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pdf The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships, ebook The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships, epub The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships, doc The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships, e-pub The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships, The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships d47862ed033 In The Liar In Your Life, Psychology Professor Robert Feldman, One Of The World S Leading Authorities On Deception, Draws On His Immense Body Of Knowledge To Give Fresh Insights Into How And Why We Lie, How Our Culture Has Become Increasingly Tolerant Of Deception, The Cost It Exacts On Us, And What To Do About It His Work Is At Once Surprising And Sobering, Full Of Corrections For Common Myths And Explanations Of Pervasive Oversimplifications Feldman Examines Marital Infidelity, Little White Lies, Career Driven Resum Lies, And How We Teach Children To Lie Along The Way, He Reveals Despite Our Beliefs To The Contrary How It Is Nearly Impossible To Spot A Liar Studies Have Shown No Relationship Between Nervousness, Lack Of Eye Contact, Or A Trembling Voice, And Acts Of Deception He Also Provides Startling Evidence Of Just How Integral Lying Is To Our Culture Indeed, His Research Shows That Two People, Meeting For The First Time, Will Lie To Each Other An Average Of Three Times In The First Ten Minutes Of A Conversation Feldman Uses This Discussion Of Deception To Explore Ways We Can Cope With Infidelity, Betrayal, And Mistrust, In Our Friends And Family He Also Describes The Lies We Tell Ourselves Sometimes, The Liar In Your Life Is The Person You See In The Mirror With Incisive Clarity And Wry Wit, Feldman Has Written A Truthful Book For Anyone Who Whose Life Has Been Touched By Deception

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    What this book is NOT is The Way to Truthful Relationships or another take on everyday sociopathy What this book IS is an interesting though less than fascinating trip through a number of roles that deception plays in everyday life I suppose I feel a littledeceivedby the title, but as the book goes on to describe in quite clear writing is now I shouldn t have been surprised Still, it is a worthwhile read for those unfamiliar with deceit, broadly framed.

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    A little disappointing that the book simply gives a recount of lying in our day to say life It almost feels as if the author tries to normalize this without explaining what we can do or what the role of society in this reality is.

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    This book was different than what I expected I thought it would give guidance on how to determine if someone is lying to you or not, but it was nothing like that.Feldman gives a wide range of examples of lies we encounter everyday and probable reasons behind those lies He also includes several studies which point to conclusions we can safely make about lying Really this was an educational book Using modern examples Enron, etc that we, the reader, can relate to and a pace and style that is friendly to the non psychologist reader, the author makes the exploration of the science behind lying enjoyable.Personally, I was amazed at how rarely I fit into the types of common lying Hehe I should clarify I don t mean to say that I m amazed that I rarely lie I know that I was amazed by how common lying is and also by how, frequently, even the most ordinary of circumstances can still incline people, somehow, to lie I ve always tried very hard to tell the truth and even to avoid the supposedly harmless white lies So, in the end, despite of being educated, I also am now apt to be suspicious of being lied to in the future The book was high quality, but I m disappointed to find out just how many liars are out there

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    No, your bum really doesn t look big in that Haha, yeah, War and Peace is great I was just re reading that the other day.A bigger boy came and ate the cake And then he ran away.This is the business opportunity of the decade But it s not for everyone Maybe you re not quite ready to reach new heights along with the platinum class clients of my fully accredited check my resum hedge fundAnd if you believe any of that, I have a very nice bridge that spans Sydney Harbour I d like to sell you The Liar In Your Life big on small scale psychology and it s OK as far as it goes A bit too self referentially repetitive and built almost entirely around the formula a moderately interesting insight about lying plus b anecdote or experimental survey that backs up a added to c reminder of all the lessons you re learning in The Liar in Your Life profundity.But the big lies, the big, fat, orchestrated, coordinated denial and debasement of reality the jury is out on the link between tobacco and cancer the climate has always changed, there s nothing to worry about which threaten to overwhelm us all do not get a single mention.

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    The author pointed out the nature of human s lying is actually part of the result of evolution Just like all the animals in the world, they disguise, fake death, tricking enemies for survival But the difference between animals and humans still we are aware of the feeling and the reaction of lying to others We humans are , we even know how to self deceive, for many people, lying is piece of cake, as long is it s harmless, if it helps gain the friendship, social status, a job, some money, why not We are actually living in a bigger and bigger bubble of lying world With the advanced technology, fake news, fake photos, fakes images, fake products, everything is so deceiving Honest people lie too, in one way or another.The author gave us tons of real story among the politicians, stars, regular people to tell us the mindset of lying out of protection or not hurting other s feelings, lies between couples due to keeping some secrets for themselves or not letting them worry.The other kind of lying is professional scams, they want the benefits, money Even some liars got excitement from pure tricking than getting money from victims How to avoid liars we can t, we can train ourselves smarter and not trusting blindly someone Or if you can not learn, avoid too complicated social life.

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    Not up to my expectations Certain chapters as if fillers and purposely being draggy just to prove justify certain themes upheld by the author More like detailing from different aspects how human can be a natural born liar conditioned from young and also having the intelligence in comparison to animals that also lie trick for survivals and how lying is part of life This book is definitely not so much on how to deal with liars despite the somewhat misleading title well can t blame since even in the book it talked about how people would sensationalize to sell although in my opinion you can still make use of the understandings on the aspects of lying discussed in the book to comprehend other people whether they are lying or lied and also use them to safeguard yourself since now you are made aware of how it works.

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    The title of the book is rather misleading, because while it discusses many of the various ways and contexts in which basically everyone lies, it has very little to comment about the way to truthful relationships Instead, it talks about how lying acts as a social lubricant whereby someone who is always truthful is seen as a socially awkward jerk In the very last chapter, before the acknowledgements, as an afterthought to the entire book, the author states that maybe telling the truth isn t so bad in some situations.The only reason this book was worth the read is because it does explore the various ways and situations in which people are motivated to lie, and it does this extensively.

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    Difficult to read without feeling generally disappointed in the universality of deception, whether that would be self deception or deceiving or being deceived by others with varying degrees of risk Nevertheless, to be unaware of one s own or another s capacity for untruthfulness or denial whether delivering the compliment when you would rather not be put on the spot by queries such as does this dress make me look fat or all the way to pathological compulsive lying in a very small percentage of the population is to put one at greater risk At the end of it all, the author exhorts the reader to be kind and honest whenever you can.

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    This book doesn t actually lay out the way to truthful relationships, instead it describes all the different ways people lie so you can be cognizant of the fact that EVERYONE does lies though not everyone has malicious intent It also points out the truth can sometimes hurt than lies but even white lies can have unforeseen consequences In the end, the advice was to take what everyone says with a grain of salt and look at the intent of the deception while trying to be honest yourself Again, while it didn t offer a concrete road map, I appreciate the insight nonetheless.

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    A book about all kinds of liars and lies people tell for good or bad reasons It was an in depth look on lies and i might have been ok with shorter version The author teaches us to not lie, but throughout the whole book we see that it is merely impossible to do it or you would have a very hard life.

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