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files The Lorax, read online The Lorax, free The Lorax, free The Lorax, The Lorax fae69bf11 UNLESS Someone Like Youcares A Whole Awful Lotnothing Is Going To Get BetterIt S Not Long Before Saving The Earth Became A Global Concern, Dr Seuss, Speaking Through His Character The Lorax, Warned Against Mindless Progress And The Danger It Posed To The Earth S Natural Beauty His Classic Cautionary Tale Is Now Available In An Irresistible Mini Edition, Perfect For Backpack Or Briefcase, For Arbor Day, Earth Day, And Every Day

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    Now who would have thought that Seuss back in the 60 s would have already been concerned about the destruction of the environment so much so that he wrote this incredible and addictive story asked for by my son two to three times a week My kid is always asking me about the Once ler Why can t we see his body Why did he make the Barba loots go away Why did he cut down the Truffula tree What is a Thneed The lessons are so simple and yet so subtle here and it is great on so many different levels The Thneed question makes me almost blush because I have so many thneeds iPhone, iPad, Mac, Cinema Display, PS3, etc Who else would have thought of such a perfect word like thneeds Or sluppity slupp and gloopity gloop Tonight my son wanted me to show him a Whisper ma phone and to hear a snargley voice What can I say It is a story that I can STRONGLY recommend to anyone reading this blog and especially to the kids of my readers I just hope that the UNLESS will be applicable to the generation after ours with our Valdeses and Fukushimas of course are not directly the fault of our generation but then our generation hasn t really made headway in preventing these disasters either.I just hope that I don t glow in the dark as I walk through the grickle grass eating humming fish sushi.

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    January 2015A one paragraph review of a children s book I didn t like has generated trolls and their inevitable sock puppet alteregos than any other of my reviews, I ve lost count of the number of them I delete some of their comments, some delete their own and their profiles , some GR do But what is there about this review or about the book that generates this kind of over the top reaction from obviously mentally unstable individuals _____Maybe I m just not a Dr Seuss person but I hated this book Boring story, stupid words that didn t entertain and even though it was meant for a child rather than me, my son hardly ever looked at it growing up, so its sits on the shelf still quite pristine Funny thing is that this is only a comment on a kiddies book yet it has engendered so much nastiness from several people all of whom appear to be alteregos of Michael He has made it his business to take people not me alone to task for not enjoying this book even to the extent of making personal remarks He himself enjoys it so much he s made a society IRL not virtually to promote its aims as thought it were a kind of bible Luckily the other reviewers are rational and measured in their response and don t feel the need to make rude personal remarks Each to his own This isn t for me.May 2010I was just looking through my reviews and noticed that Corky and two other characters the same person have deleted their reviews and their IDs Interesting..

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    Oh Lorax, what did we make of your world Your beasts that were,The trees that were dear.The Lorax project is a commendable effort on behalf of Dr Seuss Enterprise and Random House.Apprises the children of the fact that they just might be the last generation seeing a lot of things.

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    You can have your Silent Spring and Inconvenient Truth The Lorax and his lesson of unless is, to me, the most moving piece of environmental literature ever It shows that a good children s literature doesn t have to be simplistic or happy to be effective and b that you certainly need not be a member of a political group to appreciate the message that our drive to industrialize must not happen at the expense of our planet.

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    Another of the very best books by Dr Seuss IT S NOT TOO LATE UNLESS someone like you. cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It s not. This is one other of the best ever tales by Dr Seuss Like, The Sneetches was crafted in the 60s, it s not wonder that The Lorax was conceived in 1971, since it was the decade where ecology finally became a relevant issue in the conscience of people.A powerful story showing in a very open way, how grimm will be our future and sadly, forty five years later, we are still in the same trouble if we let that our woods would be lost without control at the expense of making stuff that we really don t need or that we d be able to supply in other ways.But it s not too late yet If each of us, make our contribution in one way or another, not matter how small, we still being able to help our planet s nature, and then the Lorax will return

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    I have continuously read this book since watching the film bc I believe in its message about saving Mother Earth and the trees I am not a tree hugger but I love my toilet paper and my paperback books and I believe all our God given gifts should be treasured and saved esp from these greedy, nasty corporations that only care about the money coming in.That being said, I m not into all the rhyming thneads and so on but the kiddoes love it They are the target and I hope they come to understand the message, if not the crazy rhymes.

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    I saw the movie adaptation of this classic children s story on 2012 What I liked about the movie version is that there s a closure to the story while the readers were leave to their own imagination on what happened Both the book and movie adaptation are highly recommended because it reminds us to care on our environment.

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    The Lorax is one of Dr Seuss most memorable books as it is about the importance of taking care of all of the trees in the world The Lorax may have some controversial issues, but it is still a great book for both children and adults to treasure for many years.Dr Seuss story about how chopping down too many trees can destroy the Earth s environment is truly powerful and moving as it realistically portrays what can happen to the environment when trees are cut down through Dr Seuss childish world Dr Seuss illustrations as always are extremely creative and inventive especially when we are first introduced to the land of the Truffula trees, the land is colourful and peaceful looking, but when the once ler starts cutting down all the Truffula trees, the land looks dark and bleak, representing the pollution that is caused from cutting down the trees.Parents should know that even though I personally do not see anything wrong with this book, this book was considered extremely controversial due to the fact that many people believed that the book was trying to promote the idea that industrialization is a bad thing Personally, I think that this book was just trying to discuss about the issues of environmentalism and that cutting down too many trees can cause pollution on the earth The Lorax is one of the greatest books about the issues of environmentalism that kids will understand perfectly and will definitely be evolved into one of the greatest cult classics to ever come to the world of children s books I would recommend this book to children ages five and up due to the controversial material about whether or not industrialization is a good or bad thing for the world that small children might not understand Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    5 A wonderful story with a POWERFUL message s I am the Lorax I speak for the trees I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues Oh My Goodness in a singsong voice I love, I love, I loovvve, The Lorax Seriously though this book right here is so so special I know I say this like all the time but whatever this is another one of my FAVORITE Dr Seuss books I mean HELLO it s Dr Seuss for crying out loud, of course, it s amazing I love all of his crazy, weird, cute, unique and special characters he s able to bring to life They all are truly something else In all honesty though The Lorax has got to be Dr Seuss s most serious of all his books, he really tones down all the silliness that s in his other books and really tries to drive his point across Point being we need care about our environment and that we have got to treat it right To help drive this point the illustrations start out so bleak and lifeless, in all shades of greys and then once the story gets going the colors turn so vivid and bright and beautiful, just to fade back into grey as the trees start getting cut down The illustrations are incredible If your looking to read something goofy this isn t it but if you re interested in reading something with a powerful message Look no further for you have found it It s not about what it is, it s about what it can become The movie was brilliant I have seen it so many times it s not even funny and now thanks to writing this review I must I MUST Watch it again tonight haha

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    Ok, so it s a heavy handed enviromental terror tale It s also the Seuss book that stuck with me the longest Of all the books I read as a little kid, it s the one that I still remember making me feel something.I m a conservationist not an environmentalist by any stretch The Lorax didn t teach me to hate industry or chew on organically sustainable bark It taught me to care about nature To this day, decades after I read and re read it, the drawing of the barren wasteland still gets to me.

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