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    Review in Progress Oh, these black witches are not nice Power hungry crazies the lot of them It appears our couples time together will soon be coming to an end Training is near complete and the Witch Queen will need her power back Lots of romance and some angst fill this volume While the first half is interesting with traps and training, the second half is a bit dull comparatively as Kaoruko goes through a lot of internal monologue angst I did like the show of Kaoruko s true inner power that is her own There is to her than meets the eye I still cannot get enough of the artwork So beautiful

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    This is a pretty interesting manga series It s very much so a romance, with Koko discoverering her sexuality and that she likes sex in this volume It s great because Koko is in charge of her sexuality, but Hibiki isn t an alpha male douchebag, which you don t often find in manga I also like that Koko and Hibiki in a relationship now compared to the first couple of volumes.

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    Love it

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    Haha this one was very Pretty Woman Just fluff in a fine way

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    4.75 stars

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    the series would have been 5 star if the author hadn t rehash and repeat so much.

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    When I went to my local anime con last month, I ended up going to a late night panel about josei manga, and afterwards, I was chatting with the panelist while I was waiting for the next panel to start We got around to talking about Ohmi Tomu because Midnight Secretary was one of the series featured , and I mentioned that I really loved Spell of Desire Oh I don t know if I wanna read that one IT S SO GOOD Koko s in control of her sexuality, Hibiki isn t an alpha male douchebag, and it s hoooooot One of the things that I do keep stressing about this series overall is that it s not just Koko discovering that she likes sex and discovering her sexuality, but really about her maturing overall and doing it on her terms There is a strong tie between black witchcraft and sexuality, but what I like about Koko s discovery of her powers and getting stronger is that she doesn t negate that side of her She is very aware of what her powers require, but unlike the black witches of her mother s coven, she doesn t want or even see the reason to use her powers ruthlessly And I really like that angle it s not about Koko changing Hibiki s mind or the other black witches view spoiler or potentially her mother hide spoiler

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    More reviews and no fluff on the blog If you ve read the previous three volumes, then you know what to expect from volume 4 Kaoruko is still innocent, Kaname protective, and the witches scheming With book 4, Kaoruko is drawn further into the black witch world as she waits for her mother s powers to manifest.Story Kaoruko finds herself on opposite sides of a divide witch council imperious Silvia on one side wants to limit Kaoruko s powers so she won t usurp the queen Isandra, on the other hand, wants a new authority and thinks a malleable Kaoruko might just be the ticket to increased power But none of the witches recognize that Kaoruko is far powerful than her meek appearance seems and that power is backed up by her two familiars Dragon and Unicorn as well as her disgraced knight Kaname When a trap is sprung on an unsuspecting Kaoruko, it will take all her powers and resources to survive intact And it will change the witch s council forever.Ohmi s illustrations become lovelier with each volume she s really gained a confident style since her somewhat shakier earlier series such as Midnight Secretary Each page is uniquely set up to showcase the art especially the big battle at the end is masterfully drawn Yet, admittedly, while beautiful to look at, I wish there was to the story The conflict does feel manufactured and Kaoruko and Kaname do feel somewhat inert and lifeless It s a subtle story but does lack authenticity at times.This is a short series at 5 volumes and will end with Kaoruko getting her powers in the next volume Of course, the question is how much that will change her at the end Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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    Kaoruko is the witch queen s daughter and has joined the coven of black witches in order to help better control her powers While she is there to help control her powers and learn to better understand them the other witches in the coven want her there to use her power or to keep an eye on her, her power and her mother s power which is currently within her as well Sylvia is the queen s right hand and is currently helping Kaoruko learn to harness her powers in order to use them effectively Isandra on the other hand opposes the queen s absolute authority and is trying to use Kaoruko to her own gains After Kaoruko proves herself to Sylvia she sends her off on a mission to find a treestone There is a lot of build up going on which is leading to the next volume There seems to be a quite a bit of foreshadowing as to what is to come in the near future The artwork is very beautiful and the storyline is finally showing through than the lustful romance that was originally portrayed at the beginning of the series There is a lot of meaning behind the romance now and the storyline is becoming stronger as well I received this advanced copy from VIZ Media through Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review

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download Spell of Desire, Vol. 4 , read online Spell of Desire, Vol. 4 , kindle ebook Spell of Desire, Vol. 4 , Spell of Desire, Vol. 4 164514071e32 Kaoruko Mochizuki Runs An Herb Shop In A Small Seaside Town One Day, A Mysterious Man Dressed In Black Named Kaname Hibiki Enters Her Shop And Reveals That Kaoruko Is Actually A Witch And What S , Kaoruko Needs Kaname To Help Control Her Awakening Power In Order To Become A Black Witch, Kaoruko Makes A Pledge With Kaname However, That Means That Kaname Will Be Breaking His Pledge As A Knight And Betraying The Witch Queen If The Witch Queen Awakens, Kaname Will Suffer A Terrible Punishment Meanwhile, Kaoruko Is Being Stalked By Someone Who Is After Her Powers