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    Ava feels compelled to return to her hometown only to have her life irrevocably changed by events beyond her control as she is thrust into a prophecy and age old vendetta in this spellbinding paranormal romance.There is never a dull moment in this series of five stories that forces a young woman to not only grow up but take on responsibilities that will change not only everything she believed but family and friends as well The reader can t help but get drawn into the saga as Ava s life goes from a carefree young woman to someone of immense powers with a prophecy hanging over head and she captures the heart with her strength and courage to do what s right even when it seems that all hope is lost.There is also plenty of romance in the story as Ava falls for Caleb the alpha of the local pack and their passions burns hot from the very beginning and only gets hotter despite the troubles that seem to plague their relationship The characters are strong, compelling and grab the reader s attention from the very beginning and refuse to let go until the very end and the fast paced and smooth flowing stories keep readers on their toes with lots of suspense, action and romance The well written scenes and detail capture the imagination and bring the story to life while excitement and danger from their enemies keeps readers shivering in suspense and the fascinating world draws readers in with lots of interesting elements and intriguing characters While each story is short, they pack quite a punch and I was held captive by each and every one If you would like an opinion on the individual stories, feel free to look up my reviews for each and I hope that you enjoy Ava and Caleb s story as much as I do.4 STARS

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    Good seriesGood quick read Would have liked depth to the characters Loved the relationship between mother and daughter Would have liked between Caleb and Ava Would recommend to others.

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    Loved This Book I absolutely loved reading this series, I was hooked from the beginning and couldn t put it down Jocelyn Thomas did an amazing job with this story and I highly recommend reading them, you won t be disappointed

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    I read the first book as it was free and then bought the box set as it was cheaper and am so glad I did Each book ends on a cliff hanger and I would definitely recommend buying the box set so you can immediately move on to the next in the series.Ava has grown up in Willow Falls and after attending college, she felt compelled to return for reasons unknown Also unbeknownst to Ava, she is the Marked One who has a part to play in a supernatural prophecy Not only that, but she and her mother Sarah also have parts to play in the upcoming war between good and evil Although she s happy to be home, she is also excited about teaming up again with her best friend Kelly The two of them work at the local Bar that is run by Lil and Kelly tells Ava about the whispers that Lil is a werewolf Ava laughs at the claim until one evening when she is accosted by a customer who is kicked out of the bar by Lil and her shotgun On her walk home, she is chased by the evicted customer It s then that she meets Caleb Lil s little brother and the Pack Alpha She also learns that werewolves truly do exist when Caleb and the hostile customer phase into their wolf forms in front of her eyes And so begins her journey of new discoveries She learns that not only are she and Caleb mates, but that vampires, witches, shifters and oracles also exist.Caleb s pack together with Ava, Kelly, their mothers Sarah and Katherine and Mammaw, Sarah s adoptive mother are on the side of good whilst Caleb s evil older brother Blaez and his pack together with Jasper the Vampire King and all his minions, are fighting on the side of evil Team Ava also have to fight against the shifters from Sarah s tribe because Sarah, as an oracle, broke tribal rules by marrying a human and having a child Unlike other stories in the werewolf genre, the werewolves in this series are easier to kill and take longer to heal although they still heal quickly than humans The books move along at a fast pace and there are never any dull moments where you feel the author is just trying to fill pages We learn how the lives of the key players intertwine and how they never really had any options in the paths they would take.This is the first series I ve read from the author and I will certainly be reading other books in the same genre.

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    I read this series, piece by piece as it was released Let me say, I love it So many twist and turns that for a minute there I wasn t sure what was going to happen to the beautiful and a bit na ve Ava or her sexy werewolf lover, Caleb A sweet synopsis, Setting is a small Louisiana town full of paranormal and other unexplainable things In book 1 Ava returns home having graduated college, she never thought she would but feels compelled to go back When she gets there, she s greeted by her mom, best friend Kelly and Kelly s mom Katherine Kelly quickly informs her that a pack of werewolves have moved into town while she is away Ava and Kelly have always speculated that there was something extra special about their small town, but when Ava hears this she finds it hard to believe Until she meets, Caleb and is very quickly consumed by a romance with one of the most, and I do not kid, the most damning sexy werewolves I ve ever chanced to read about I wish I could say they then lived happily ever after, but it is no coincidence that they are brought together Werewolves, Vampires, a wicked curse and some heart wrenching deaths are all covered in this series You won t want to miss a beat

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    The Marked One is a paranormal romance suspense type book It has werewolves, oracles, vampires, and shapeshifters all rolled into one story line While some authors have it where the focus a story about only one paranormal race, Ms.Thomas has made the story resemble real life and emotions The Marked One is focused on the path the marked one has to take, it is also about acceptance, family, loss, revenge, hatred, peace, and above all love Love for one s self, for family, and for life.By reading this story you are taking a voyage of growth by the Marked One as well as those who she has contact with Remember that it is a paranormal, is emotional, involves hot alpha men and gorgeous women so includes adult situations and there is violence so this book is definitely meant for 18 year or older readers.

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    Absolutely loved this series It was steamy and had a great story line that kept you turning the pages to see what happened next Once you start reading you won t want to put it down until the very last page of the last bookI know I couldn t It has action, mystery, magic, and passion Passion so hot it will make you blush between Caleb a sexy werewolf alpha and Ava a girl that just came back to her home town after graduating college who doesn t even know she is a supernatural Together they Caleb Ava with their family will have to face a prophecy that will turn their world upside down I will definitely be looking out for books by author Jocelyn Thomas

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    I received this bundle in exchange for an honest review 3.5 starsI enjoyed this story Throughout this saga Ava has had some major drama thrown at her and she handles herself beautifully I really liked how the author was able to not only tell us this story, but she painted it out so I could see it as well My only negative about this is that Jasper is told by Elia about a spell towards the climax of the last book, but yet at the final battle he gives up pretty quickly Almost a little too quickly in my opinion Other than that, I really enjoyed this overall and I thank the author for the opportunity to read her story.

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    Gosh where to begin, this unique paranormal romance series was just amazing This series provided a little different spin on witches, shifters, vampires, and werewolves Ava is a shifter oracle and is the marked one Caleb is a werewolf and the love of Ava s life Unfortunately, there is a dark prophecy that Ava must complete in order to restore balance among the non human powers that be There is so much suspense and action in these books it makes it hard to stop reading them I won t spoil the amazing ending however, I will say it definitely makes reading every single book in this series worth it Great writing, characters, and story plot I ll definitely be reading by this author.

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    This was a decent series Ava is a great female lead character She is real and even though the specifics of her journey might be fictional it is one everyone goes through as they grow up How to figure out how to lead our own lives and be our own people separate from our parents The storytelling is decent and the interactions of characters is believable There were a couple of places in the book where there were some glaring editing issues missing or misplaces words that were a bit distracting.

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