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10 thoughts on “The Very Busy Spider

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    One of my favorites in the series Such a busy spider it was Adorable execution

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    One of the better murder stories I ve read in some time Entertainingly illustrated, with a cast of memorable characters that draw you further into the tale Like in Prince of Thorns, you find yourself rooting for the villain by the end, tracing your finger along their beautiful instrument of death.

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    The Very Busy Spider is about a spider that spends all day spinning her web A variety of different farm animals approach her and ask if she wanted to go do something with them that they enjoy doing Each time, the spider didn t answer because she was busy spinning her web In the end, after she finishes her web, she catches and fly and an owl asks who made this beautiful web But, again, the spider didn t answer because she fell asleep, as it had been a very long day spinning her web I think this story shows children that determination is a good thing to have The spider was determined to finish her web and not be distracted by running off with the different farm animals Her hard work paid off, because at night, she had caught a fly and was ready for bed Learning Experience In small groups, have pieces of white yarn pre cut on the table, and construction paper with a circle drawn on it Have the children glue the yarn around the circle and make their very own unique spider web Then when they are finished, glue a picture of a fly on it, to show their hard work paid off.

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    An important message about work life balance for web developers.If you develop webs all day and don t take breaks to socialize you will go to bed not having had any social interaction Don t do this

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    Anything by Eric Carle will certainly be a visually awe inspiring work, but this book also has texture, which makes it even engaging for little ones.The basic message is Introverts thrive in the business of web development If you keep your eye on the prize, and don t let yourself get distracted with all things social, you ll succeed And be pretty lonely, but we don t quite go there in here

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    Such inspirational book I liked this busy spider way too much I m going to be focused and dedicated like it

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    One of my favorite children s books

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    Eric Carle is a classic to me and I love almost all of them Thankfully, my kids do too D

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    All of Eric Carle s books are PERFECT reads for all kids

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    Here is a very cute story about a spider building her web and all her friends trying to invite her to do other things Done in water colors, this is a wonderfully bright book.

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download The Very Busy Spider , read online The Very Busy Spider , kindle ebook The Very Busy Spider , The Very Busy Spider de1e722fc574 A VERY Classic From Eric Carle, Creator Of The Very Hungry CaterpillarEarly One Morning A Little Spider Spins Her Web On A Fence Post One By One, The Animals Of The Nearby Farm Try To Distract Her, Yet The Busy Little Spider Keeps Diligently At Her Work When She Is Done, She Is Able To Show Everyone That Not Only Is Her Creation Quite Beautiful, It Is Also Quite Useful This Multi Sensory Book Allows Children To Feel The Pictures As Well As See Them And With Its Rhythmic Text,The Very Busy Spider Becomes An Experience To Touch, To See, And To Hear A Beautifully Executed Work For The Very Young That Satisfies The Needs Of Both Visually Handicapped And Sighted Children Without Losing Its Artistic IntegrityThe Horn Book, Starred Review Both Sighted And Blind Children Will Follow The Action With Ease Visually And Verbally, This Is A WinnerBooklist, Starred Review