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    Set in my fictional town of Harmony, Indiana, many have called this novel my best work to date I am quite proud of it And seeing Robby Miller The Wide Game, Cinema of Shadows interact with Earl Preston Poseidon s Children is a ton of fun

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    4.5 stars, rounded up for the fantastic cover work That is the first time I ve ever rounded up for that Harmony, Indiana This is Book 3 that takes place in this local, where the veil between worlds seems unusually thin I enjoyed Book 2 CINEMA OF SHADOWS , but have to say that SPOOK HOUSE was even better, IMHO The action and atmosphere slap you in the face right from the get go The build up of tension, divergence into Lovecraftian lore, and the actual evil itself were extremely well crafted I plan on looking up other books available from Michael West immediately Recommended.

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    Spook House is a refreshing dose of small town horror at it s best This is a story that brings to mind classics such as Children of the Corn and Pet Cemetery Michael West does a wonderful job of blending just enough lore and magic into his beasties to make them seem authentically otherworldly without overwhelming the reader with a laborious back story as to their who s and why s This gives the reader a chance to fill in those blanks in his or her own mind, elevating him or her from mere spectator to full on creative participant in the thrilling experience that is this heart stopping read.Though the action begins at the old Fuller House, readers will be happy to find that the action is not tethered to or even centered there for the most part This book s author really knows how to spread his blood and gore around, making each scene vivid than the last The fact that the story takes place over a three month period, with each month marking its own part within the book gives the reader a clear understanding of where the beginning, middle, and end of the story are This helps the reader to remain focused and engrossed on what lies just beyond that next chapter.The characters on this read are very easy to love Even the ones that you come to realize that you should hate This is not a book in which the motives or good or bad guys come with neon signs and directions Readers have no idea that the bad thing is at the door until the unsuspecting character they are reading is on the floor bleeding The way that the characters speak and relate to each other is very believable Mr West writes his cast with a spirit and humor that is very true to the Midwest.This book is the third in the Harmony Indiana series, though it reads as though it were a stand alone.The first two books in the series are The Wide Game and Cinema of Shadows This reviewer would recommend this book and this series to the serious horror buff and the novice alike These delectably devilish dramas make for fun and fright filled reading.

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    When the Wide Game was released, I found it impossible to think that Michael West could write a book I enjoyed But he did.Spook House is an amazing story, with characters that are real, behave believably, and are lovable West s imagination truly takes flight in this episode of his Harmony novels He creates monsters that are unique and then manifests them in a way that is completely plausible making this his scariest ride yet As with all West writing, the exposition is smooth and flawless the descriptions are detailed enough, and yet never boring The illustrations are unbelievably right on, giving a window to precisely what West describes, as if Matthew Perry got inside West s head and pulled the images out From the first chapter, the story is high energy, and one immediately feels connected with the main character The action will keep you turning the pages, as quickly as you can.I am not sure I will ever be able to enter an abandoned farm house again I don t want to give away too much of the story JUST READ IT You won t be sorry

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    Harmony, Indiana is to Michael West what Castle Rock, Maine is to Stephen King It s a beautiful little all American town, populated by good, old fashioned, ordinary folk It s a friendly town, where the citizens aren t embarrassed to come to one another s aid It s also a place with deep, dark, dirty secrets tucked carefully away, just out of sight.Secrets like serial killers, haunted farmhouses, Lovecraftian monsters, bloody rituals, and a history of gruesome deaths all of which feature in Spook House, the latest Harmony tale from Michael WestThis is another solid West thriller, gruesome, bloody, scary, and fun The opening scene is right out of a classic horror flick, complete a don t go in there sentiment shared by the characters as well as the reader The scene in the basement of the Fuller House is matched only by the scene outside, where the gloriously grotesque spider dog comes fully to the forefront.The emotional high point of the novel for me was the scene in which a young woman is sent by her father to let the dog in at the back door It s one of those don t open the door kind of moments, but even the most jaded reader can t anticipate the horror about to descend upon the family even if a fortunate accident does provide the means to end the threat of the spider dog once and for all.Sheri and Robby are strong characters, vulnerable and damaged in their own way, but with a hidden strength that drives the story forward There are sparks there, but West wisely allows them to smoulder in the background, never allowing the prospect of romance to distract from the horror As for Cayden, the Irish serial killer who s come to finish what Fuller started, he s almost too charming He s funny, clever, and almost likeable until he starts slaying young women to slip into their skin literally in order to open the portal to Hell.As for the climax, it s absolutely brilliant Once again, West manages to pull off a finale that s than worthy of the horrors leading up to it If you ve ever doubted that Super Soaker water guns, trucks full off road salt, bags of saline solution, and a cheesy Halloween haunted house set up could be scary, then you need to give this a read even if just to see how history comes full circle, and how the victims become the heroes Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

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    As much as I love reading a great horror novel, I love watching horror movies as well Now that I have young children, I don t get to watch many any horror flicks Michael West s Harmony, Indiana books are a great combination of both worlds The fun and the scares are much like watching a horror movie The movie references scattered throughout are an added bonus as well.Spook House is a great book to read this time of year The Halloween tie in was subtle than I expected you could definitely curl up with this one any time of the season.If you haven t read anything by Michael West, Spook House is a perfect place to start His Harmony, Indiana books are stand alone and entertaining in any order you choose to read them Although, after reading Spook House, you will likely have a strong desire to pick up The Wide Game next.

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    The thing that drew me to this book, was the fantastic art on the cover I am glad that I took the chance to read Spook House This is the third book in the Harmony series I have not read the other two books, but this book can stand alone by itself Spook House is a very creepy story with plenty of blood and guts The book includes stranger looking monsters that live in this old haunted house The ancient evil that lies within the Fuller House walls keeps building and building until the story finally explodes on Halloween night Michael West is an excellent writer and a great storyteller I plan on checking out another works by this author I would recommend this book

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    This is a very tough review for me to write Do I treat this book with the same thorough criticism I reserve for established masters of the craft, or do I view it as the work of a very talented emerging author still perfecting the art of the novel I m going to try to straddle that line.First off, I m giving an extra star right off the bat for that cover hands downs the best cover art I ve seen in years I didn t read a word about the book or the author, but went straight to the net and ordered the limited edition, signed hardcover with beautiful extra art prints included It s a thing of beauty, and looks amazing on my shelf.But how about the book itself It started off strong, really strong The writing is clear and lucid throughout, and I found myself pulled right into the story Very cinematic and engaging, as the cover promised So far so good I like this author quite a bit.My summary review is this I enjoyed this book quite a bit, and am not sorry at all that I read it Everything that follows is nitpicking If you like what you ve read so far, then read no More full disclosure information at the risk of alienating myself from half the horror community fanbase, I m just going to come out and say that I am not a fan of the Lovecraftian school of horror Ancient gods and transdimensional evil with tentacles just doesn t scare or interest me Maybe I ve eaten enough calamari in my life that encounters with the Kraken do little than make me think of having an appetizer at The Capital Grille That s just me So keep that in mind when you read on Maybe my lack of love for Lovecraft has influenced my review.This book draws its baddies from the Lovecraftian tradition, so that deflated my interest a bit But than that, throughout the book I felt almost a complete lack of tension or suspense Creatures simply leap at the main characters or engage in evil acts with little buildup or suspense The tone of the book is so light and jovial that it never really achieves a true feeling of evil or darkness, it really does have the feel of a spook house throughout With only a couple of exceptions the scenes of a farmer hearing noises in the night is excellent, as is a scene with a father and daughter , there is never a feeling of dread or fear It never turns the laughter into screams Maybe that is the intention There is a fair amount of Scooby Doo logic going on The world as we know it doesn t seem to exist outside of Harmony, Indiana, just like Scooby Doo is often confined to the city of Crystal Cove Gruesome murders of livestock and teens doesn t interest the feds for some reason, everything is just left up to the local sheriff, paramedic and dogcatcher here, apparently Even after monsters viciously kill several people, our feckless monster hunters run off in pursuit on a whim and a prayer with extremely implausable weaponry, no plan B if their assumptions aren t correct All this serves to bring the perceived reality in the book down to the level of a Saturday morning cartoon, and if that s the intent then well done Readers should probably know that going in, though.I have a feeling that part of the reason for this lack of investment in characters well being is that Spook House can t seem to decide who the main character actually is, who the reader should empathize with and root for Much like STAR WARS EPISODE 1, this book follows way too many different story lines through way too many different points of view, and this dilutes the reader s investment in any given character I understand that the author was trying to tie this book into previous novels he had written and is creating an overarching narrative thread, but it s my opinion that this book should have been Sheri s story, and if the reader could have spent time with that character and seen the adventure primarily unfold through her eyes, the impact of the end would have been much greater.As it is, the story is told through a densly populated character list whose personalities blend together so much that I lost track of who was who Michael West made an attempt at fan service with naming characters using the surnames of famous genre personalities, but I found character names such as Mancuso and Dr King to be distracting than amusing This sort of thing was cute when Silent Hill did it over a decade ago, not very fresh today.My other gripe was the main baddie, an Irishman who seems to have leapt straight out of a box of Lucky Charms His incessant dropping of Irish words into conversations was charming at first, but after the twentieth lass it grew to be tiresome The scene with him picking up a girl in a bar was very well writen and effective, though.All that being said, and really this is just an analytical deconstruction than a review at this point I did find a lot to enjoy about this book The writing was crisp and clear, very visual, not nearly as evil, scary or twisted as I m used to Despite a little tame violence and awkward cursing here or there, this story could easily be adapted into a kick ass Scooby Doo cartoon.If you are looking for a brisk, lighthearted read with limited scares and originality, this might be the book for you.The author is certainly a very talented writer, and the cover is worth the purchase price alone.

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    Woohoo Okay okay..need to get my thoughts straight here I think i will be starting with the book cover saying it s pure awesomeness Easily my favorite cover from Seventh Star Press And it could totally be a poster for a horror movie which leads us to the second partthe story.I m new to the horror genre as i am known for being easily scared Still i wanted to try the book so here i am Michael West starts by giving you some interesting facts about horror houses and starts with a classic scene at the horror house of our story It spooks you literally from the first moment and keeps you at the edge of your seat the whole time It s creepy, violent monster violence that is , excited and full of mystery It s exactly what that kind of stories need, written or live action, and as a result you have a really great read at your hands.You follow the POV of various characters and see the story and their beliefs of what s happening Each small part different than each other, giving you insight but still leaving you in the dark It s funny how you also see characters doing things, that when you watch the movie you say nooo don t do it and they actually know they are about to do the certain action But it s human nature and there are some things we can t say no And maybe that s why it s so easy to get in the story and connect with them in a way.In the end it was a book that gave me the chills and made me wanna try of the both the genre and the author And if you worry, about being 3rd in a series no worries You can read it alone too.P.S I think that fans of Supernatural might like it It was like its first seasons but darker and violent and spooky.

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    Full, non spoiler review courtesy through Online Book Tour at Book Movie Dimension a BlogSpook House turned out to be what would think of as a cult classic We actually get some scary monsters and we are introduced into some fun characters that make you laugh and you d just love to know Our story with Spook House begins with a couple, Jeff and Sheri, who decide to take a look at Harmony, Indiana s own haunted house or spook house Jeff goes inside but not Sheri out of being fearful of the house Jeff inside the spook house unlocks some monsters who soon set out to try to get to Sheri but luckily she manages to survive.Yet, now she knows what is out in the dark of Harmony, Indiana.Spook House has such a good start from the beginning We are drawn into the story that is to unfold since right off we are introduced to some terrifying monsters And they very much are Although, what makes this an amazing read is the mystery and interpersonal relationships between the characters Michael West have to say is a true Horror writer He builds immense suffocating suspense and terror in his book, Spook House, which is something you want in a Horror book.As a frequent book blogger meaning read maybe 3 books in 4 days about a week which then review have no doubt Spook House will be a hit with readers It s sure to have its following.Overall Amazing read Genre Horror, Mystery Suspense

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download Spook House (Harmony, Indiana, #3) , read online Spook House (Harmony, Indiana, #3) , kindle ebook Spook House (Harmony, Indiana, #3) , Spook House (Harmony, Indiana, #3) d9e2c50b8a0e There Are Some Places In This World That Go Far Beyond Any Normal Definition Of Haunted These Places Are So Evil, So Diabolical, That They Become Gateways To Hell Itself The Fuller Farm Is One Such PlaceIt Is Said That Old Man Fuller Conducted Unspeakable Acts, Blood Rituals And Human Sacrifices, All In An Attempt To Gain The Ultimate Knowledge, The Ultimate Power And Then, He Was Killed Horribly Murdered On His Own Lands, Leaving The House To Stand As A Vacant Monument To His Wickedness But Once A Door Is Opened, It Can Never Really Be ClosedNow, The Stars Are Right The Gateway Is Ready To Once Unleash Unspeakable Horror Upon The Town Of Harmony, Indiana And This Will Be One Halloween That They Will Never Forget