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    Oh, Adrian Tchaikovsky, d nde hab as estado toda mi vida Siento verdadera envidia por el zapatero de este hombre, porque debe de ganar una fortuna arregl ndole las botas con las que no ha dejado de patear a los tropos de la fantas a cl sica una y otra vez en este libro Spiderlight es un libro incre blemente sencillo en su planteamiento y muy f cil de leer, pero que oculta un profundo an lisis sobre la propia naturaleza humana entremezclada con constantes burlas a los tropos que estableci Tolkien hace ya casi cien a os la dualidad del bien y el mal, la pica lucha de los h roes de la Luz contra el terrible mal del Se or Oscuro, la profunda hipocres a de los protagonistas y el absurdo de las profec as Una s tira muy calculada entremezclada con un discurso amargo y en ocasiones esperanzado sobre c mo somos los seres humanos, los prejuicios y sobre todo sobre la posibilidad de dejarlos atr s Una peque a joya que recomiendo a todo el mundo.P D Aunque la edici n est llena de erratas, la traducci n es magn fica, as que las gallinas que entran por las que van saliendo, supongo xD

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    A Dark lord, a world of Light under threat by the Dark, an adventuring party and a prophecy that says the path to victory is via the spider s path.The adventuring party gains the help of a giant spider and transform him into something humanoid so that he can pass through human lands There s Dion, a cleric of the Light who is questioning her faith and the methods she is using, Penthos, a powerful wizard whose connection to the rest of humanity is narrow at best, Cyrene, an archer who struggles with the way people treat her as a female warrior, Harathes, a knight of Dion s church and a consummate asshole and Lief, a thief Penthos transforms the giant spider into a humanoid version of itself that the group calls Enth He is under their control, but he fairly quickly makes it clear that he s not just a creature of the Dark.There s a lot going on here and some of it doesn t quite work well together The concept of Light and Dark and how that relates to good and evil is a large part of the point of the book There s some pretty strong prejudices in play and these are questioned throughout, particularly in the characters of Dion and Enth The book is fairly light and with some really quite funny references, but some of the elements are quite heavy For instance, Cyrene is being sexually harassed by Harathes throughout, and some of the reason for that is Harathes trying to fit her into a traditional gender role to match his prejudice But Cyrene starts out as the most prejudiced of the party towards Enth, even so than Harathes.Enth is an interesting character He s subject to mind control by the other members of the party, so his agency is limited That means that his viewpoint is unfortunately underrepresented overall, but when he does have agency it s all the profound for it It would have been nice to have from his point of view, but that would have made the story be told from the perspective of a spectator for much of it A minor related criticism is the gratuitous head hopping in this book, particularly mid scene It can be a little jarring.Overall, a good entertaining read that tackles some cool issues with the fantasy genre and with a really interesting non human protagonist There are some minor issues with tone and wanting , but it comes out in favor of the book in the end.

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    It starts like a classic quest, with a party determined to kill the Dark Lord, but becomes decidedly unusual when the questers turn a giant spider into a human because they need a guide into the Dark Lord s territory The spider human, Nth, gets a crash course in what it means to be human, and everyone else a crash course on quests and Dark Lords and why they shouldn t be trusted.It s by turns laugh out humorous and heartbreaking the chapters from Nth s point of view, in particular, convey what it means to be completely alone and unique, and I really like the way Tchaikovsky gives each member of the party a relatable personality without turning them into clich s And the ending, while not unexpected, was touching and struck just the right note A very satisfying and quickly devoured read.

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    Spiderlight was a fun tale, a vintage sword and sorcery story that hits on all the old tropes.I have to admit to some trouble with the first half, however, plagued as I was by doubts as to the intentions behind it Was it a bad parody of old school fantasy, or was it a wink and nod homage to the same Seriously, it felt as if Adrian Tchaikovsky pulled out his old roleplaying books, rolled himself a few characters, pulled up a few monsters, and then let his inner dungeon master run free with the mayhem These aren t just characters, they re character classes wizard, cleric, warrior, rogue with spells cast and weapons wielded according to the rules of the game There were so many echoes of Weis and Hickman, Salvatore, Greenwood, Nile, and Knaak that it actually became distracting.Where I finally got past that, and was able to settle in and enjoy the tale, was through the character of Nth Here we have one of those vintage monsters, a giant spider, whom the party wizard arrogantly transforms into something vaguely human He opens so many moral and ethical dilemmas, making us question our stock assumptions of good versus evil, that you don t realize how cleverly you ve been duped until the story s almost over Suddenly, in those last few chapters, it all comes together, and the truth behind those intentions I doubted at the start are revealed.Yes, it s horribly cliched in its construction, incredibly awkward in its humor, and almost painful in some of its dialogue but all deliberately so It takes some patience, and requires some trust that there is indeed a method to Tchaikovsky s madness, but it all pays off in the end Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins Disclaimer I received a complimentary ARC of this title from the publisher in exchange for review consideration This does not in any way affect the honesty or sincerity of my review.

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    4.5 starsSpiderlight is sublime sword sorcery with great characters, some serious moral and ethical questions and splendid humour It kept me guessing and surprised me on than one occasion, while maintaining a superb pace and still keeping up the laughs The story is based on the age old fantasy staple of a quest what else are Dark Lords for but to be defeated as per the prophecy and a rag tag team that needs to fulfill it This is where the real magic is The team Oh, how they bicker and love and fight and lust and stand together Enter the quest takers A Wizard, a priestess, a thief, a knight, a warrior women a spider Or a spider man Or um fine, see for yourself Or just buy it You can t go wrong with this one DION MADE A SOUND It was not quite a word, or anything fit to come from the throat of a priestess of Armes The two warriors, Harathes and Cyrene, followed suit Lief was the only one able to articulate their collective reaction What the fucking arses is that Penthos frowned, still very much in his pose as Ringmaster of the Marvelous What do you think it is I have transmogrified the invertebrate arachnid into the semblance of a man What man looks like that Harathes demanded It s hideous More so than its native form I think no Penthos started grandly, but Cyrene cut him off It is Gods help us, but it is Halfway is worse, Penthos Her voice shook.Dion coughed, still fighting down the shock and revulsion Penthos, she said quietly, diplomatically, this is the extent of what you can achieve It he, she supposed, for there was enough evidence to give it a gender squatted atop the hill, and Cyrene was right that it was the near miss, that so closeness that turned the stomach with its almost familiarity The skin was grayish in the moonlight, like a Ghantishman s, and the body seemed close to human, hirsute about the chest and groin, long limbed but not unnaturally so He would be tall, when he stood, Dion guessed There was a lithe strength in that frame, no wasted flesh but not skinny, either His hands were long fingered and definitely a little too long, there They had no nails, but that was hardly the issue.The face the problem was the face, which now stared out at them, and would stare right back into their nightmares later, no doubt It was not the shape, because Penthos had wrought well there the basic clay of that visage was well molded, and might have been handsome if all the rest of it had followed something exactingly human The marring of that regular perfection was part of what made it so horrible There was a mouth there, and the teeth it bared were sharp and predatory, with canines like little daggers, elongated enough that Dion could only suppose the creature s lower jaw had slots to scabbard them There was a nose, small and sharp There were eyes, but the eyes There were too many of them, to start with Two little buttons on his brow glinted back the Light of Armes, and she thought she saw another two pinpoint orbs a little ahead of his ears She might have taken them for spots or marks or even tattoos, had it not been for those two main orbs that dominated the creature s blank regard.They were huge, and they were absolutely round, and featureless no iris, no white, just great wells of darkness goggling out from that slack visage.It was hunched, all elbows and knees, looking at at them, at the world There was no way to know quite where that all consuming attention was focused Now a shudder passed through it, a ripple of muscles that seemed weirdly boneless Its lips moved over those jagged teeth.It screamed, throwing its head high and giving off a dreadful, keening wail, and that, at least, sounded almost human A human in unimaginable torment, but whatever was behind that sound had a visceral connection to them all that spiders lacked Except it went on and on, until Dion wondered where the breath could be coming from, to power such an unbroken sound of pain and terror and self loathing What s wrong with it she demanded of Penthos, who was looking entirely unruffled My dear, give it a moment to acquaint itself with its new, ah,surroundings, the magus suggested The wretched monster has undergone a journey that none of you can imagine Then send the thing back and we ll dispatch it and find some other way, Harathes snapped.Penthos glowered Is this it The thanks I receive for such an unprecedented work of magic Where would your vaunted quest be without me Would you even have survived the wood of the spiders without my fire And a hundred other tribulations upon the road Some of which only happened because of you Cyrene pointed out hotly I, Penthos The magician stabbed a finger at the heavens, and the crack of thunder that followed was too well timed to be coincidental I, one of the great masters of the Power Elemental, have reworked the fabric of the world to your bidding, and you presume to complain We cannot take that anywhere Harathes yelled at him The spider we could have stuck in a crate, in a cage That thing looks like a demon What sort of a Harathes Dion silenced him with a gesture Penthos, listen to me, can your magic, your Power Elemental, not bring the thing that one step closer to human The wizard s furious expression sagged You too he asked her When I have done this vast act of magic for you, only at your behest We all know you have done this at least in part because it amused you to make the attempt, Dion told him firmly So tell me, can you refine this magic you have made Penthos spluttered It is done It is irreversible I, Penthos, set my seal on this Just buy it a hat or something

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    Spiderlight is a very entertaining novel that utilizes all the calcified tropes of the epic fantasy genre warriors of the Light are on a quest to stop the forces of Darkness to weave a clever little meta fable about identity and free will The plot finds Dion The Chosen One and her by the book band of adventurers thief, warrior, mage, etc taking a Spider called Nth hostage to force him to guide them to the fortress of The Dark One Despite being the heroes of the story, their treatment of Nth is despicable, and calls in to question the sense of entitlement and privilege inherent in their old fashioned concept of virtuousness.I always enjoy Tchaikovsky s wicked sense of humor, and his instincts for character detail and story pacing are exemplary I think his most enchanting virtue, though, is the sort of clear eyed wisdom that he castes over the proceedings a rather quaint approach in this cynical age Tchaikovsky has a knack for empathizing with a variety of perspectives while maintaining a guiding set of moral and ethical principles.

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    Sword and sorcery at its finest Absolutely loved it

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    Me lo he pasado en grande con este libro, si bien es cierto que el resultado final queda deslucido por haber diversas erratas que a estas alturas jode bastante encontrar De todos modos, me gustar a creer que en una segunda edici n, y pasando una correcci n el resultado mejorar exponencialmente Dejando de lado esto, que no quer a que quedase sin comentarse, es un libro estupendo y hay puntos que me ha hecho re r de verdad Como contrapunto, el personaje del guerrero Harathes Lo digo de memoria es un puto insoportable que me aporta a la trama las ganas de atizarle con una silla en la cara cada vez que abre la boca Rese a completa

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    3.5 5Tal vez sea porque lo he le do en ingl s y me haya perdido algo, aunque en principio no creo, pero lo cierto es que mentir a sino dijera que me ha decepcionado un poco esta historia Esperaba algo tremendo y me he encontrado con una historia de fantas a bastante t pica y sin mucha miga, en la que solo el final me ha parecido interesante.Con respecto a los personajes, pues bastante estereotipados y sin mucho que destacar La trama, pues lo dicho, le salva el final La ambientaci n no esta mal, pero tampoco aporta nada nuevo o sorprendente.En definitiva, un buen libro de fantas a, pero muy lejos de la excelencia.

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    3,25 5Spiderlight, de Adrian Tchaikovsky, es una revisi n del tropo de la fantas a cl sica para parodiarlo y homenajearlo a la vez Un grupo de h roes liderados por la poderosa sacerdotisa de Armes est destinado a cumplir la profec a derrotar al poderoso Se or Oscuro Darvezian Para ello, solo deben conseguir el diente de la gran madre Ara a y seguir el sendero de la ara a hasta la guarida del mal Sin embargo, no todo resulta tan sencillo cuando un inesperado miembro se suma a la cuadrilla, rompiendo el equilibrio del equipo Superar su incorporaci n ser mucho m s complicado para cada uno de ellos que lograr pasar con xito cada una de las pruebas que les espera hasta el Se or Oscuro.Con un tono ligero y de ritmo epis dico, ya que originalmente la novela se public por entregas en una revista, Spiderlight es una aventura de pura espada y brujer a con sabor rolero que se cuestiona sobre lo que significa ser humano, as como el c digo tico sobre el que regimos nuestras decisiones La introspecci n en cada personaje a la que acudimos con el pasar de las p ginas hace m s real que nunca la frase hecha de las apariencias enga an El estereotipo de cada personaje va cayendo cual ficha de domin La dualidad entre el Bien y el Mal se ti e de color gris Pero no es un gris penumbroso y nada halag e o Aqu no hay tanta sangre y v sceras, miseria o guerra por doquier Spiderlight juega con el drama ligero, la acci n y la pura parodia para divertir al lector de fantas a, m s que otra cosa.El prol fico autor brit nico nos lleva por una traves a conocida, pero desde una nueva perspectiva Las ideas y tropos preconcebidos son coloreados con humor y se van destrozando sin pudor poco a poco A espadazo limpio, como quien dice Tchaikovsky explora los lugares comunes de la alta fantas a, las f rmulas usadas una y otra vez por cientos de autores, para jugar con las expectativas del lector de g nero Con m ltiples referencias y gui os a los mismos, pero sin dirigirse a nadie en concreto, cada arquetipo es examinado y deconstruido para tratar de sorprendernos Un divertido juego con m ltiples puntos de vista que tira por los suelos las t picas historias del Bien contra el Mal, aunque de primeras no lo parezca.Rese a en el blog

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download Spiderlight, read online Spiderlight, kindle ebook Spiderlight, Spiderlight a4e80199953a The Church Of Armes Of The Light Has Battled The Forces Of Darkness For As Long As Anyone Can Remember The Great Prophecy Has Foretold That A Band Of Misfits, Led By A High Priestess Will Defeat The Dark Lord Darvezian, Armed With Their Wits, The Blessing Of The Light And An Artifact Stolen From The Merciless Spider QueenTheir Journey Will Be Long, Hard And Fraught With Danger Allies Will Become Enemies Enemies Will Become Allies And The Dark Lord Will Be Waiting, Always Waiting Spiderlight Is An Exhilarating Fantasy Quest From Adrian Tchaikovsky, The Author Of Guns At Dawn And The Shadows Of The Apt Series