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    I got this a part of a book bundle It s just a silly little book, pretty darn short as far as I could tell from the ebook, but cute, and actually informative if you re into mythology They covered quite a few mythological beasties that I d never heard of, and I ve read a lot of books about mythology and a lot of authors who ve been including somewhat obscure mythology in their books, like Ilona Andrews and Kevin Hearne just to name two So it was actually a treat to be introduced to so many critters and creatures that I d never heard of The logic of what was kosher or not was generally pretty funny too, I found myself arguing along with them, it was a cute format for the material And the story of how the book came about was amusing too Who says social media is a waste of time This is hardly the first book deal to come out of it.

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    For the Jewish gastronaut who feels ready to explore less readily available meats, but is worried about their Kosher status, this is the perfect read Presented as a series of short, but humorous, debates between ANN the explanatory voice of Kosher rules played by Ann VanderMeer and EVIL MONKEY the questioning voice of the confused non Jew played by Jeff VanderMeer Each dialogue ends with the stamp of Kosher or non Kosher or common than is actually helpful Unknown Kosherness status Each section is a little brief, but as the writings were created from actual conversations between Ann and Jeff I suppose they end up pretty much being what they were.So if you were ever worried whether Jackalopes, Wookies, Mermaids, Phoenix, Sasquatch, ET, or even Behemoth or Leviathan were Kosher, then this is the book for you.

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    This is an interesting take on the concept of a very brief bestiary and a good intro to kosher rules, especially if you ve got no clue how those operate What it lacks is substance and consistency It does still feel like something you d find on a blog, and while some of the descriptions and conversations are interesting, others seem lazy.That s basically the thing I love the idea of the book and I loved some parts of it, but it s lazy Like they couldn t be bothered coming up with a genuinely interesting description or conversation to go with certain creatures Where there was room for actual debate it quickly degraded into name calling and dragged the tone down.Super good idea, not so good execution.

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    The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals is a handy, pocket sized booklet that lists and describes a variety of imaginary animals from around the world and provides a verdict as to the creature s kosher status The animal s kosher status is provided after a brief dialogue between Ann and Evil Monkey Jeff Vandermeer blogging alter go in which they consider the different aspects of each creature that would qualify or disqualify it from being kosher.The creatures listed range from the Japanese Abumi Guchi not kosher and the Chilean Camahueto Kosher to the Argentinian Borges undecided and the Leviathan very Kosher, but only for the righteous At the end of the book, Duff Goldman, from the Food Networks Ace of Cakes, discusses the best way to cook and serve some of these imaginary creatures and even suggests appropriate wines to go with the dish Included with the book was a recipe for Grilled Mongolian Death Worm Maki, which actually sounds quite delicious but unfortunately is not kosher.The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals is a fun and entertaining book to read through, particularly since it has some wonderful illustrations and includes many creatures from folklore and fantasy that I have never heard of before I was a bit disappointed that there weren t recipes included, since Goldman s cooking instructions were some of the best parts of the book But I certainly feel secure now, knowing that if I ever encounter a Wookie, while hungry, broke, and far from home and carrying a sharp knife, of course I can go ahead and assuage my hunger.

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    A light, puffy souffle of a book that describes various imaginary animals, like Leviathan, or the chupacabra, or Ouroboros, and considers the question of whether or not they would be considered kosher The dialogue between Ann VanderMeer and Evil Monkey is hilarious, and can be savored slowly, one imaginary animal at a time or gulped down in one fell swoop.

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    Meh.Yet another bunch of blogposts disguised as a giftie book I chuckled once or twice, but there s really not much here Kind of like those cheap prawns you buy that haven t got much inside the shell You work for 20 minutes and end up still hungry I have no desire to search online to find out who these people are.For non readers and social media addicts only Basically the same group of people, now that I think about it.

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    So you are cooking a banshee stew for dinner, and you suddently realize one of your guests is a Jew Can you serve him your delightfully cookied mythical creature The premise seemed so amusing.But I m afraid the book itself did not live up to it.Some of the descriptions meant to be funny, and I think that even two of them made me smile.But the dialogs on the kosherness of each animal are just too obvious and much less silly or surprising or funny than I had expected Probably the best part of this little book is the cooking guide itself, which at least was rather funny.The dialog was not the most suitable style in my humble opinion, but the idea seemed to have a lot of work on it than the previous parts.PS Those recipes refer to a Galatian white wine This is probably a typo the Albarino they mention written Albari o in Spanish or Alvarinho in Portuguese is a Galician white wine.Galicia is a region in the North West of Spain, very near Portugal.Just in case you re tempted to add it to your imaginary dish

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    An odd book, this seems to have grown out of a jokey discussion between Ann and Jeff Vandermeer about the potential Kosherness of fictional beasts The problem is, it doesn t seem to have grown very much each entry is a page or a little and there isn t enough in the description of the animal to server as a bestiary nor enough in the few lines of discussion that follow the either flesh out the ideas, give much in the way of Jewish dietary philosophy or even provide much humour.A little bit pointless, to be honest.

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    Reads as the collection of blog posts it originally was.Compared to the other books of Ann and Jeff Vandermeer, this book feels rushed and lacking in depth Somewhat funny, but not much substance The different entries are all based on the same jokes.

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    Food fascinates Jews Nearly every holiday and celebration centers around food or in the case of Yom Kippur, the absence thereof The stereotypical Jewish mother constantly tries to get her children to eat Even in the afterlife, Jews are promised a succulent banquet of Leviathan, Behemoth, and Ziz, all three created for just this feast This fixation exists even though or perhaps because Jewish Law dictates fairly stringent dietary restrictions Pork, shellfish, anything that eats other animals, some birds, and most insects are forbidden As with many biblical dictates, the exact interpretations and applications have changed over time and depending on whom you ask Which animals are considered Kosher has long generated debate among layman and scholar alike In this spirit, Ann and Jeff VanderMeer approach this heady subject in their lighthearted book The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals The Evil Monkey Dialogues As Ann VanderMeer explains Two years ago, my husband and I were taking a hike in the woods I don t know how it came up, but at some point we started talking about the kosherness of certain animals With Passover fast approaching, what you can and cannot eat was on my mind The subject led to the silliness of trying to figure out what imaginary animals might be kosher As we bantered back and forth we decided that we were having too much fun, which meant it might be fun for our readers, too So we did a blog post in honor of Passover.This short 92 pages compendium of mythical creatures ranging from the abumi guchi to the Ziz features illustrations by designer John Coulthart and short descriptions followed by a humorous discourse between Ann VanderMeer and her husband s blogging alter ego, Evil Monkey Written in a conversational style, the occasionally self referential entries often site experts, such as Jorge Luis Borges and Gustave Flaubert, as well as texts including the Old Testament and the Etz Hayim Each account concludes with symbol denoting the creature s potential kosherness For example BANSHEEOriginating in Irish mythology, the banshee is a frightening female spirit, often considered a bad omen But how much of a bad omen Specter ologists are unsure Messenger of death or the cause of death Perhaps the two roles are interchangeable, for many people with bad tickers have had heart attacks upon encountering a banshee The provenance of the banshee has also been the cause of some debate Some consider the banshee a prophetess who can see the future Others among them heretics, drunks, and rebels consider the banshee to be a fallen angel A mournful wail is the calling card of the banshee, who when seen will be wearing a gray hooded cloak, not unlike a rain poncho Dr Jorge Luis Borges theory that the banshee is a form of elf should be ignored as ridiculous.EVIL MONKEY Would it be wise to try to eat a messenger of death Wouldn t that be like eating death Is eating death kosher ANN Depends on what you mean by death If death is a guy in a black robe, no If death is a strawberry, then, yes EVIL MONKEY So she s not kosher ANN No Any creature you can call he or she is probably not kosher But why are the evil ones always women EVIL MONKEY Nothing I can say here will save me.The volume concludes with an entertaining conversation between Ann VanderMeer and Duff Goldman, star of the Food Network s Ace of Cakes The pair initially discuss the proper preparation of and best wine selection to serve with the kosher creatures before things devolve into even amusing topics regarding testicles, Clive Barker, and Goldman s dictum that anything served in a Chinese restaurant is kosher.With two page entries for each beast and a compact size, the delightful The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals makes for some delicious bathroom or busstop reading for Jews and gentiles alike And for the uninformed out there, cholent is a traditional hearty Jewish stew that simmers for 12 hours or You ll thank me later.This review originally appeared in the San Antonio Current, March 31, 2010.

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