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    A very long and exhaustive introduction to the UFO phenomenon, as well as a different reading experience than a typical beginner s UFO book This has not so few things to do with the author being British She finds much of UFO folklore to reflect distinctly US American cultural narratives and collective neuroses to the point of sounding rather risible to non Americans Picknett also devotes much attention and page space to cases from outside North America that are not as well known as they could have been because they do not fit into Hollywood clich s about extraterrestrial visitation a trait she shares with John Anne Spencer, authors of Fifty Years of UFOs One peculiarity of Picknett s that makes this book a unique reading experience is that she is very open to a lot of New Agey ideas but is at the same time stringent and methodical in her analysis than most ufologists of that inclination As a result she is both unusually critical towards some of the most well known UFO cases, while also jumping from correct observations about how similar modern day UFO contact stories are to mediaeval stories about encounters with faeries to seriously considering that aliens might just be what faeries which literally exist and live side by side with us humans are like today after having developed a high tech spacefaring society as we humans have This might be the most stereotypically British approach to the UFO phenomenon conceivable.Picknett is also like fellow New Agey British UFOlogist Nick Redfern significantly politically left wing than the American UFO culture which is steeped in John Birch Society by way of Infowars right wing conspiracism Picknett is accordingly critical of those aspects of UFO folklore that match narratives of the conspiratorial right a bit too conveniently A good example of this is her harsh words for the Nazi UFO mythos Picknett notices that the Nazi UFO mythos runs off a decidedly disturbing romanticization of the WW2 Axis powers technological accomplishments and alleged superiority to the Allies, especially in the form where the Third Reich survives in the Hollow Earth or on the Moon s surface Which, Picknett notes, basically amounts to a revisionist history where the Axis wins the war in the end.No, The Mammoth Book of UFOs is not exactly what one usually expects or even wants from a book serving as an introduction to the UFO phenomenon This however goes a long way to explaining why I like it so much, because of its attention to the less well known sides of ufology and willingness to consider different perspectives even within the UFO subculture.

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    a lot of info is in this book.

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    Very dry.

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download The Mammoth Book of Ufos, read online The Mammoth Book of Ufos, kindle ebook The Mammoth Book of Ufos, The Mammoth Book of Ufos 76ce4405d689 There Are Many Events That Shape Our Collective Efforts To Explain Who We Are And What Our Place Is In The Universe And There Is No Phenomenon That So Aptly Encompasses All The Fear And Wonder Of Our Times Than That Of The Unidentified Flying Object UFO The Mammoth Book Of UFOs Provides The Ultimate Guide To The History And Background Of The Phenomenon, And Attempts To Interpret The Meaning Through Summaries And True Life Accounts About Alien Abduction, Crop Circles, And Cattle Mutilations, As Well As Through The Analysis Of The Many Conspiracy Theories That Surround UFOs, From Alleged Nazi Originated Technologies To Bizarre CIA Plots Further In Depth Materials Include Classic Stories And Abductee Interviews Weird Occurrences Such As The Breath Suckers Of Brazil And Poltergeist Outbreaks Following UFO Sightings Examination Of The Troubled History Of UFO Contactees, From Their Harassment To Physical Illness, Murder, And Suicide The Influence Of Cults Such As The Aetherius Society, The Tragic Heaven S Gate, And Infamous Tales Of The Men In Black Illustrated With Photographs, Maps, And Witnesses Sketches, The Mammoth Book Of UFOs Is Thoroughly Researched And Presented As Objectively As Possible It Does Not Seek To Convert Or Persuade, But To Excite And Provoke By Providing An Overview Of A Major Twentieth Century Phenomenon That Both Defies And Challenges Our Theories About Reality