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pdf Special Needs , ebook Special Needs , epub Special Needs , doc Special Needs , e-pub Special Needs , Special Needs 55233b21a27 Caretaking You Re Doing It Wrong Liam Slept With His Boss Again And Lost His Job Because Of It Again Set On Changing His Ways And Tired Of Sleeping In His Car, He Applies For A Job As A Live In Caretaker, Even Though He Has No Experience In It Whatsoever He Has A Lot Of Practice In Lying His Way Out Of Any Situation Though Only Problem Is, His New Boss Wheelchair Bound Owner Of A Sex Hotel Is Gay, Cute, Funny And Oh, So Fuckable There Is Only One Logical Solution To Liam S Dilemma Pretending He S Straight Brilliant When Ryan Inherited His Aunt S BB, He Thought He D Hit The Jackpot By Changing It Into A Fetish Sex Hotel Things Didn T Go As Planned Though, All Of His Marketing Efforts Seem To Fail, And The Debt Is Mounting Up Being A Wheelchair User Doesn T Help In Actively Promoting His Hotel, But His Luck Starts To Change When He Hires A New Aide Liam Is Open Minded, Helpful And Caring All That Ryan Needs From A Caretaker To Kickstart His Business, But Things Would All Be A Lot Simpler If He Didn T Start Crushing On His New Employee And Even If, In Some Other Dimension, Liam Did Return His Feelings, How Long Can Ryan Keep His Fetish A Secret The Web Of Lies They Weave Around Each Other Is Bondage Than Any Of Them EnjoyContains Book One And Two Of Special Needs Genre Contemporary Erotic M M Romance, DramedyLength , WordsThemes Possible SPOILERS Disability, Deception, Alternative Lifestyles, Stalking, Tattoos, Self Image Issues, Financial Trouble, Boss Employee, BIID, Abduction, Communication Issues, Transability, Self HarmErotic Content Explicit M M Sexual Scenes

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    Well I devoured that Devoured it It was not at all what I was expecting Ryan was sweeter, innocent, kinkier and messed up than I imagined While Liam was of a man whore, angrier and well perfect for Ryan than anyone else could be I did have some serious issues with Liam, he has one hell of a temper which he doesn t have a great handle on They re break up is very ugly and was dying for it to be over with But let s move onto some good stuff I adored adored Ryan He must be one of my favourite KA Merikan characters now He s sweet and thoughtful and just messed up enough to be realistic He s also kinky as hell.By now most of you would know I love love love roleplaying And these guys are right into the roleplaying, especially with non con power imbalance, they do abusive doctor and psycho mental patient It s all so yummy There s your typical overdone drama with rescues needed from and attempted rape and murderers, but I kinda love that Then there were some surprisingly raw emotions with some super serious issues to do with Ryan s body image.Overall there wasn t much I didn t love about this series the breakup and Liam douchebagness being the loss of that one star.

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    Mi DNF es totalmente personal, el libro tiene una tem tica que me ha incomodado, soy una gran fan de las idas de olla de las Merikan, pero aqu ya ha sido too much.

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    I read this a couple of weeks back, but I still don t have the words for a review On one hand, I m banging my head against the wall for not reading it sooner, but on the other, I m glad I read K.A.Merikan s latest work first In this duology, I can see things, and reallysee them Like toying with the idea of devoteeism that was fully fleshed out in His Favorite Color Is Blood Coffin Nails MC Or fully appreciate a character in super crazy jealous mode, you know Lengthy, but I never got bored Sweeter than I thought it would be, and fascinating regarding Ryan sspecial issues In other wordsunique Yeah, Special Needs is pretty special.

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    Okay..this is weird.Book one 4 starsBook two 4 starsBut put together as a whole 5 Stars.Don t ask me how that works I know my math is wrong I reviewed each book separately If you decide to startyou definitely want book 2 waiting in the wings.because book 1 ends it WTF WTF WTF quite possibly the reason I gave it the fourth star But without book 2, it wouldn t have made it s way into my long term memory As a whole, the whole story is stronger than it s parts.Does that even make sense

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    Now with this amazing new cover by Natasha Snow 3

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    I m giving 4 stars because I enjoyed the novelty and creativity of the authors with these characters although both Ryan and Liam acted like big, immature babies a few times But little by little, as they got familiar with each other this was after all the first really serious relationship either of these guys had had slowly, their communication skills improved and they heard and compromised with each other And seriously, how funny was it that Ryan s safeword was view spoiler vagina because it was the one word neither would ever say during sex hide spoiler

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    I got this book for free in return for an honest review and I m glad I did because otherwise it probably would ve stayed on my TBR shelf indefinitely Book 1 The reason I wanted to read the book was the first line of the blurb Liam slept with his boss Again And lost his job because of it Again Set on changing his ways and tired of sleeping in his car, he applies for a job as a live in caretaker, even though he has no experience in it whatsoever He has a lot of practice in lying his way out of any situation though That and the fact that it played in a kink hotel, was bound to make for a fun read And it delivered I read the entire thing with a smile on my face.It were not Liam s lies or his unhealthy habit to fall for authority figures that made the book so great for me It was messed up Ryan that made it intriguing I don t know if the author has done her research right, or hit a homerun guessing, but I love a book where psychiatric diseases are done right view spoiler Because Ryan is faking his handicap hide spoiler

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    This is a great book, with flawed characters and playful language, and playful, somewhat kinky role playing sex But you have to wait a while for it as the complete story is long, which suited me perfectly.Both the m cs are immature in different ways and make quite a few poor decisions But they both also have strengths and depth to them They become an adorable couple without the story descending into saccharine territory.This was a re read for me, and a satisfying one I sought it out of my library based on hazy memories of body image issues, disability, fun language, a sex hotel, a Mega Shark in the swimming pool, and a plush octopus whose arm pockets contain dildos.

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    A high 3.5 i struggled to rate this one There was so much i loved about this book so much, but for some reason there always seemed to be something missing for me I don t even know what was, but as much as i loved the storyline i just didn t love Liam and i don t know why I just wanted from him.

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    5 Big Stars for this beautiful story I met Liam and Ryan when I read Break my Shell They fascinated me so of course I had to check out their story in Special Needs I read this whopper of a book in two days K.A Merikan have a way of creating really unique characters At first you may be thinking they re weird or slightly crazy but then you come to love them including their crazy kinks and you wouldn t want it any other way The same thing happened in Special Needs Ryan and Liam were so well fleshed out, you couldn t help but root for them I loved Ryan so much that I even found myself sympathizing with something I would have definitely frowned upon before Sometimes K.A Merikan make me question my sanity D But they did such a good job of explaining Ryan s thoughts and emotions that I just wanted to hug him It s not his fault he feels the way he does I loved his eccentricity and that he stayed true to himself.Ryan and Liam s relationship was just a beautiful thing to witness I felt like their relationship developed very realistically It was really nice to see these two very different people come together Liam was a typically hot, kinda slutty, surfer boy but he underwent a lot of growth in this book He became mature and in the end his true love for Ryan shone in his acceptance of Ryan s special needs.

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