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    In order to fully appreciate fantasy stories, IMO, one has to completely suspend disbelief and dive in, head first.The Jaguar Legacy is one few fantasy shape shifting novels I have delved into normally I wouldn t touch one with a 40 foot barge pole The premise is simple Charley Underhill, an investigative reporter forces her way into an archeological dig, determined to write a story which will resurrect her career In spite of being attracted to the archeologist in charge of the dig Alistair Kincaid and being well aware that he will be ruined financially if news of a fantastic discovery gets out before he is ready, Charley is determined to betray him in order to make the coup of her life, and a pot of money will also enable her to save her alcoholic mother by putting her into rehab Madam Charley has a lot to learn.Amid the exotic Mexican ruins, the cult of the Jaguar is played out in devious plots by Alistair s ex wife and her mentor to the almost destruction of Alistair and Charley.I particularly liked the character of Alistair a huge bluff Scot who can sing like an angel, dresses like a madman, plays the bagpipes and has a secret vice he wishes to hide Charley didn t do it so much for me Self righteous and self seeking albeit misguidedly she didn t hold a candle to the hero of the piece But that didn t stop me enjoying this rare expedition into the world of the shape shifter and ancient Mexico.________________________________________

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    The setting is an archaeological expedition, led by sexy Scots archaeologist Alistair Kincaid, to find a hidden temple among the ruins of an Olmec city deep in the Mexican jungle Thankfully there s very little archaeology geek speak, though The plot is what happens when journalist sorry, I mean investigative reporter Charley Underhill, who is determined to rebuild her fractured career at the expense of Kincaid s reputation, by pipping him to the post and revealing all about his most recent findings out there in the hostile wilderness before he can, meets her hero Her plan is foiled big time by various elements the jungle environment, for which she is way unprepared the irresistible appeal of her host, for which she is even less prepared and the exploits of his ex wife, with whom Charley arrived, and his project manager, both of whom pair up in the mysteriously arcane sub plot, which might just have worked to overcome the forces of Charley and Kincaid s Light had they been using their dark supernatural powers to an end they had mutually agreed upon Well, we all know Good will, and does, overcome Evil, it s just the law, but once you get to it the ending really does give you goosebumps There are plenty of surprises along the way that will have you thinking, wishing or dreaming, depending on what your own secret desires might happen to be, but Charley turns out to be a very deeply connected individual, and you d better have an open mind and be prepared to meet her in the middle.What did I like or dislike about this book I loved the sense of the unexpected in the occult scenes, and the fast pacing that made me keep turning the pages to find out what happened next I loved the characters Charley and Kincaid s wit and humour with each other, their hidden, and sometimes not so hidden agendas Leila and Felipe s darkness and mystery, almost the complete antithesis of Charley and Kincaid, yet all of them having some exploitative angle on each other, until they either grew together or cancelled each other out In the early scenes the banter felt a teensy weensy bit forced, and Kincaid came across as entirely too reflective for one intent on no than putting notches on his camp bed post, but the he emerged as a man smitten the I understood the point, and once the characters got to know each other and began to drop their agendas in the face of such strong attraction it made perfect sense, so I couldn t say I actually disliked it In fact there wasn t anything I really disliked about the whole book, and it was a very enjoyable read, one which I would happily recommend to anyone And, just between you and me, and Kincaid s camp bed post, there s a really lovely scene involving a lot of birdsong and the most beautifully painted picture of a lagoon buried deep in the Mexican jungle that I would just love to immerse myself in for an evening, especially if Kincaid were there with me After all, he is a bit of a hunk, and Charley doesn t fall for him for no good reason, does she

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    I enjoyed The Jaguar Legacy immensely There were a couple of spots that were slow for me but overall I really enjoyed the book.Charley is an investigative journalist whose career has gone down the drain all because she was diagnosed with panic attacks and almost causes herself and a colleague to die in a car crash because of one Charley s mother is a full blown alcoholic and the only way she feels as if she can help her is by boosting her career in order to send her mother off to rehab When Charley stumbles upon the rumors of the Olmecs that Kincaid is researching and the city he has discovered, she knows that if she could get the full scoop on the Olmecs and Kincaid s lost city, it would restore her reputation and skyrocket her career.Kincaid is an archeologist who is on the brink of the discovery of the century He has found the lost city of the Olmecs and is trying to recover as many ancient artifacts and bones as possible Kincaid had a rough childhood with his sister committing suicide and his whole family falling apart in the aftermath Kincaid and his mother both turned to drinking Kincaid took it further and also turned to drugs He recovered when he hit rock bottom and decided he wanted to sober up and live his life Leila, Kincaid s ex wife, destroyed his career and his reputation and the lost Olmec city is his last chance to salvage what is left of his career.When Kincaid spots Charley in the jungle near his site, sparks literally fly Charley is stubborn, persistent, and independent which is just the package that ends up knocking Kincaid off his feet They are both attracted to each other, but too prideful to admit it Their attraction to each other and the constant sexual tension makes this a really sexy read Leila is also along for the ride She is also selfish, manipulative, and calculating she tries to ruin Kincaid s career and his blossoming relationship with Charley.I will not spoil the end or mysteries of this book for you, because it s fun uncovering them for yourself Just know that Charley, Leila, and Felipe are connected to the ancient Olmecs in some way I love Charley and Kincaid s relationship I really admire a woman whocan be without a man and be strong and independent which is what heightens the appeal of their relationship The fact that they are both willing to confront their inner fears, insecurities, and bear their deepest secrets to each other really connected me with the characters I have to say that two of the most enjoyable characters in the book are Collin the chef and Horrie the one eyed cat.If you love action, mystery , suspense, history and lots of sexual tension than this book is for you I enjoyed this book and how Maureen builds up their sexual tension and allows them to fall in love with each other It doesn t happen too fast or too slow, but just right.

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    Written by a friend from the writer s group we were both members of.

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    Reporter Charley gatecrashes an archeological dig in the jungle, intending to write an article on it She falls for irritatingI mean commanding head archeologist Kincaid There is also a side plot relating to past lives, curses and shapeshifting.This book is well written, easy to read, and enjoyable if you remember that it s supposed to be tongue in cheek and of a specific genre.I found the characters quite one dimensional and predictable feisty lead female, overbearing yet inexplicably appealing lead male, bitchy ex etc , although there were some attempts to give the characters interesting back stories, this could ve been brought out However, this kind of writing and character is in keeping with the majority of romances.While I found the banter between Charley and Kincaid a bit typical, I thought the sexy scenes were very well done and pretty hot I found Kincaid s so called flirting actually quite sexual harassment y If he hadnt been hot, imagine how inappropriate creepy it would have been, making sexual comments about her appearance and wanting to have sex There was also constant reference to how hot they both were and found each other, which got a bit repetetive, as did the mentions of relationship conflict Kincaid just wanting a fling but liking Charley, Charley not wanting to get hurt again etc.The POV jumped around a bit too which could be inconsistent.All in all, I would be lying if I said this wasn t at all entertaining or enjoyable, it was quite a relaxing, light hearted read, and spot on if you want non challenging romance with all the familiar bits I would probably have liked it if the focus had been the paranormal historical plot rather than the romance, but of course, that would be missing the point that the book is a romance I didn t begrudge the money I spent or the time spent reading it If you are into this kind of romance, then you might enjoy this book.

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    The Journey This book has a good mixture of many things archeology, ancient civilizations, centuries old curses, reincarnation, shape shifting I know it sounds like a lot but Fisher skillfully weaves them together for a fast paced, entertaining romp through the jungle.The Characters I loved the character Fisher created in the hero, Alistair Kincaid a sexy Scottish archeologist with a penchant for tacky Hawaiian shirts I could so picture Gerard Butler in this role Yum Charlie is interesting too She has secrets, some she isn t even aware of It s an intriguing journey as readers discover her forgotten past along with her.Jungle Love The sexual tension between Charlie and Kincaid is well played I always enjoy a good verbal sparing between characters, and these two know how to push each other s buttons I often have a hard time when characters fall in love too quickly While the entire book spans only one week, there is a lot packed into it and by the end, I totally believed these two characters cared deeply for each other and had a chance for their happily ever after.Those Pesky Mosquitos There were a few instances that pulled me out of the story I had a hard time believing anyone would pack silk blouses and lingerie to take on an archeological dig in the jungle I also had to wonder how none of the characters noticed the hidden ceremonial chamber had recently seen human activity fires near the altar, incense burning, footprints in the centuries old dust, etc when they thought it had been sealed up for 2000 years There was also a ring Charlie wore that seemed to have special significance but it was never explained how she got it But these were small bumps in an otherwise interesting journey.

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    Full Review posted on Book Lovin MamasI recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure, history, and mystery There s not too much romance in this book, but when there is, it s steamy I will say this, Charley gave Alistair a hard time and I liked her even because of it She never made it easy for him This book was so and so for me I did like certain things like I stated, but it just didn t enthrall me like I was expecting it too I plan on reading the next book from Maureen I got real soon though.I look forward to seeing what her next book is all about.One thing before I end the review I do love the cover to the 2011 published version of The Jaguar Legacy If Maureen wouldn t have contacted me, and I saw this book on Goodreads or I would ve bought it and read it no matter what.

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    The Jaguar Legacy by Maureen Fisher is a fun read that combines the excellent chemistry of an accomplished romantic comedy with exciting and plentiful paranormal elements.A reporter intrudes on a dig in Mexico and gets stuck there The director of the dig and her develop a kind of love hate relationship Her ambition and his past and ex wife seem to be standing between them Mystic magical powers, shapeshifting and reincarnation come into play as well and bring the story to a different level.The main characters are well set up and make for a great entertaining read on their own.The story however is involved, with all those mysticism and fantasy paranormal extras Fast paced and full of action the plot just runs away with you and overall this is a wonderful exciting and most enjoyable story.Fisher is a gifted writer and her book is highly recommended.

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    Reporter Charley Underhill gets than she bargained for when she decides to write an article about an archaeological site and heads off to the remote Mexican jungle When Dr Alistair Kincaid isn t distracting her with his hot body and sexy Scottish mannerisms, strange flashbacks she can t explain are making her question her sanity This book is a wonderful mix of romance and outdoor adventure with some fascinating paranormal elements thrown in the mix A very satisfying read.

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    I simply couldn t put this Paranormal Romantic Suspense down The location was amazing and the characters kept me reading.

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