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pdf The Golden Spiders, ebook The Golden Spiders, epub The Golden Spiders, doc The Golden Spiders, e-pub The Golden Spiders, The Golden Spiders 79ad8a8fb26 Nero Wolfe Was Almost As Famous For His Wealthy Clients And Extravagant Fees As For His Genius At Detection So Why Has He Accepted A Case ForAnd Why Have The Last Two People To Hire Him Been Ruthlessly Murdered Wolfe Suspects The Answers May Lie In The Story Of A Twelve Year Old Boy Who Turns Up At The Door Of His West Thirty Fifth Street Brownstone In Short Order, Wolfe Finds Himself Confronted By One Of His Most Perplexing And Pressing Cases, Involving A Curious Set Of Earrings Shaped Like Spiders Dipped In Gold The Case Is All Boiling Down To A Strange Taste Of Greed And A Grumpy Gourmand S Unappeasable Appetite For Truth

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    This novel begins promisingly A street kid who works the corner as a windshield cleaner sees something suspicious, comes to Wolfe for help, and is found dead the next day The resolution, however is rather conventional, and the suspects not particularly interesting As always, though, Wolfe and Archie are wonderful.

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    It is not good for a business of a PI to have his clients murdered shortly after they leave his office Not only does it bring bad reputation, but it is also very damaging to self esteem, something Nero Wolfe values highly Thus this time it is personal The detective who charges such high fees that only millionaires can afford his services most of the time now only has 4.30 to show for his troubles with not a single penny on the horizon It still does not matter as the reputation is at stake It was one of the first Nero Wolfe books I read and as such I might rate it a little higher than the usual, but not by much It is a rare treat to see Nero Wolfe working for no fee and on a personal case This time it really happens and this is the time the villain was repulsive for me I really wished he she would get exactly what he she deserved, and because the greatest New York detective was on the case there was no doubt about the outcome.Archie Goodwin got to play quite a big part in the investigation acting on his own His parts of the book feel like thriller unlike cozy mystery always associated with his boss Nero Wolfe The final rating would be closer to 4.5 stars, but as I already mentioned I round it up for sentimental reasons.

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    Rex Stout didn t disappoint once again Nero Wolf and his side kick Archy Goodwin solve a triple homoside which includes a child Lots and lots of twists and turns, lots of greed and side dealing and a very enjoyable read.I recommend this to all.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Steven

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    The Golden Spiders by Rex Stout.Listened to on CD performed by Michael Pritchard Nero Archie at their best.A young man arrives at Nero s door with a case The case, he explains, began when he was attempting to wash the windshields of cars as they stopped for a red light This particular case had a woman driving with a man in the passenger seat Just as the young man glances towards the woman she moves her lips to mouth to say HELP and to call the police Then the light turns green and they are gone The 2 facts the lad remembers are that the car has a Connecticut license and that the woman wore golden spider earrings.Archie is on the hunt for a jewelry store that sold those very earrings and a trace on the license plate Shortly thereafter, Nero Archie are startled to learn that the lad that gave them this information has been a hit and run victim This was one of Nero s best and had me from the start Highly recommended.

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    The atmosphere in the brownstone is a bit unpleasant at the beginning of the book Once a year, Wolfe receives about 20 starlings from an upstate farmer Fritz seasons them with salt, brushes them with melted butter, wraps them in sage leaves, grills them and serves them with polenta Historically, many small birds were eaten, mostly out of necessity Anyway, Fritz decided all by himself to cook them differently this year, with saffron and tarragon Wolfe has a hissy fit and refuses to eat them at all, and orders Fritz to bring him coddled eggs and toast So when the door bell rings, and Archie discovers a neighborhood boy at the door asking for Wolfe, Archie thinks it s just what the childish Wolfe deserves.The boy, Pete Drossos, tells a rather fantastic story he had been working a busy intersection, cleaning windows of cars stopped at the traffic light for small change He approached a car with a female driver, when she turns to look at him and says, Help Get a cop The man next to her jabbed her with something he assumed a gun and the light turns green He noticed two things she was wearing gold earrings in the shape of spiders, and the number on the Connecticut license plate Wolfe tells Archie to call the police and give the tag number and that the vehicle may have been involved in a crime Archie does so, and that s that Wolfe is thoroughly annoyed with Archie, of course However, the next day Sgt Purley Stebbins visits and tells them Pete Drossos has been killed, run over by a car Pete s mother comes later and reports Pete s last request was to tell Wolfe they got me and give his savings, 4.30, to Wolfe and hire him to find the murderer.It s a poignant and interesting set up, and they rest of the book is just as good The gold spider earrings are a major clue, hence the title 4 stars.

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    Nero Wolfe is hooked into a mystery because he was in a bad mood He was taking out his grumpiness on the other residents of the house including Archie, so when Archie got a chance to get back at Nero by bringing in a neighborhood boy with a problem he took it That incident lead to several murders including the neighborhood boy and his Mother pays Nero 4.30, all that the boy had saved, to solve the murder Nero is, of course, known for running an extravagant household requiring something north of six figures per year to maintain but his romantic streak drives him to begin work for such a paltry sum Fortunately for him money was discovered over the course of the mystery My biggest complaint of this one is that I knew the villain almost right away But the dialog and writing keep the book interesting even if you do solve the mystery yourself In fact there are several lines that made me laugh out loud One is I sat and tried to argue Wolfe into letting Lon have the juicy item about the middle omitted to avoid spoilers but since Wolfe wasn t there I made no progress.

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    Twelve year old Pete Drossos, who lives in Nero Wolfe s neighborhood, saw something strange as he was trying to earn money by washing car windshields at a corner He brought the information to the great detective Just a couple days later the boy is run down in the street While dying in the ambulance the boy tells his mother to take his savings to Wolfe and to ask him to solve the crime It s only 4.30, but perhaps because the kid ate at Wolfe s table and it is thus a matter of honor, he s willing to look into it What he and Archie Goodwin uncover is a very dirty business with prey much vulnerable and juicer than flies, but just as stuck in one spider s web and a spider quite willing to murder to keep it all going SPOILERS WRAPPED UP IN THE WEBCover Art Excellent The earrings are just as described.This story was my first exposure to Nero Wolfe It was in the Nero Wolfe Mysteries pilot episode the great Maury Chaykin as Wolfe RIP It was a wonderful way to start I had to go buy the book right away.I d like to think of this story happening in the depression Making Pete a newsy kind of kid Cap, suspenders, a hole in the knee of his short pants, argyle socks But the date it was published was 1953, so he probably has on long jeans with the cuffs rolled up 2 times so he can grow into them Horizontal striped tee shirt Hi top sneakers The wipe racked then as now is the same They rush over to cars stopped at a light and start to clean the windshield If they aren t chased off right away they usually get a little bit of money.Saul Panzer gets to play a big part in breaking the case wide open by posing as a vulnerable new immigrant to America We also get to see that Archie, Orrie and Fred know some very dirty tricks to get information out of wise guys But I can t go on and spoil too much, here.Added Note At least twice after this, when Wolfe is called on to work under an alias, he chooses the first name of Peter I theorize this is a nod to the memory of Pete Drossos If it is, then it is sweet and justifies Wolfe calling himself a romantic.

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    Nero Wolfe mysteries are among my favorites for light hearted yet relatively complex plots This was a weaker entry, but well written even so I found the characters difficult to connect with and there seemed to be less interplay between Archie and Nero than usual The entire story seemed to have been written formulaically than previous entries in this much loved series Good, but well short of great.

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    Trying to determine why his last two clients were ruthlessly murdered, Nero Wolfe wonders if the answer is linked to a young boy who turns up at his brownstone apartment and finds clues in a gray Cadillac, a mysterious woman, and spider shaped earrings.

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    I needed a relief from Aaron Elkins and the rain forest New York City is better in this weather Avenging the murder of a 9 year old boy, immigration issues Who knew he did social issues

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