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    A lot of people have written sequels and homages to Flatland , and most of them only managed to live up to the original by virtue of that original not being very good to begin with When people call Planiverse a worthy successor , though, they are doing it a disservice The Planiverse started its life as what has consistently been called a monograph titled Two Dimensional Science and Technology, and much of the book s quality can be credited to Martin Gardner s picking up and advertising that monograph in Scientific American dozens of clever people, including physicists, geologists, and engineers, wrote in with elaborations, corrections, and suggestions, almost all of which apparently made it into the novel.The story itself isn t all that interesting it lacks Flatland overt satire, which is probably for the best when Stewart tried to include a feminist message in Flatterland , it just came off as ham fisted and patronising but it doesn t really need to be Flatland s asshole sphere is traded for a bunch of college students and a teleprinter which is adorable , its top down view for a interesting side scroller, and its endless confusion over dimensions for an exploration of the physical implications of a two dimensional world.The result is a compelling novel which I m surprised hasn t been made into a short film or video game yet Apparently it inspired Creatures dude, remember Creatures , but I don t think that counts.Actually, if anyone wants to do the art for a game, I m up for the programming side of things.

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    Simply one of the best and most detailed well thought out alternate worlds ever presented in print From the computer simulation oh, how I wanted to play with exactly such a program through which the protagonists make contact with a complex, living two dimensional world, to the many illustrations detailing that world s flora, fauna, architecture, engineering, and art a delight Plus Yndred s a cool fellow.

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    This book taught me to appreciate the third dimension.

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    A delightful exploration of an alternate universe which had me looking at our 4 dimensions in a whole new way

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    Non so se la versione pubblicata nel 2000 e ripubblicata nel 2013 di questo libro sia pi aggiornata rispetto all originale del 1983 che mi sono comprato di seconda mano Ma in fin dei conti gi questa prima versione molto interessante, perch porta alle conseguenze estreme quanto Edwin Abbott Abbott scrisse in Flatland Quel libro era in effetti nato come una satira contro la societ vittoriana, e gli abitanti bidimensionali non erano certo tratteggiati biologicamente oppure nella loro competenza tecnica Qui invece Dewdney fa un lavoraccio, aiutato da tantissima gente che si era appassionata agli articoli sul planiverso pubblicati nella rubrica dei giochi matematici di Martin Gardner La trama del romanzo un po deboluccia, ma in realt essa solo un modo per mostrare, sfruttando un personaggio bidimensionale di nome Yendred, cosa si pu fare in un mondo a due dimensioni Il punto chiave che non c abbastanza spazio, in tutti i sensi un essere vivente non pu per esempio avere un tubo digerente dalla bocca all ano, perch si troverebbe diviso in due parti Eppure l ingegnosit degli ardeani, gli abitanti di quel mondo, permette loro di fare praticamente quello che facciamo noi, solo in modo diverso Leggere il libro permette di capire che non sempre ci che siamo abituati a fare l unica soluzione possibile, e dunque ci amplia i nostri spazi.

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    This is a brilliant description of life in a two dimensional world The concept is that through the use of a computer simulation the instructor and his students gain contact with one of the inhabitants of the world It is that contact that gives the details about the 2D world.What makes this such a fascinating book are the many illustrations From simple things like how do the inhabitants get past each other when traveling in opposite directions to complex issues such as the construction of their underground dwellings all are covered.Of the thousands of books I have read during my lifetime, The Planiverse ranks among my top three Perhaps that is why I am reading it for my third time.This is an excellent read, especially for the science minded readers.

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    Such an addictive, wild journey of a book Why this doesn t have of a cult following, I will never understand.While it isn t entirely flawless, I couldn t help but give it 5 stars A book has not excited me this much in a very long time.

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    At the forefront, I think the sequel of Flatland appellation usually given to Planiverse does much disservice to it Rather, a simple Flatland inspired world ought to be enough to pay homage to Abbott s masterpiece without causing subconscious comparisons between the two while reading.

    Overall, it is an intriguing book to read, and the general tone is of scientific inquisition, something I enjoyed significantly Kudos to the author s imagination and his scientific rigor in wanting to make our lower dimensional or were they brethren seem plausible to the skeptic minded.

    More than a narrative structure, the book reads as a world building exercise and a sort of thinly veiled or rather with a thin padding of a story fable presenting the author s attempt at scientifically sound construction of 2D equivalents of the sciences The intricate animal biology, the mechanical constructs of the Planiverse mechanics and the allied descriptions, are interspersed with occasional parallels satirical with our own societies political constructs.

    On the down side, I felt it was very little story and too much world building A lot of excessive descriptions of the 2D universe gets a little stale after a while, especially the really redundant pieces towards the middle part Here is where the Flatland comparison is detrimental, since not only does Planiverse not enjoy the element of first time intrigue as did Flatland, but also lacks the general strength of story that was important in the latter Moreover, many ideas are repeated Although Planiverse adds a great deal to the universe and is considerably different from that of Flatland Some parts were laboriously slow moving, and I felt the ending was a bit too abrupt and perhaps, unnecessarily cryptic.

    Final Verdict A free time read A great read for those who have not read Flatland, a moderate to good read for those who have Enjoyable if you like world building books.

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    A little slow in the beginning, but a fascinating thought experiment in action This book not only sparked my imagination wondering what the rest of Arde looks like, but it pleased the analytical portion of my brain as well There is a surprising amount of real life science that backs up a lot of what is stated in the book I have no doubt that if we were able to observe a 2 dimensional world such as the one described in the book, a lot of the theoretical science would be confirmed I found the students to be no different from Yendred the Ardean two dimensional They were unnecessary characters that didn t contribute to the story much If you can look past the paper thin plot that sets up Yendred s adventures in the Planiverse, you won t be disappointed I recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed Edwin Abbott s Flatland , which should be mandatory reading before tackling this book Also if you are particularly interested in any of the STEM fields, please give this book a look There s plenty of science in here to excite you.

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    Flatland for speculative fiction fans, instead of Victorian era satire Two dimensional biology and physics are given amazingly detailed treatments Really interesting read even for a general audience Wish it was much longer.

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