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    Many, many years ago, I read Susan Cooper s Dark is Rising The series enthralled me, and I found myself anxiously waiting for each book in the series to come back in to our school library the series was popular So how is this relevant to Jenny Nimmo s The Magician Trilogy Reading The Snow Spider put me in the same frame of mind that Cooper s series put me into so very many years ago, so much so, that I 1 can t wait to read the 2nd book in Nimmo s series and 2 am itching to re read Cooper s series Set in Wales, Nimmo s new series she is author of the Charlie Bone books , introduces us to Gwyn and his family on the day of Gwyn s ninth birthday Gwyn s grandmother gives him five very puzzling gifts a piece of seaweed, a scarf, a whistle, a twisted brooch and a broken toy horse and tells hiim that now is the time to find out if he, Gwyn, is a magician Gwyn and his mother and father, still grieving from the mysterious disappearance of his sister Bethan almost five years previous, pretty well think that Gwyn s gran is nuts But is she Full of the richness of Welsh names The Snow Spider is an intriguing tale of darkness, mystery, and the light of hope I m looking forward to reading the next one.Reading level as listed on .com Ages 9 12

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    A book I d read with my daughter and sort of enjoyed a TV series that was held together by a major actor and whose SFX seemed creaky revisiting The Snow Spider was a bit of an act of loyalty I was wrong.I ll leave it to others with a better grasp of Welsh countryside, culture and mythology to pass judgment on all of that, central though they are, but I have to say I was drawn in Unspoken tensions following the loss of a child on a Welsh hill farm concentrate on her surviving brother, whose magical inheritance seemed at once completely fantastic and also believable think Susan Cooper s Will and Bran as the subject of playground gossip and bullying think of Garner s own Gwyn, but younger Enchanting from first to last.

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    I thoroughly enjoyable adventure which has at its heart, is a story of how a folktale or myth embedded within its landscape can bring a rather beautiful sense of peace and acceptance to an unexplainable loss To go further would be to spoil the story but Gwyn s story here, of how he inherits the magical powers of his ancestors and uses them to try and bring back his sister who went missing on the mountains year before is well done Although I felt it rushed a little at the end, there is enough nodding here to the structure of fairy and folk tales which is to be admired I found the relationship between Gwyn and his parents, who both grieve for the loss of their daughter in very different ways, powerful and ripe for discussion I thought of the book as much like Susan Cooper s Dark is Rising books but for slightly younger readers This would make for an excellent read aloud.

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    Young Gwyn s world has been lonely since the disappearance of his sister Bethan His parents, particularly his father, are still grieving and his father blames Gwyn for his sister s loss On his ninth birthday, though, his life takes a strange turn as his nain grandmother gives him five gifts and tells him that now is the time to find out if he s a magician One of the gifts, a brooch, is tossed into the wind and becomes Arianwen, the snow spider And so begins a journey which could finally heal the wounds at the heart of Gwyn s familyIt s years since I ve read any of the Magician Trilogy, and this first in particular was one of my favourite ever books as a youngster growing up in North Wales After mentioning it in a post earlier today, I stumbled across it in my bedroom and took that as a sign to reread it to see if it was as good as I remembered and while I was surprised by parts of it, I certainly wasn t disappointed.One of the surprising things about it was just how short it was at under 150 pages, I read through it incredibly quickly while another was that, in the end, it s not really about the magic It s a deep tale of grief, of longing to say goodbye, and eventually of healing It s very different from Nimmo s later Charlie Bone series, which most YA s today will be far familiar with, being shorter and with slightly less developed characters, but it s just as enchanting in its own way It also has one of the sweetest endings I can ever remember reading.I ll try and review the sequels at some point, although I ll need to find them to reread them first but trust me when I say it s well worth getting the trilogy, which is available from for just 4.49 at the moment From what I remember the TV series, starring Sian Phillips as Nain, was also well worth getting but is sadly unavailable on DVD today.Very high recommendation to fans of JK Rowling, CS Lewis and Susan Cooper.

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    For my review of the overall series, see my series review on The Page Dreamer thoughts on this individual one I remember starting this out, accidentally, late one night, and then staying up to finish it I was thinking, near the end, of possibly giving it 4 stars, since it was rather intriguing and some of the writing was pretty, and I tend to be fairly generous in my star ratings Then the ending was a little flat for me, so I settled on 3 stars It s not a bad book, it was just okay for me I wished a few things had turned out slightly different, and some of it wasn t well explained But I did enjoy it okay and it kept me interested, and the Welsh setting legends were fantastic It s also quite appropriate how Gwyn s birthday when people disappear and all, is on Samhain.

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    I read this book when I was in elementary school I remember very few books that I read at those ages, but the feel of the Snow Spider Trilogy stuck with me I like the dreamy, intuitive feel of the magic.On my recent reread, though, I realized that the grandmother is a terrible person She s wanted to be magic her entire life but she didn t inherit it, so she positioned herself as close to the magical world as possible When she realized her grandchild did inherit magic, she pushed him into it with very little explanation or guidance.Then she got mad at him when he let a bad spirit loose, even though the whole thing could have been prevented if she had bothered to ease him in, maybe give him some books on mythology or just STRAIGHT UP TELL HIM the origin of the creepy horse toy.I bet she also knew what happened to his sister but just didn t feel like mentioning it.

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    I love Charlie Bone, so I was disappointed by this slim volume Something about the narrative style made it very difficult to connect to the characters Maybe it was that everything happened freakishly easily, but without any explanation You need to tell me why the main character shouted Welsh words into the wind, and why that made things happen Also The things that happened that were magic Not so much with the impressive fun magic interesting.

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    Not every book needs to be 500 pages, but the storyline in this book could have used just a bit TLC The other thing that made me crazy were all of the names that I had no idea how to pronounce Not very many people are fluent in the Welsh language including people from Wales , and I, for one, would have really appreciated having a pronunciation guide included in the book.

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    A nice story about a Welsh boy who finds out he is a magician and uses his new tools in his adventure He lives in a rural mountainside area and it is against this well described backdrop, that his adventure plays out His sister has recently disappeared and the whole family has each struggled to deal with their loss in a different way This is one of the main themes here dealing with loss and managing to live without knowing the truth, self blame, acceptance and division All of these results of loss are dealt with, and the effect is a nice, warm hearted novel based upon real Welsh mythology.

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    I have chosen this book because it looks so exciting to me that I want to read it I like to read a books about magic, magical stuff will surprise the readers of how they did, where they learnt etc The static image of the book cover were OUTSTANDING to me because they used a magical stuff in it I just attention to it and I just wanted to start reading it This book will fit in the category of fantasy book because it creating our imagination of how the snow spider glow their white snow light in the dark This kind of fancy magic to me and unbelievable My favourite character is Gynn because he is so funny His parents always asking him where have you been Why you covered in the snow All he is saying that he gone out to see his grandma, or fall into the snow etc They told that he is a magician person This become magician after saw the snow spider for the first time in years He takes them inside the houses to his bedroom without letting his parents see what it is happening When he put the spider in his room, the spider glow the snow light and it nearly brighten up his bedroom This is so magical that he thinks he is a magician He is very keen to found out what his grandmother do as she is a magician person Sometimes, His dad was angry at him sometimes because he wants to rid of something he wants to get rid of stuff he got My favourite quote in the book is just shrank, sort of faded away, and so did the bars of ice until there was nothing there except. This quote makes me think that he got away with the idea he got He just got it blocked when Gynn was talking to him about how to get the magic from his grandma, maybe secretly ask her what the magic is, I don t know Also, this quotes described him as he is shy as a cow to talk and he missed all the ideas he got right here.I learned from this book is to tell the truth to the people to make sure it believe him, later in the story, when he came home to go to his bedroom, his mum asked Where have you been Gynn He told her mother that he was at the Grandmother house but actually, the real thing he has gone is to the mountain to look for the snow spider as he is interested in magical stuff This is also one of our MAGS school rules, be trustworthy to each other, he isn t trustworthy to his family DO NOT LEARNT FROM HIM Overall, I think that book I thought in the book review is excellent because it talks about magical things and it makes people entertained and sense of humour while reading the book I would recommended this book to someone else who interested in this book.At the end of the story, the girl called Eyera has disappeared from Gynn s house as she was being recovered from her injury two days ago after Gynn s Dad found her cover in a thick brown mud One of the thing you didn t know during my book review is about gifts for his birthday The story was set in the past Gynn has received 5 gifts for his birthday They are to do with magical things He got is black watch with moon in there He needs this watch because he looks at the moon every night She thinks it would be funny More information about the gifts if you read this book.

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download The Snow Spider (The Magician Trilogy, # 1), read online The Snow Spider (The Magician Trilogy, # 1), kindle ebook The Snow Spider (The Magician Trilogy, # 1), The Snow Spider (The Magician Trilogy, # 1) 1079b048a2fe Jenny Nimmo S Award Winning SNOW SPIDER TRILOGY Is Back As An Exciting Orchard Books Fantasy Series On Gwyn S Th Birthday, His Grandmother Tells Him He May Be A Magician, Like His Welsh Ancestors She Gives Him Five Gifts To Help Him A Brooch, A Piece Of Dried Seaweed, A Tin Whistle, A Scarf, And A Broken Toy Horse One Blustery Day, Unsure What To Do With His Newfound Magic, Gwyn Throws The Brooch To The Wind And Receives A Silvery Snow Spider In Return Will He Be Able To Use This Special Spider To Bring His Missing Sister, Bethan, Home THE SNOW SPIDER Spins An Icy, Sparkly Web Of Mystical Intrigue That Sets The Stage For The Next Two Books In This Outstanding Trilogy