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summary The Polar Express, series The Polar Express, book The Polar Express, pdf The Polar Express, The Polar Express c8f229328b The Polar Express Is A Treasured Holiday Tradition This Lavish Gift Set Includes A CD Audio Recording Read By Liam Neeson, A Keepsake All Aboard Ornament, And A Note From Author Chris Van AllsburgAwarded The Prestigious Caldecott Medal In , The Polar Express Has Sold ThanMillion Copies, Become A Classic Holiday Movie, And Been Translated Into Stage Productions That Take Place Across The United States During The Holiday Season

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    A young boy is awakened from his Christmas Eve rest by a train that magically appears just outside his home Ignoring the demands of stranger danger, the boy climbs aboard, finding the car filled with other youngsters They are treated to goodies while en route to the north pole where Santa is to offer the first gift of Christmas to one of the passengers in a town square ceremony attended by all the elves as well as the transported youngsters Our hero is selected, and when asked what he would like, opts for a single bell from Santa s sleigh I knew that I could have any gift I could imagine But the thing I wanted most for Christmas was not inside Santa s giant bag What I wanted than anything was one silver bell from Santa s sleigh When I asked, Santa smiled Then he gave me a hug and told an elf to cut a bell from a reindeer s harness The elf tossed it up to Santa He stood, holding the bell high above him, and called out, The first gift of Christmas This is one of the all time great magical stories, with stunning illustrations I read this to my kids every year on Christmas Eve since the late 1980s While they have long outgrown that tradition, on the odd occasions when I pick it up again, it never fails to bring tears to my eyes The illustrations are incredible and the message of youthful hope symbolized by the bell resonates When they char my final remains, this is one of the books I want to go into the ashes with me EXTRA STUFFThe author s website Here is a lovely piece, a speech the author gave on receiving a Caldecott Award for this book Like his book, it is a thing of beauty Some fun Christmas items from National Geographic 11 29 2017 Saint Nicholas to Santa The Surprising Origins of Mr Claus by Brian Handwerk 12 13 2017 Who Is Krampus Explaining the Horrific Christmas Devil by Tanya Basu 12 21 2017 Vintage Map Shows Santa s Journey Around the World By Greg Miller a kitschy 50 s Santa Map 12 19 2017 One Town s Fight to Save Their 40 Foot Yule Goat by Sarah Gibbens Yes, really, a Christmas goat12 21 2017 This NY Times video by Matthew Salton is a trip Santa is a Psychedelic Mushroom

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    A wonderful and delightful book The kids will love it I just found the illustrations to be a bit creepy

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    5 Believe s Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can t see Read audiobook this for the very first time the other day with my little niece and we both love it The story was sweet and very enjoyable The narrator is Liam Neeson Ohhh, I love love love his voice and let me tell you he did NOT disappoint whatsoever This is definitely gonna be a Christmas favorite around here I absolutely love the illustrations too I will recommend this book to everyone for sure The movie is amazing as well, it s a MUST watch film Though I ve grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe

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    I so wanted to love this book I had heard many friends enthuse about The Polar Express, knew it had won awards, and have a soft spot myself for illustrated fantasy books for children But this particular one I found to be a little disappointing.Yes, it has magical elements In a way it is reminiscent of many Christmas stories, with the message that you just need to believe in Father Christmas and everything will turn out to be perfect It had elements from stories I love, such as The Snowman , by Raymond Briggs In both stories a young child cannot sleep on Christmas Eve, and is magically taken to the North Pole The difference in this case is that the journey is on a mysterious and unearthly train called the Polar Express.But the story is very thin Please do not read the blurb, as it tells you the ending, and that is one of the few perfect things about this book Otherwise, it feels like a rehash of other, better tales.The Artwork has been highly commended, and it is pleasing but strangely muted It appeals to adults, but to young children There is a large element of nostalgia about the entire book The pictures are not immediate in any sense They are distance views, with even Santa s elves appearing as little smudges There are two or three where the lighting is paramount, and it can be viewed as a theatrical set, with illuminated people, reindeer and buildings These may well be attractive to adults than to children Yes, they glow But does it feel magical The story is very short indeed, and the use of language not very imaginative After reading the book, it was interesting to watch the film based on it, which has also been highly acclaimed Yet that felt strangely long and drawn out Yes, the story had been expanded, but it still had no depth, which it certainly needed to maintain its feature length How many children would be able to sustain over an hour of grey fuzziness and mere expectation of possibly meeting Santa And that droning, sentimental music Again, The Snowman does it better, and the decision to keep it at a mere 20 minutes was a wise one However it is the book of The Polar Express which is reviewed here, not the film It is not a bad book There are parts of it which deserve the three star rating The illustrations could be called beautiful, when seen through the eyes of an adult, who has grown to appreciate landscape The ending is just right Otherwise In my view this is not a true classic, and since the wonderful film Jumanji is also based on a book by this author, it makes me apprehensive about reading Chris van Allsburg s original picture book.

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    A Christmas favorite we read every year Beautiful story and illustrations A must

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    Just gave a little nudge to my sleeping Christmas Spirit who rolled over and said, come back in two months.

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    Although I really do much appreciate both the story the presented narrative and the accompanying illustrations, Chris Van Allsburg s The Polar Express ultimately does indeed feel but mildly entertaining and actually also manages to leave me rather flat and strangely unsatisfied Now Van Allsburg s text reads sweetly and to a point evocatively enough but also rather on the surface, rather removed from what I would label as personal emotionality and so much so that I never do feel all that engaged in and with The Polar Express and thus like a dispassionate and even somewhat apathetic onlooker, with not all that much of a sense of Christmastime magic and while the latter indeed might well be present, I personally have major trouble both feeling and even mildly sensing it.And as to the accompanying illustrations, while detailed and expressive and spectacularly highlighting Chris Van Allsburg s artistic talents , they are simply much too dark and gloomy, and actually even bordering on being potentially depressing for my personal tastes and that is even considering that the main, the essential storyline of The Polar Express takes place at night And while I can certainly understand and even appreciate why and how The Polar Express won the Caldecott medal, for me personally, the book has simply not been all that spectacular and in any way special and I guess for all intents and purposes, Chris van Allsburg and I are simply not that good a fit, as it generally seems to be the case that while I can and do appreciate his work, both text and illustration wise, I never seem to be able to truly love and in any way cherish it or consider his picture books as potential favourites Three stars and indeed rather grudgingly given, for if half stars were possible, two and a half stars would be the highest rating for The Polar Express, as I am sorry to say, I just do not find this seemingly rather universally popular Christmastime offering all that special and all that wonderful, and rereading almost a year later has not really changed this either, and has, in fact, but cemented and strengthened my attitudes, my views.

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    What would you like for Christmas I m still in the spirit of Christmas, because Christmas isn t until the 7th of January here in Ukraine So.. for me I ve always loved The Polar Express movie, It can even be said that it s my all time favourite Christmas movie, but up until now, I had never read the book There s no why to the story, sorry I ve read it now, and I m delighted to say I love it just as much as the movie maybe even a tad bit I love the moral of the story, about how the principle of seeing is believing doesn t hold true in all situations in life Strange and great things, the truly wondrous things are the things that can t be seen with the eyes sometimes The conductor in the movie makes a note of this.This book made me smile and get all swirly inside and swirly is good in case you re wondering so I don t regret not reading it earlier, I m only grateful I have now THE TRUE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS LIES IN THE HEART ALL ABOARD At one time, most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years passed, it fell silent for all of them Even Sarah found one Christmas that she could no longer hear its sweet sound Though I ve grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe

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    When Books Make You CryWhile clearing out a room this weekend I came across The Polar Express Book and boy did it just bring memories rushing back and the tears flowed but in a good way I decided to save it for bedtime reading last night and this book is just as wonderful toady as it was when I first read it to my son when he was 4 years old which was the same year the movie came out too It s a beautiful vivid and enchanting story that Kids and I think adults never tire of too and as I turned the glossy pages of this story it just make me feel all kinds of things and the characters jump of the page and remain in your memory Books should make you feel and the Polar Express enchants me every time I have read it Of course the movie was amazing and is still has its place in my home every Dec 8th at the tuning on of the Christmas lights on our tree Now that we are empty nesters I will place the book among my fond memories and keep it safe for grandchildren one day and look forward to Dec 8th and The Polar Express At one time, most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years passed, it fell silent for all of them Even Sarah found one Christmas that she could no longer hear its sweet sound Though I ve grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe Chris Van Allsburg, The Polar Express Can you still hear the bells..I know I can and always will.

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    Though I ve grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe.4.5I watched The Polar Express the movie as soon as it came out And it became one of my favorite Christmas movies And now I finally decided to read well, listen actually the book And the book was just as magical as the movie even though I do have to admit that I liked the movie a little bit One thing I want to mention is that Liam Neeson did an amazing job narrating the book If you haven t already read this book, I suggest listening to his audiobook.

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