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    Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola is the first book in a classic children's literature series from the 1970s and 1980s. It was eventually made into a cartoon and several other children's merchandise, all fun and educational toys as kids grew up. I enjoyed the premise of the books but only read the first one, and maybe the second or third (can't remember!).

    Strega Nona means "Grandma Witch," and she helps the townspeople with all their problems through her magical pasta pot. One day, she has to go away and leaves Big Anthony in charge. And even though he was told not to use the pot, he doesn't listen and causes all sorts of wacky situations.

    These books were meant as little lessons for children. It all comes down to teaching the 4 to 8 range why it's important to listen, what harm can happen if you don't and how to always be honest and truthful. Valuable stuff... and when it's in a picture book format, it's quite strong.

    Of all the picture books, these weren't my super-high favorite ones, but they were still very good. I liked the idea of a witch teaching children, but at the same time... if you want this to be a listen, did she have to be a witch? Couldn't she just have been a grandma with some magical powers? I suppose it's a good way to show that not all "witches" can be bad. But I bet kids learned to eat a lot of pasta from them!!!

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    I think I have read this book before as a young child. My memory is tickled. I loved this book.

    Strega Nona is the town witch or healing woman. People come to see her for any ails they have. She is getting older, so she hires Big Anthony to help her out with chores. Big Anthony sees her using her magic pasta pot and he is so excited he has to tell everyone and they laugh at him. So, when Strega goes to visit a friend Big Anthony fires up the pot. The town is so impressed with him, but he didn’t see the full details to turn it off. A blob of pasta begins to threaten the city and Strega Nona has to save the town.

    A wonderful tale about magic and playing with things you don’t really understand. It’s also a fun story that gets the imagination going.

    The kids really enjoyed this story. They laughed along with it. The nephew kept asking if a magic pasta pot could really do that? Could that really happen? He laughed at Big Anthony. He thought this was a funny story and so he gave this 4 stars. The niece enjoyed this story too. She laughed along with her brother. She wondered why Big Anthony didn’t listen to Strega Nona. She was entertained by this and she gave it 4 stars too.

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    Listen, pay attention, and follow instructions, or there may be negative consequences; in this case, pasta might take over the world. I have enjoyed this author/illustrator’s other books and his illustrations work so well in this story.

    I love that this tale isn’t scary, doesn’t have any villains, and that there is a positive message. The story really is very amusing, and it’s fun to read aloud.

    I never knew a book that makes pasta look both so appealing and unappealing.

    I love the magic pot! My kind of cooking!

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    “Strega Nona” created in 1975 by Tomie dePaola, was the author’s first book about the kind and elderly “grandma witch.” This book has since been a popular favorite among children and has won the Caldecott Honor Book Award for its excellence in writing and in its drawing. Strega Nona is sure to be a hit with both children and adults.

    Tomie dePaola does an awesome job at creating a story that is humorous and exciting at the same time. Big Anthony humorously plays the role of a tragic hero as he at first was able to feed the townspeople all the pasta they desired, but then ends up nearly destroying the town when he did not listen to Strega Nona’s warnings about the pasta pot. Strega Nona also acted as a savior to the people when she saved the town from the pasta and therefore saving their lives. Tomie dePaola’s illustrations are simply delightful as he illustrates Strega Nona as a helpful and intelligent old woman with an old-fashioned apron around her and Big Anthony as a big and klutzy man who seems to have wild blond hair.

    “Strega Nona” is a wonderful story about the consequences of not listening to certain warnings that could endanger people’s lives. Also, this book shows the importance of respecting one’s elders as the villagers respect Strega Nona’s wisdom on cures and life. “Strega Nona” is surely an excellent book for learning about folktales around the world, since the story is supposedly from Italy and will enchant adults and children five years or older for many generations.

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    🍝 I had postponed reading this one as I'm not a fan of dePaolo's illustrations. I was pleasantly surprised as I really enjoyed the story of the "grandma witch" with the "neverending pasta" bowl. Plus I learned that strega means witch in Italian! Had I known that sooner I might have been more keen to check this one out as I do love a good witch story.

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    I found this book in my house this weekend and decided to read it. It isn't a super short book, but it isn't very long either. The story line seems like it is for little kids, but not awful overall. I don't recommend it to older kids because it wasn't very challenging.
    Overall, not a bad book, but not challenging enough for my lexile or reading level.

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    What's not to love about this book? It's a great story.

    My acquitance with this book occured, not when I was at the targeted age, but when my brother was. My brother loved spagetti as a young child (he still loves it). He had so many books that dealt with spagetti, including a real annoying one More Spaghetti, I Say!. He had to be read these books constantly. Honestly, I can still recite parts of them by heart. The words are burnt into what passes for my brain.

    There was one huge but.

    When you read a story to my brother, you couldn't say spagetti. Nope, you couldn't say it at all.

    You had to say "getti getti".

    If you didn't say getti getti bad things happened. The sky darkened. The sun and moon traded places. The rivers ran backward. The fish ate oranges. The spagetti getti getti would be undercooked.

    Bad things.

    Real bad things.

    The one really, really, really good thing about Strega Nona was that it is a charming story that doesn't get old. A charming story that is still charming even with the use of the word getti getti. I still like this book despite having to read one too many times.

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    I waited so long to read this book and now I'm hungry and fellas, you've gotta read it.

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    This story has the feel of an old fable - the kind of story brought over by your grandparents when they immigrated - but it is in fact made up by the author, Tomie dePaola, and first published in 1975. It reads like a fairy-tale, of the classical kind, and has strong moral messages - ones about how you reap what you sow, and going behind someone's back, and meddling in what you don't understand, and being greedy, and so on.

    Part of what gives it that old-world (read: old-Europe) feel are the wonderful illustrations, also by dePaola, which somehow remind me of stained-glass windows.

    strega nona


    Strega Nona is an old lady who lives in the town of Calabria, a long time ago. The name, "strega nona", means "Grandma Witch", and Strega Nona helps the local townspeople with their troubles - even the priests and nuns of the nearby convent, because she has such a magical touch.

    She advertises for someone to help her around the house and garden, and soon employs Big Anthony, a strong young man who doesn't pay attention. He's very helpful, but when he hears Strega Nona saying a magic spell over her pasta pot, he gets greedy. Strega Nona has a magic pasta pot, and when she says the right words, it produces a potful of pasta ready to eat. She must say certain words to make it stop, too, and bow three kisses, but Big Anthony doesn't pay attention and doesn't hear that part.

    When Strega Nona goes away to see her friend, Strega Amelia, she leaves Big Anthony in charge, with the stringent warning not to touch the pasta pot. But of course, as soon as she's gone, Big Anthony goes and tells everyone in the town about the pasta pot. They don't believe him, so he decides to show them. Only, once the pasta pot has started producing pasta and everyone has had a bowlful, he can't get it to stop. Soon, pasta is overflowing and rushing out the door and flooding the town. It's a disaster, and only the arrival of Strega Nona can fix it - and she has the perfect punishment for Big Anthony.

    I have vague memories of reading this as a kid, and it really holds its own well. I love the illustrations, and the story too, which is both fun and meaningful. It's one for older children, around five or six, but certainly any child would enjoy this tale.

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    How have I never read this book before today? It's so cute and funny and everything a children's book should be. It teaches a lesson without the kid knowing they're learning a lesson. "Don't touch stuff that I specifically said not to touch. I will find out and you will be punished." And I hope I wasn't the only one that thought the ending was going to be dark. I just had a feeling that I was going to see Big Anthony explode from eating all that pasta on the last page.

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