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  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • This Immortal
  • Roger Zelazny
  • English
  • 05 March 2018
  • 9780671698485

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    How can I describe a plot of a book with less than 150 pages the book that has alien spies, unstoppable assassins, mutants, a vampire created by scientific means , a secret terrorist organization, several exciting and deadly fistfights, and a seemingly immortal guy I will not even try to pretend my writing skills is anywhere close to those of Zelazny and honestly say I cannot describe the plot Below is my pitiful attempt to do so anyway After the total nuclear holocaust the Earth is not what it used to be The number of people is greatly reduced, but there are lots of deadly mutants roaming around Luckily for human survivors an alien race from Vega stumbled upon them and help somewhat Now of of these guys decided to make a pilgrimage among the places of the oldest human civilizations, most notably Greek the book has quite a few references to Greek myths Conrad Nomikos looked like the best guide there is The only problem is, he had no clue about his assignment and he was not exactly crazy to accept it Anything else I say beyond this would be a spoiler and it seems to be a shame to spoil this one Being clueless during in the beginning of Zelazny s book is quite normal and expected In fact the moment I find a book of his where everything is clear from the start I would be 100% sure I found a fake What was unusual about this book was very rapid transition between WTF and unputdownable who needs sleep One paragraph I still had no clue and the very next one I decided that the sleep is for wimps and I really do not need that much of it I can even pinpoint the exact place a voodoo session.This is the first published Zelazny novel he has some short stories published before If you think first published means weak, think again that year it shared a Hugo Award for Best Novel with another book The name of that second book Dune Yes, the first book that comes to mind the moment anybody mentions science fiction In my humble opinion This Immortal is equally good How comes Dune remains better known Once again in my opinion Dune is accessible and there is nothing wrong with it Zelazny is acquired taste in the sense that his writings are subtle This would be the reason I do not recommend getting to know Zelazny with this book If you are familiar with him and have not read this one what are you waiting for Me, I will be busy for the next couple of hours kicking myself for not reading this one earlier To reduce the sense of guilt somewhat I went ahead and added all of his major works I missed so far to my to read shelf I am still sad the genius of science fiction died so early We, the readers, are poorer because we will never read the stories he could tell, but did not have time to A moment of silence pleaseAfter all I said above can you guess the rating It should be obvious.

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    This is a lot of fun to read one of my favorite books of all time Post apocalyptic earth is being toured by an alien, whose species helped save us after we mostly blew up our home The tour guide, Conrad, who tells the story from his POV most of the trip is through a surreal blending of SF diverse mythology brought to life by radiation It s short, quirky, simple on the surface, but there are offhand references, names partial quotes that make this story a bit of a treasure hunt They also enhance the meaning of so many simple phrases often lend it a poetic feel It reads best you are well read in the classics mythology It doesn t hurt to know something of Zelazny If you ve never read his work before, I wouldn t suggest starting with this one Probably the Amber series, starting with Nine Princes in Amber is the best One of the best guides to this story is contained in NESFA s Power Light, the second of their Complete Works of Roger Zelazny There the editors have published the novel in its original form in 2 parts, a novella Besides some words from Zelazny himself, they have also included explanations at the end of each which explain many most of the references They did quite a good job of it In expanding this to a novel, Zelazny didn t really add all that much to it nothing that matters too much.If anyone ever wants to do a group read of this, please let me know I would absolutely LOVE to.

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    Do you not see a convergence of life and myth, here, during the last days of life on this planet Somewhere between Heart of Darkness and Tales of the Dying Earth , Roger Zelazny found once again a story to tell about ordinary people acting like Gods in the desolate aftermath of a world war Lord of Light may be my favorite book in the Zelazny catalog, but This Immortal comes real close on its heels Instead of exploring the intricacies of the Hindu Pantheon, this time the author goes for the classical Greek mythology What is wrong with being born on Christmas The gods, deem it a bit presumtuous For this reason, children born at that time are not of human blood They are called the kallikanzaroi Ideally, they look something like those guys with horns and hooves and all, but they don t have to They could look like me, my parents decided if they were my parents So they left me on a hilltop, to be returned Born under a bad sign, Conrad tries to make the best of the hand Fate has dealt him Either though a godlike intervention or as a by product of radiation from a nuclear war that has destroyed the planet, Conrad has become an immortal, a sort of Earth spirit that has refused to abandon his home when the rest of the human survivors of the cataclysm have fled to the stars, to become refugees on the planets ruled by the advanced Vegan civilization.With his mutant genes, Conrad has inherited also some of the sly intelligence of his ancestor Odysseus, enabling him to switch identities and trick databases from pinpointing his real age Known at various times as a kallikanzaroi, a terrorist, a mutant, a changeling, Nomikos, Karaghiosis, Ozymandias I walked on through the mess time makes of greatness , Conrad is at the beginning of the story ignoring dire warnings from his girlfriend Cassandra I have a feeling, she said, that you are heading into some sort of danger and embarks on a mission for the planetary government, on which he serves as Commissioner of Arts, Monuments and Archives He is supposed to guide a VIP alien from Vega on a tour of the Old Earth ruins ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc Who is Cort Myshtigo Vegan actor, journalist Important one Wants to write about what s left of Earth So I ve got to show it to him Me Personally Damn Cort Myshtigo may have a secret agenda for inspecting the Earth either to develop it as a tourist resort for rich Vegans or to recommend abandoning the planet altogether Conrad and the rest of the humans who refused to go into exile, some of them also hiding supernatural powers, are too poor to to survive without Vegan handouts, yet too proud to become third rate immigrants for the aliens So they roll down the red carpet for Cort Myshtigo and assign Conrad to find out what the deal truly is The Vegans would like to get the home world problem off their hands Sure, they want to visit it It is instructive, sobering, humbling, and downright frightening for them to come here and see what can be done to a world The journey through the broken down Earth, filled with Hot spots of radiations, mutant beasts and myths roaming the deserts of North Africa and the rocky hills of Peloponnese is instructive, sobering, humbling and downright frightening for the reader, too Conrad discovers that an assassin or two has infiltrated his party and is forced to act as the alien s bodyguard even as he decides if it would not be better to kill the damn tourist himself There s a lot of action in this short story, and wily tricks played by the Greek on his companions Born to knot a tiger s tail, that is the saying for people such as you , but in the end the novel becomes an elegy for what was lost in the collective madness of our human race The forces of final disruption were already goose stepping amidst the ruins, arms upraised Conrad Nomikos Karaghiosis may look as ugly as sin to an outsider, but he has the power of the earth running through his blood Like Antaeus he draws strength from the land and he may yet guide us towards an Earth reborn I don t want to spoil the outcome of his confrontation with homegrown terrorists, alien spies and reawakened mythological bests, but I recommend you try this intense post apocalyptic story for yourself.

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    This Immortal Flamboyant New Wave SF with Greek mythic overtonesOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureRoger Zelazny was one of the darlings of the New Wave in the 1960s, mainly with short stories, but his first novel This Immortal tied for the inaugural Nebula Award in 1966 with none other than Frank Herbert s Dune, arguably the greatest SF novel ever So how could this slight 174 page Ace paperback David, if you will rival a Goliath like Dune It s the story of Conrad Nomikos, a man in charge of maintaining the ancient ruins of classical human civilization on a post holocaust Earth scarcely populated by humans, mutants, and fearsome mythical creatures, mainly as tourist attractions for the alien blue skinned Vegans no, they re not opposed to animal products He reluctantly accepts an assignment to show the sights of old earth to a Vegan journalist named Cort Myshtigo who is writing a book on human civilization.However, from the start there are a number of suspicious aspects, as a number of tour members have associations with a rebel human group called the Rad Pols Returnists , determined to wrest control of the Earth back from the Vegans Moreover, the bodyguard Hasan is also a well known assassin and it becomes clear that he has been hired to kill the Vegan for political reasons.However, Conrad himself conceals a very mysterious past, and some suspect him of being Karagiozis, a revolutionary Greek who fought against the Vegans as a terrorist He also seems to have very detailed knowledge of events hundreds of years in the past, as well as superhuman strength and fighting skills Who is this mysterious figure, and why is he acting as a tour guide to the Vegans Is he opposed to the Vegans or not What are their plans for Earth This Immortal reminds me very much of another New Wave SF book I read recently, Samuel R Delany s 1967 Nebula winner The Einstein Intersection They both feature devastated far future Earths roamed by mutants and adventurers, and strong and overt references to Greek myths like Orpheus and Eurydice and the satyr god Pan The prose is playful, lush with bizarre imagery and casual literary references, and flits from scene to scene with abandon Like Delany, Zelazny was not satisfied with SF as practiced by Golden Age writers like Heinlein, Clarke, or Asimov He wanted to inject a healthy infusion of literary allusions and allegory to the tumultuous social upheavals of the 1960s College students were interested in Asian mysticism, psychology, mythology, alternative lifestyles, and were at the same time reacting against the Vietnam and Korean Wars, the Establishment, and most of all the constant threat of nuclear destruction at the touch of a button.However, unlike the undisciplined self indulgence of The Einstein Intersection, the storyline and characters of This Immortal were extremely well developed, especially the narrator Conrad In particular, I liked his complex relationship with Hasan the Assassin, as they find themselves on opposite sides regarding the Vegan Myshtigo, but maintain a code of honor that is unshakable And the we learn about Conrad s past and the politics surrounding the Vegan s plans for Earth, the we understand what is at stake There are several passages describing Conrad s conflicted thoughts about Earth s fate and his role in it, sometimes proud and defiant, other times resigned and pessimistic It is our country The Goths, the Huns, the Volgars, the Serbs, the Francs, the Turks, the Vegans have never made it go away from us People, I have outlived Athens and I have changed together, somewhat Mainland Greece is mainland Greece, and it has not changed for me Try taking it away, whatever you are, and my people will stalk the hills, like the chthonic avengers of old You will pass, but the hills of Greece will remain, unchanged.Later in the novel, the night before Conrad is slated to duel Hasan the Assassin over the fate of the Myshtigo, they share a pipe of some alien substance that relaxes and Conrad s resolve to fight the Vegans weakens The struggle seemed ridiculous We would lose it in the end It was written that humanity was to be the cats and dogs and trained chimpanzees of the real people, the Vegans And in a way, it was not such a bad idea Perhaps we needed someone wiser to watch over us, to run our lives We had made a shambles of our own world during the three days a limited nuclear exchange , and the Vegans had never had a nuclear war They operated a smoothly efficient, interstellar government, encompassing dozens of planets Whatever they did was aesthetically pleasing Their own lives were well regulated, happy things Why not let them have the Earth They d probably do a better job than we had ever done And why not be their coolies too It wouldn t be a bad life Give them the old ball of mud, full of radioactive sores, and populated by cripples Why not However, he quickly shakes this off, recalling But I had lost my Cassandra, my dark witch of Kos, to the mindless powers which move the Earth and the waters Nothing could kill my feelings of loss It seemed further away, somehow insulated behind glass, but it was still there Not all the pipes of the East could assuage this thing I did not want to know peace I wanted hate, I wanted to strike out at all the masks in the universe Earth, water, sky, Taler, Earth gov and office, so that behind one of them I might find that power which had taken her and make it too know something of pain I did not want to be at one with anything that had harmed that which was mine, by blood and by love For just five minutes even, I wanted to be Karagiozis again, looking at it all through cross hairs and squeezing a trigger Oh Zeus of the hot red lightings, I prayed, give it to me that I may break the powers in the sky.It s a great novel, utterly different from Dune and yet fully deserving to share the stage I listened to the audiobook narrated by Victor Bevine, and his deep and rich voice is the perfect vehicle for the world weary philosophical musings of Conrad.

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    6.0 stars I just re read this classic by Roger Zelazny and I was very impressed Not quite as good as Lord of Light then again how many books are , but still a smart, well written and original science fiction story combining elements of post apocalyptic science fiction, alien travelogue and mythic fiction BRIEF PLOT SUMMARY Many hundreds of years following a devastating nuclear war call The Three Days, the Earth has a population of only four million and is infested with a variety of mutated lifeforms some of which resemble mythological creatures and monsters Humanity has joined the civilization of the Vegans, a race of blue skinned aliens who now own much of Earth s real estate and have set up vacation resorts in order to tour the ancient attractions of Earth The story is told by Conrad Nomikos aka Konstantin Kallikanzaros and many others a man of indeterminate age with a very colorful past that he d rather not talk about Conrad is asked to give a tour to of Earth ruins to a Vegan VIP who may have an ulterior motive for taking such a tour The rest is a superb ride that is all Zelazny Zelazny s imagination is amazing, his writing is excellent and Conrad is a great character Bottom line, this is a true classic, a great story and a lot of fun Winner Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Award tied with Dune 1966

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    It s embarassing that this is my first read of Zelazny I d always pictured his work as quirky fantasy, not something that would appeal to my decades long affinity for hard sci fi over the decades But I am open to fantasy now, and, besides, this one is science fiction, and a delightful one at that The setting is a post nuclear apocalyptic Earth where the remaining humans, numbering only in a few million, are divided between those who live a utopian life under the support of an advanced alien race from Vega and those who inhabit the wastelands under primitive conditions Our hero, Conrad, heads up a government division devoted to preservation of human cultural sites and artefacts which is granted a lot of power because of the the prospect of economic benefits from tourism He gets tapped by his boss to organize an inspection of cultural resources and ecological status around the world for an important alien named Myshtigo, starting with Egypt He hopes to discourage the Vegans from involvement and interference in the work of restoration and rehabilitation of Earth In organizing the tour, he is concerned with the potential of a diplomatic disaster and retributions if Myshtigo gets injured or killed by dangerous mutant wildlife or remnants of the anti Vegan revolt among the surviving wild human settlements Conrad is surprised by how much he likes the Vegan and is torn by conflicting motivations when he begins to suspect that members of his own security may be part of a plot to kill him It slowly emerges that Conrad has many secrets about his past Because of genetic treatments, he has the privilege of indefinite long life and special physiological advantages that contributes to his superior warrior capabilities He has had important roles with the rebel movement under different identities over hundreds of years of history In sum, he approaches demi god status And at one point when he learns that his home island where he lives with his love Cassandra is sunk like Atlantis by an earthquake, his berserker rage is on the order of that of Roman gods, taking most of his party to restrain him from destroying everyone in sight Conrad s first person account makes for a wonderful and fun read, with philosophical and humorous interludes paced by classic heroic action sequences Supposedly Zelazny intended there to be ambiguity over whether this is realistic science fiction tale of post apocalypse recovery or a fantasy of a superhero enacting mythic themes as the god Pan Either way, it was a well written, engaging, and satisfying tale for me Time for Zelazny

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    This Immortal was Zelazny s first novel and tied with Dune for best of the year the year it appeared It s a true classic It showcases all of Zelazny s strengths mythic influences, lyrical writing, memorable characters, and a fast paced plot with so many twists and turns and surprises that the reader is left amazed at how he made such a hodgepodge of points into a brilliant and cohesive narrative It s an expansion of And Call Me Conrad, which remains a great short version in its own right I first read it years ago and listened to this fine recording on a recent long trip it holds up just as well today

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    6,5 10D nya n kleer felaketler y z nden y k lm harabe olmu , insanlar ba ka gezegenlere g m ler hayatlar ndan da memnunlar Yery z nde sadece de i ime u ram hayvanlar ve insanlar var, o y zden hem tehlikeli hem de gizemli bir yere d n m Bu durum onu ba ka gezegenlerin rklar taraf ndan turistik bir durak olarak alg lanmas na sebep olmu nsanlar taraf ndansa ok nemsenmeyen tarihi bir miras.Hikayemiz D nya y gezmek isteyen bir Vegal Vega gezegeninden gelen bir rk ve ona refakat eden bir ekibin etraf ndan ekilleniyor Roman n ba ki isi bu ekibin lideri ve D nya daki tarihi mekanlardan sorumlu Conrad Nomikos Hikayenin ba nda anla ld zere l ms z, bu da onu i inde do al olarak uzman yap yor Onun l ms zl ba ka insanlar taraf ndan sezilen ama kan tlanamayan bir olgu Kendisi de gizliyor zaten.Vegal D nya y gezerken ekibin ba na gelmeyen kalm yor, hepsi l mle y z y ze geliyor, en ok da Conrad Siyasi meseleler y z nden planlanan suikastler, g re i robotlar, de i im ge irmi insanlar, devasa yarat klar Bu k s mlar b y k bir heyecanla okunuyor ve h zla kitab n sonuna geliniyor amaBu karma a okur olarak beni rahats z etti Kitap, kulland temalar ve dil itibariyle h zl de i imler g steriyor Ana bir tema olmamas da kitaba dair bir okuma tavr geli tirmenizi engelliyor.Sanki fantastik temalar i e ko mak istiyor yazar ama bir yandan da bilimkurgu sosu eklemek istiyor Kabaday bir tav rla karar ver art k diyecek de ilim, b yle yazmak istemi se yazar yarg layamam ama bu h z ve e itlilik kitab n ak lda kal c l n azalt yor.Mesela Vega h k metinin d nyan n bir ok b lgesini sat n almas ve insanlar Vega ya kabul ederken onlar m lteci konumuna d rmesine dair siyasi rahats zl k ve bu rahats zl ktan do an gizli bir rg t var ama hikaye bunun zerinde pek durmuyor.Conrad l ms z ama neden, nas l Bunu anlatmak zorunda de il diyelim, peki kitab n sonunda ortaya kan i lev d nda bu l ms zl n kitaba katk s ne Conrad n e ine duydu u sevgi kitab n ba nda yo un ama Bir dakika tamam tamam her ey ayd nl a kavu tu Conrad n Yunanl olmas ndan anlamal yd m, ya da s rekli Yunan efsanelerine g nderme yapmas ndan.Bu kitap Oydsseus destan n n ya da evinden uzakla an kahraman n bin bir badire atlatarak yeniden eve d nmesinin zay f bir tekrar Peki bir Yunan mitini bir bilimkurgu kitab na nas l ta y p o efsanevi yarat klar nas l geri getirece iz N kleer bir felaket sonucu D nya harabeye d nerse ve bu k llerin i inden tavuklar mutasyon ge irip Anka Ku u gibi ortaya karsa bu destan i in gerekenler haz rd r Kitapta Anka Ku u falan yok tabi ama de i ime u ram k pekler, timsahlar, yarasalar ve hatta rdekler var nsans lar, vampirler, zombiler bile var.Conrad da g l kuvvetli, ak ll bir kahraman, hepsini alt edebilecek yetilere sahip lem tamam Kitap boyunca kahramanl kla ilgili onlarca konu ma yapan Conrad a k a k form l veriyor asl nda Pekala, Hasan, seni ansl kerata, dedim u anda bir adet kendin yap l Kahramanl k Modeli kazanm durumdas n, canavar da bedava yi anslar s 140Hatta kahramana e lik eden roman ki 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we must plan an escape, else we will be served up on a chafing dish Dolay s yla, ya bir ka plan d zenleriz, ya da ak am yeme ine k ftelik k yma oluruz s 138 Procrustes kicked him several times, and me once for good measure.Procrustes onu birka kez, hat r m kalmas n diye beni de bir kez tekmeledi. s 153Bu g zel kar l klar n yan nda anlamad m bir yerlile tirme vard Hasan ad ndaki roman ki isi Conrad ok eskiden beri tan yor ve ona Conrad yerine Karac diyor Bunu anlamam t m Conrad o uzun mr nde bir ok isim alm t ama Karac ne demek zg n metne bakt m KarageeNeden Karac diye evrilmi anlamad m Hasan, Conrad la ilk kar la t nda Conrad n ad Karaghiosis mi , evirmen bu ismi Karagozis eklinde T rk e le tirmi , olabilir, g zel bir kar l k zg n metinde Karagee, Karaghiosis in k salt lm hali muhtemelen Dolay s yla Karac gibi T rk e si de anlaml bir kar l k yerine Karagi kullan labilirdi.Off, buna m takt n diyebilirsiniz, i im g c m yok diye kar l k veririm.Kitab n d zeltisi de ok iyiydi, san r m sadece yerde yanl yaz mla kar la t m u anki yay nevlerinin Metis gibi nitelikli yay nevlerini rnek almas gerek Bu kitap 17 y l evvel b yle tertemiz yay nlanm ama imdi b y k dedi imiz bir ok yay nevi rne in thaki , son okuma yapmadan yay nlayabiliyor baz kitaplar n.Milliyet i ek Karagozis eski Yunan g lge oyunundaki bir karakterin ad d r, Avrupa n n Punch ve Judy oyunlar ndaki Punch gibi K l ks z n ve soytar n n tekiydi s 84Yahu pes Kahveye, baklavaya bizim dediniz, hadi neyse ama g zelim g lge oyunumuzu kapt rmay z

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    I wish that I could give this book a higher rating, I do But as it is, I think that It was OK sums it up perfectly for me This was my very first Zelazny, and it may not have been the best one to start with But I just love post apocalyptic books, and I had wanted to read this one since I heard that it was one I won t let the fact that this didn t get a higher rating turn me off of Zelazny though There were a few things that made this book less than great for me First, I was under the impression probably misguided that this would be a kind of touring the blasted wasteland of the post nuclear world with a member of the alien Overlord race, who may or may not be trying to wipe out the survivors and Conrad is the only one standing in the way book That s what I got from the description on the back of the book, anyway What with the Three Days of War and decades of Vegan occupation, Earth isn t doing too well these days Indeed, all that seems to be left for us is selling off our heritage to the blueskins bit by bit That s why Conrad Nomikos, Minister of Culture, Arts and Monuments, is tagged to play the part of native guide when one of these superior beings pays a visit to our backwater planet and finds himself acting as the haughty alien s bodyguard as well But should he He says that the purpose of his visit is to write a travelogue, but it is entirely possible that the real reason the Vegan is here is to write finis to the Human race.So, I was kind of surprised to find that this is very much in the background for most of the story It seems that a lot of other, barely related, themes take over the story This book is very heavy on the Greek symbolism and mythology this being one of the themes that I feel took over the story , and perhaps it s just me, but I didn t feel like it was very accessible to someone who is not well versed in Greek history and mythology Granted, I know that this is a short coming on MY part, because I do not expect authors to dumb down or over simplify their work to cater to lazy people who refuse to learn something But I do have a basic knowledge and understanding of Greek history, and I still did not get a lot of the references shrug It could still be entertaining to some, even without all the classical references being 100% understood, but probably not in the way it was intended And this was kind of distracting for me I feel like I read a book with every other sentence written in invisible ink Even the dialogue made me feel that way I love dialogue It s great for advancing the story, explaining plot, getting to know the characters so much can be done with it If it s done well But I just had a really hard time with the dialogue in this book I can usually follow dialogue pretty easily, but here, the lead off speaker would be named, and then everything that follows would be sans speaker I had to re read dialogue sometimes two or three times because the same speaker would go twice in a row, or the one whose turn it was wouldn t say anything and the conversation wouldn t make sense because my internal score keeper was thrown off But even aside from that confusion, a lot of the conversation seemed to assume that the reader knew what the character knew Terms are just thrown out there with no explanation Cryptic sentence fragments would be answered with even cryptic monosyllabic replies There was no history given for a lot of the organizations or political bodies, but the dialogue would continue on as if anyone listening had a full understanding of it.Moving on, another of those take over situations occurred in Greece, where a tribe essentially kidnaps the group and says Hey, we re going to eat you, but since we re reasonable scary cannibals, not only am I going to explain everything right up front like a bad James Bond villain, but I will then, to further my comparison to a bad James Bond villain, offer to let you earn your freedom by fighting our biggest, scariest cannibal dude Huh I don t get it A lot of action takes place afterward, and it was interesting, but I don t really see how it relates to the story It was funny though Conrad, the main character, was too distant and mysterious for me The only time that he felt really human when he thought that his wife had been killed in an earthquake I don t know what his motivation is, still It seems that he is trying to preserve Earth by making it undesirable to the Vegans, but I don t know because he just seems to not give a rat s rear about it one way or the other Being the Vegan s tour guide bodyguard, he was nobly trying to prevent any harm from coming to him unless and until he could find sufficient incentive not to Anyway, it just seemed like there were two or even three stories being told, and I just missed the connection Since the book seems to get such good reviews from so many people, I am fully prepared to accept the fact that it is probably me that couldn t see the forest for the trees, so to speak By all accounts, this book is better on second reading, so perhaps I ll give it another shot after earning a degree in Greek History

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    As you can tell from the title, This Immortal is about an immortal The Earth is in bad shape after a three day nuclear exchange and most people have fled Earth for Vega where they are second class citizens Conrad, the immortal of the title, is tasked with escorting a Vegan on a tour of various Earth ruins, accompanied by several other people, most of which want the Vegan dead and the Earthlings on Vega to come home Despite the length of time it took me to read this, I liked it a lot The characters were interesting, especially Conrad and Hasan, the assassin tasked with killing the Vegan The odd relationship beween Conrad and Hasan was probably my favorite part of the book The ending was also a surprise, which is the highest honor I give a book these days.

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characters This Immortal, audiobook This Immortal, files book This Immortal, today This Immortal, This Immortal fb8d6 Conrad Nomikos Has A Long, Rich Personal History That He D Rather Not Talk About And, As Arts Commissioner, He S Been Given A Job He D Rather Not Do Escorting An Alien Grandee On A Guided Tour Of The Shattered Remains Of Earth Is Not Something He Relishes Especially When It Is Apparent That This Places Him At The Center High Level Intrigue That Has Some Bearing On The Future Of Earth Itself