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files マンガで読む人生がときめく片づけの魔法, read online マンガで読む人生がときめく片づけの魔法, free マンガで読む人生がときめく片づけの魔法, free マンガで読む人生がときめく片づけの魔法, マンガで読む人生がときめく片づけの魔法 0accc80c8 From TheNew York Times Best Selling Author And Lifestyle Cleaning Guru Marie Kondo, This Graphic Novelization Brings Kondo S Life Changing Tidying Method To Life With The Fun, Quirky Story Of A Woman Who Transforms Her Home, Work, And Love Life Using Kondo S Advice And InspirationMarie Kondo Presents The Fictional Story Of Chiaki, A Young Woman In Tokyo Who Struggles With A Cluttered Apartment, Messy Love Life, And Lack Of Direction After Receiving A Complaint From Her Attractive Next Door Neighbor About The Sad State Of Her Balcony, Chiaki Gets Kondo To Take Her On As A Client Through A Series Of Entertaining And Insightful Lessons, Kondo Helps Chiaki Get Her Home And Life In Order This Insightful, Illustrated Case Study Is Perfect For People Looking For A Fun Introduction To The KonMari Method Of Tidying Up, As Well As Tried And True Fans Of Marie Kondo Eager For A New Way To Think About What Sparks Joy Featuring Illustrations By Award Winning Manga Artist Yuko Uramoto, This Book Also Makes A Great Read For Manga And Graphic Novel Lovers Of All Ages

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    This book was sooooooooooooo cute And I did actually learn some tidbits of information about getting rid of stuff I have been getting rid of stuff for some time now but it never seems to make a difference And I have recently started getting rid of books I m not going to read again so it s making room Chiaki is the girl in this book and boy is she a hoarder But I thought Chiaki and Marie had a good time tidying up and setting priorities I actually have a few things I want to add to my big giveaway pile after reading this little book I love giving stuff away, it s so refreshing to get things out and know that someone will actually use it I don t think I would have paid much attention to the real book I think there is a real book format as much as I did with this little manga It was just too cute and I loved the pictures There just happens to be a cute boy next door that she can invite over after she tidy s up He got to see her house by accident before it was clean and he freaked I mean, I would too It was super impressive when it was clean though Either way, I loved this book being in manga form I really enjoyed it Thank you to BloggingForBooks for a print copy of this book.

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    The KonMari Method of household organization has been bantered about amongst my friends for the last year, but I had not read the book until now This graphic novel is a super cute, appealing way of presenting the valuable information to all ages I read it fast, went back to reread sections and I love the illustrations I have never even looked at a graphic novel before, and I was pleasantly surprised by how fun this one is The techniques make sense immediately since it is all visual I loved this book Some of the ideas in the book are just out there as in far out, man , even to a Portlandian like me I don t care if my clothes receive my love and appreciation, I m not going to fold dresses and skirts into a drawer But, the advice on getting rid of the clutter is priceless I especially like and will use the information on sorting all the paper that seems to accumulate constantly in my house.I know a lot of my reader peeps will cringe at the getting rid of books section I happen to agree with the author I only keep books I love and that bring me joy Once I have read a book, I pass it on to someone else because I have already experienced it My 20 year old is anxious to read this precious little book and I would be thrilled if some of the tidying ideas that Marie Kondo introduces will take hold Thanks so much to Ten Speed Press for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book All opinions are my own.

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    I read KonMari s book, The Magic of Tidying and it was excellent This one added info and was even helpful The visual in the manga art was very useful Gotta admit, though that I skipped the tidying of books a bit Clothes No prob Movies Yep Music Pshaw But, books Joy Joy Joy Oh well.

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    So, I have somewhat mixed feelings about this book First, the positives this is a sweet story that provides an accessible example of what the KonMari method is and how to apply it in your life There isn t really any new information here per se, but presenting the information in a story format helps readers see how the KonMari method works Having examples like this can be incredibly useful, and like I said, the story is cute.That said, I cannot understand why the publisher decided to flip this book to read left to right This is 2017, not 1997, and manga is mainstream and popular enough that reading a backwards book right to left format isn t exactly a barrier to entry It wasn t terrible reading this flipped, but the art felt subtly off Alsothey didn t flip everything Some panels are unflipped, and the floorplan of Chiaki s apartment at the beginning of the book is also unflipped and it s obvious you see her full apartment a page later I want to get a copy of the Japanese version to get a better idea of exactly what all was changed.I m glad this manga is available in English I m glad I own it, even as I question the formatting decisions of the publisher I wish it were available in English in an unflipped format.

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    This was so adorable It was a perfect little summary of Konmari The Manga is about Chiaki, a Sales rep with a messy home Marie Kondo helps her to tidy up her home and her life The illustrations were absolutely fitting for every moment and so so cute I loved this book so much Definitely a recommendation

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    Quick review for a quick read I could say that my initial reaction upon finishing this book was ERMAHGARD, THIS IS SO CUTE AND INFORMATIVE AND I CAN T DEAL, AND KONMARI REALLY DOES LOOK LIKE A FAIRY GAAAAAAAAAHHHH But then that really would only scratch the surface of the amount of joy that I received from this book It s a cute story that takes many of the principles from Marie Kondo s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and puts it in a story based manga format The illustrations in it are adorable, and the story was one I connected to very much The manga focuses on the efforts of 29 year old Chiaki as a single woman who can t seem to keep a boyfriend, works a busy job, and comes home to a house that sless than tidy Understatement Chiaki really wants to learn how to tidy, so she googles resources to help her do so In pops KonMari to save the day Chiaki goes through each of the principles of the KonMari method, but at the same time finds herself connecting to the reasons why her life seems so chaotic There s even a something of a cute budding romance story in here I ll admit I had a big goofy grin on my face as I read through this it s a quick read, probably less than an hour if you read it in one sitting It s one I m really glad I ve added to my personal library, and I would recommend it for anyone who wants a cute and quick reference to a rather cool method of organization.Overall score 4.5 5 stars.

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    I m a skeptic about gurus in general, about tidying techniques in particular and especially about the KonMari craze that s taken over the media in the last few years since Marie Kondo s books started being translated from Japanese into English and her Netflix show became all the rage I ve always lived in what I like to refer to as my artists mess with lots of inspirational stuff around and clutter inevitably taking over But once in a while I go through a purge and get rid of some excess stuff and do some organizing and yearn for a bit visual serenity in the home in which I pretty much spend 24 7, being disabled by migraines and retired early for various health reasons being a shut in to avoid people and other irritants A few things I picked up about Marie Kondo s approach through the grapevine was her suggestion to discard things with the idea of focusing on keeping things that spark joy This seemed a bit silly to me, but I understand now that it simply requires a small shift in focus instead of fixating on all the things that need to be gotten rid of, you need only consider what you actually don t want to live without and then get rid of all the rest I can see how the shift of focus can make a big difference, but I don t at all buy her claim that going through her method once will make you a tidy, clutter free and joyful person forever and ever When I heard about Marie Kondo s attitude about books, I decided I d intuited rightly and that she definitely wasn t for me according to her, people only read the books they ve just recently acquired, and hanging on to books you intend to read someday does NOT spark joy and all those other volumes on the TBR and in your shelves should be discarded without a second thought To say I was outraged by this approach is putting it mildly I became resolutely anti kondo Or in any case, she was never going to count me among her followers Then a friend of mine said she didn t buy the entire concept, but found parts of her approach helpful So when this cute little manga became available to borrow from the online library catalogue I figured I d see what I might cherry pick for future use The first thing she advises is to start any tidying project by discarding excess stuff first No use buying a bunch of storage systems for a whole lot of stuff that you don t use anyway The second thing that makes good sense to me and which has been a huge hurdle is to sort things by category and NEVER by room or area because that approach becomes an endless tasks and pretty much ensures you ll never see the end of it She suggests starting with clothes first as the easiest category clothes, then books, then papers, then hobbies, etc and leaving sentimental objects and mementos to the very last, for when you ve honed the skill of picking out those things you really want to keep because they spark joy.The whole spark joy concept is a bit difficult to explain, but I think I get it It s about keeping things because you really like them and want them, not because you think they might eventually be useful or because you got them on sale or someone gave them to you as a gift or any number of reasons that make you hang on to stuff that ends up taking up space and dragging you down One thing which did speak to me and which probably is at the core of why we have a hard time parting with stuff we have no real use for is that we fear the future and hang on to things from the past as a way to cling on to memories, and not knowing what is ahead we keep things in case it will be useful someday, which reflects how unclear we are about our intentions in life All definitely true for me Still doesn t mean I m ready for a radical purge, much less to get rid of all those books I look forward to eventually reading, but I think I ll be able to get rid of things than ever before as it s a skill I keep getting better at anyway as the years go by.As for the rest, she s got some neat folding techniques and insists all clothes should be manipulated with our hands to show it love or some such bosh Apparently this takes up less storage space She has other bits of magical wonder to impart, but I ll leave it all to KonMari enthusiasts who actually believe in promises of anything at all being life changing and permanent and a source of constant joy Besides which, I ll choose reading a book over folding laundry any time, so I m not ever likely to have that perfectly neat home where not a single item is ever out of place I wouldn t be comfortable living in a space like that anyway I have no need for a showroom I Iike my home to look like someone actually lives in it.

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    Esta es una adaptaci n manga del libro sobre el orden de Marie Kondo Esta mujer es una gur que promete que tu vida mejorar si ordenas tu casa seg n su m todo Que por qu le esto Bueno, por trabajo Pero en realidad y sorpresivamente me gust El formato de manga me atrap de inmediato porque las claves y tips de Marie Kondo no estaban expuestas de un modo acad mico, sino involucradas en la vida de los protagonistas de esta historia a la que le falt un beso al final, pero oh, well.Me gustaron mucho todos los tips que sugiere para organizar ropa, papeles y otros objetos, pero estoy en profundo desacuerdo con lo que Marie Kondo piensa sobre los libros C mo me vas a decir que los libros que no he le do nunca los leer y que su momento pas en el momento en el que no los le cuando los compr En eso no puedo estar de acuerdo Nunca Never AH Y encima dice que la manera de escoger qu libros debes quedarte es ponerle la mano encima, sin abrirlos, y decidir si la sensaci n que te producen es de felicidad I mean inserte emoji poniendo los ojos en blanco aqu

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    4 starsThis was a cute, fun read.It piqued my curiosity, held my interest, and didn t take long to finish.Ms Kondo put forth some interesting ideas and helpful suggestions re tidying up.And, yes, she totally goes there regarding all the books I I mean, Chiaki has ahem Which are still some of the hardest things in the world for me to let go of view spoiler Uh sorry Just had a moment there hide spoiler

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    I loved this It embodied everything I love about Marie Kondo and really did walk readers through her entire method, but in a way that had all the heart of a Japanese manga Definitely keeping this one on my shelf to remind me that even on my messiest days, I m no Chiaki at the start of this book P

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