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quotes The Duke Can Go to the Devil (Prelude to a Kiss, #3) , litcharts The Duke Can Go to the Devil (Prelude to a Kiss, #3) , symbolism The Duke Can Go to the Devil (Prelude to a Kiss, #3) , summary shmoop The Duke Can Go to the Devil (Prelude to a Kiss, #3) , The Duke Can Go to the Devil (Prelude to a Kiss, #3) 097a19e1 In The New Novel From The Bestselling Author Of The Earl I Adore, May Bradford Isn T Afraid To Play Devil S Advocate When It Comes To A Duke After Her Mother S Death, May S Sea Captain Father Sends Her Halfway Around The World To Live With His Stodgy Sister In England The Summer Festival In Bath Made For A Lovely Distraction, But Now She Can T Wait For Her Father S Return So She Can Leave This Country, Its Suffocating Rules, And One Infuriatingly Proper Nobleman In Particular Behind Because He Is The Duke Of Radcliffe, William Spencer S Whole Life Revolves Around His Duties He Never Steps Foot Outside The Bounds Of Proper Behavior, And He Expects The Same Of Those Around Him With Her Devil May Care Ways, May Vexes Him Nearly As Much As She Tempts Him, But There S Something About Her That He Just Can T Resist He Knows He S Falling Hard For Her, But With Lives That Are Worlds Apart, Will They Ever Be Able To Find Any Common Ground

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    A great enemy to lovers story When I started this book I was not expecting to like it this much An unusual heoine who acts with intelligence and is ready to acknolodge when she s wrong So refreshing And she s practicing thai chi The hero is as conventional as they come a stick in the a English Duke So when he sees her practicing, he s outraged first with her clothes and then with the fact that a lady is alone without chaperone The fact that thai chi is a martial art means nothing to him, so when Mei li demonstrate he finds himself on his back in an instant It was hilarious I loved both of them They re so well matched in their complatly opposite ways They banter and pick on each other mercilessly and it was a joy to read Their love story is based not on lust in fact we get to read about only two luscious kisses but on growing friendship and understanding A very, very welcome thing in Romancelandia Very recommended

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    Erin Knightley officially has a spot on my auto buy list Her books are delightful, fluffy fun and it is a nice reprieve to open the pages of her books and know I am guaranteed a sweet romance and not an obsession with lust aka how often a hero happens to get an erection when around the heroineI swear, for some authors, I think many of the heroes have a medical condition Anyways, this story is a classic enemies to lovers story, with the hero being stuffy and proper and the heroine being free spirited, world traveled, and opinionated as hell In many ways, this story had a flavor of Pride and Prejudice These characters were helplessly drawn to each other in ways they couldn t understand Their lives were so different, the Duke is tied to everything English, and May s heart resists England in favor of the sea faring life she used to have with her tradesman father There were times when I wondered how the two would ever find common ground Just like Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, May and William drew premature conclusions about each other and slowly discovered new things that made them realized perhaps they were wrong.There are several romantic scenes and I thought that William, though stubborn, was honorable and likeable May was difficult to like because of her pride and unwillingness to change her mind, but I think her loyal nature and unpredictability are exactly what the Duke needed Despite the antagonistic beginning, I do believe they would be happy together The secondary characters are delightful and include William s young stepsiblings, May s friends Sophie and Charity, and William s old friend Dering who is the hero of the last book in this series.Overall, this was a pleasant read and some of the cursing and name calling in it made me smile.

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    Meh Given that all my friends adored this one, I think it s time to officially admit that I have outgrown historical romances like this I didn t enjoy the bantering to be honest, it than irritated me the way Mei would rail at the Duke for making snap judgments when she does that all the time granted, she at least apologizes when she overreacts and insults him without realizing it, but I quickly got tired of it , and I really didn t like the ending view spoiler for a heroine who always wants to travel, she sure gives up that dream quickly Why couldn t he have agreed to travel with her Why does she have to give it up just because she fell in love Call my cynical, cold hearted, whatever I don t like it hide spoiler

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    Amanda and Autry s reviews are posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsAmanda s Review 5 StarsErin Knightley has written one of my favorite tropes in her newest story The Duke can go to the Devil, in which one very proper Duke exchanges intense heated sparring with a very free spirited young lady May Bradford is not your typical English lady and is biding her time until her father returns to take her home She s the daughter of a sea captain and grew up in exotic places and can t wait to return to that life she s known In the meantime she s made friends in Bath during the Music Festival and plays a zither in the trio she created with Sophie and Charity William Spencer, the Duke of Radcliffe, at first sight thought that May was a beautiful woman but didn t like care for her when he heard their modified rendition of a classic composition When he catches her doing martial arts at the break of dawn the following morning that just sets them at odds even .May was my kind of woman She didn t mince words, cussed and drank, didn t care about convention and walked to the beat of a different drum She helped her friend s in their romances and played an unconventional instrument She knew what she wanted and had no qualms of putting Radcliffe in his place The sparks flew between her in Radcliffe it seems whenever they met, but she eventually got to know him better once she visited his estate Finding common ground wasn t easy but there was no denying that there was chemistry between them when he let his guard down Unfortunately she knew that there was much they disagreed upon and they could never make a match, especially when she knew she was to leave England.Radcliffe was exceedingly proper and wealthy and with his title commanded respect amongst his peers May doesn t readily give out respect because of one s title but rather that it is earned What confounded him was why she was so eager to write off her own country in favor of the exotic locations of the Far East He invites her to his home after the festival ends to show her his estate and things change between them while they are there together What he didn t realize is how much she changed him and how he could see himself as than the title and just as a man That realization is my favorite part of the story is when things start to change once one of them realizes his or her affection for the other.This is a very well written story of opposite attraction and how it all plays out in the end that loves finds a way for them to be together Of course the cast of secondary characters add to the story Radcliffe s half siblings are adorable, his step mother Vivian and her actions explain a great deal about the man, May s Aunt Victoria finally has her say, and of course the friends in Bath who were in previous stories The previous stories in the series would help you appreciate May s story but aren t necessary for you to love her in her own story with Radcliffe The ending she creates for them is quite romantic and very fitting that they both come together in their own time I am a fan of Erin Knightley and she is one I can count on for superb storytelling and love in her historical romances.Autry s Review 4 StarsThe Duke is back in town for a visit, a forced visit, with his stepmother forcing his hand to return to society and their stuffy balls Duke William has no desire to be at the balls or to have eligible women fluttering about Williams s only desire is to be back on his estate and overseeing the mill, he had become a very hands on owner in the mill and takes business very seriously, so seriously he has not even entertained the thought of finding a Duchess The very last person he would consider to be of worth is the one who is constantly battling him in wits and physical strength, Miss May Bradford May Bradford has been thrust upon her Aunt for the summer season as her father is recovering from a broken heat while captaining a ship in the turbulent seas May s unique sense of style and quick witty comebacks have left her in a perpetual state of tension with many in society Including the handsome Duke William Traveling among countries with her father has allowed May to speak her mind and dress in clothes from other countries much to other dismay Only after William learns and about May does he come to realize she s willing to fit for her beliefs and beliefs of others making her a perfect candidate to become a Duchess.William and May is a couple that loves to antagonize each other in verbal sparring matches May has traveled the world and is accustomed to speaking her mind and searching for beauty everywhere Unfortunately her Aunt has found her to brash to be in good company and threatens to remove her from the season unless she can act appropriately The Duke has his hands tied, he can either accept May the way she is or he can ridicule and mock her, but is unable to see past the tough exterior to see how big and beautiful her heart is I loved the verbal sparring between the May and William May was always quick with witty comebacks yet very quick to slam walls up when deemed necessary Her Heart lies within William s estate, two very small yet completely adorable children William is raising gives him a glimpse into May s heart The two characters could not have been perfect for each other, the chemistry was spot on I found myself having a range of emotion from shock to hope and disbelief into swoon worthy romance.Erin Knightley has done another fantastic job of creating characters that allow the reader to fall into scene and watch the book play out flawlessly At times I found myself unsuccessfully covering laughter spells, smiling at the antics between May and her Aunt and satisfied with quick flashes into previous characters current lives I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical romance with a sassy female sailor, a traditional Duke, and a cast of novel enhancing secondary characters I m intrigued as to how Ms Knightley will continue with this cast of characters and just what exactly lies in store for Ms Felicity Review copy provided for an honest review.

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    I knew I was clever in dubbing Erin Knightley a modern day Jane Austen and The Duke Can Go to the Devil was her Pride Prejudice William and May could not have been different and therefore, of course, could not stand each other May was a scandal waiting to happen and William was as pomp as they come But as they each began to set aside their pride HEE and prejudices HA , May and William soon discover that there is much to one another that their aggrieved first impressions I m sorry I couldn t help it would have had them believe.May has been one of my favorite characters of this series from the very beginning so I had high hopes for her story And, thankfully, I was not disappointed and in fact had all my expectations exceeded tremendously May made for the most unique heroine, in the very best ways, as I knew she would From her unconventional upbringing, to her emboldened dresses that matched her flamboyant personality She drank spirits, cursed like a sailor and was never afraid to speak her mind no matter the situation or person But being so outrageous in a place and era that was all about structure and following the status quo heavily grained on her May was also very stubborn and set in her outlook on life and it wasn t until she met William that she began to bend, just a little Just enough to stop a moment and see things, and people, in a different perspective.As for William, contrary to the kind of pampered, self centered aristocrat May presumed him to be, he was an exception in that he took his responsibilities as Duke very seriously which yes, shockingly, involved actual work and effort on his part And while yes he was on the starchy side and come on, who doesn t love a good starchy hero , he was in possession of the softest of hearts, particularly where his young half siblings were concerned Not to say William wasn t difficult at times himself He was But, like May and because of May, William was able to take a step outside his black and white world and see that there was and could be to life than propriety and duty So in effect, May and William made each other better people The fact that their banter was first rate and their attraction undeniable was just icing and cherries atop the most delectable of cakes.I m so pleased with the way Erin Knightley s writing continues to enchant me This one definitely reminded me of why she s become one of my favorite authors I very much look forward to reading and presumably sobbing over Dering and Felicity s story next.P.S Erin, thank you so much for Radcliffe s wet Darcy moment I, and I m sure May as well, appreciated that particular visual very much indeed.

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    Such a sweet, heart warming conclusion to the stories of three friends This series just got better and better I loved May s character from the very beginning and knew she would have to find someone remarkably perfect for her to change her mind about traveling the world over William was an odiously snobby and righteous Duke who needed to, as his step mother said find his joie de vivre And May have him that This read much like a PP vagary and I loved it My only quibbles were no actual nookie spoiler, sorry and that May never got to actually take William on some tropical vacation that he sorely needs Ah well Theirs was still a lovely story about finding home I know there s one in the series and I m eagerly looking forward to seeing how Viscount Derrington s story turns out

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    Thank you to PENGUIN for providing a print copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The Duke Can Go to the Devil is the story of a well traveled woman who lands in England with a sharp tongue, and the stuffy duke she can t seem to evade This book is the third in the series of which the only other book I have read is the second, but it can be read as a standalone I do think, though, that the relationship between the heroines in this series is so enjoyable that it would be a shame to miss out on any of them For this reason, I ll be going back to read the first.I ve been looking forward to this book since I read the previous book, The Earl I Adore May was a catalyst in uniting the main characters in that one, and I was hoping her antics would be plentiful in this one I was not disappointed As soon as May and William met, sparks started flying And they never stopped May was not going to let society dictate her actions, and since William gave in to the expectations of his title, he could make neither heads nor tails of her Because of the rules he had set for himself, he decided that the best course of action was to forget his run in with May altogether Unfortunately, it couldn t be done, and the he gets to know her, the intrigued he is by her non traditional ways.Heaven help him, but she was gorgeous She was tempting than anyone he had ever known, and much enticing He could scarcely recall what it was that had so exasperated him about her when they first met All those things he had thought he disliked her frankness, her humor, her ability to see him as a person instead of a duke had somehow become the things he most loved about her.It s when he realized how unimpressive she finds England that he decided it was time to step in and show her all his country had to offer He is incredibly proud of everything he has, including his title and wealth and is baffled and frustrated when May seems unmoved by them This was one of my favorite things about their relationship William had always been accepted by everyone in society simply because of his title With May, he had to open up in order to impress her, and it was something that made him realize for the first time that who he was as a person and the title he held were two separate things For May, the fact that William took his duty so seriously made her think about how brash she could be, and while she didn t intend to hurt people s feelings, it was often a result of her words They each made the other think of how they could be considerate.In his effort to show her how extraordinary England is, he invites May and her aunt to accompany him to his estate under the guise of providing companionship to his step mother One thing that confused me here was that once they reached the estate, May s Aunt Victoria all but disappeared While she hadn t been a huge part of the book before, it was her insistence that May apologize to the duke for the way she May acted in their first interlude that brought them together again It s insinuated that Aunt Victoria spends a lot of time worrying about whether or not May will tarnish the family s reputation, so I expected her to be watchful of May and to demand a report of any time spent with the duke While this isn t a huge issue, I just found it a bit odd that she s not seen again until they re departing the estate I really enjoyed the pacing of this book The relationship between May and William was a slow build as they were interested in getting to know everything about each other, and they had a few barriers to get through because of their first few meetings They have some heart warming moments while bonding over the loss of their parents, and then spending time with William s younger brother and sister When they finally did realize their feelings for each other, it wasn t a zippy love conquers all feel It was something they struggled with The duke had the same expectations of any woman that might become his duchess that he had of himself, so he knew it would be a huge change inviting May to share his life And May knew there was no way to merge the two worlds travelling around the world and being in England with William so she was going to have to give up one of her dreams Their thoughtfulness was an accurate depiction of the characters we d come to know throughout the book There was no sex in this book, and I am torn on how I feel about it On the one hand, their kisses were so explosive, I wanted On the other, I think it was indicative of the time period and the duke s tendency to heed societal constraints that they didn t in that moment he saw with perfect clarity that what she was suited to was the role of his wife He, William, not the title he held For perhaps the first time in his life, he could separate the two in his mind and see that he had needs and desires that were separate from the dukedom He possessed the title, not the other way around.Overall, I thought this was an entertaining read with interesting characters If you re a fan of opposites attract and the enemies to lovers trope, you ll enjoy The Duke Can Go to the Devil I m excited for the next one in the series This review was originally posted at Badass Book Reviews.

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    Adequate The only thing the heroine, May, had going for her was her beauty She was crass, mouthy, and irreverent, in no way suited to be a duchess I could not suspend belief enough to buy that the hero, William, duke of Radcliffe, would ever make someone his polar opposite his wife Their relationship building was primarily constant bickering, their romance is not one for the ages.

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    THE DUKE CAN GO TO THE DEVIL is a brilliant tour de force Miss May Bradford, whose real given name is Mei li, spent most of her life abroad following her father who is a sea captain Although she knows English customs and everything that is proper, she often fails to behave according to them neither can she fathom why she should fawn over the peers of the realm William Spencer, the Duke of Radcliffe, is very conservative, he is dedicated to all his title entails, and expects the respect that is due him May is in a musical trio in the first annual Summer Serenade in Somerset music festival, of which William is a patron He had spotted the divinely beautiful May but he is aghast when he hears her playing her Chinese string instrument how un English of her to mar the beauty of refined music with her discordant instrument May had seemed suitable to become a proper wife to a Duke until the concert And still he cannot resist being captivated.THE DUKE CAN GO TO THE DEVIL features one of the most wonderful female characters I have ever read in a historical romance May practises Tai Chi in scandalous clothing, which leads to a fabulous scene she dresses colourfully and shuns sartorial conventions whenever possible whereas the handsome Duke remains dignified at all times, or did before he met May Ms Knightley excels at depicting the clashes between the stuffy Duke and May both are in fact very passionate as well as set in their ways and inflexible, in their own fashion The author s flowing, elegant and eloquent writing is a joy to read, all the while remaining faithful to the era s vocabulary but never sounding stilted The dialogues are splendid, especially when it comes to May s imaginative insults and cuss words.And O, be still my heart What a magnificent romance it is the almost first kiss left me breathless with expectation and waiting with bated breath for The romance builds slowly, May and William s passion is all consuming and yet restrained, their attraction is palpable, the sexual tension is nearly unbearable it is all painfully exquisite The characters are exceptionally well defined, and character development is unsurpassed THE DUKE CAN GO TO THE DEVIL is a perfectly splendid, refreshing, and ingenious take on opposites attracting it is absolutely divine I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    This might be my favorite of the series Proper, stuffy Duke meets uninhibited woman who infuriates and captivates him at the same time That s all you ll get from me as I don t like to write or read plot spoilers This book is well written and very enjoyable I recommend it highly Also, I m thrilled the Duke s friend, Derington, gets his own story The Viscount Risks It All early next year.

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