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    I d probably file this one under Conspiracy For Beginners There s nothing really new here it s just like a run through of a vast array of conspiracies that actually go far beyond the pyramids and the pentagon I like Redfern s style, which is easy to read and isn t a barrage of countless dates and names that you ll never remember, like some other conspiracy authors tend to do.If you haven t read a conspiracy book before, this would be a good place to start If you re into it already but are a little rusty, here s a great place to brush up.

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    I got this book for Christmas as a gift from my brother When I had downtime around the house over the holidays I started reading it and did not want to stop Many of the topics discussed were very interesting and before I knew it the day had passed and I had finished this book It is a recent release and well worth the read.

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    This books is fun for what it is.At my local library, which I have been patronizing for 5 years now, there is a shelf in the New Release section of books on UFOs, government conspiracies, ancient civilizations, the Kardashians, and other subjects of fantastic or ridiculous nature I like to read one now and then, though they are all very similar second hand accounts, government files that later disappeared, 3 innuendos 1 fact, etc And then, once the books are taken off the New Release shelf I have no idea where they are taken to which may be a conspiracy theory or weird happening in its own right Not realizing until I was almost to the end of this book that I had already read at least one other of Redfern s works The Real Men in Black , I found this volume to be like his other work an exemplary sample of the genre Meaning, there are a whole lot of intriguing ideas but how much of them are actual facts is sometimes debatable Of course, Redfern does a good job of presenting his information as questions, so it can t necessarily be saying that he is absolutely presenting these ideas as facts.In this book, Redfern explores the idea that the governments of America, Britain and Nazi Germany have spent a lot of time and money exploring ancient ideas like levitation and whether those ideas might have come from extra terrestrial or supernatural sources According to him, there s extensive documentation that these governments have explored the ideas but there is less proof maybe none that they really learned anything.I give it four stars because Redfern writes interestingly and the subject matter is intriguing, but I have to take off at least one star because I don t think I buy into any of it.

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    Originally published at Beth s Book Reviews Received for review.I have to say that I really enjoy the author s work so I was really looking forward to this As with the author s other books this was well researched and clearly written I have to admit that I gave only cursory attention tot he religious artifact sections, but the remainder of the book was quite enjoyable The author s friendly writing style really added to the reading experience.I especially enjoyed the chapters on the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids I did object to the author s mistaken assertions that the Egyptian pyramids were built by slaves admittedly with advanced science Let me say it yet again here that modern Egyptian archaeologists have definitively proven that the pyramids were not built by slaves.While I, of course, did not agree with all the author s assertions I found this to be exactly the educational and entertaining read I expected from the author If you re a conspiracy theory fan this book is for you.

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    Extremely interesting and well researched, They Pyramids and the Pentagon is a must have to anyone interested in the relationship between the government and fringe material I read this right after Keep Out I think Keep Out spoiled me because it s so awesome If you are only going to read one of the two, read Keep Out But since you can probably read than two books in your life, pick this one up after.

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    I ve just begun reading this book, and it s already fascinating Read my blog post at The Orange Orb for

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    Good stuff Seemed to draw a lot on other sources like Jim Marrs and others.

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    This stuff fascinates me

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    The book was acceptable but not great I was hoping for information on the subjects discussed in the book.

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    Still gathering my thoughts on this one It was a good read and I do recommend it I will most likely write up a review up it to post over on my blog.

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download The Pyramids & the Pentagon , read online The Pyramids & the Pentagon , kindle ebook The Pyramids & the Pentagon , The Pyramids & the Pentagon b45c919d54c3 The Pyramids And The Pentagonis A Detailed Study Of How And Why Government Agencies Have, For Decades, Taken A Clandestine And Profound Interest In Numerous Archeological, Historical, And Religious PuzzlesFocusing Primarily Upon The Classified Work Of The US Government, The Pyramids And The Pentagon Invites You To Take A Wild Ride Into The Fog Shrouded Past It S A Ride That Incorporates Highlights Such As The CIA S Top Secret Files On Noah S Ark US Army Documents Positing That The Egyptian Pyramids Were Constructed Via Levitation Disturbing Military Encounters With Middle Eastern Djinns Claims Of Nuclear Warfare In Ancient India Links Between The Face On Mars And The Pharaohs And Many Nick Redfern S The Pyramids And The Pentagon Clearly And Provocatively Demonstrates That Deep And Dark Conspiracies Exist Within The Shadowy World Of Officialdom Conspiracies That Have The Ability To Rock The Foundations Of Civilization, Religion, And History To Their Very Core The Strange And Amazing Secrets Of The Past Are Just A Heavily Guarded Government Vault Away