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pdf Truck Stop Earth , ebook Truck Stop Earth , epub Truck Stop Earth , doc Truck Stop Earth , e-pub Truck Stop Earth , Truck Stop Earth a51859e1b1d Read About The Mother Of All Alien Bases The Big One, The Mega Base, The Center Of The Alien Occupation Government The Headquarters, The Brain, The Nerve Center, The Absolute Pinpoint Big Base, Is Right Here On Earth, Just Outside Della, Alaska Forget Roswell Forget Machu Picchu Forget Stonehenge And Tikal And All Those Alleged Alien Bases Abandoned, Every One Of Them This Is The Big One, Right Here On Planet Earth, Right Now, The Source Of All The World S Troubles, The Whole Solar System S Troubles Right Here Finally, The Unflinching Truth About Aliens On Earth Is Exposed In Truck Stop Earth, As Told By An Alien Abductee To Award Winning Reporter, Michael A Armstrong

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    Truck Stop Earth is about Jimmo, a character that believes in aliens and abductions making his way up to Alaska to the center of the Alien Occupation Government outside of Della, Alaska Unfortunately for me I ended up not finishing this one It started off a bit humorous which is what I was hoping for when picking it up but it quickly lost it s charm so I had to give up on it The writing in here is good enough but for me I just did not enjoy the main character Quite honestly he just came across as too manic frantic for my taste Everything is alien and or a conspiracy in the making which ok, it was funny for a short time but just a bit too much for me Also, I m not even sure how to describe this one overall The humor of it seemed to be a bit on the juvenile side to me but the content was most definitely all adult with the excessive language and sexual situations Now I m not one that complains about a sexy read but when it involves alien probes and the like, not really sexy Overall, not for me I m afraid so this is a rare one that I didn t finish but I m sure some will love the humor of it I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley For reviews please visit

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    Truck Stop EarthNow, here s a book that stands up and demands to be noticed There s something very refreshing about a novel written in the first person in an extremely colloquial narrative voice Our hero is a refreshing indigent man who goes by the name of Jimmo He s the type of character you d make the mistake of saying hello to over morning coffee, and you wouldn t be able to get away from until midnight Jimmo has survived several alien abductions, and he s always got his eye out for agents of the extraterrestrial forces that have been ruining everything global warming is on them for example in recent memory However, apart from the belief in aliens, Jimmo seems pretty normal Most of the folks who believe in alien conspiracies believe in other, less socially acceptable conspiracies, but Jimmo is not among their number, which makes you almost want to believe him.This is a not easily categorized novel, like all the great ones are The alien talk makes it science fiction, but I couldn t help wondering the whole time if maybe Jimmo was just pleasantly crazy Oddly, I found myself reminded of Into the Wild a little bit, as Jimmo makes his way to Alaska hitchhiking and pontificating on human nature Along the way he manages to score a few pleasant trysts with the characters he meets on the road These played out like scenes from Charles Bukowski s Women I m willing to bet there are no other science fiction novels listed on that evoke reflections on those two particular titles.I think I liked the survivor component of Jimmo s story the most This was a guy without a penny to his name as happy to live in a tent as sleep in the dirt or a five star hotel He goes from job to job and knows what regulations he has to obey and which ones he can push a little bit This is the type of person you might make the mistake of dismissing, but these people have their doctorates in human nature and that comes across loud and clear in Truck Stop Earth Also, I think if there are aliens on earth and there are people who get abducted, the exact type of character to put a stop to it all is a guy like Jimmo.Pick it up for your sci fi I ve learned some hate that term loving friends, but also give this book to your students of human nature This is a great story for travel, because unlike the crazy guy at the coffee shop, you can close the covers when you need a breakthen again, my bet is that you won t want to.

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    Michael is a demented person indeed And so is Truck Stop Earth How someone could come with the things that are done in this book is beyond me And boy am I glad he did I don t know what he is on, but I want some This is a book normal people should read, because it actually resembles life in a funny and dirty way No holds barred and it just flows one account to another.Please take into mind that this book goes in depth how people spend their night and day I don t think the righteous Sunday go to meeting peeps are going to enjoy this one But it all flows together with the greatest of ease Keep up the great work and send us another one real soon.This book was given to me by the author for an honest review.

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    I really, really enjoyed reading this book and am still thinking about it occasionally a week later.I ve been wondering how to categorise it, and think speculative fiction is a good choice Michael picked up on two conspiracy theories, 1 the world is run by aliens called Greys who secretly control governments and abduct people for random experiments, and 2 the alien controlled government use black helicopters to do mysterious things, and let his imagination run wild He even developed entertaining ideas about the Greys and how they pretend to be human.The story is told as a first person narrative in a colloquial American English, which this Brit had absolutely no trouble following Jimmo, the narrator hero, is clearly far from stupid and has a freewheeling and colourful mind This story is entirely set in Alaska, apart from one short retrospective scene, and Michael paints a very plausible picture of the State and the sort of people who might find it the right place for them, or be attracted to move or visit there Jimmo and I probably wouldn t find anything in common if we met, but I liked him, and envied his independent and self sufficient approach to life.I m still not sure if Jimmo s totally nuts, or a bit nuts and right in what he believes, sees and remembers, or sane but badly rattled He could plausibly be a Special Forces soldier who d lost his marbles, or he could a genuine resistance fighter, and there were enough incidents to make me wonder I think this is an excellent example of writing as an unreliable narrator Whatever really happens in this fictional world, I was pleased with the ending The way things were resolved left me feeling things would be fine.I read a free copy provided on the strict understanding that I would post honest reviews This is honestly what I thought of the book.

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    Original Voice Not Really Sci FiI downloaded a free copy of TRUCK STOP EARTH from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review because it claimed to be a sci fi novel and because the cover art reminded me of Douglas Adams But mentioning aliens from time to time does not make this stream of consciousness into a sci fi novel any than mentioning a few dinners could make a Patricia Cornwell thriller into a cookbook.Also, it s nothing like Douglas Adams Full stop.So what is it I d call it Jimmo s crazy journal of Alaskan sex and travel If that sounds like a good book to you, then you ll love it And I mean that sincerely The thing is, I am a wymmin, as Jimmo would say And not one of Jimmo s Alaskan fantasy wymmin either An honest to God real life wymmin, and therefore somewhat at odds with this one But that isn t really fair to poor Jimmo After all, he didn t make me read it He just told the story to Max, and Max wrote it down So there ya go Jimmo s innocent in all that, if ya know what I mean Not that wymmin can t read it, mind you That would be sexist, and Jimmo isn t sexist, as he d be quick to tell you himself What ultimately sells this book, despite my wymmin s sensibilities, is its extraordinary voice unique, to say the least, and marvelously consistent from start to finish Jimmo is Jimmo, through and through, and I have to give Michael A Armstrong high praise for writing outside the box and making TRUCK STOP EARTH well worth the read.Even if you are a wymmin.

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    If you ve ever wondered what it takes to recognize otherworldly invaders among us, look no further than the details listed in, Truck Stop Earth, an insightful foray into the actuality or not of alien abductions from the perspective of one, James Ignatius Malachi Obadiah Osborne, Jimmo for short A man who obviously needs to increase his meds, and keep his head down and buttocks clenched as he journeys through the one place on earth where the Alien Occupational Government holds sway Alaska Here s a guy who speaks with feeling straight from the heart of his implanted butt chip, on what it means to be part of the resistance Imbalanced, irreverent and insanely funny, Truck Stop Earth teaches you some of the profoundest truths you ll ever need to know the extent of one of the greatest conspiracies to ever threaten mankind s existence how to score with women the best tips for keeping the most sacred of personal orifices safe from unwanted attention and most importantly, how to hunt down the best damned hamburger join this side of Orion s Belt.If you enjoy science fiction laced with large helpings of prescribed reality, then bend over, strap in and brace yourselves for the ride of your livesand rememberJimmo s pain has been recorded in minute detail for your pleasure batteries not included

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    The X Files meets Penthouse Forum That is the simple definition of a rollicking good time sci fi book I know for a fact that the first line here has already had one person put it on their to buy list Not really a book about battling aliens it is the story of Jimmo as he spends a lot of time talking about his experiences with aliens while he has sex with many different women, often in great detail Salacious, somewhat foul mouthed but hey, you can t have than a half a dozen graphic sex scenes without the odd naughty word I found the book captivating and an easy, fun read A very, very, very adult kind of Hitchhiker s Guide to an Alien Conspiracy Never seen one like this before If there had been a tad alien butt kicking I would have gone the max but it s a fun, irreverent, raunchy read I recommend it to anyone 18 and over who likes a bit of smexy sauce with their sci fi My Rating 4.5 starsThis review first appeared

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    Truck Stop Earth s description makes it sound like the mother of all sci fi It s here, finally, the heart stopping true story of Aliens on Earth I ve capitalized A in Aliens, like one might capitalize N for Native Alaskans or E for Mother Earth You ll understand once you ve read it Truck Stop Earth is actually closer to speculative fiction A first person account of an often unreliable narrator adapting himself to an Alaskan frontier town, and how his day to day observations are influenced by being an alien abductee Or is he This isn t meant to detract from the book, but it s a warning to anyone who expects hard science fiction with an explosive payoff Spoiler there isn t one But that doesn t mean you shouldn t read it.James Ignatius Malachi Obadiah Osborne call him Jimmo has to go north He has abduction memories to outrun, and his doctor tells him Della is just the place for the reality challenged So, Jimmo hitchhikes his way to Della, Alaska and gets himself into the swing of day to day life He has ladies all around wymmin, natch and some good job prospects But a blown cannery and a dead guy in his tent show that he can t outrun the past The Grays are still out to get him, unless he gets them first.Warning This novel contains strong adult language and explicit sex scenes It also includes very creative nicknames for sex organs Presidential lollipop wins for me On one hand, women seem to exist purely for Jimmo s examination of his own sexual appetites There s lots of talk of lesbians, the Kinsey scale, perfume, haircuts, and the endless list of things that make Jimmo horny Sweat Noses Religion To name a few On the other hand, everything seems to exist in a vacuum next to Jimmo s butt chip tingling alien radar And for all his base desires, Jimmo is actually pretty open minded about women and sexuality He just has aninterestingway of wording things.Which gets me to the narrative style, which you will either love or hate It s a first person rambling sprawl, meant to be a transcription of Jimmo s story by the reporter Michael Armstrong The style didn t work for me The opening author s notes also fictional mention that the reporter has cleaned up Jimmo s story, but wanted to keep it in the same voice as it was orated But the heavy emphasis on phonetic spelling wymmin, should of, iffa, etc bugged me There were also typos in the book, but I couldn t tell if they were actual typos or purposeful misspellings, to try to mimic Jimmo s speech patterns Calling this an oral retelling would have worked a little better Cut out the reporter transcription angle and just say this is Jimmo telling his story out loud It would have made some of the meandering narrative easier to swallow.A certain type of reader will enjoy this novel If you don t demand political correctness, and you re ok with some lewd content, you ll be down for this book If you don t mind a first person narrator who s off his rocker, you ll enjoy it If you like books that are a little weird, you should give this a try Overall, I liked Truck Stop Earth It just wasn t what I was expecting Thank you, Perseid Press, for the ARC I was provided an advanced copy through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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    They don t just walk among us, they practically rule us, having infiltrated most positions of authority including the government That s according to Jimmo, our lovable, if somewhat crazy backpacker, on his way to Alaska, who is a stalwart member of the ERM Earth Resistant Movement and able to sense when one of them a Gray is near.Trouble is the Grays know that he knows and his memory has not been wiped like it should have been about his abduction So now they are out to get him before he tells the whole world what they are on about.Read this, but don t believe at your peril Just have a laugh.

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    I got this book free from the publisher for an honest review.I really did not like this book It was basically a road trip aka free love era It was really about Jimmo s trip to Alaska to join the resistance against the Grays who seem to be everywhere But basically most of the story seemed to center around Jimmo and his sexcapades Very little actual aliens in the story I rarely give a book a one star rating I usually just stop reading it But I kept hoping for a payoff which did happen in the end I could have skipped most of the chapters and gone right to the last chapter or two.

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