscount Grayson is the rake of the first water And, I m gonna tell you again, I don t like this set as much as I used to But, there was something so honest and special about Gavin and his interactions with Jane that I had to give in Being of mixed blood part English, part Indian and dark skinned, he d always been scrutinized by the Ton and called the India Rat you can guess, how demeaning But, whatever they think of him in the daylight, by night that doesn t deter the high society whores married or otherwise to sought out his companionship, not only because he s good doing what he does but also, because he s something of a novelty to them Gavin doesn t care for them either, not one whit He hates them with a passion and uses them as they use him Gosh, I really wanted to know about him Lady Jane had a long, miserable married life with a wuss of a man, who had, it seemed a penchant for young girls She married at 17 and was happy for a while, until she began to blossom into a woman, with a voluptuous figure Her husband abandoned her for a younger girl, had always humiliated her by telling her how plain and plump she is The disgusting man died in the bed of his mistress He never made Jane happy, in bed or otherwise She s now a respectable society widow and still the wallflower she used to be when she was young But, Viscount Grayson fascinates her Of course, she d heard of his wild ways and still, she s attracted to him in a way she d never been to another man Jane knows, since Gavin had always have the most beautiful women on his beck and call, he d never feel anything for her And, wasn t she wrong or what They met in a house party Jane smiled at him, not born out of lust and coyness but a genuinely warm smile, which made Gavin instantly crazy for her Gavin, in all his life, has never known anything like this see his interactions with the Ton society women Jane had a plan in her mind so when he left with the hostess of the party, she followed and spied on him She found him with two women ermm, well she got angry seeing whatever she saw, which of course she had no business of being and left the scene What I loved about that scene even though it should ve been darn yukky for my choice was Gavin being so attuned to her, he knew she s spying and couldn t concentrate on his partners So, he left them and followed her instead Then, they talk and Jane proposed a deal, something like as you d guess from the title to tutor her in the ways to please a man, so that she s never a wallflower ever again Gavin readily agrees I liked that Jane was very shy and kinda afraid while proposing it, thinking he d laugh at her and refuse What followed afterwards was really hot and amazing, yet quite intense and full of longing, from both Gavin and Jane Gavin proved that he s got something very special in him and Jane proved that the only thing she needed was someone to show her that she s far better, smarter than what her late husband or the society made her look like her I thought and because of my lesser knowledge of erotica in general that it ll be full of hot scenes but the author proved me wrong Love scenes were few but very steamy and yes, they had their purpose and now, I stand corrected I loved the henna scene specially, thought it was very sweet I also wish that afterwards, the author gave us a little description of what happened when Gavin asked Jane to show him how to make love I was a bit frustrated that CF just jumped to the next day, only giving little hints and nothing else.Both Gavin and Jane, as the H h, I really liked Gavin, even though a rake, stole my heart I wish there was on his past in India and about his parents His mother s questionable past as a Sultan s concubine, even though he was the product of a love match and quite legitimate Also, I loved the fact that the author used Bangla words in the book, alluding that Gavin grew up in West Bengal in his youth and you can guess, my mother tongue is Bangla so I was quite surprised and overjoyed A 4 star for me Tutoring Lady Jane is also available in the anthology The Art of Pleasure with Monica Burns.

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    The H h have terrible insecurity issues Jane with her body because she was emotionally abused by her husband who thought her voluptuousness was unattractive and then was publicly humiliated when her husband was caught dead at his mistress bed Gavin is insecure about being a half breed He has enough of his mother s Indian blood that he stands out as exotic and not in a good way within the English ton Even with his wealth and title, he doesn t feel like he truly belongs with his peers especially since his mother was one of the Sultan s women in India before marrying his father He does have his good looks and well endowed appendage to make him attractive to the lusty deceitful women of the ton who are very willing to associate with him but only in the bedroom This use em and leave em arrangement was all well and good until Gavin locked eyes with Jane and felt like she, for the first and only time in his life, saw him for him and not the Indian rat They are both very attracted to each other, but because of their insecurities they can t just be honest with each other Therefore they enter into a ridiculous agreement for Gavin to tutor her in the art of pleasuring a man in order for her to land a husband who desires her.I liked the premise and how the H h made each other feel wanted and adored when they were together, but there are four things I found problematic in the delivery 1 It s hard for the readers to really connect with characters in short stories unfortunately I found that to be the case here We don t get enough sense of the characters to really know them and feel for their struggle 2 The way Gavin talked to Jane didn t sound tender to me, it sound like a dom sub relationship It didn t feel like he was teaching her but rather ordering her about 3 Although I liked reading their inner monologues when they were out in public eyeing each other inconspicuously their actions actually seemed juvenile They stalked each other, feeling jealous of the company they were keeping It just seemed that since the H h are older, they would act a little mature 4 The ending was wrapped up too quickly All that said, I I really did find this a short and enjoyable read There were sweet moments like when Jane was discovering pleasure with a man and finally realized that her plump figure is desirable I also liked Gavin s acceptance of who he is after Jane tells him she loves him for exactly who he is Their self acceptance is the true transformation in this short story.Thank you Jen for this book

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    If what you re looking for is a short quick steamy read then this is it It has quite a lot of good sexy scenes in it and I liked the characters being on the plump side myself I could easily relate to Jane but the plot was something I ve read way too often recently and because the story is so short there isn t much depth to it Still, it s a very enjoyable read for a quiet afternoon on the couch Btw, there was one tiny detail that really bugged me the whole time I read it which is probably why I knocked a star off the rating and its how often Gavin says her name in almost every bloody dialogue Here are some examples of what I mean Do you know, JANE, I don t know that I ve met with a powerful aphrodisiac than the truth I am quite undone, JANE Don t ever lie to me again, JANE, I will not tolerate falsehoods from you It is beneath you I want only honesty from you, JANE I hope this is not your feeble attempt at flirtation, JANE For I fear if it is, you do indeed lack the talent I have had skilled than you, JANE you smiled and looked shyly up from your lashes, JANE Never confuse honesty with artful flirtation, JANE Flirtation will get you nowhere In this last one he said her name FOUR TIMES in ONE dialogue Maybe some people will think I m exagerating, but this did become very annoying to me I get that he probably liked saying her name, but did the author really think it necessary to have him say it so many times

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    This is a short but super sexy read Gavin and Jane both have some deep rooted insecurities She s plain and plump and he s a titled part english, part indian man at a time when that was looked down upon These insecurites made me both root for them to end up together because they obviously loved each other and at the same time made me want to shake them so they d fess up to how they felt This is my first Charlotte Featherstone book but I ve had Sinful in my tbr pile for a good, long while It s now movin on up the list

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    Things I liked A different heroine plump and unremarkable How the hero makes her to believe she is beautiful The sex scences are full of tenderness, yet they are steaming hotThing I not liked so much I couldn t quite understand why he finds her so appealing He says she is a real lady, but we do not get to really know her.I agree that Sinful is better, but Tutoring Lady Jane is a goodread.

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    I liked this book than I thought I would The author is really good She used elements that are not very original in a Historical Romance a plump, plain Jane a scandalous rake the typical I want to be your mistress to learn the acts of love plot, etc but she represented the characters so well I could feel that they were in love, not the other way where the narrator tells us but there are no proof other than her word.Because Jane asks Gavin to teach her how to be good in bed basically , there are many steamy scenes However, just like it happens in Sinful, the scenes are romantic and sweet than hot not like they are not hot, but they are love making than just lust I like that Gavin was so crazy for Jane s curves , and I have a soft spot for heroes who like to say the heroine s name constantly and it is even better when she is Jane because it reminds me of Mr Rochester saying it.It was short but oh, so well done Like if it were any longer it would have been redundant It has the perfect length.

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    There was a good bit of angst and insecurity but this only barely made it to three stars I liked it but I think I am coming out of my historical romance phase for a little while.Re read in 2018 I am back in a phase or reading historicals, but I stick by my original review While I love a plump and insecure heroine, this didn t quite click for me I think it might be too much telling and not enough showing The internal monologue was a little too over the top for me, with the hero constantly outlining how he was just a user of women and could never love, while seeming to struggle with feelings for the heroine without really explaining why he had them Also, the heroine fetishizes the hero just like the other ladies do, but I guess is nicer about it So that is why it is ok I don t know view spoiler Her goal of getting him to fall in love with her seemed pretty incongruent with her insecurity, too hide spoiler

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    Ummmokay Talk about Hot for Teacher What an incredibly short, sweet, wild romp of a read in history How nice it is to see a former wallflower come for the first time into her own literally and figuratively.That was bad, wasn t it Oh, well It was a goodread, another emotional read from Ms Featherstone though not as much as Addicted and Sinful.

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    Haaaaa, le beau livre que voil J ai ADORE le h ros La relation entre les h ros est parfaite Ils se valent C est une histoire d amour passionn e et passionnante Pas de mi vreries Une volution de sentiment continuelle La fin se construit On ne s attend pas aux v nements Encore une fois, CF fait de petites tincelles en sortant de temps autres des sch mas pr tablit Bref, un livre comme je les aime.

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