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pdf The Bachelor Prince, ebook The Bachelor Prince, epub The Bachelor Prince, doc The Bachelor Prince, e-pub The Bachelor Prince, The Bachelor Prince b65194bc828 Note This Is The Manga Edition, The Original Novel Can Be Found Here The Bachelor PrincePrince Stefano Was A Man Most Girls Could Only Dream Of Meeting And Now The Very Handsome And Very Eligible Bachelor Has Come To America In Search Of The Girl He Would Someday Make His Bride Hope Jordan S Prince Has Finally Come But There Is No Happy Ending In Sight Her Royal Suitor Needs A Wealthy Wife To Save His Country From Ruin, But Hope Has Nothing To Offer Stefano Except Her Love Hope Jordan Was The First Woman To Capture Stefano S Soul, But Will He Give Up His Kingdom For Her Love

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    A fabulous idea The story was trite but I didn t mind as the format was a joy.

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    Prince Stefano of San Llorenzo is in trouble his country is on the verge of bankruptcy which therefore pressures him into an arranged marriage to a woman of wealthy standing Although willing to sacrifice his happiness and freedom for the sake of his country, he was not prepared to meet the young cafe owner, Hope.When I was still new to the English manga market, I browsed a secondhand comic store in England and came across this volume It caught my eye because the cover reminded me of Sailor Moon s anime style and when I flipped the book around to read the blurb Printed in flirty Pink And oh my so it was I still don t know whether I like it, but I was fascinated by how the entire volume was printed in pink rather than the traditional black and white.That was reason enough for buying it and I ve come back to it every once in a while over the years Much as the colour might suggest, it is overly sweet and cheesy But sometimes you want to read just that The romance is very rushed and yet, I find the characters likeable enough and there were enough funny scenes to keep me satisfied Prince Stefano s disguises, to mention one thing The story also seemed to jump between utterly unrealistic and perfectly rational It s odd how it can appear to be a bit of both I loved the art It does indeed remind of Sailor Moon and some other older manga styles which I generally fancy.

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    Kind of cute and kind of a little weird I loved the disguises outfits the prince would dress in to escape to see Hope Especially the dude with the huge gun he was carrying around What city would let you walk around with a gun almost the size of your body I especially loved his Elvis costume That had to have gotten a few questioning looks as well.Prince Stefano s country is going bankrupt so he must marry a rich woman So after they choose the victim soon to be queen they go to America to woo her In the wooing process the prince participates in a raffle of course and goes on a date with a young girl that loves to wear her hair in pig tails all the time What girl in her twenties wears her hair in pigtails high on her head all the time Except for their date of course where she transforms into this beautiful woman and then shortly after she is back to her pig tails But the prince loves her and she loves them and luckily a gold mine is found in their country so he can marry poor pigtail wearing coffee shop girl AAAHHH dreams come true

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    I like harlequin A lot And I was really excited about harlequin going manga I mean ridiculously excited I have some library related co workers who might have lost a little extra respect for me because of my excitement But I have to say that I was disappointed in Harlequin Pink First, I have to get over the pink I mean the books are neon pink for heavens sake But that s a cosmetic criticism that wouldn t hold for everyone But then you have the plot that is stripped of all nuances that the majority of romance novels have Every hated stereotype that I have ever heard about romance novels is obvious in Harlequin Pink I think that because you have images to replace descriptive words you are left with the self loathing instead of mild doubt or a low self confidence moment of the hero and the heroine with a hearty dose of hero arrogance Like I said I like indepth characterizations than Harlequin Pink can provide See Idol Dreams for a repeat of this rant.

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    In Macomber s romance novel, Prince Stefano is a man who could choose any woman he wants and this very eligible and handsome prince needs a wife His search brings him to the shores of America determined to return home with the perfect bride Hope Jordan falls for the prince the instant their eyes meet but there s just one problem Hope has no wealth to bring to any marriage least of all a prince All she can offer him is her love and her heart but will that be enough to land her prince An inspiring story illustrating that love conquers all.

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    Liked the added dimension of Pietro and Priscilla s relationship Was eager to see both of those relationships develop but felt like the Hope Stefano relationship was not shown or fully developed I was told they fell in love, but I didn t see it like I did Pietro Priscilla Nice, easy read though.

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    Cute is the best word to describe this story Could have incorporated a bit depth of characters Ending seemed to wrap up to easily for all involved And they all lived happily ever after.

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    good for young teen to kill time.

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    The material was a bit dated And I felt that the Prince showed himself to be a fool on than one occasion But overall, this was a good read.

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    It was cute Kind of Coming to America feel to it.

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