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    Every once in a while I get a book I can t finish because it s horrible This is not one of those This book I stopped on after reading 2 3 of it because I simply got bored with it The characters are flat and unconvincing After the initial setup, the story gets tedious Things happen that are implausible, or at best simply unexplained One of only many examples a principal character becomes pregnant with no indication that she has had sex with the father or anyone else They knew each other casually and from all indications non romantically for about two days, then were separated for several weeks, then shortly after meeting again she discovers she is preganantall without any mention in the story that she and the father had hooked up The way I figure, about 2 days after the two re met, she is pregnant She knows she is pregnant because she already is having morning sickness Then there is the terrible editing I can only guess that the author dictated the manuscript then had a high school dropout transcribe it Words are mispelled throughout Then there are the frequent misused homonyms I here you instead of I hear you Bare with it instead of Bear with it are just two of many Poor syntax caused me to frequently have to reread paragraphs to ensure I understood them Sometimes the characters are even mixed up The story had a certain promise But I just lost interest and decided the struggle wasn t worth it.

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    This store is of a warrior, mage and the mage s daughter on a quest to stop an dead evil do oer.I read the first 1 3 of the book and then put it down The writing style was too fragmented and too slow for me to stay interested From my perspective it appears that either the editor s didn t finish their work or there were no editor s.I constantly found myself tripping over sentences that didn t flow or re reading a line in an attempt to understand the characters surroundings.I could over look the writing style if the story could just deliver something that I found unique or entertaining but sadly this is not the case.

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    This book is poorly written telling than showing with a sophomoric style, bizarre naming conventions a warrior Chieftain named Bryant really , and no editing whatsoever It was painful to read.

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    I truly enjoyed escaping in this book Been a while since I last read it So I also recommend a second read And a third And.

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