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summary The Disambiguation of Susan , series The Disambiguation of Susan , book The Disambiguation of Susan , pdf The Disambiguation of Susan , The Disambiguation of Susan c9801237cc A Contemporary Romance With A Young Jewish Woman Finding Her Way As The World Changes Around Her Wealthy People Can Buy Problems That The Poor Or Average Working People Could Never Imagine So Went The Advice From The New York Attorney Who Inserted Himself In Susan Fisher S Life Never Before Had Susan Ever Needed To Consider The Problems Wealth Can Bring Usually, Her Problem Had Been The OppositeSusan Fisher S Life Is In A Turmoil And She Needs To Deal With Ambiguities And Indecision Brought On By Drastic Changes In Her Life She Needs To Figure Out Her Place In A World With A Previously Unfamiliar Jewish Heritage And A Radical Change In Fortune Susan S Path To Resolving These Ambiguities And Changes Brings Her Romance, Confusion And, Ultimately, A New Direction In Life Susan Fisher Grew Up As That Jewish Girl On Th Street In Her Hometown Of Moline, Illinois, But There Was Very Little That Was Really Jewish In Her Life Her Parents, A Professor And A High School Teacher, Gave Her A Well Rounded, But Decidedly Secular Upbringing She Is Beautiful, Intelligent And Hardworking, But When Her Parents Pass Away Unexpectedly, Susan, A College Sopho At A Small Christian College, Finds Herself Thrust Into Life Changing Situations And She Must Question Her Purpose In Life, Her Values And Her Jewish Heritage Brought To New York City By A Cryptic Phone Call From An Attorney For A Deceased Aunt, Susan Is Forced To Come To Terms With The Ambiguities A Dramatic Change In Station, Locale And Opportunity Brings Her Susan S Aunt Has Left Her Not Only An Inheritance That Will Certainly Change Her Future, But Also A Taste Of Her Lost Jewish Heritage That Her Parents Disdained Along The Way, Susan Finds Herself Questioning Those Things She Had Always Thought Important, When She Is Uprooted And Transplanted Into A Far Different World From Her Comfy, Midwestern, Academic RootsSusan Confides In An Acquaintance That She Wishes She Had A Disambiguation Page Like Those On Wikipedia, Where She Could Quickly And Safely Decide Between The Identities And Choices For Her Life That A New Romance And The Myriad Changes She Encounters Require Susan Finds The Biggest Ambiguity She Must Face Is In Her Own Heart And Sense Of Self Author Sarah Sarnoff Brings A Refreshing Voice To This Tale Of A Young Woman Coming Of Age And Making Her Life Choices She Gives An Interesting View Of Jewish Heritage And Custom, As The Young, Supposedly Jewish Woman Experiences Her Ancestral Celebrations, History And Values For The First Time A Rabbi S Long Lost Granddaughter Finds Her Heritage In Sarah Sarnoff S Delightful Story

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    Thank you to NetGalley and Saint Gaudens Press for this free copy In exchange for a copy I am giving an honest review The title is a mouthful for sure but the story is easy to read and enjoyable Sarah Sarnoff has written a coming of age story with a character that isn t entering the teenage years Instead, her main character is coming out of her teenage years and entering into young adulthood In life I believe we go through many coming of age seasons Susan, Susy, Fisher is 20 years old and has just experienced the old wives myth that death comes in threes It did for Susy First her father died, then her mother shortly after him, and finally her last blood relative dies, Aunt Rachel Called to New York City for Rachel s memorial service from her small hometown of Moline, Illinois Susy finds herself thrown into a situation she never anticipated It challenges her young maturity, her schooling, her whole life As she begins to understand the depth and breadth of this new life she has fallen into she is also challenged in the matters of religion and faith Raised by two non practicing Jews Rachel has no connection, interest, or knowledge of the Jewish faith that she has by birth But Aunt Rachel was a practicing Jew and Susy has to learn how to navigate and potentially incorporate the customs and beliefs of the Jewish faith into her own life As Susy sheds another layer of the past in order to move forward into the present and future she learns the kinds of life lessons that can only be learned at the hand of experience I had a general idea of what disambiguation meant but looked it up to make sure I had the right idea and I can see what Sarnoff was aiming for in the title but I disagree with the decision to use such a word in the title of a book Were it a textbook or some book for academia then it would be spot on, but this is a novel I liked Sarnoff s Jewish lessons through the characters and the romantic interest story was a little less mushy gushy and a little reality based, I appreciated that as well The one problem I had with the book, actually the character Susy, was that she was only 20 and on the verge of 21 but yet spoke as if she were 50 and had the life experiences and understanding of an aged, seasoned person One could argue, as Susan did, that it was because she was raised an only child and therefore was mature Eh Maybe I found it to be unrealistic and instead very idealistic I couldn t buy into the scenarios where Susan sounds like an elderly matron I did like, a lot, the lesson of forgiveness Sarnoff had in the book and how she tied it to a very popular Broadway Show and movie It was very thought provoking for me All in all not a bad read, I enjoyed it quite a bit

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    THE DISIMBAGUATION OF SUSAN by Sarah Sarnoff.I was always going to enjoy this book a hint of mystery and adventure for Susan, the heiress of a vast fortune, with no greedy relations seeking to dispute her inheritance.Parts of this novel read a bit like an instruction manual for the different factions of Judaism, as explained at a funeral to this young Jewish girl raised with little knowledge of her religious heritage A gentle introduction to the variety of Judaism At another stage we enjoy the ritual of a Jewish wedding, but all interwoven into a charming love story with a great deal of wisdom, if perhaps a little too much for one so young in such a short time There were pages of legal procedures that were unnecessarily long, However, overall the completion of this book made me feel a happier person, because I was so in tune with Susan s values Few books have this effect on me.

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    I have been sitting on a review copy of this book for several weeks and pulled it out over the weekend Glad I did.I found this a delightful novel about a young woman sort of a coming of age book, but than that I suspect the author was speaking in her own voice as the heroine, Susan She did a good job of giving Susan s story and framing several interesting characters I found the plot realistic and the commentary about society, language, things Jewish and the young woman s perspective refreshing.I am not sure what recent book to compare this to The author says she likes Heidi Julavitz as an author, but I don t see much common ground there, except writing about young American women as they encounter obstacles However, I found Sarah Sarnoff s writing refreshing and original.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, devouring it on the first night, a late night Being from a mixed Jewish and Christian family I enjoyed the main character s venture into Jewish family and tradition I also enjoyed the juxtaposition of the Christian oriented story of Les Miserables into the Jewish couple s conversation and then the life changing decision the main character, Susan, makes about dealing with her attacker.I found the characters interesting and realistic I liked how the bits of spice added to the story without the book being focused solely on romance and sex, which it was not I enjoyed the voice of this author It made for good reading flow and believability.Highly recommended.

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    This is a tough book to categorize While it has a romance that takes place, it is not a romance book While there is a fantasy aspect about the change of fortune that takes place, there is nothing beyond reality in this story The main character is a 20 year old woman, but it is not a YA book or really a coming of age There are Jewish cultural issues addressed, but it transcends any ethnic categorization.I enjoyed reading this book No complicated plot or deep secrets you had to root out, just a decent set of characters and a nice heroine dealing with life issues.Recommended.

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    I found this book to a very enjoyable read Contrary to one very snarky review on Goodreads, I did not find any flaws in either story or structure grammar Sarah Sarnoff paints an interesting tale of a young woman getting in touch with her heritage and dealing with twist s life sends her way I found the heartfelt remembrances of Susan s late aunt Rachel particularly poignant.The characters were interesting and well developed The story was complex, but flowed well and was understandable.Highly recommended.

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