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summary Spiders, series Spiders, book Spiders, pdf Spiders, Spiders f8c2dd01cf For The First To Third Grade Set, Spiders Are Fascinating And Suitably Gruesome, Especially When Looked At In EXTREME Close Up Amazing Images Show The Beauty And Otherworldliness Of Spiders Simple, Engaging Text Conveys Basic Information About Spiders As Well As Cool And Quirky Facts One Stop Action Montage Shows A Spider Leaping Twenty Times Its Body Length

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    Spiders are creepy, crawly and scary, but Nic Bishop s book, Spiders, still makes you want to know The amazing pictures grab your attention and keep you turning the page even if it turns your stomach He manages to find many unusual subjects and photograph them up close so you can see the smallest details like the spines on the legs of the green lynx spider He also includes pictures of a tarantula eating and a wolf spider carrying her babies on her back.The text includes so many facts told in a conversational format that I think students may not even notice how much they are learning On each page of text, there is a line that is a larger size and a different color to stand out This sentence usually gives the main idea or an interesting fact from that page I think that makes this book very good for a variety of readers Some readers may chose to only read that main idea while for others it might hook them into the rest of the text on the page This book is written for 2nd grade and up but can easily be read to younger students Another great feature of this book is the middle fold out pages When you open them all the way, you can see a jumping spider leaping across the page The picture is so vivid that you can even see the thread that trails behind it The author coordinates the background color of the page with the picture featured on it which also makes them pop For example, the picture of the cobalt blue tarantula is on the page next a text with blue background At the end of the book, Nic Bishop includes two pages that tell about how he got some of the pictures for the book He traveled to French Guiana, Costa Rica and Florida for some and others he took with spiders he kept at his house There is even a picture of him setting up for a shot This book has a lot of boy appeal and can be used to teach text features like using a glossary and an index.The Booklist starred review states that the details are riveting and School Library Journal starred review says dazzling full color close ups Awards 2008 Sibert Honor Book2008 Orbis Pictus Honor Book2008 Gryphon Honor Book2008 American Library Association Notable Book

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    Non fiction single topicSibert Honor BookFor grades 2 8Stunning photographs accompany the text describing the life cycle, habits and characteristics of a variety of spiders The high quality, close up, full page photographs alone make this book a must read for fans of spiders In addition, the narrative text is fact filled but entertaining, occasionally using a larger font for emphasis The basics of spider life are woven into fun facts about many types of spiders, using humor and shock value to lift the text above a dry scientific recounting While some pictures might be off putting to the squeamish, others are strangely beautiful and the details captivating It s hard not to be entranced by the fold out spread of the jumping spider, and Bishop s note at the end provides information on how he managed to capture these images, including the fact that he raised many of the spiders himself The pages and text are uncluttered, unlike many books featuring many smaller images and text boxes, and this format lends itself to browsing as well as reading aloud, an unusual trait in a science book While many of the featured spiders are exotic, Bishop doesn t forget to point out that they live almost everywhere even in your basement The Kirkus review does an excellent job of pointing out the ways in which the design supports the subject, and describes the information covered Booklist calls the text chatty and gives a good sense of the subject matter and tone of the book.September 2018 Ben s still afraid of real spiders, but fascinated by spiders in books He especially liked the jumping spider fold out spread.

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    If, like me, you are not fond of spiders, then this book is going to make your skin crawl But you should still read it The information in this book is interesting and it s presented in a way that really turns eew, spiders, into cool, spiders My nephew is also not a huge spider fan, and when we started reading this book he was covering his eyes By the time we were several pages in, however, he was remarking upon how neat some of the spiders looked, was naming the green ones as his favorites, and was even asking questions about them that were not along the lines of, Can that spider kill people Nic Bishop s photographs were spectacular and fascinating, and even if this book can t be appreciated for the subject, it can certainly be appreciated for the photography I was captivated by his notes at the end that addressed how he obtained some of these beautiful photos In fact, I think those notes actually made me enjoy the subject .

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    Spiders are scary, especially big or poisonous ones I don t really like them We have a rule at my house spiders can live in the yard, but not in the house Sometimes they don t live by the rules Not good Still, spiders are interesting how do they spin webs why are they so hairy what happens when they grow To find out, Nic Bishop spent a lot of time in places I wouldn t want to visit he even invited some spiders to live in his house I m glad he enjoys that type of work, and that he shares, through books, what he learns His photographs are amazing Some of the spiders almost look cute almost.

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    Text to Teaching ConnectionThis book is a great resource for younger children in 1st 3rd grades I would read this book and have the children choose a type of spider mentioned in the book and write several facts about that spider on a paper cut out in a spider shape Then, as a group we could compare and contrast some of the different types of spiders in the book Some of the things we could consider are does the spider build a web How big is the spider Which spider is the biggest Which one is the smallest Where does the spider live How long does the spider live Which spider lives the longest Then we could display all of the spider facts on a web, the kind you buy as a Halloween decoration.

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    If you want to learn about spiders and learn deep information about them, this is the book for you This book shared so many awesome facts about spiders that will either freak you out or you will think is so fascinating Did you know there are than 38,000 types of spiders in the world Or that some tarantulas can live up to thirty years Or that spiders were hunting long before lions and tigers They were hunting even before Tyrannosaurus rex This book will blow you mind with crazy facts about spiders that you would never even think of

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    Spiders by Nic Bishop is a great learning tool for almost any age It contains an index to find specific spiders and a glossary to explain the spidery terms This book contains closeup, clear, photographs Some of these photographs were taken in the wild while others were taken in artificial settings that met the natural environment of the spider The reader finds this out in the author s note at the end of the book.The book was riveting and very real I had to appreciate these details even though I am not enad by spiders at all The text was very informational and explained many physical facets of the spiders that can be seen in the close up and personal photographs of the different species of spiders The eating, hunting, and mating habits were provided in the text The language was very understandable without being condescending The background colors were bright and eye catching but still part of the spider world and not detracting from the photographs or text Depending on parent controls, a reader could learn much about spiders just by looking at the pictures Even though I do not like spiders, the educational value of this book is undeniable I give it a 5.

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    This book is simply amazing Nic Bishop s photography is stunning and impressive The fact that his work is being shared with kids is very exciting because his pictures are good enough to appear in magazines, textbooks or online I just completed a science unit on spiders with my first graders and they were mesmerized by this book As a teacher, I couldn t have found a better book to spark my students interest The text is also very appropriate for elementary school students The reading level is ideal for upper elementary but portions of it could be read aloud to younger students This informational book does exactly what it should It engages children and makes them want to keep reading This type of book is perfect for science and or social studies lessons It is also a great book to put on a classroom bookshelf for students to peruse during free time I am so glad I discovered Nic Bishop All classroom teachers should check out his books.

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    Summary This book is a great resource on everything you need to know about spiders It talks about the different types of spiders and what they do in order to survive Grade level K 8Classroom use This would be a great book to use after a KWL chart For a science lesson or even just a subject that interests students, we could use this book to use research so students could get a better understanding of how spiders work We could do a KWL chart and have children use books such as this one to gather information We would then collect as a class and discuss our findingsStudents who will benefit Any student who is interested in spiders or insects would LOVE this book.Small group use Students could get into groups and discuss what they find interesting from this bookWhole class use KWL charts Related books The book of the Spider Multimedia connections n a

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    This is a great book that is full of amazing facts for students to learn about The photos that they chose to use in this book go so well with the information in the book It is a great combination to have fact and to have beautiful and realistic photos of spiders.

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