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    Excellent, pain staking research.

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    oh yesthere was a group of individuals that dealt with Alien craft etchow do I know this book full of painstaking research informed me That s how.

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    A roll of film was dropped into the mailbox of UFO researcher, Jaime Shandera Whendeveloped, the pictures showed documents that appeared to verify the existence of Majestic 12a secret government organization established in 1947 by President Truman Its purpose to conceal the fact that extraterrestrial life has been visiting Earth for years and to study the technology and even the bodies of aliens recovered from crashed spacecraft While these documents are called hoaxes by many debunkers, scientist and author Stanton Friedman offers this book as a detailed account of his painstaking research into the so called Majestic documents and argues for their authenticity There is perhaps no one in the field of Ufology that I respect than Stanton Friedman He is a nuclear physicist who spent years working for the government on projects such as nuclear aircraft engines He is level headed and he applies the scientific method to UFO research If something is cockamamie and off the wall, he is the first to call it as such For this reason alone, I am prepared to hear what he has to say about the purported Majestic 12 documents and almost ready to concur as to their veracity Almost.In his book, Friedman begins with an analysis of the documents themselves as well as biographical research into who the men of Majestic 12 supposedly were and why they would have been excellent candidates for such an enterprise The breadth and depth of this information demonstrates that if the documents are indeed forgeries, then they were a herculean undertaking on the part of the hoaxer s While this in itself is not dissuasive to the hoax theory, it does give one pause to wonder.By citing papers found at the library archives of these men as well as documentsobtained through the Freedom Of Information Act FOIA , Friedman is able to create a compelling case that President Truman did indeed assemble a collective of twelve men who were scientific or military intelligence experts and that their charge was management of alien contact.Friedman devotes a fair amount of space to countering allegations of fraud and forgery from the skeptical community These charges seem to fall into one of a few different areas The skeptics are quick to point out discrepancies in the format and the typeset of the documents, claiming them contrary to government texts of the time Friedman is able to cite numerous examples that show how formats were often disregard in governmental military correspondence There are also claims that a few of these officials never met on the days that certain memos and documents allege that they do Friedman is quick to point out that many meetings of federal officials occur off the schedule Finally, there is the tired old cry of how could anything involving thousands of people be kept so secret Friedman, himself a former employee of once classified defense projects, interviews former members of the Manhattan Project, the World War II effort to build the first atomic bomb and officially the most top secret work our nation has ever undertaken These men all say the same thing of course it can be kept secret We did it The key is to compartmentalize, compartmentalize, compartmentalize.There are times when the book gets tedious Friedman is forced the spend a few necessary pages on how FOIA works and what the exceptions are His refutes to the skeptics often turn into pissing contests with notorious UFO critic, Phillip Klass There is also a chapter devoted to the alien autopsy video of 1996, something that has largely been proven to be faked Why this is tacked on to a book about Majestic 12 is something I can t explain.Despite all of this, I believe that Friedman is on to something As always, his research methods are sound and when he cites data it is virtually incontestable Therefore, I m ready to say with 75% certainty that the MJ 12 documents are the real deal Why only 75% Well, despite Friedman s extraordinary efforts, I suppose I m justcautious.

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    I borrowed this book from Michael Miley s library while visiting him at his home in Sonoma, California Stanton Friedman is strongly committed to a scientific materialistic interpretation of UFO phenomena and maintains relatively high standards in his work If you want to consider the extraterrestrial hypothesis, Friedman s work is worth investigation.This book is less about physics and about the evidence for US cover ups of UFOs retrievals, particularly in Roswell and Corona, NM as possibly evinced by purported governmental documents describing a secret, presidentially appointed committee devoted to dealing with them Friedman, the first serious civilian investigator of the crash events, is prejudiced in favor of the authenticity of these documents as they support and supplement his research For a strong, thorough argument in favor of these documents, this book is recommended.

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    I enjoyed reading a book on UFO s by a physicist, he approached the subject in a manner that works for my mind set as he provides charts and numbers I actually appreciated how Friedman spent so much time accounting for his process in searching archives The information becomes mundane, but assuming he isn t just outright lying tells the reader a lot about his dedication to the subject It also is a comment on how free information actually is He does provide a chapter by chapter bibliograpghy at the end, but I will never understand why an author who is trying to prove a fringe theory does not provide footnote references.

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    Stanton Friedman is the man who broke the Roswell story back in 1978 when he first talked to Jesse Marcel This book is about the other great contribution he made to UFOlogy, the discovery and vetting of the Majestic 12 documents, purportedly a briefing paper for President elect Dwight Eisenhower back in 1952 Friedman is a dogged researcher and this is his seminal book.

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    This is fascinating stuff You don t have to believe, but after reading this book you just might.

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download Top Secret/Majic, read online Top Secret/Majic, kindle ebook Top Secret/Majic, Top Secret/Majic 4441721c1945 Top Secret Majic Is The Result Of Nuclear Physicist And Renowned UFO Investigator Stanton T Friedman S Twenty One Year Search For The Truth About The Mysterious Operation Majestic , President Truman S Top Secret UFO Investigation Team In This Updated Edition Of His Landmark Book, He Tells The Incredible Tale Of The July, Recovery Of A Crashed Flying Saucer Near Roswell, New Mexico, And The Establishment By President Truman Of A Truly All Star Cast To Deal With The Saucer And Its Non Human Inhabitants The First Four Directors Of Central Intelligence, The First Secretary Of Defense, And Several Outstanding Scientists And Military Leaders Were Part Of The Team Through Painstaking Research And Startling Evidence Including Documents That Have Never Before Been Published Friedman Effectively Exposes The US Government S Biggest Kept Secret A Fifty Eight Year UFO Cover Up