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    That s me convincing myself while reading this book This has to be the most happening book of 2013 It lives up to all the hype it has created in the market right from a couple of months before the release world s first animated cover, high def 3D trailer, book marketing in retail chains, showcase of the trailer in cinema halls and a wonderfully well digital campaign The book starts with a bang with FK s chilling foreword and the authors exchange in the prelude The illustrations in this book are simply breath taking and capture the stories pretty well I kept going further and further into the book, I had the distinct impression that I m going backward in all the self confidence I had garnered before picking up this book, hoping I won t be in the least bit frightened as I had coursed through all of Stroker and Stephen King long back As this book has 13 stories in one not counting the breath robbing fast paced foreword by FK and the innovative prologue epilogue , I feel like I need to rate them all separately UNFULFILLED DESIRES 3.5 stars It s about a doctor who is transferred to a rural area to handle a public health centre which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a girl who committed suicide there Initially I thought it was too long, but once I got reading I thought it was just about ok I wanted a little closure and didn t understand the doctor Rajiv s attraction to Poonam I thought she needed depth, or at the very least, a better description but otherwise enjoyed it What happened in the PHC cemented the story as memorable in my mind Scary stuff.POSSESSION 5 stars A classic horror story of a girl getting possessed by an evil spirit when her family shifts to a house in the hills Again long story but this time I was left wanting for and gasping for breath THE MARK OF THE BEAST 5 stars A story of a newly married couple who go on a trek in some forsaken rural area which is rumoured to be visited by a half bear half man I have found those sightings of the yeti scary for years, but this is the first I ve heard of a horror story on it I did enjoy the climax about the curse and the couple.THE MUSE COMES CALLING 4 stars A very innovative story of what happens if a writer s characters start coming to life in front of him The ending wasn t where I thought it was going Having written that, I ve no idea where else it could have gone, but I just thought I d put that out there.THE MYSTERY LAKE 5 stars A story about a school boy who is haunted by dreams of a mystery lake, the answers to which lie in his past life This one I loved I loved the format of past life connection and karma I loved the story, I loved the ending It is one of those perfect short stories that just needs to be cuddled and loved.RED BANGLES 5 stars One of the scariest of the lot, sp towards the end A story of a disturbed hurt lover who is obsessed with a girl since his school days I liked it The underlying horror and future possibilities of the two people, combining them seems a pretty natural idea.A MOTHER S LOVE 3.5 stars Not scary This is a story about a Tamil housewife who can t bear children and then she encounters the ghost of an English child in her recently shifted bungalow Some of the happenings totally slid past me I understood what was going on and felt the character s helplessness, but didn t really understand the significance of things.THAT FATEFUL NIGHT 5 stars Wow, this story was fabulous It talks about a couple who land up at a haunted haveli in the middle of the night The twist at the end, even though I knew it was coming, gave me goosebumps.STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT 4.5 stars Was enormously surprised on the ending It did have an interesting concept about not offering lift to strangers, sp girls who come out of cemeteries in the middle of the night.THE LONG WEEKEND 5 stars Again one of the best of the lot A story about a married couple again who take off to a short vacation to relive their days of yore at a hill station and land up at a deserted guesthouse No, it s not a haunted house story The twist again is breath taking Really enjoyed Superb vocabulary used throughout story.THE MAN WHO DID NOT FEAR 4.5 stars Nirbhay Kumar I got the reference for the fearless Bollywood star hinting that everyone is afraid comes out as my best character form the book A classical do it if you dare story where Nirbhay agrees to spend a night in moonlight mansion for money and the events of the night bring a sad end to the story.THE LADY IN THE PUB 5 stars When you get past the first two pages, this story gets sizzling on paper It is told in first person pov through Salim who meets a mysterious girl in the city s most happening pub and then drops her home Next day he comes to know that he was never at the pub Very intense plot, will make for a wonderful movie.DREAM GIRL 4.5 stars Wow This has to be the creepiest story of the lot where a serial killer to fulfil his egoistic hustle kills women who catch his fancy and takes their body parts This one I didn t like that much at first, but when I stepped away from it and thought about it some , I started to well, I still don t like it, but I like it Does that make sense The bit about cutting women s body parts really scared me I don t think I can ever walk on lonely roads again.So there you have it A review of the most chilling anthology I have come across The authors seem to wait for the reader to think something and almost immediately slap the idea out from their head And that is perhaps scarier than the setting and the plots of the stories It will make you feel like you had your money s worth with the paperback retailing for a mere 150 bucks and the e book for less than a dollar on So a word of advise for you travel light and expect delight for I m sure this is a book that has something in it for everyone But beware don t get too adventurous because this book s Dare to visit alone warning is hard to ignore or else most of you would be sitting like me crunched up in bed, unable to sleep, jumping at all the little noises with your bro s cricket bat in hand as scenes from the last story and the epilogue stick in your quicksand of a mind.

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    Was feeling scared to pen down a review fearing that the little girl from Possession would come to get me if I wrote anything bad about her But that fear has abated somewhat from last night after I finished this book under my quilt and just as I did something banged against the window and I was too scared to get up and see what it was Don t know if it is some secret plot of scaring the readers of this book but I was too creeped out anyway All the stories are brilliantly written Kazi is going to be the next King Stephen King.

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    Loved the book totally It s a total paisa vasool entertainment kind of a work Much better than watching any cheap bollywood horror movie made by ram gopal varma and mahesh bhatt The scenes of this book play in my head still and it s not that easy to kick them out I believe that s an achievement for the writers because I move in and out of books very quickly One of the better books I ve read in a long time.

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    Super effort from Faraaz and Vivek I especially found the stories in the latter half of the book really good I especially loved Strangers in the Night for the way it is written, keep the suspense intact and making the reader believe something about the girl which turns out to be false when the twist in the end happens This is great storytelling at its finest display All the stories starting from The Mark of the Beast onwards till the end are really good The best and most innovative thing I found in this book is the prelude and epiloguewhere the authors themselves becomes characters.

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    I am glad to see Indian writers venturing into the horror supernatural themes, a genre which I believe has a vast plethora of unexplored stories to be tapped.I got an author s signed copy of this book The tales are creepy but leave you with a feeling of d j vu The end becomes evident right from the first pages itself as most of these stories are part of the urban legend prevalent in India Some of them did have a surprise ending though.I would have rated this collection as 3.5 but since GR doesn t have provision for half stars I will settle for 3 which in GR s parlance means liked it

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    NOTE We The Readdicts received a copy of The Other Side from author Faraaz Kazi in exchange for an honest review We thank Faraaz for the book Except for one single ghost story series and a few short stories here and there, I hadn t ever read any horror stories and I was never quite inclined on trying out the genre either But then I had the awesome opportunity to host a blog tour for Faraaz Kazi and Vivek Banerjee s horror stories collection, The Other Side I do like to believe that where is there is normal, there is paranormal and where there is natural, there exists the supernatural In spite of my initial apprehensions about feeling scared which I hate to admit and not being able to devour the book as much as a horror fan probably would, I am proud to say that I thoroughly enjoyed The Other Side Before I begin writing about the stories in general, I have to say that The Other Side has the most bone chilling and frightening foreword I ve ever read It actually made me look here and there to make sure no unusual activity was going on around me From then on, I knew it would be best to read the book in broad daylight and that s what I did The stories weren t exactly scary or frightening but they were pretty creepy and they gave me goosebumps They all had of a redemptional and karmic than a nightmarish aspect to them Just when it seemed like the usual haunted house, a woman in white and people of science or non believers theme started recurring, something different would be thrown in the next story Some stories were disgusting, some horrifying while some others were just quite normal in the sense that they didn t scare me at all What I liked most was how spirits were shown as both good and bad and the whole what goes around comes around dictum was subtly portrayed through that Most of the times, I felt like the stories were actually very similar to supernatural incidents I ve previously heard from my elders and various members of the family In the Indian context, these are stories we ve all grown up on and The Other Side made me look beyond and dig a bit in the unknown When it comes to short story collections, there s no such thing as the best or the worst story, but my most favourite ones were The Lady In The Pub and A Mother s Love Being short stories, the book is very easy to read and the writing is quite undemanding and user friendly which makes it an easy read The Other Side promised to be a one of it s kind read on the Indian commercial horror scene and because I have nothing to compare it to, for me, the book delivered the promise it made, which is always a good thing If I were to describe it in one word, it was creeptastic.

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    I love horror anthologies, and I can honestly say I have never read one where I enjoyed every single story There always tends to be one or two duds inside a collection, isn t it With The Other Side, this just wasn t the case It s full of everything readers of the macabre want revenge, necrophilia, haunting dreams, spirits, deadly bets, graveyards, sceptic doctors, serial killers, wraiths, obsession and madness, even mildly erotic at times In other words, fun for the whole breed of readers I started to list my favourite stories and realised it is unfair to do so as each story had something or the other in it that appealed to me There were even a few stories that stuck with me for days after reading, especially That Fateful Night , Red bangles and of course, the scariest of the lot Possession.Here are three steps you should follow Buy it Read it Get creeped out

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    I SUPER LOVED IT Out of 13 3 Were highlight The Long weekend Possession Girl in the word Commercial book They Both Kazi Banerjee wrote one of a kind book.For 6 hours in a row I sat quietly on last bench and read it Book has one of kind stories yes there are few stories which will make you yawn too there is only one , but then again your opinion will be different detailed review will be up this weekend

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    Strictly average at best The stories that were not copies of Hollywood horror flicks were usually dull and boring.

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    Book The Other SideAuthor Faraaz Kazi and Vivek BanerjeePublisher Mahaveer Publishers Vaibhav Book Service Genre ThrillerRatings 4.5 5ISBN 9350880768Number of Pages 320Review Date 7th January 2014Review on behalf of ReadersCosmosMy Ratings Plot 5 5Characters 5 5Style 4 5Climax 4 5Cover Page 3 5My Review This book has portrayed tremendous illustration effort put by both the authors The combination of the 2 writers has left no stones unturned to make the content so well defined The anthology consisting of 13 stories by the 2 authors has most of the stories good and a few very good.The stories are crisp and have its eerie feel now and then The surrounding of suspense and a scary feel about what is going to happen next has been created in several places across the book in most of the stories The balance in the stories is amazing Never in the book would a reader find a climax high or an interest dip Across the reading, the tempo of the plot has been managed and scripted in a clear and harmony The best among the lot are definitely Possession , Red Bangles , and Dream Girl The 2nds in the lot are A Long Weekend , Stranger in the Night and the Fateful Night This has been an interesting read of this Genre for sure.The quotation here and there, the pictures and the approach to decorate the stories have been amazing Just like Indian director mostly fail to create a scary movie, so do most authors However, this book is one of the best works and really gives a feel of the surrounding Complete justice done and a great work indeed.

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download The Other Side, read online The Other Side, kindle ebook The Other Side, The Other Side 673f577ff33a A Slow Rasping Sound Made Me Turn I Jumped Back, The Cell Phone Leaving My Hands And Smashing Against The Concrete Floor Someone Was Seated On The Chair, Rocking Back And Forth Through The Fallen Light, I Could See Those Hands Placed On The Arms Of The Chair, Two Gruesome Wrinkled Limbs With Ugly Boils Plastered Over The Black Skin The Red Bangles On Its Wrists Shone In My Eyes, Momentarily Blinding Me That Thing And I Call It A Thing Because I Could Sense It Wasnt Human As No Human Could Have Such A Hideous Form, As Vile An Existence As The One Seated Opposite To My Horrified Self From A Honeymoon In The Hill That Goes Horribly Wrong To An Obsessed Lover Who Wants His First Love In Life And In Death From A Mentally Deranged Man Who Collects Body Parts Of Various Women To Stitch Together His Dream Girl To A Skeptic Who Enters A Mansion Of Horrors To Win A Bet And Much , This Book Is Filled With Scenarios That Are Guaranteed To Give You Goosebumps And Sleepless NightsThe Other Side Is A Collection Of Thirteen Tales Of The Paranormal A World That Our Eyes Refuse To See, Our Ears Deny Hearing And Our Senses Ignore The Feel Of This Is A Book For Someone Who Is Brave Enough To Take Up This Invitation To Journey Through Uncharted Waters Along With The Authors, Who Were Inspired By Some Bizarre Experiences To Pen Down This Work Where The Lines Of Reality Have Been Blurred By The Footsteps Of ImaginationEach Story Takes You On A Tour De Force Of Unadulterated Horror And Draws Upon The Deepest Fear In The Human Mind The Fear Of The Unknown