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quotes The Book of Occult , litcharts The Book of Occult , symbolism The Book of Occult , summary shmoop The Book of Occult , The Book of Occult e073218c One Man S Search For A Mystery Author Catapults Him Into A Dangerous Race To Unlock Esoteric Wisdom That Has Been Hidden And Disputed For Thousands Of Years Peter Ashton Has A Dark Past In A Teenage Prank He Uses An Old Book To Perform An Occult Ritual The Experiment Goes Awry And His Best Friend Is Killed In The Act Two Decades Later Peter Travels To Europe To Discover The Secrets Of The Book And Its Mystery Author Plagued By Curiosity And Guilt He Meets A Professor And An English Auctioneer Who Try To Help Him Verify Its Authenticity And Origins The Result Is Far Beyond What He Imagined It Is The Last Unpublished Secret Work By Th Century French Occultist Eliphas Levi The Book S Meaning Is Shrouded In Mystical Conspiracy Like Its Author Peter Soon Finds It Brings Unwanted Attention Bonnet Was Once A Dedicated American Government Agent But Is Descending On A Dark Mystical Path He Uses An Occult Tool To Enhance His Abilities But At A Grave Personal Cost He Desires Occult Power And Is Killing Everyone That Stands In The Way Will He Catch Peter And His Priceless Book From Paris To Los Angeles Peter Races Against Time And Powerful Enemies A Cult Leader Opens His Eyes To The Extent Of Underground Mysticism And Tempts Him With Money And Power With Limited Options Peter Is Attacked By Extremists Desperate To Get Hold Of The Book A Beautiful Gypsy Woman Gives Him Hope And Insight The Final Clue Leads Him To A Spanish Mansion With Revelations Than He Dreamed Possible Can Peter Unlock The Secret Wisdom Before It Is Too Late Or Will He Be Seduced By The Deadly Forces That Tempted HimYears Ago

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    Once I finished the prologue of Simon W Clark s thriller The Book of Occult, I was immediately hooked There is something about the way this author strings his words together that is evocative, real, and utterly captivating I did most of my reading for the book on my way to and from work on the train, and every single time, I never wanted to get out There is quite a wide variety of different genres in this book I felt that every chapter had something new to offer me, so I would never get bored there are nearly sixty chapters in all That is a lot of chapters, so this is a telling aspect of the author s ability to craft an excellent, fast moving narrative The settings are constantly changing too Peter s quest to search for the author of the titular book brings him all across the world Yet despite this long journey, the author allows us the necessary breaks and rises in tension to keep us gripping our seats the whole way while giving us time to breathe.Most of all, the plot in this book is fantastic It isn t too over the top, and while calling it believable in our world might be a bit of a stretch, the writing is top notch and it kept me excited all the way through I am truly hoping for a sequel

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    This debut novel really gripped me and I read this almost non stop to the end The main character Peter Ashton is flawed but likeable and it s easy to relate His quest for the author of a mystery book is a clever paradigm for self discovery We are taken along for a ride when Peter finds his book is written by a historical occult figure which makes it invaluable to many that find out Bit by bit the chase takes us with him to Paris and a charming woman who sends him to her valued clients He fights inner demons as well as real ones and the intensity triples when the baddie Bonnet breaks onto the scene in full force.The writer offers esoteric theories that he weaves well into the tale and it moves at a pace that keeps you yearning for The characters are well developed and the mix of ancient occult tools with modern technology really had me enthralled I love the auctioneer Camilla and the exotic Maria who plays a big role in the later half of the novel The host of other characters and randomly descriptive backdrops are effective as well The ending has a great twist and you wont be disappointed I really enjoyed this book and give this Tarot thriller 5 stars.

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    This is an excellent book on occult and I was really surprised to learn so much, apart from the fact that it is a cleverly written story.I really enjoyed the travelling of the two main characters and their determination to decipher the manuscript and get to the truth.I would definitely recommend it.

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    While I am someone that doesn t often read books like this, I found it all very interested Clark s writing style kept things interesting, and his knowledge of the subject was wonderful, as it made the story much easier to believe I am now compelled to read books of this genre, and am excited to see what he writes in the future.Alternating between two very different men looking for similar answers, this story stayed interesting from start to finish While Bonnet was not favorable, it was his tragedy that made me want to continue reading, and I wanted to discover how everything turned out for him The hope of Peter was a wonderful contradiction to Bonnet, and I continuously wondered how and if the two would meet.I would recommend this to readers interested in thrillers and fantasy, but also to those looking for something new I was pleasantly surprised by this story, and as I said before, I cannot wait to see what Clark has in store.

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    As somebody who is always looking to read some new occult work, I can say that The Book of Occult never let me down From the engaging prologue right to the end I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure told within Although I m quite new to the niche itself, I never found myself too confused or felt out of the loop throughout The story is told in a way so it does not exclude anybody from enjoying it I could easily pass this to a friend who knows nothing of the occult who would enjoy this equally.I did find that I picked up a lot of insightful knowledge on the occult throughout, too I mainly picked it up due to a growing love for the occult but immediately found myself captured in the plot as well Certainly worth a read on my own experience with the book whether you just enjoy a good read, or are looking to explore an enjoyable niche Aside from the plot, the style of writing is very easy to enjoy, too I was surprised to find out that this was the first release from the writer as there are relatively little moments in the book that you could do a disservice At the same time, it also does not give you a linear path of thought to follow it opens up many different avenues with giving us the story from than one perspective.Although some might not like that touch and style in books, or certain movies, it s something I certainly enjoy It keeps the pace nice and high, while still allowing for important character building backstory as well as time for learning new important parts about the occult culture as a whole Overall, this is one that I ll be reading again in the future and has given me a thirst for the genre I d like to try and learn about the occult from various sources, and figured I d be doing that mostly through online reading it s certainly enjoyable with a plot though

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    I m a huge fan of suspense and thrilling books, and I was intrigued about the Occult aspect of this book I loved the quality in which the book was written and how well the author, Simon W Clark, sets up the plot and characters from the very beginning Even from the very first pages I was hooked into the book and eager to read Before this book I had not delved into occult or occult related subjects, but I found it to be extremely fascinating to be immersed into this fantastically imagined world I was very pleased to find that the book was not slow, but was quite the opposite, always keeping a fast paced tempo without losing important storyline and details The exciting storyline mixed with the interesting subject matter, makes it extremely difficult to put down this book There is definitely a lot in the world that is considered unknown and I think this aspect of the book makes it a lot personal While reading I could imagine myself in these situations or wonder if other people I know have ever been introduced into the occult I even found myself thinking that it would definitely add a lot excitement to my life to be a part of secret occult, but then again, it depends what the occult s beliefs were Overall, I highly recommend this book to all types of readers, and encourage people to open their mind and allow the genius of The Book of Occult to be a fun escape into the unknown.

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    History, suspense, and a phenomenal story line Oh My Every now and then I will find the diamond in the rough a book that is right up my genre alley that is actually well written and compelling Well here it is After an unseeingly mishap with the workings of operating an occult ritual, a ready to be world traveler embarks on a journey to find any clues or answers to what could be one of the most mysterious findings to date Without giving too much away, I must say the author knows how to capture his readers and make them beg for the main characters mercy This novel will definitely be loved by many and I look forward to seeing from this author in the future

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    I won t write too much about the storyline as that can be found in the blurb and description on anyway This tale starts off plunging right into the action which I really like from a thriller The next 100 pages or so have a plethora of different characters and mini plots which seems to stream together by the middle of this tale The main characters are aptly dealt with and their development is spasmodic especially the bad guy who I found rather full on The interaction and activity heats up even in the second half In closure I think the final moments are handled well and don t leave me wondering.

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    Once I read the prologue, I knew I was in for an action packed story Within those first chapters I think the setting is created effectively, and flowed in action for Peter the main character The transitions are smooth, and the dialogue is sharp and appropriate for the characters Eg Military man Bonnet is giving orders in Iraq to subordinates and this comes across effectively What makes this book above average are the descriptions From character development, the occult and sub plots, everything is described in vivid detail This helps with creating an eerie environment as you continue to read further into the book This book will take you on a long voyage, but the imagination the author puts into this book brings it to life, as a blend of the real and fiction have made a unique novel Yes it could be an action horror style movie but what s wrong with that I loved this book, and will be looking for other stories from Mr Clark.

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    I can t suggest this book enough, it was a wonderful read from the first page, and kept me pulled on through to the last Books like these are a rare treat, where the storyteller has a firm grasp of his environment and the tale he wants to tell, and executes both with a masterful hand I will warn you though, don t pick this book up if it s on a night where you re expected to get any sleep, the morning will come and you ll still be turning pages, desperate to get to the last before real life takes you away from it No spoilers here, just pick up the book and read it, you won t regret it

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