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pdf Trouble Wont Wait , ebook Trouble Wont Wait , epub Trouble Wont Wait , doc Trouble Wont Wait , e-pub Trouble Wont Wait , Trouble Wont Wait f04c3391bb4 Good Things May Come To Those Who Wait, But Trouble Waits For No One Cheating Is A Dealbreakeror So Mandy Has Always Thought But When She Catches Her Husband Getting Some Strange, She Realizes How Hard It Is To Cut And Run, Or Even File Papers She Agrees To A Month Of Counseling, Which Will Give Her Time To Grieve The Loss Of Her Marriage Before She Has To Tell The World And The Kids Then She Meets Adam, Who Gives Her A Hunky, If Mysterious, Shoulder To Cry On, And That Thirty Day Waiting Period Seems Like An Eternity Adam Has No Problem Confessing That He S Watched Mandy From His Window For Months As She Runs By His House If He Told Her Why, Though, She D Freak Out For Sure He Knows They Ve Got A Future Together, If He Can Think Of A Way To Explain His Past And He S Sure The Rat Bastard Who Cheated On Her Is Putting The Moves On Her Again, But He Won T Be The Revenge Guy The Month Long Cooling Off Period She Agreed To Is Lasting Forever, And Might Just Be Indefinite, If Trouble Keeps Getting In Their Way Content Warning Eccentric Old Lady Pushing Salt Of The Earth Advice, Bossy Big Brother, Kooky Counselor, Super Secretive Hunk, And Perfect Justice Served Amidst Adult Situations And Language

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    I LOVED this book Wow I stayed up till 2am reading this story It was so emotional, sowell written except for the one typo where Laura Lana was concerned and so heartbreaking What would you do if you walked in on your mangetting some strange When I first read the blurb, I was worried thatit was going to be him getting it on with a dog or transvestite But,thankfully, no It was a straight up against the car balling of yourbest friends girlfriend Yuck But worse yet, it was in your bestfriend s garage at his Thanksgiving party with your kids in the otherroom What would I do Grab a crow bar or equally heavy tool and whackthe crap out of his kneecaps But, Mandy is a much sweeter, kinderwoman than I Mandy, Amanda, has been with Mike for 14 years They have a 12 yr oldson and a 10yr old daughter She works as his bookkeeper and generalhomemaker, but recently decided to pursue her dream of writing Afterpublishing two books, Mandy began to grow in her confidence and intoherself The 20 pounds she has gained being wifey has melted off heras she walks and runs her neighborhood releasing tension This tensionis eluded to than described But I could picture her growingfrustrations with her in laws, her inattentive husband and herunfulfilled relationship were wearing her down When she sees Mike and Lana in the garage, she literally breaks inside.Thanksgiving afternoon, all is quiet, her house ravaged by her in laws,she escapes to her run But today is different Today, a handsome butolder man approaches her.Enter Adam I love how he is described,cute, dimples, slightly receding hair indicating his age not perfectand yet perfect for her But then coming to her senses, Mandy realizesthat she is in a cemetery, hidden from the street and alone with astrange man And yet, he doesn t feel strange, Mandy notices I lovedtheir clandestine meeting Best line at their meet cute, was Mandy toherself After all, you can t rape the willing As the story unfolds, the plot is all about Mandy, her growth and herrevelations that her marriage had been less than ideal for some time.Mike, made classic mistakes most husbands do he took her for granted,put less and less effort into their lovemaking, then sought outsomething hot and sexy to supplement his appetites The killer part ofthis was Mandy, for all intensive purposes, was a horny little thing.She and Mike did the deed not 1 hour before going to that fateful partyat their best friend Brad s Also, Mandy loved him She admitted toherself that she did, that she may be able to forgive and that was thereason for the one month agreement But also, the one month gave Mandytime to mourn the loss of her marriage and prepare her kids for a newlife.Adam is quite the enigma I liked him right off, but then every sooften he would pull out a bit of crazy Like threatening to kill Mikeif he touched Mandy, or threatening to go over there and haul Mandy andthe kids out of the house Those seemed like red flags to me, but thenAdam would calm and Mandy would soothe him with gentle words andpromises of the future They held true to the letter of the law , notconsummating their relationship while Mandy wore Mike s ring But,their emotional relationship and deep connection seemed to belie anyefforts that Mandy and Mike could have made in their marriage counselingsessions Speaking of which, I feel sorry for Mike at many points andactually believed him to be penitent until the counselor hit on Mandyand he didn t believe her Say what He really didn t believe thatanyone but him could want her, desire her But desire her they did from her brother s two friends, to thecounselor, to their best friend Brad But in the end, Mandy only hadeyes and a mending heart for Adam I loved the twists and turns alongthe way to their HEA This book was a fantastic journey of loss, oflove and of second and third chances Enjoy

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    Gostei muito da leitura e n o desgrudei at chegar ao final Gostei da atitude da Mandy que n o engoliu a trai o do marido e ficou na dela at dar o troco numa boa Adorei a tia e o irm o dela e principalmente gostei muito do Adam Recomendo I enjoyed the read and didn t stop reading until I reach the end I like Mandy s attitude she didn t swallow the betrayal of her husband and was on hold until revenge successfully I loved the aunt and her brother and especially I really liked Adam Recommend

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    I wanted to like this book than I did It is interesting because all of the elements are there for a really good story, but for me, they aren t quite all put together to make for a great result.Mandy and Mike have been married for years They have two great kids, a nice home, and by all accounts a successful and happy marriage Or at least they did until Mandy catches Mike in a compromising position with another woman Mike is remorseful, Mandy is angry Mike wants to go to counseling and Mandy decides she ll give it a month, but she is really just going through the motions She feels too betrayed and she s now very attracted to a sexy neighbor Adam.There is a little blurb on the book that says Warning Real people aren t all good or all bad Neither are the characters in this story The shade of right or wrong you see may depend upon whose glasses you are looking through My main problem is that I don t think the book lived up to that warning I wanted to read about shades of gray and I wanted to feel ambivalent about the husband s cheating However I didn t I did think that the characters were painted very clear in their right vs wrong actions Mike was clearly placed in the space of wrong Although he said a lot of the right things, his actions never backed them up He did not feel truly remorseful He felt weak and manipulative to me He felt at all times like a guy who decided to scratch an itch and only wanted to repair his marriage after he decided he was done with the other woman At one point Mandy wonders if he d cheated before I was sure he d cheat again And as an added bonus his family were painted as fairly awful people I did think Mandy was the grey er character and it was her characterization that made the book for me She is clearly the wronged spouse She is angry and I loved that the author allowed her verbalize and act on her anger in various ways through out the book One of the things I tend to hate about cookie cutter romance is that there seems to be some unspoken or maybe it is said out loud rule that the heroine can t be loudly pissed off at things That she has to take the high road and suffer nobly personally I blame Harlequin romances for that suffer in silence shit, those books have taken that to an art form But Mandy is also problematic is some ways too She clearly has no intention of truly working on her marriage through counseling She s simply stringing Mike along She is also indulging in her own affair, albeit an emotional one And even though she and Adam don t go all the way they get pretty close well before she is officially done with Mike So in some ways Mandy could be seen as being just as unfaithful as Mike, but she is placed in a space of right because a the book is told from her perspective and b her actions have the approval of the other characters So while I was very sympathetic to her, I also thought she had forfeited some of her high ground.With a nod to the title, there is a revenge element here and it left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth I know that many readers will cheer this part on For me, though, I didn t like it For all that Mike was an asshole, at least he was one privately He cheated on her yes, but it wasn t public Mandy s payback was, and it felt cheap to me.And finally, I thought the book, which had been grooving right along, avoiding romance novel cliche territory pretty well, stumbled right at the end One simple question Hi my name is Mandy, who are you could have avoided several pages of eye rolling from me.I think this book would have lived up to it s potential for me if only Mike had been made a little nuanced and given the gray treatment that Mandy got.

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    The I think about this book, the I like it At first it bothered me that she wasn t aggressive after finding Mike with Lana bent over the hood of a car in a garage where anyone could find them That s just bad manners and I probably would ve yelled a little or something It is interesting to see Mandy s emotions during those fleeting times when she s thinking of possibly trying to make the marriage work, then realizing what a scuzz her man is a knowing she needs to be done with him It s probably what most women actually go through during a divorce when cheating s the cause I loved Adam, even with his need to keep some big things private, and loved him with Mandy This was a fun, light read even though the subject matter could ve made it depressing.

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    UGHHHH so conflicted bc this had the revenge grovel plot of my dreams ex husband really got his just desserts, but I just could not get past the whole Laura thing Really creeped me out And I don t think it was adequately acknowledged or resolved view spoiler Adam the real H that the h turns to while deciding to leave her husband neglects to mention that he was previously married to a woman named Laura who happens to look almost EXACTLY like the h In fact, H admitted that he BOUGHT A HOUSE near h s because he saw her jogging and was struck by the resemblance to his dead wife This situation was barely acknowledged and put a damper on what would otherwise be a HEA How the fuck is she supposed to know if he s thinking of her or creepily reliving married life with his dead wife hide spoiler

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    I really enjoyed this book.

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    I thought this novel was pretty amazing It was down to earth, dealt with real life issues and kept me thoroughly entertained.

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    My Review Usually I hate to read books that involve an unhappy marriage, but something about the description of this story drew me in and I am so glad that it did I really loved this book Honestly, I did not put it down from the time I started it until I turned the last page I just couldn t see how this was all going to turn out for everyone especially knowing that Adam was hiding something and not knowing what exactly it was although I had a pretty good idea.This book starts on Thanksgiving day with Mandy out walking She s just walked in on her husband, Mike, and friend having sex on top of a car in the garage and is completely shocked, completely angry, and at a total loss of how to react now On her walk, she meets Adam He s been watching her for a couple of months while she walks and has finally gotten brave enough to introduce himself The book covers the next month of these people s lives Mandy quickly decides that her marriage is over, but she s not going to act on that until after Christmas Mike and Mandy have two kids, ages 10 and 12 and she doesn t want to ruin their holiday with talk of a divorce In that time, they stay living in the same house and are seeing a marriage counselor who hits on Mandy when Mike s not around , but she s sleeping in a separate bed She s also getting MUCH closer to Adam during that time period.Reading this book was a lot like watching a car wreck Mandy is completely blown away by Mike s betrayal They ve been married for 13 years and have had a good marriage They even had sex the morning of his betrayal She waffles between anger and wanting to give merit to those happy 13 years, but how could she ever trust him again As a married woman, it s hard to watch her with this struggle As simply a woman, it s even harder to see her even think about giving him a second chance It s a tough book and very emotional, but it is so good It s extremely well written You can t help but feel for all of these characters.yes, there were even moments when I felt bad for the jerk, Mike It s a bad situation and the author shows the myriad of emotions that go with that BUT even importantly, she never made it a depressing book You are caught up in the drama of it all, but never once do you feel like Mandy isn t going to overcome it allyou just are never quite sure HOW she s going to do that It was really really good and I truly loved the way that it ended This book may not be one that I would normally pick up, but I m so glad that I did today This is the kind of book that strikes a deep emotional chord and sticks with me for a few days I love that kind of book I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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    What would you do if you caught your husband in a compromising position with a neighbor s girlfriend For Mandy, catching her husband Mike cheating right before her eyes has turned her perfect world upside down After fourteen years of marriage and two children, Mandy is having a hard time dealing with Mike s infidelity, and she is torn on what to do Things become complicated when Mandy meets a handsome mysterious man named Adam Kraft while she is out running Adam has watched Mandy run past his home for months, and as they get to know each other they become closer, their mutual attraction is getting harder to deny Mandy is forced to decide whether she wants to save her marriage to Mike, or choose to have a second chance at love with Adam.Trouble Won t Wait is an emotionally charged story about a woman who discovers her husband s infidelity, the consequences that it has on her marriage, and getting a second chance at love Author Autumn Piper weaves a poignantly raw tale written in the first person narrative told by Mandy, who takes the reader on a journey as she deals with her husband s infidelity, and the painful and destructive consequences that his actions has on their family and marriage This emotional roller coaster ride immediately draws you into Mandy s story, you can t help but feel for Mandy as she experiences the full gamut of emotions that comes with such devastating personal issues This story will make you ponder what would you do if you were in Mandy s shoes.This compelling story will keep you riveted as Mandy s story unfolds and she goes through the various stages of deciding what to do with her marriage And if that isn t enough to keep you engaged, the author adds a handsome mysterious man, Adam Kraft, into the mix as a potential new love interest for Mandy, but he has a secret past, can it get any complicated than that Can Adam s intense and raw devotion for Mandy be enough to sweep her off her feet Can their mutual attraction and desire for each other sway Mandy s decision and give her a second chance at love With realistic and complex characters riveting dialogue and interactions and a storyline that has enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged Trouble Won t Wait is one woman s emotional journey of love, loss and second chances.Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Buy the Book Tours.http jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot

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    Trouble Won t Wait is a fast paced, engaging contemporary romance that shares the story of Mandy who is faced with having to end her marriage of thirteen years after discovering her husband Mike was unfaithful Despite the heavy themes in this book, the author Autumn Piper does a great job of adding some well needed levity to the situation with great dialog and light interactions between the different characters.In this story, Mandy and Mike commit to one month of marriage counseling to attempt and repair their marriage after The Indiscretion However, that proves difficult when Mandy meets a wonderful and genuine guy and strikes up an immediate attraction with him Adam definitely plays a huge role in helping her walk away from Mike with little to no attempt at fixing her marriage, but as a reader I found myself rooting for these two characters.At first, however, I felt that she should have given Mike a fighting chance, but truth be told infidelity is something I couldn t forgive, so I can t sit here and hold a fictional character to higher standards Albeit a small part of me wishing Mandy would have stayed away from Adam during her one month marriage counseling, I did enjoy her interactions with Adam as he proved to be extremely caring and loving I was happy to see Mandy didn t dwell on the woman scorned bit, but immediately looked for ways to put her life back together as quickly as possible She made the right choices for her family, without sacrificing her own happiness, which I was nice to see.This book discretely forces you to think about things such as betrayal, honesty and commitment on so many different levels, so I appreciated the lengths Piper went to keep her story open minded yet full of depth In the end I felt there were no hidden agendas, just downright good storytelling At the end of the novel, Mike sort of won me over despite his cheating ways so I m looking forward to reading his story to see what life has in store for this character Good book that was entertaining and quick to read.

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