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    Like all of Julia Llewellyn s Novels, her latest offering deals not only with romance but with real life issues and problems, perhaps this novel than others The story centres around Zu, her father Tony and mother and daughter team Gillian and Holly Whilst the relationships between these parents and siblings are strained and this makes for quite gritty reading sometimes, there are romantic undertones throughout the book and a full on love story to keep any reader happy.Zu returns from her travels around the world doing charity work to her father s house and finds herself working for a dating agency who says that it only takes ten minutes to fall in love In those ten minutes you will know when you have met the one Zu doesn t support this and it seems that none of the other characters in the novel actually do either, so don t be put off by the title, you don t have to be a hopeless romantic and believe in love at first sight to enjoy this book I enjoyed reading this book but found it a bit of a slog at points because of some of the issues that were going on between mother and daughter and father and daughter Be warned, this is not a light and fluffy offering, some of the things may feel a little close to home, and some of the scenes left me feeling uncomfortable The love stories at the heart of the book, however, than made up for the fact that there was some gritty, real life drama dealt with, and I found myself carried away, willing characters to see the person who was right for them and realise that they were in love

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    This was an easy read and although it is the first one I have read by this author I did not enjoy it enough to be adding her back catalogue to my wishlist Sorry it was just not satisfying enough for me, although the idea that love can be found in just a few minutes if you meet your soul mate was an interesting theme, the content did not really live up to the title for me Maybe I just interpreted the blurb incorrectly, but I was expecting something romantic than the trials and tribulations of the protagonists family life Zu Forbes is back in London with her father and brothers after spending time travelling to try and sort out the emotional baggage she has carried around for years In fact since her alcoholic mother first made her teen years a misery she has been a very mixed up young lady unable to make commitments in her life She needs to sort her life out and come to terms with her past if she is ever to find happiness for herself, her father and brothers These are issues she needs to deal with if she is ever going to be able to travel again without feeling guilty about how lonely her father is Her problems may be partially solved when she unexpectedly finds herself working for a dating agency, with an opportunity to sort out her Dad s love life This would of course leave her free to run away from her own demons with a clear conscience However it is no surprise that nothing goes according to plan and there are some witty and comic scenes involving trips to the Ukraine, drug abuse and dominatrices There is enough going on in this novel to make it worth picking up and reading if it is a light easy read with some humour that you are looking for.

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    All her life, Zu has been running From her friends, family and most of all, herself Her mum had a terrible drinking problem which eventually comsumed her In those times, Zu helped her father to look after her small brothers and she could never talk about her problems to someone else That s why she is passionate about working in far away countries, where people actually need her help She has tried to help her father but she feels that he shuts her out So, when she is jobless and has to come back home, she tries every way to get out of there as soon as possible But life has other plans. In her desperation, she gets a job in the dating agency Ironic, for a person who has never believed that she could be loved She soon meets Henchie who makes her believe in herself and tries his best to tell her that he loves her The last few pages of this book makes you feel loved, then after a crazy twist, makes you agitated and then at the very end, content

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    This is an interesting read Zu is a complex character whose alcoholic mother died when she was a teenager Finding it hard to deal with this and support her lonely father she took off around the world and has been travelling ever since Now she is back home and working at a dating agency Keen to take off again she decides to find a perfect match for her dad so that he is no longer alone However, as she searches for someone for her dad is she missing out on her own perfect match Before she can move on with her life Zu needs to face up to her own issues and her memories of her mother I recommend this book, it s a good read with some interesting characters.

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    At first i really wasn t sure about this book, which was heartbreaking as i have always loved Julia Llewellyn However, once i got into the book i have to say its brilliant The cover and title gives the impression of a romantic novel, but personally i don t think it is There is a story of families and trials of family life The subject of drugs is done in such a way, its an unusual approach but one of pure brilliance and refreshingly real Ignore the cover, even ignore the blurb and just plunge into a brilliant book and enjoy.

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    I have to say that I lived this book It s been funny , sad , a little naughty and had some funny misunderstandings leading to happiness Zu has been a great character , funny and nice and totally bewildering as the same time She had no clue with Jack at all , who sounded lush on paper I liked her dad Tony and found the adventures of his love life comical , but realised early on who he would end up with A great lovely chick lit read

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    If I have to be totally honest, I didn t particularly enjoy this read Actually, I was looking forward to the moment I d be done with it.I haven t read anything by Julia Llewellyn before so I am not familiar with her writing style but specifically in this book I didn t like it In my opinion it was poor and so was the story itself as it lacked plot twists and therefore didn t manage to keep me hooked.

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    I m reading romances to get into the zone and found this one quite involving while I read it, but I m afraid if anyone asked me what it was about I could only tell them it was about a dating agency At least the cover did match the story So many don t give a clue.

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    Personally, I didn t find it as easy to read as Julia s previous books, it definitely has a different feel but despite this I did enjoy it once I got into it Will still read any of Julia s books that she writes

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    I really enjoyed this book and although it was quite predictable in parts, I was happy with the ending and enjoyed being proved right Will be looking out for books by this author.

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