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    This book had been on my shelf since my teenage years I give it three stars for creativity I am a former professor of Bible, open to the possibility of intelligent life in space, however, Blumrich makes a sopho mistake of misunderstanding the prophet Ezekiel There is no need for extraordinary circumstances to explain what Ezekiel is doing in his book The truth is mundane, but this little book was a fun read nevertheless I wrote a couple of posts about it on my blog Sects and Violence in the Ancient World.

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    This book suffers from an audience problem To whit, it will be of interest primarily to two groups of people those who have faith in the bible, and those who have faith in extraterrestrials Only one of those groups is likely to be satisfied by the conclusions Mr Blumrich reaches.The book is dry, reading like an engineering report This should not surprise anyone, as Mr Blumrich was in fact an engineer, and wrote in the style familiar to him What is surprising is that Mr Blumrich overstates his case, repeatedly using phrases such as it has been shown and it has been proven It would be honest to say it could be that or one possibility is I do not doubt that the craft Mr Blumrich describes would function exactly as he describes I do not doubt that it would be an effective and efficient single stage to orbit and return vehicle I don t even doubt that it s possible that Ezekiel was describing such a craft What I do doubt is that it is in any way possible to say, from the paucity of evidence given within the text, that this or any answer is the definitive and only possible answer.Was Ezekiel visited by aliens I dunno But after reading this book, I m convinced it s possible.

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    Referenced by the great ancient astronaut theorist Erich von D niken, this book deserves a spot on the shelf for any student of the theory Part technical manual and part Bible commentary, this classic work from the 1970s is still worth reading over 40 years later A word of caution if technical descriptions of machinery bore you, then this book will be a tedious and tough read.

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    IntriguingThis book raised perspectives on ancient texts and history that deserve attention Could Ezekiel actually have seen and travelled in a spaceship s lander module It is certainly interesting to suspend normal belief and face the challenge of, what if

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    Chapter 1 contains a cutscene so dramatic and unexpected that it s like the famous jump in 2001 A Space Odyssey where the ape throws its bone club into the air for it to become a satellite just before it would hit the ground Blumrich starts by quoting the passages from Ezekiel in question and then all of a sudden by the end of the passage there s a fully realized spacecraft pictured While Kubrick was showing the primitive club of early man becoming a satellite carrying a nuclear weapon and working with the theme of evolutionary potential that the film is really about Blumrich is just crazy It looks as if he d designed the spacecraft beforehand and made it fit to the passages he showed and I have to take the traditional route in that Ezekiel was not describing a literal encounter with the unknown but rather a spiritual one.

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    Another one of my grandfather s books that came into my collection Its interesting just to observe how someone can take a few sentences of text written in an old document and generate an entire world with technical diagrams about how Ezekiel wasn t talking to angels but aliens.

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    It makes you think about things in the past and what other things in the Bible are related to extraterrestrials

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    This was a very interesting theory written by a man who has knowledge of military technologies of our flying crafts Dating back to the 70s but of course our technologies have leaped even further than his times had.This book breaks apart the Bible s Ezekiel story to shed light on an interpretation a bit contrary to what may be preached from any sermon Imagine if Ezekiel s visions were that of god s from the sky view And also imagine if the strange creatures Ezekiel saw preceding the firmament with the capsule containing the form like a man were helicopters preparing a spaceship type craft for a landing on the ground.Believe whatever you will I think this was a nicely laid out book in the way it detailed our current aircrafts in the NASA program and compared them to Ezekiel s descriptions of the beings that visited him so many years ago Four faces, four wings, human hands, glowing fire, lightning, smoky clouds, bronze spacesuitsSomewhat dry, repetitive reading but I definitely recommend this book to the curious.

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    Blumrich presents an interesting theory that the angels and God as described in the book of Ezekiel are in fact a space ship and an extra terrestrial being That Blumrich was an actual rocket scientist adds credibility to his theory This isn t some quack expounding nonsense, he knows what he s talking about and approaches it from a scientific standpoint However, there are two big holes in Blumrich s theory One being that his hypothesis of the space ship is based on a design seen on the book cover by a very human engineer Therefore, the ancient visitors would have had to have had the same idea, unless of course they are really visitors from our own future and based their ships upon this same design The other hole in the theory is that the space ship only appears in a few chapters, yet Ezekiel hears the voice of God Blumrich hypothesizes this is an alien being throughout the book in which the space ship does not appear An interesting book, although Blumrich at times goes a little too much into the science, at which times, his narrative becomes rather dry.

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