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  • ebook
  • 296 pages
  • Theocracide
  • James Wymore
  • English
  • 09 October 2018

10 thoughts on “Theocracide

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    I had the distinct honor of being one of the first to read James Wy s Theocracide It s rare in literary fiction to find so many themes explored within the same book but to attack those same themes within a sci fi genre is something to behold Wy weaves a fantastic tale while taking a good hard look at religion, politics, immortality, entertainment, and technological advancement If you re looking for a thrilling sci fi adventure that beautifully mirrors current real world issues and advancements then this is the book for you Go Get it now Why are you still reading this Alright, since you re still here Check out this podcast interview with James Wy to learn about him and his latest work

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    So riddled with discrepancies and inconsistencies that it didn t hang together People always wear their computer glasses so they never see the real world, but the protagonist regularly peeks around his glasses and can just turn them clear Everyone wears their computer glasses in the shower Hardly anyone leaves their home yet traffic is terrible Despite the intriguing idea it just got silly.

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    I see this book as a good example of the trend we are in now with so much dependance on computers Young people don t even know how to look people in the eye and have a conversation If they can t text, they don t talk I loved the format of the news articles at the beginning of each chapter, I couldn t wait to follow it through As it came together at the end of the story I was completely engrossed I was entertained the whole way through the book More, please

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    Theocracide is a timely dystopian tale about a hyper virtual world where people rarely leave their homes and live their lives virtually through computer glasses Full of clever world building and detail, I found several passages that really struck me Here is one of my favorites that I would like to share Jason is speaking of his father s house in the woods Of course, he only went there every other weekend, but those weekends were the only time in his life when he actually did anything real The other days he spent on the computer doing schoolwork, playing games, or watching vids Those other days all blurred together as a single insubstantial memory Spending time on the computer had consumed most of his life, but here at Jay s house he had lived.Even living here only four days a month Jay realized it had been all the important parts Nothing else significant had ever happened to him The momentary feelings of success when he finished a long video game paled by comparison to his time spent here camping and fishing For a few precious days each month, he had been in the real world The rest of the time, he had hibernated in a virtual world of stimulation, which amounted to nothing Theocracide is beautifully written and the perfect dystopian premise for our age My only criticism is that I wished the plot moved a little faster He spends a lot of time world building, and does it well, but it took a while to get to the inciting incident that started Jason on his journey.On the whole, I highly recommend this book to all fans of sci fi and dystopia.

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    The idea behind this whole thing is mind boggling The scariest thing is I can see this happening We are already addicted attached whatever you want to call it to the internet and the social world it provides us Imagine a world where people rarely leave their apartments Why leave when they have everything they need at an eyeblink Everyone wears computer goggles that keep them connected to everything all the time They can even impose their own world views on everything around them This means that although everyone wears the same grey sweats, you can make people s clothes look like anything you want Some people have Greek world views Others pirates, or renaissance, or whatever The point is, NO ONE sees the world for what it really is How do you learn to live again after living so connected It s like the human version of a hive mind in a way.Wy spins a great story of one man s journey from half awake to fully cognizant of his world situation And his decisions no longer affect just his life He digs into real issues humanity needs to come to grips with our dependence on entertainment, computers, governments to tell us what to do, think, eat, etc If we don t watch where we re headed, we will end up complacent gear heads that live solely for the next vid, feed, game, whatever and lose the things that really make up life Friendship, touch, sight, smell, truth, wisdom.

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    Theocracide follows Jason Hunt, a rising star athlete with a girlfriend who he adores and a promising life Except the world isn t right and he s the key to fixing it.I liked Jason He felt very real and honest He s been trained by Jay his father whom he believes is a paranoid conspiracy nut but he learns Jay is so much than that As a result of this training, he is hardened and adapts easily, and often surprises himself how easily, to what he finds himself facing.There were a few inconsistencies where I was like, what But once the world was established it seemed to smooth over.I d really be interested to see if Wy does a sequel to this Although it concludes nicely, it does have an open ending.Not being a sci fi girl, I did actually enjoy this There was a steady flow of action and plot development, and a hint of romance my particular weakness

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    First of all, this book was slightly outside my comfort zone I tend to go fantasy than sci fi, and I admit I was a little intimidated by the level of tech stuff I thought I would encounter, but the idea of an Undying Emperor drew me I liked the idea of a romantic element, too Turns out I was right to read it this is a fast paced, fun read for anyone who likes action and a good solid MC Di, I thought, could possibly use some fleshing out, but overall I think it was a pretty sweet book, and I m glad I stepped outside my genre a bit and read it.

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    If only there was a 5 I think of this book often as we steer and to being completely dependent on computers The writing is gripping and I can t wait to read

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    Disclaimer I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review I listened to the audiobook version on Audible.Performance It was bad guys Really, really bad The production itself wasn t great there were times where the narrator repeated a sentence multiple times, I could hear the breathing and swallowing of the narrator, at the beginning of each chapter there was a news bit where an anchorman basically gives the headline and during that there was this weird noise that made it hard to hear The narrator was boring, had no differentiation between characters Regardless of age or sex they all sounded the same Story The story had aliens, immortal beings, government conspiracies, dystopian technology, clones, and I could go on and on It was all just too much The characters were boring, predictable, and lacked depth and development There were logical inconsistencies throughout the book And the plot fell flat The climax was absolutely boring and it seemed as if the most fun parts were skipped over completely Overall Bad, bad, bad Zero out of five stars Do not recommend at all I am so surprised this book has over 4 star rating overall.

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    This story is like Ready Player One meets Minority Report It s set in a world where virtual reality has replaced meaningful life experiences and combines extraterrestrial warfare, futuristic technology, dystopian governments, and fabricated religions in an interesting plot The protagonist spends a lot of time on various journeys, a fun mode of exploring all sorts of facets of life in the world that Wy created The author has such a clean, entertaining style I listened to this on a road trip It s the kind of book the whole family could listen to and enjoy.I was given a free audiobook by the publisher.

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characters Theocracide , audiobook Theocracide , files book Theocracide , today Theocracide , Theocracide dd255 Aliens Bent On Conquering The World Are Closing In On A Weakened America Epidemic Alien Flu Leaves People Afraid To Go Outside Their Homes The Undying Emperor Is Drafting Americans Of All Ages Despite The Plummeting PopulationNobody Really CaresJason, Like Everyone Else, Lives In A Fantasy Facilitated By Computer Glasses That Project Images Right Over The Parts Of The World He Doesn T Like With A Sports Scholarship And An Amazing New Girlfriend, He Leads His College Team From One Victory To Another As Long As They Ignore The Constant Barrage Of Terrible News, Their Lives Would Turn Out To Be PerfectUntil The Government Discovers His Father S Secret Until His Artificially Perfect World Comes Crashing DownWill Jason And His Allies Survive The Manhunt Long Enough To Finish His Father S Work To Commit Theocracide And Set The World Right

About the Author: James Wymore

James Wy grew up on a heavy diet of movies and books that morphed his real life adventures into imaginary worlds His published works span the fiction spectrum, including many different genres in the best selling Actuator series He s an acquisitions editor, running games with hundreds of players at conventions.