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    I had a very love hate relationship with The Muppets in my early youth I really, really liked watching The Muppet Show and Sesame Street They were two of my favorite shows, and I still hold both in high regard However, every now and then and completely out of nowhere, a Muppet would do something that genuinely terrified me For example, I really hated that old Sesame sketch when a couple of mild mannered puppets would calmly take turns whispering words that rhymed to a gently jazzy beat, and then this orange hairy guy would barrel up to the screen, and, without regard for rhythm or personal space, bellow an unwieldy sentence containing all the words the less horrific Muppets had so charmingly whispered earlier That SCARED me Badly I was scared of beards, yelling, and any pictures or toys depicting someone or something with a gaping mouth Thus, I had serious issues with Monster at the End of this Book I was always very ill at ease with Grover, anyway He caused terrible problems for everyone he encountered, and almost never showed remorse Also, he couldn t seem to communicate without shouting and gesticulating wildly I had real problems with the way he carried himself, so I knew going into the book that I probably wasn t going to like it much What I didn t expect was to be profoundly affected, to the point of tears and sleepless nights, by a drawing of Grover, his furry mouth so wide with terror that his head resembled a blubbering halved blue grapefruit, positively out of control with horror and dread concerning the MONSTER that was about to destroy him, to destroy us all, because he d spoken to me, personally, directly, about the effects the very book I held in my hands would have on the both of us in the immediate future I never appreciated or even detected the pleasingly ironic denouement of this, the most devious Little Golden Book of them all, until 4th or 5th grade, when I finally dared to finish the thing In my preschool days, as far as I was concerned, they may as well have entitled the book Grover Undergoes a Harrowing Mental Breakdown, and Will Implore You to Help Him Throughout You Cannot One star, one scar.

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    This was one of my all time favorite books when I was a kid In the story, Grover begs the reader to stop turning pages because each page brings us closer to a monster at the end of the book, and Grover is afraid of monsters He tries to nail the pages shut, he tries to tie the pages down, he even builds a brick wall But somehow the reader always turns the page My mother used to read this book to me, and she was great at doing funny voices I remember laughing so hard as she acted out Grover becoming and hysterical about the monster at the end of the book Children s Spoiler Alert There is a monster, but he is a friendly one Somewhere on a flash drive I have a video of my mom reading this story A few years ago, I showed her the book and asked if I could record her reading it She performed it perfectly, and it was a beautiful scene.I have so many happy memories of my mother reading to me before bedtime I am grateful for this book and for those memories My sweet, brilliant mother It is tragic that her brain has now been so damaged by cancer that she has trouble speaking and reading, but cancer can t rob me of those times.Like Grover, I wish I could nail down some boards or build a brick wall to try and stop what is inevitable I just hope there will be some friends there to help me through the scary parts November 1, 2015

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    Riveting.Gave me goose bumps.A true page turner till the end.

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    This book was a childhood favorite of mine, and I suspect that my love of metafiction stems from this book However, as an adult I find this book to be slightly sadistic Grover BEGS you to not turn the page in order to keep from reaching the monster that will be found on the final page view spoiler The monster turns out to be lovable furry old Grover himself hide spoiler

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    Oh great, you re thinking, another witty endeavor where a Goodreader reflects back on a childhood favorite Oh joy Well, suck it up and deal.A hem While rifling through the book section at my local Goodwill I came across this little gem Copyright 1980, Little Golden Books edition complete with all our favorite characters outlining the back cover The Tawny Scrawny Lion, Tootle, The Poky Little Puppy that famous gold foil binding seriously, it says so right on the back A little girl even signed her name Natalia you just know she had one of those stage moms cramming her Airabesques down her throat before a Nutcracker performance you can just see it Anyway I grabbed this treasure and let out a little yip of delight God, I LOVED this book And what a cool edition So, I paid my 99 cents and skittered on home to share with my kids Bonding Instant Memories Up your a , Norman Rockwell Clearly, my children have been brainwashed by sponges named Bob and Hedgehogs wearing gloves and little pokey things But, I didn t give up I found the correct remote s , shut down all things electronic, sat them down in a semi circle at my feet and with a relish unbeknownst to even myself read them this mutha f king classic So Huh Whaddya think Huh Well Emily 15 What s wrong with you Marley 11 That was weird Isabel 9 I LOVED it It was AWESOME Satchel 5 Can I play the Wii now Disenchantment Exasperation Fail.I reread the book again I could taste the trustthe anticipation as we defy Grover and turn the page, the tickling blue fur and purple spongy nose that I fell in love with I could feel it all Then I read it again Okay, why is this so endearing to me I scanned my memory banks did Mom or Dad read this to me Hell no. they never read to me Was it a beloved teacher My very own Montambo Gah no where the hell did I first read this Was it when I was older and thought it would make me cool to revisit my youthful Sesame Street Days Could be sounds a bit clich for me, but okay Then I read it again This book is freaking mental I mean throughout the whole book you re being told that you shouldn t turn the page because there s a freaking monster at the end of it Why do you keep turning the damn page Is it the font Is it the colorful print Is it all the attempts that Grover makes to NOT make you turn the page Rope and wood and bricks and nails and Why didn t this book scare the hell out of me I m a nervous Nellie by nature Why didn t I throw this book in the basement with the crickets and the Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass albums Okay, I get it it s supposed to teach kids to not judge and to not be afraid and to take a chance Okay but after a lifetime of disappointments and negative illuminations this book leads to an anxiety attack No double rainbows today.

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    I am the monster Grover Monster This is probably one of the most profound statements in literary history to date Today, there are hundreds of books, films and television shows which address man s incapacity to negotiate his own darkness In many variations of the tale, we see the darkness within projected outward, cast onto another real or imagined character Stephen King s Secret Window, even the latest season of Dexter reacquaints us with this age old phenomenon, but never have they explored it with the depth and finesse author Jon Stone did in the chilling The Monster at the End of this Book The tale begins with the seemingly lovable Grover, whose ambivalence has yet to be revealed He fears the monster, an entity which he believes he shares no association with His dissociation from his own darkness becomes apparent to the reader on the first page when Grover Monster ironically proclaims, I am so scared of monsters Stone On subsequent pages, Grover s fear grows But what does he truly fear Does he fear the monster at the end of the book, or the fact that, upon reaching the end of the book, we will see him for who he truly is If we align ourselves with the latter of these two possibilities, then the futility of his attempt to hinder our progress is augmented by the fact that even the casual observer can see Grover for what he truly is a monster On the other hand, if we believe Grover genuinely fears the monster at the end of the book, the text becomes a testament to identities which have become so fragmented that an individual interprets different facets of the self as separate individuals The various mechanisms Grover constructs throughout the book follow in the vein of the former of these two possibilities, for it is the industrial era which catalyzed such fragmentation initially, and it is Grover s attempt to reconstruct the industrial mechanism, and his inability to adapt to the requirements of industry, which allow us to finish the text Over the next few pages, Grover treats the text as a serial killer might treat its victim, binding the book with rope, smothering the book with brick, and building a shack likely in some remote location in which he can hide the book away from the public eye But all of his attempts to slow our progress prove only testament to his inability to adapt to the requirements of the harsh society whose growth is grounded in industry Even the infantile readers can wretch victory from Grover s grasp simply by turning the pages By turning the pages we leave him no choice but to identify himself with the only thing he can inherently identify himself as the monster Grover s attempts to stop the reader from moving forward are reminiscent of the behaviors we all exhibit when trying to hide our darkest impulses We try to box ourselves off from others, or put up a wall These very counterintuitive impulses are often what give us away It is the hiding that reveals us While this text could be said to be a grim portrayal of our own fears and impulses, it ends on a positive note Grover learns to embrace the monster within, and realizes that it is a benign force once refutation of its existence comes to an end, showing us that we all must accept the darkness within, for repression can only result in physiological complications and self inflicted damage that far outweighs what we might perceive our inner demons to be capable of The final message left to readers is best encapsulated by Grover s closing statement, I told you and told you there was nothing to be afraid of Stone.

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    Top 8 Most Shocking Twists In Literature8 Wasp Factory by Iain Banks7 We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley jackson6 The Castle by Kafka Twist ending the guy dies No, not that guy Kafka Like mid sentence 5 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie4 Money A Suicide Note by Martin Amis3 Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Reader, you what Why 2 Borges, especially most of The Aleph1 The monster at the end of this bookA metafictional analysis of the crushing dichotomy between who we want to be and who we really are, this book contains the entire agony of a disillusioned life in its chained pages Stone s avatar is, cleverly, an idol of our youth, the inexplicable Grover We find him in his youthful idealism, vowing to keep the monster he feels lurking in the world around him at bay We track him through his heroic efforts to beat fate itself We feel the inevitability of his defeat the ending is writ in the title But this is our childhood champion, our Super Grover How can he lose We expect a twist ending Surely, he cannot fail And then the twist comes, but it s the twist of a dagger, as our protagonist realizes that he himself has always been the very thing he most fears He is the monster You are the monster Wewe are all the monster.

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    If you want to see your little ones not being able to stop giggling every time you dare to turn a page then you need to get this book.Besides the beautiful words by Jon Stone, there are also these beautiful illustrations by Michael Smollin.I have to say that if a book is good, it doesn t really matter when it was published It can be popular and successful for ever.This is our new favourite book.

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    I bought this for my grandbaby, in the interest of getting him away from electronics and into real books.We read it 4 times in the first sitting Even then I had to cut him off so he could go home and get to bed Win

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    This book starts out great I love Grover.The problem is that Grover asks you to not turn any pages, because of his belief that there is a monster at the end of the book I decided to honor Grover s wish.Oh, I turned a few pages But when Grover took the time to tie all the pages together to discourage me from turning any , well, I just didn t have the heart to go on The little guy was really scared But I can t help but think..are all monsters necessarily bad You know it s funny one could ALMOST consider Grover himself to be a type of monster..Well, it s not for me to decide now I chose to respect Grover s feelings.

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