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explained Supernaturally, review Supernaturally, trailer Supernaturally, box office Supernaturally, analysis Supernaturally, Supernaturally 8c23 Evie Finally Has The Normal Life She S Always Longed For But She S Shocked To Discover That Being Ordinary Can Bekind Of Boring Just When Evie Starts To Long For Her Days At The International Paranormal Containment Agency, She S Given A Chance To Work For Them Again Desperate For A Break From All The Normalcy, She AgreesBut As One Disastrous Mission Leads To Another, Evie Starts To Wonder If She Made The Right Choice And When Evie S Faerie Ex Boyfriend Reth Appears With Devastating Revelations About Her Past, She Discovers That There S A Battle Brewing Between The Faerie Courts That Could Throw The Whole Supernatural World Into Chaos The Prize In Question Evie HerselfSo Much For Normal explained Supernaturally, review Supernaturally, trailer Supernaturally, box office Supernaturally, analysis Supernaturally, Supernaturally 8c23 Evie Finally Has The Normal Life She S Always Longed For But She S Shocked To Discover That Being Ordinary Can Bekind Of Boring Just When Evie Starts To Long For Her Days At The International Paranormal Containment Agency, She S Given A Chance To Work For Them Again Desperate For A Break From All The Normalcy, She AgreesBut As One Disastrous Mission Leads To Another, Evie Starts To Wonder If She Made The Right Choice And When Evie S Faerie Ex Boyfriend Reth Appears With Devastating Revelations About Her Past, She Discovers That There S A Battle Brewing Between The Faerie Courts That Could Throw The Whole Supernatural World Into Chaos The Prize In Question Evie HerselfSo Much For Normal

  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Supernaturally
  • Kiersten White
  • English
  • 15 January 2018
  • 9780061985867

About the Author: Kiersten White

Kiersten White is the New York Times bestselling author of many books for teens and young readers, including And I Darken, Now I Rise, Bright We Burn, The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, and Slayer She lives with her family near the ocean in San Diego, where she perpetually lurks in the shadows Visit Kiersten online at KierstenWhite.com and follow KierstenWhite on Twitter.

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    What a breath of fresh air With so many end all be all dystopian apacolypse YA books out there, it s a relief to finally find one that breaks the mold My life is a black hole of boredom and despair So basically you ve been doing homework Like I said, black hole Evie was created by the fairies as an Empty One She longs to suck the soul out of anyone supernaturalalmost as much as she longs to go on a date with her boyfriend Lend or go shopping.She s finally managed to escape the clutches of the International Paranormal Containment Agency aka IPCA aka her old job and is experiencing a normal lifewhich consists of lockers yay , her boyfriend double yay andgym class ugh.But just when things settle down aka they get boring , life throws her a curve ball IPCA wants needs her back, the supernaturals are acting suspicious, the fairies are downright murderous and she just can t seem to stop lying to Lend She feels terrible especially about Lend but how exactly do you break the news that your boyfriend is immortal I d tell him, though Soon Soonish Eventually Just when she thinks she has a handle on everythinglife gets even crazier Will she ever obtain the normal life she s always longed for And if she gets it, would she even want it I adore this series.Evie is such a hilarious and vivacious character She brings this series alive I love her from her pink and sparkly taser Tasey to her butt kicking attitude Yeah I know you re a creature of the night Bringer of death, sucker of blood, needer of tans, so on and so forth And oddly enough, I m still unimpressed However, Lend s character felt muchdimmer I really enjoyed the give and take between Evie and Lend from the first book And in this one, he was still a great guy but his personality fizzled into blandness I really liked the direction White is taking this novel The inclusion of Jack and all the other cool details i.e fairy slaves or troll towns really rounded out this world I absolutely cannot wait for the next one Faeries and vampires were glittery now Honestly. Audiobook CommentsThe audio delivered Emily Eiden had the perfect timing and delivery for all of Evie s one liners she really took this book to the next level Loved it Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Moves like Buffy as sung to Lyndsey by Evie, set to Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5Do you see these scars I can go all nightYou know in your heartThat you aren t rightI ll take you awayTo the IPCAYeah, you better behaveYou re in my controlSo don t fight meNow let s take a strollDon t you bite meYou say I m a sheepWell, I think you re a creepI don t give a BLEEPAnd it goes like thisTake me by the the handAnd I ll go with youThrough the faerie landsAnd I ll showI got them moves like BuffyI got them MOVES like BuffyI got them mooo oo oo OOO oo oo oo ooves like Buffy.I won t even try to control youI already know that I ll OWN youI got them moves like BuffyI got them MOVES like BuffyI got them mooo oo oo OOO oo oo oo ooves like Buffy.__________________________________So Evie is back This time she has all but disappeared from the radar of her former employer, the IPCA International Paranormal Containment Agency , and is now living a semi normal existence and attending a regular high school Or so she thought When unusual activity with paranormals starts cropping up all over the place, they need her to help solve the mystery She is assigned a new and mysterious escort named Jack who begins to cause all sorts of problems for Evie, even though she already has enough problems of her own, including the relationship with her paranormal boyfriend, Lend What sorts of surprises does Jack have in store for Evie view spoiler Well, apart the fact that he is a complete douche, which isn t really that much of a surprise hide spoiler

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    5 SERIOUSLY SPARKLY STARS.Oh, bleep It was SO GOOD.Let me just say I was torn between reading at a crazy, feverish, I am consumed by this book pace and slowing down to savor each delicious word and laugh out loud line.As I ended up reading Supernaturally in 3.5 hours, I obviously opted to drink from the fire hose instead of sipping daintily from a tea cup.Kiersten White, you are the word maestro You really upped the hilarity quotient in this sequel with your clever turns of phrase and laugh out loud lines sprinkled on every page You know that part where Lend gives Evie a gift which she loves and Evie says, Well, you ve set a ridiculously high standard for yourself Should have started out with something tacky That s how I felt after Paranormalcy You d set the bar so high for yourself no short jokes intended Could you do it again My answer is a RESOUNDING YES It s been six months since Evie and Lend s escape from the International Paranormal Containment Agency Evie s finally gotten the normal life she s always longed for high school, a job, an apartment, a locker But Evie s finding that normal iskind of boring So when Raquel and IPCA come calling, swearing they ve kind of changed their ways, Evie s drawn back in by the lure of the excitement of her former life and helping out Raquel The best part for Evie no trips through the faerie paths with psychotic faeries thanks to IPCA s newest teenage phenom, Jack.Oh, Jack With your cocky attitude, all kinds of funny wit, and dimpled audacity, you had me laughing from hello Jack, thy name is Cheeky I just had to throw that little ode in to one of my favorite new characters of 2011 I don t know if Jack has a real life inspiration, but if he does, heaven help that boy s poor mother.Kiersten White knows her stuff She seems well aware of YA tropes and avoids them at every turn with her refreshing characters, unexpected plot points, and authentic relationships Kiersten seems to know we re tired of love triangles And clingy, over dependent heroines And cliffhangers There is no the building s burning and we don t know who gets out alive for our Supernaturally ending ahem, Demonglass Kiersten lovingly pokes fun at many of these well worn YA tropes and creates something fresh and fun an absolute pleasure to read Each moment where I thought the story could descend into predictability, Kiersten White took it in another direction of total awesomeness.And Evie I heart Evie There are YA heroines I respect Others with which I sympathize Some I relate to But Evie, she s in the very tiny category of YA heroines I d want to be friends with SUCH A FRESH VOICE She s sassy and clever and witty and relatable and sparkly She s tough yet vulnerable And she likes pink Kiersten draws these characters with such a vivid hand.The pacing Genius It was unputdownable And unforgettable I ve read it three times now because it was that good There was an oh my gosh, what s going to happen next read, an I am so savoring this read, and a good parts wait that s all the book read I am an unabashed fangirl at this point.Fans of Paranormalcy, start counting down to July 26 P.S That cover is all kinds of gorgeous.P.P.S And Kiersten, I was waiting to see where you d fit in the usage of cleavagization and now I know.

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    Hello Goodreaders, and welcome to Irrelevant Book Cover Redo, Part Deux Part Un was my Paranormalcy review In this second installment of the Paranormalcy series, Kiersten White picks back up with Evie and the gang after the gaggle of events that occurred at the end of book one Look at the cover Okay, now read this the following paragraph where I set up the plot for you Evie is living out in the real world after Lend s father falsifies papers for her She is living the dream er, well her dream, to attend a real high school while her boyfriend is away at college But things are not fine and dandy in the paranormal world are they ever and there is an unexplained influx of paranormals in town, some of the elementals are disappearing, Evie s sister is appearing in her dreams, and a weird boy who can navigate the Faerie Paths shows up out of seemingly nowhere What s a girl to do Alright, so it makes perfect sense to have a girl in a red dress prancing in some poppies or daisies , right NOT Here s my redo of questionable quality I mean, right I didn t even include everything in answers to your already budding questions the guy is doing a flip off the bed, the gnome is a chef, Evie is wearing her gym suit because she seems to always be in gym class, the cloud is alive, the vampire is on her laptop, and the doorway is open to Faerie Phew The plot of this edition is just as fun and full of interesting events as the last one, but I felt like it was not as successfully sewn up So many storylines and characters are added in and I do not feel like I got to spend enough time with any of them The Lend Evie relationship fell flat to me, which was a huge disappointment as I was rooting for them in Paranormalcy Several of their problems were Evie s fault well, all of them and those of you who are worried about her becoming TSTL it s not a complete transition but she certainly makes several ridiculous decisions in this installment almost all of them involve not communicating effectively with those she is closest to Frustration City, population ME My other largest gripe came from Jack s character He is the flipping boy in the new cover He seems to always be effing flipping all over the place and frankly, if I was Evie, I would ve done a super dramatic eyeroll at him at the very least He was beyond immature, which was weird considering the writing was leading him to be Lend s competition and Evie s friends found him attractive Um, not really I keep thinking to myself that I might not be the target audience for this book but the thing is I kind of am I read buttloads of YA books Kiersten White impressed me with her sense of humor, fun storyline, and consistent writing in Paranormalcy She still entertained me in this one but just not to the same extent.I will definitely continue to read this series Several new storylines and characters are introduced in this one and the anticipation builds throughout the narrative I am really excited to see where the plot threads that felt irrelevant to THIS book will lead in the NEXT book because obviously that is why they are there A few people have given this 5 stars so maybe you ll fall on that side But if any of the same things that bother me irk you, you ll probably fall with me around the 3 3.5 mark.

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    You ever read a first book that you just loved and had everything you were looking for a good MC, no love triangles, action, suspense, not a lot of vanilla characters, was fun, and had an ending that wraps everything neatly with just enough strings left unattached that leaves a smidgen of mystery to rope you into the next book Well, for me, that was Paranormalcy, the first book in this series I just loved it Evie was smart, badass, had a funny voice, and really good character depth I totally devoured that book and have re read it quite a few times I just wanted to be sucked back into her world that White created so well After I finished that book I was really excited to read Supernaturally, and waited with baited breath for its release And you can believe I bought this sucker the second it was on the shelves.Well, what did I think after such high expectations I m going to use another rhetorical question to describe my feelings here You ever read the next book of a series and feel like something you thought was indelible is now gone It was like that for me while reading Paranormalcy The best way I can explain it is that there was some sort of spark the first book had that was missing here, and I just couldn t connect to Evie, Lend, or really the book as whole as well as I did the first time.Part of the problem for me, which I thought I d never say, was Lend He wasn t in this book nearly as often, and even when he was all he was doing was nagging Evie and not letting her make her own choices although Evie did tell him off about that when he tried to bring it up, but nonetheless or his being there was further clouded by Evie worrying about telling him that he was immortal Bleh I seriously just wanted to grab her shoulders and shake her Just freaking tell the man already He deserves to know something so personal about his own life, dammit Oh, and did anyone else find that his solution to the problem that he lives forever and Evie could die before she turns 30 was kind of stupid It wasn t really even a solution It was just some blanket statement that solved nothing which wasn t something I expected Lend to come up with, but it seems some of his sense has flown out the window I mean, how does saying I m just going to live my life solve anything You re going to live forever, Lend I m sorry, but that just sounds like a pussy answer you can t just put in on the back burner Then he never really said anything funny or witty, he just ran around worrying about Evie the whole bleeping time, and that was not cool with me.And I m even shocked to say that some of the reason that the spark was gone was because of Evie For one, she was so dependent on Lend that she seemed to stop thinking or having many coherent ideas of her own She even says herself towards the end that she wasn t thinking view spoiler when she realizes that she could have tried other colleges close to Georgetown in order to be close to Lend only after ignoring 4 other people telling her to do that the whole book hide spoiler

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    Actual rating 2.5 stars My life is a black hole of boredom and despair So basically you ve been doing homework Like I said, black hole Is it a bad thing that I saw that plot twist coming half a book before it actually happened Technically, it wasn t even a plot twist for me because I was just waiting for the author to reveal that fact.I m still wondering what I saw in book one to make me give it four stars I mean, Evie having a taser called get this Tasey is now getting on my nerves I thought a badass main character who still liked hot pink and sparkly dresses was cool, but now it just seems overdone Raquel s various types of sighs used to be funny, but now they aren t Lend was still cool, though, and Reth was well, not nice in the least, but compare him to a couple of the other characters, and he s almost a saint.Almost.

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    With some trepidation do I start this review of Supernaturally, sequel to 2010 s Paranormalcy Now, I liked Paranormalcy well enough because of its heroine, Evie, and the story s tendency to poke fun at the paranormal craze Whatever flaws the story had, the novel had charm in a world of YA books gone shallow and insipid, unrelatable and inane, and I was hopeful to read the next installment even if I thought that Evie s story could have stayed open ended with readers imagining what her future might hold after she has gained some semblance of normalcy In truthI think it might have been better to leave the story open ended since Supernaturally doesn t have quite the same amount of charm that its predecessor had Supernaturally suffers from the sequel slump, a common occurrence among many, many trilogies to be found in the young adult section Most YA novels that expand into trilogies quite honestly could have stayed standalone novels, but nowadays the bigger publishers bank on trilogies instead of standalone novels And that s fine However, when you have a debut author who has likely only written a handful of novel drafts if that prior to a publishing deal, you have to take into consideration whether or not the author has the experience to undertake a trilogy Will the author be able to handle an overarching plot that hangs as an umbrella over all three novels and then the individual novel plot problems and predicaments Will the author potentially be able to make the novels tied up plot wise on their own so that any reader can feel satisfied by finishing one novel without needing to read the rest Yes, that can be a pro and a con, but then you have the other end of the spectrum cliffhangers that leave frayed threads of plot just hanging where you NEED the next book even if only to satisfy your curiosity Now, which would readers rather have books that can stand on their own or ones that thrive off cliffhanger central I would guess the former before the latter Kiersten White falls somewhere in the middle though her novels have their own individual plots and then hints of an overarching plot across all three books, they aren t the kind of novels that leave off on cliffhangers think The Hunger Games that leave you wanting , nor are they completely individual on their own though, to be fair, YA novels that are a part of trilogies series rarely are this sort So what is Supernaturally It s a novel caught in that place where no novel wants to be too reliant on its predecessor to be a companion or standalone novel yet not fulfilling enough as a sequel to the original Supernaturally begins with Evie where she has always dreamed of being living the normal life of a teenage girl Sure, her boyfriend Lend may be away at college, and she may still have questions than answers about her supernatural heritagebut life is good Of course, this is Evie, so things are never quite so normal as she may think After a series of strange occurrences, Evie finds herself working for IPCA again, but her jobs aren t solo any this time, she s working with a trickster like boy named Jack, a human who has the power to walk the Faerie Paths.While Supernaturally did offer some smiles and just good natured fun to me, it really didn t have oomph One problem is that it was too easy for me to put the book down when I m reading a book, I should always feel the need to know , , and keep flipping those pages Time should be a void while I read to the point that when I look up from the book I m shocked to find that hours have passed since I started reading With Supernaturally, there was no pull for me I slogged through the book over the course of a few weeks, and everything Evie, Lend, even the paranormal world around them didn t seem to have the same charm that I remembered it having in Paranormalcy The need for conflict and plot motion gave way to stupid character decisions and unnecessary angst, and all of it left me feeling rather lukewarm.However much Supernaturally was a mixed reading experience for me, I will be reading the final book, Endlessly, because I have hope that Kiersten White will manage to wow me with the finale Though I can t wholeheartedly recommend Supernaturally on its own, I do think Paranormalcy is worth reading I may not have been a fan of the second installment, but that doesn t mean that everyone will feel the same way I do Soread at your own discretion.

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    When I first time heard about Kiersten White I was about 16 17 years old I saw Paranormalcy accidentally on book store with good price, so I bought it It was fantasy genre and I didn t care about the details at the moment And I have to say that I really enjoyed first book and I couldn t wait for opportunity to read the second one However, it took me about even 3 or 4 years to get a chance for that Again, before taking Supernaturally from library I didn t thought twice I loved first book and I felt sure that this one will be even better Sadly, because I had my expectations pretty high I felt quite disappointed.To know why I felt disappointed check my blog

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    Fun, quirky, energetic, amusing and highly entertaining Supernaturally is just as great as the first book And if you thought Evie was a hOOt then ya ll are gonna love Jack Despite all things he s such a crazy fun character who will have you laughing out loud the minute you meet him And lets not forget about Lead, He s just as irresistible and adorable as ever Love him If your looking for a break from the serious paranormal reads then look no further This book is the perfect combination of easy going happy go lucky with a lot of fun mishaps along the way Pure smile worthy

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    Okay, I know this is random, but best acknowledgements section ever.Anywho I started off my year with Kiersten White s debut, Paranormalcy, and I said in my review that it was the perfect funk breaker and way to start the year I ve been recommending it heartily ever since And so, though I don t usually actively pursue review books, the sequel, Supernaturally, was one I was bound and determined to get my hands on As politely and professionally as possible, of course p So yes, Misty ARC of Supernaturally Pleased As Punch I was so, so ready to slip back into Evie s world and have her funny, effervescent voice back in my head.Supernaturally picks up a few months after the events of Paranormalcy, with Evie settled into the normal life she s always craved and she s quickly learning that normal s not all it s cracked up to be I mean, she s even beginning to lose her enthusiasm over lockers Evie issad, but she doesn t quite realize it yet I kept thinking as I was reading this that the Evie we meet in Supernaturally is going to be hard for some fans of Paranormalcy to swallow She is going through some major changes and confronting the facts of her life no longer a super special kick ass IPCA chick, not quite as human as she thought she was, missing her best friend and almost sister, finding out normal boring, and relationship slightly on the rocks and all of this makes for a less likable Evie She s not as buoyant and irrepressible she s sort of angsty and occasionally whiny, and at times, downright sulky She s a little hard to bear, and it may well put some fans off But the thing is, I still have to give credit to Kiersten White because I think these changes were honest It makes perfect sense that after everything, after losing so much and finding out that her life has always been a lie, that Evie would be reeling and not dealing with it all that well Her world has been turned upside down, and she can t trust anything any She s starting from scratch, and the shiny wears off pretty quickly, especially when the only thing you ve got to look forward to is a locker Not to mention that she s pretty much lived her life in a controlled bubble, so she doesn t necessarily have the coping mechanisms to deal with these huge changes, nor does she have the people in her life that would have been the ones to help her through them It s only fitting that this introduce some angst into her life, and that we see her in a rough patch It wouldn t have been believable to have everything go on smoothly and nonchalantly as before But even if it s understandable and even necessary to advance Evie s character, there will be people who just don t have the tolerance for it And with a lot less Lend in the story than people are going to be happy with, and most of the cutesy gone, there may be those who were fans of the first book, but heartily dislike the second.There were times when I was irritated with Evie or the story, but for the most part, even if it lacked a bit of the magic of the first, I enjoyed it pretty thoroughly There were some new beings introduced, either briefly or for the long haul, that brought in a lot of the fun I ve come to associate with White s writing Much of it expanded the world nicely, and some of it was downright hilarious unicorns One of the new major characters, Jack, was a great deal of fun, very Puckish and irreverant, and school boy smart ass charming He s good, crazy fun I mean, don t get me wrong, I saw his storyline coming a mile away, but I still enjoyed getting there, and what he brought out in Evie or allowed to be revealed I mean that in the old school sense, not the J Kagawa sense Stop squeeing Many of the old characters were there too, even some that you may not have expected to see again Raquel is back with her sighs though less of them, thank god and we get to know some of the formerly minor characters a little better And Reth makes an appearance or three, and I ate up every minute of it I love me some Reth, I don t even care Say what you want, he may be a Fey dick at times, but I lurve him, and I don t even care to hide it One thing I was happiest about, though, was the continuance resolution to the Vivian storyline Vivian is still a part of the story, in her way, and while still just as intriguing, it is a much calmer relationship I really like her and the consistency of her character even when she grows and changes, it s believable, and she facilitates that in Evie, too The realities of Evie s struggle and what she and Vivian are paves the way for a great expansion of Evie s history There is still so much there to explore, both in the person she is going to become and I love her struggle, love the temptation and the horror of being what she is , and in the way the other paranormals treat her.I think, in some ways, this was a book to get through I don t mean that it was bad or you have to slog through it, but I think it acts as a necessary bridge between what has happened and the things that need to come into being Just as Evie needed to go through these hard, angsty times to come into her own I hope and grow, I think there are a lot of things that either happen or are hinted at that give a sense that the story is much bigger Something big is brewing, and it always feels as if it s about to explode There are things that aren t 100% tied up at the end, and though that may frustrate some, it s doesn t seem done in that false way that s meant to get you to buy another book There are justimplications of a bigger picture, hints about the elementals and other beings, of tensions and alliances, and though the main events of this story are wrapped up nicely, you get a sense that it s just the calm before the storm And personally, I love stormsLooking forward to book 3.Related If you haven t read the book, here s the trailer If you have, this fan made, Sims based trailer kills me So bleeping funny Intenionally or not

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