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quotes The Reluctant Rake (Signet), litcharts The Reluctant Rake (Signet), symbolism The Reluctant Rake (Signet), summary shmoop The Reluctant Rake (Signet), The Reluctant Rake (Signet) f9997bc2 SCANDALOUS SURPRISEMiss Julia Devere Was The Most Innocent And Sheltered Of Young Beauties Her Doting Parents Had Succeeded In Shielding Her From Exposure To The Sordid Facts Of Life In Society, And Now Both They And She Were Delighted With Her Coming Marriage To The Handsome And Wealthy Sir Richard Beckwith, The Very Model Of Righteous RectitudeTherefore When Julia Spied The Paragon Of Moral Perfection In The Arms Of A Young Woman Who Clearly Did Not Give A Fig For The Proprieties Julia Was Than Shocked She Was Awakened To The Fact That The Game Of Love Could Be Played By Very Different Rules Than HersAnd Unless She Could Beat Sir Richard S New Light Of Love At Her Own Game Julia Stood To Lose All That She Suddenly Discovered She Wanted

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    Sir Richard Beckwith goes to a notorious club one night and bids on a lovely young maiden He pays 2,000 quid and wins her His reason is to have the girl free from a degrading experience and he is sadly mistaken Bess, the maiden wants to become a kept woman, not a woman who has a job The trouble is that Sir Richard is engaged to the beautiful Miss Julia Devere Julia has seen Sir Richard with Bess and she suddenly realizes that she will have to fight to keep her fiance She is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that they are married This story is a fun, charming story Four stars for the characters and clever plot Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, for allowing me to read and review this book.

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    I liked the characters and parts of the plot, but the book has content than I would like Content innuendo, sexual assault and rape, fade to black sex of married couple

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    This ended up being a lot different than I was expecting It sounded like a fun book from the synopsis, but it was kind of a downer The book opens with our hero Richard entering a gentlemen s club in order to purchase a light skirt He has recently become engaged to Julia and soon his indiscretion is leaked to her She also happens to catch him with the girl in front of his house She quickly calls off the engagement and high tails it out of town I kept reading to figure out what was going to happen, after that first chapter I had my doubts I probably should have stopped there, but curiosity got the cat and I kept reading It turns our Richard is actually a pretty decent guy, I liked his character and even though I thought he went about things wrong, he was trying to do the right thing The situation soon spirals out of control though and the book takes some pretty dark turns view spoiler The light skit, Bess, is actually an innocent that Richard hears about and feels it s his duty to rescue Only she doesn t want rescuing He out bids Lord Fenton who wants her and sets up a house for her until he can decide what to do with her Lord Fenton is angry and kidnaps her He then drugs her and rapes her It s all pretty vague, but it s heavily implied what happens to her Richard and Michael who is in love with Bess rescue her and bring her to Julia s country house to recover Richard by now has explained everything to Julia and they are back together Julia goes for a walk one day and Lord Fenton s men accidently grab her instead of Bess He decides he likes the idea and is going to marry Julia Bess wants to rescue Julia so she turns herself over to Lord Fenton so the guys will follow and then rescue them both Lord Fenton is a creep and decides he likes the idea of a threesome He drugs both girls and is about to start things when Richard and Michael arrive, just in the nick of time While he is prevented, it again is heavily implied what he intends to do Pretty disturbing and went a bit farther than I was expecting hide spoiler

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    Julia and Richard are a perfect match, scholarly calm and even tempered, but Richard is a moron a good hearted one in the end but a moron none the less.Richard has taken it upon himself to save a young lady being sold at a event, stupidly he thinks no one recognizes him.and he wins against a rather evil manHowever Bess is wanting to be a paid lady, she is spoiled and rottenand disappointed when Richard doesn t want to make her his lightskirt he pays a fortune to keep her out of harms way and she thwarts his goodwill at all angles Rumors are rampant that he bought her and sadly Julia hears the tales and then later sees him hugging Bess and wants to call everything off Richard being a idiot doesn t know why she doesn t trust his character and he even calls into his character when he is at times sexually attracted to Bess.The villain abducts Bess and later Julia.There is rape and attempted sexual assault after drugging.I never managed to like Richard, his excuses with bess were not bright. Julia at least tried to hold him accountable even in these times.

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