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files The Perfect Stranger (The Merridew Sisters, #3), read online The Perfect Stranger (The Merridew Sisters, #3), free The Perfect Stranger (The Merridew Sisters, #3), free The Perfect Stranger (The Merridew Sisters, #3), The Perfect Stranger (The Merridew Sisters, #3) b0f966f90 They Vow To Love, Honor, CherishWith Her Signature Spirit, Faith Merridew Has Left Everything She S Ever Known For The Man She Thought Was The Love Of Her Life Instead He Leaves Her Name And Dreams In The Dust That Is, Until She Crosses Paths With Nicholas Blacklock, A Waterloo Veteran, Who Offers To Save Her Reputation With A Marriage Of Convenience And Then Get To Know One AnotherA Hardened Soldier, Nick Hides A Deadly Secret And Tries To Keep Faith At Arm S Length But Even Though Nick Can Command Legions Of Men With A Word, His Orders Go Sweetly Ignored By His Convenient Bride And As They Come To Know One Another Deeply, She Brings Out In Him Things He Thought Dead Gentleness, Laughterand Love

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    No problem with instalove per se but this is ridiculous.Otherwise we have a likable pair with an endearing and engaging chemistry in the ways of AG The H is near perfect Just a tad bossy, a tad overprotective I will decide things for you but okay I won t go into the details many reviewers have written excellent analyses.My bit of problem lies with the h She s a sweetheart but view spoiler I am no hymen worshipper at least not a big one but I d have preferred this h to have escaped the om s seduction, or at the very least a bigger time span till she meets the H But as the story necessitated a rescue by the H at just that stage, a virgo intacta would have made the h H insta romance plausible to me Actually it s not her v status itself but how things develop that irks Faith is the sweetest and quietest of the sisters after Charity so her elopement, her daring escape, her living alone and wild, fleeing potential rapists and calmly slipping onto man love number 2 is a bit difficult to swallow Just about 10 days ago she was presumably having regular sex with the om and now she s eager for the H consummate this marriage And within two days she s in love with him This quick transfer of affections was jarring and didn t let me settle in the story No self protective distance, no suffering, no brooding And quite unnaturally there s no comparison in her mind when the H beds her She and the author just wishes away the whole thing with the om There s no mention of her time with the om It has that hazy treatment that only makes you squint and try harder to see through I wish the author had had her show anger and upset at the om s betrayal, had her bring up the om in her thoughts even if just to chew him up and spit him out completely There s a mild mention later but it seemed like an afterthought on the author s part hide spoiler

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    Here are some of my thoughts This is my favorite book of this series so far It is heartwarming, cute, and emotional It is great to see Faith grow as a person throughout the book At the beginning, she is weak, reliant, and aimless By the end, she speaks up for herself and goes after what she wants You can really see her try harder to be stronger Also, she goes through such struggles in the beginning, so I respect her even for it Nicholas is a solid character I like him I adore Nicholas friends Stevens and Mac Stevens is an old sweetheart, and Mac is thorny but a good friend I do feel like while this book is my favorite so far in the series, the epilogue is not as good as the others It s not bad, but the others were just so good that this pales in comparison I m giving this 3.5 stars I enjoyed the storyline and romance and appreciated the character development Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Happy satisfying ending view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    This is probably one of the most stupid and infuriating book I ve ever read The amount of stupid would have killed me if I hadn t just ignored so many pages This book has literally no redeeming feature None And I m the kind of person who doesn t mind dumb books all that much because wow funny The Perfect Stranger isn t a funny book at all, not even in that this is so ridiculous I have to laugh way It s just appalling.The characters are all very selfish They never really stop to consider another person s wellbeing, even when the narrator tells you they do Oh, someone s dead Well too bad but you see I m happy so yeah not gonna care They would be terrible people I d gladly kick behind the knee if they were real.Their self obsession would be reason enough to despise them, but they re also RIDICULOUS They have no depth At one point there s that girl who s supposedly mourning her grandmother and she has to mourn her for nine days And for nine days she s a fucking pain in the ass Then when the nine days are over she just changes clothes and goes to have a good time in the hay What.The way the foreign characters are depicted also made me deeply uncomfortable Estrellita and her grandmother are mysterious Spanish witches who have literally been waiting all their lives for four English people to come bother them That s literally all we know about Estrellita s grandmother She dies to save Nick, and that s it, and she s glad she did it What the fuck Seriously, why There are so many things wrong with that, I m not sure I d know where to begin.Also, Estrellita s English is broken in a way that makes no sense There are missing verbs where, even in Spanish, there would be a verb Has the author ever bothered learning another language On that note I m not ever reading a book which includes sentences in French again Ever If for some reason you need to include sentences in another language in your book, please make sure they actually mean something I m French, and I m telling you the French in this book is fucking wrong and stupid and ugh.There was also that weird thing where one sentence would actually be written in French and translated in English between brackets, which, ugh, the meaning was already obvious from the context and then the next one would just be written in English with the narrator telling us that the character said it in French It can t be that hard to choose one way to do it and fucking stick to it, right I just really hate this book It s so full of prejudices, and I might have overlooked them to enjoy the story, if the story had been enjoyable, but it wasn t It was clich and dumb, and I m pretty sure I d have been grossed out by the sex scenes even if I enjoyed that kind of thing I mean, seriously, Estrellita and her beard What the actual fuck I m so glad I m never going to have sex with any of these characters Or speak with them Or just see them Now if you ll excuse me, I need to pour bleach onto my brain to erase these horrible memories.

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    While I enjoyed it, it wasn t as god as the previous onesDon t misunderstand me, it was still a nice story, but I started being bored with the old trope I know what s better for youHere we have Feith s story.The first part of her story was missing and we get just glimpses of what hapened and how she was deceived Personally I would have liked to know something maybe a bit of that part of her life in the prologueHowever, Faith has run away, was robbed and now she s all alone in a strange countryShe stumbles on Nick running away from some men chasing her and he, very chivalrously help her and save her from rape.So their story together beginsIt was adventurous and interesting, but I was not invested neither in Faith nor in Nick.She was bordering on TSTL, thankfully never falling into it, while Nick was suffering from severe case of I know what you want and need better than you, so I ll hide what I don t want you to know because it s better that way Frankly I m beginning to be bored to tears reading story where the heroes behave that way And here it was the base of the whole story Also I didn t appreciate the paranormmal bent of the resolution of his problem I percieve it like incredible and out of place SorryLet s see how Gracie s story will be

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    3.5 stars 4 if it wasn t so blasted early Everything is a half star less great at this hour Faith eloped with what she thought was a Hungarian violinist because she had a dream that her True Love would make beautiful music Literal music not sexy time body music Nick is the war veteran who saves her from bad drunken fisherman after she finally makes her escape from the con artist life ruiner HE S NOT EVEN HUNGARIAN He proposes marriage as a solution to keep her from Absolute Ruin and also to fob off his mother who desperately wants him married Then Nick tries to send Faith off to England Then she follows him across the Continent THEN THEY FALL IN LOVE And make lots of sexy time body music and occasional literal music If you re a little confused at that overly plotty summation of The Perfect Stranger, YEP ME TOO Your suspension of disbelief could probably span a river but if you can push through it, there s a married strangers plot that s pretty delightful And I really enjoyed Faith s reassurances that she WAS NOT GETTING ATTACHED Basically, I found this really enjoyable except when I didn t Some of those bits include the sudden and dramatic foreshadowing of Something Bad awaiting them after they reached Bilbao In addition, the secondary romance feltrushed and patchy And then there was an almost supernatural resolution to the Something Bad that also didn t quite set up right I DON T KNOW I LIKED MOST OF IT OKAY.

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    I enjoy this author s work The story felt fresh and was a road trip story which is a plot line I like Kudos to the author for having a ruined heroine who was actually ruined I also enjoyed that their marriage was consummated early in the story as I like stories where a couple in a convenient marriage do have sex and the story is about other elements I think that is realistic than having married couples not having sex for months because of some weird pact or something One of the things that makes convenient marriages so convenient is that the couple involved is getting some The reason for the road trip was obvious but that just added to the tension I think I could have taken or left the paranormal element I enjoyed the well written characters The heroine was sweet and brave and the hero kind and charming.

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    Faith Merridew is in dire straights alone near a beach in France Nicholas Blacklock is on an important mission that will change his life forever He helps her and decides to marry her in order to protect and look after her The plan is to marry and send her back to England to stay with his mother Life had other plans Two strangers slowly get to know each other and their darkest secrets A wonderful story of fate and friends with a little bit of magic Lovely read

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    I enjoyed this historical romance very much Some time ago, I read a glowing review of one of this author s novels I m not sure if it was for this book or another of hers and I added her name to my TBR list, to try some time, maybe When I saw this book at a thrift store, I picked it up, but I was still skeptical My skepticism dissolved after the first few pages I couldn t stop reading and couldn t stop smiling I finished the book in two sittings and I m definitely going to read of Anne Gracie Such a nice discovery I m tingling with anticipation She has quite a few books published already, so I m looking forward to a pile of pleasurable reading material Like most classical romances, this one is formulaic It starts with a bang Time one summer night in 1818 Place a beach in France Characters a young naive English woman Faith and a former British officer Nick Faith is escaping some brutes, running along the beach The thugs almost caught her, when a stranger appears out of the night and saves her After a devastating mistake, she is alone, ruined, in a foreign country, without any money or any hope Her prospects are bleak He is a former officer who can t see a woman suffering He offers her the only thing that could save her his name They marry the next day The rest of the story is their traveling together, learning to love and trust each other, discovering new hope, and finding soul mates.The plot is not very important, it s just a vehicle for the characters, and they shine in this novel Although both are fairly standard she is soft and loving but with a steely core, femininity at her best he is a deceptively rough fellow, an alpha male with a heart of gold their interactions are full of humor, interlaced with emotions The tension is high throughout the tale, and the pace is as fast as any reader could wish.The narrative flows, and the action feels like ping pong, zinging back and forth across the book s landscape, highlighting an occasional absurdity and often twisting in unexpected directions like bends on a mountain road The faint whiff of the ridiculous prevents this amusing tale from being too sweet and too blatantly sexual, making it just saucy enough to make even the most discerning reader happy The only problem I could find with this book is a pet peeve of mine Nick has a dark secret and he keeps this secret from Faith This is a typical fiction device I would ve accepted it with equanimity, even if I don t like plots based on secrets, if the author didn t keep that secret from me as well Unfortunately, she did, and I hate such gimmicks It spoiled the book for me, at least somewhat, so I dropped half a star from my rating Otherwise, an almost perfect romance.

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    1.5 starsWhat a HUGE disappointment, as I actually really enjoyed the first two in this regency romance series The Perfect Rake and The Perfect Waltz Whereas the first two books had likable characters and some semblance of a plot, this book lacked all of that and .Look, I ll just say it Faith, our heroine, is a ninny She was always stuttering and faltering in a way that was groan inducing than sweet Like seriously, girl, grow a pair She reminded me of Disney s Snow White, trying ever so hard to be the perfect wife and bossing her husband around on domestic matters but acting timid and frightened all the other times It literally set my teeth on edge.The romance wasn t very inspired, either I felt zero chemistry between the two main characters They were married out of convenience, they did the dirty a few times, and thensuddenly they re in love Ooook, if you say so There was just nothing there to convince me or make me feel involved in their love story And while I don t really read these books for the love scenes, I at least expect them to be well written Or decently written Or not terrible But yeah, it was pretty bad here There was a lot of flowery, insipid writing that had me usually glossing over the bedroom scenes.A few quick notes of irritation please don t write a character of another ethnicity if you can t do it well The gypsy character at the end was so poorly writtenI skimmed like all her dialogue because it was said in forced broken English You no choose Woman choose and was supposed to be fiery as indicated by the excessive use of exclamation points Also, Anne Gracie, please stop feeling like you have to make a romance for every secondary character in your books The first time it was fine, the second book it was ok, and now it just feels forced when you have secondary and even out of nowhere tertiary romances.I m not going to even touch that ending because what that sums it up, basically.Will I read the final book in this series, The Perfect Kiss Yes, yes I will But I REALLY hope it s a return to form instead of whatever this addition was.

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    Book 3 of the The Merridew Sisters while the first two dealt with witty humor and lightheartness, this was much darker in tone With Faith dealing with heartbreak and betrayal, she starts to come out of her shy and shelter shell when she meets Nicholas who is fighting his own demons from a war torn past I really enjoyed this book then the Perfect Waltz, perhaps due to it s darker but real tone of what a solider must deal with after the war is over Nick at times I wanted to hug him and other times I wanted to hit him over the head, but as the story unfolds you see how he lives for the moment and takes what he cans Faith has grown up a lot in this book, you see her changing and moving away from the shadow of her family and her past She becomes such a strong woman you can t help but cheer her on, but mostly how she starts to heal Nick s heart and how Nick shows her she can truly stand on her own two feet Although I loved this book better then the second, the ending was a little off in left field for me which I felt the book didn t need to an already great story Overall another great love story about the Merridew Sisters but just a little love can heal a broken heart and make it whole.

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