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summary Sounds of War , series Sounds of War , book Sounds of War , pdf Sounds of War , Sounds of War 46cdd03c2b Sounds Of War, Is A Historical Fiction Of Lost Battles For The Al Anbar Province During Operation Iraqi Freedom Richly Rot With Lambasted Situations, Follow Thomas Edington S Gritty Journey As It Teeters On The Edge Of The Surrealism Always Landing In Hot Water, His Life Is Altered When He Is Forced To Navigate Down A Precarious Path Of Unspoken Truths All While A Barbaric War Rages Around Him The War S Twilight Reflects A Rainbow Of Dark Hues Bathed In Blood Soaked Colors Of Altruism, And If It Were Not For The Gruesome Realities Of War, The Sounds Of War, Would Be A Fantastic Comedy Entertainingly Witty, The Story Line Easily Unfolds Like A Hollywood Block Buster A Modern Day Iliad PRebog Author What Really Happens Behind The Tent Flap, Gruesome And Funny All Rolled Into One I M Not Much Into War Stories But I Was Mesmerized With Thomas Ferreolus S Not So Normal Fiction, SOUNDS OF WAR, Had Me Hooked From The Get Go S Churchill Author

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    Sounds of War Iraq Attack of Thomas Edington by Thomas Ferreolus is a gripping and powerful book that shows what the Iraq War could be like for some of its participating US soldiers.It depicts in much detail and with well chosen characters the lost battles for the Al Anbar Province during Operation Iraqi Freedom as experienced by Thomas Edington.Ferreolus describes the all day life of soldiers, the continuous threats, the luck of surviving because a bomb blast just missed its target by metres, the at times disgusting food and water situation, interpersonal relations and the technical and tactical problems to carry out their missions Interlaced with memories from Thomas s past we get a good picture of Thomas and his life This is a rich read, unlike many war novels it feels both real and surreal The Devil has no remorse.he poisons humanity with warMankind s apocalypse, all balancing on the individual to quote the book.A colleague being left by his wife, the fear of losing your loved ones while being unable to do anything about it, the threat that lingers with every possible false move, the weakness against the suicidal tactics by the enemy, the temptation the female soldiers can pose on his minds Ferreolus has given his protagonist a lot to experience There is heroism and foolishness, dark humour and a glimpse of what the war really felt like.This is a very impressive read and unusual in its own brand and combination of wit, horror and realism It is very impressive as audio book, too Highly recommended.

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    As you start this, on audio specifically you get to know that this is a story that is character driven and a production all of it s own.The audible edition has dogs yapping in the background Explosions and helicopter sound bites making a read into a production.It is also this where the author and the audible edition loses a star Sometimes these sound effects override the narrator and the reader misses some of the story.This does not happen often.So the story.It is brilliant It takes the life of a few soldiers with their fear, humanity and failings into a war torn country where it is as hot as it can get both in F and in action.The story is absolutely brilliant, never stepping up on to a political rant Never making war romantic Never tearing in on the soldiers doing their job.It is simply a story of what war is like for the troops on the ground.I loved it Truly loved it Which surprised me since I seldom read stories in this genre I am so glad I did.WaAr

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    Sounds of War Iraq Attack of Thomas Edington, by Thomas Ferreolus is an interesting book about the life a soldier Thomas Edington will lead you through his experiences in Iraq The book gives you flash back glimpses of Thomas, and how he comes to be who he is Strong character development and story line.

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    I read this book awhile ago And notice it didn t show up i really enjoyed this book It drew me in I like the way the book was written I recommended this to My boyfriend to read He was in the war in Iraq But also would recommend this book to others to read

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    Sounds of War is a 2013 self published novel I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Stationed in Iraq, as a medic, Thomas Edington describes to the reader the day to day life of a soldier at war There are a few flashbacks as Thomas recalls his past, a marriage, a divorce, a betrayal He is also accused of being a bit of a lover boy and of course this is not allowed So, Thomas is being watched closely after a rumor circulates that he has had a sexual relationship with a First Sergeant.Grenades, tension, constant danger, and the deaths of comrades and innocent civilians, the bad food, the slimy water, the horrible odors, the extreme heat, the loneliness, the longing for a normal life give us only a small glimpse of the life these brave men encounter as they defend their country They deal with military decisions and rules that don t always make sense, commanders that have personal vendettas, bad dreams, and they make the situation as bearable for one another as possible.There are many difficult passages, and Thomas is a person that above all is human But, he does what he is there to do, no matter what his personal opinions are about the decisions to place him in this particular unit, and about his commanding officers choices He keeps himself on alert and has his fellow soldiers back while they make it through miraculous close calls However, things are not all gloom and doom There are also funny moments and a bit of romance.This is an eye opening book for those of us who are completely unaware of life during war and the actual day to day challenges and conditions these people face There is some technical language that the average female, like myself, might not really understand It goes without saying that there is graphic violence and language that is real and raw This is not for the faint of heart You go along with Thomas as he explains his inner thoughts and actions and we get an inside look at the special bond soldiers have with one another Harrowing, real, heartbreaking, gut wrenching and informative, this is a book everyone should read If the book seems to end at an odd moment, I believe it is because there are installments planned by the author Now that I have invested myself emotionally into Thomas s life, I am impatiently waiting to see if Thomas is able to maintain a possible love interest, and what other hurdles Thomas will have to jump over before his time in Iraq is over This one gets an A.

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    The Sounds of War is a deep dive, no holds barred walk in another man s boots The Sounds of War is a novel with a purpose It intends to bring the day to day, lowest level details about one soldier s wartime experiences home to the reader by stimulating the very five senses thru which we all experience this world The Sounds of War title is a bit misleading because this story brings home far than just sounds It brings home the sights, the smells, the touch and feel of both the mundane hours and also the insane moments that soldiers experience in wartime It s a different kind of book that doesn t focus so much on the hero, the enemy, nor the violence of war Rather, it puts the sights into your mind, the touch into your hand, the smells into your nose, and the sounds into your ears This story is hardwired direct from your senses into your brain where it forms the very visions and sensations that most wartime novels leave behind What impressed me the most was that someone who went over there thought it important enough to remember, take home, and share with the rest of us these very subtle experiences Having served in the military myself, I have a deep personal connection to these little things Some I have never forgotten, others, I only recalled while listening to Sounds of War audio book Personally, this book made me realize that many of these colorful things from my own experiences had been lost to my memory because I had intentionally forgotten as much as possible For the first time in 25 years, those colorful little things are coming to the foreground of my memory and I find they are all meaningful For me, Sounds of War was like a painting done by a different kind of brush With regard to character development, scene setting, scene transitioning, and overall story development, Thomas Ferreolus has organized and narrated a well thought out story that was easy flowing Characters come and goand if you have ever served in the military, you will remember that the friends you make often come and go in one patrol People you get to know in those long mundane hours where you have nothing to do but talk endlessly and in such short time, they move on and you never see them again.I d recommend this book to anybody who wants to come as close to a soldier s wartime day to day as can possibly be achieved An experience as told by no other book and seen in no other movie I recommend Sounds of War with 5 Stars.

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    Thomas Ferreolus has hit it out of the park with a war time slice of life up that is up close and personal.I listened to the audio version, but first I want to address this for its story and other components.The characters are very real and the various things that happen to them are also real from the mundane to the frightening Thomas Eddington is an intriguing main character and his interactions with others shows an almost emotionally disconnected man dealing with life threatening situations on a daily basis People come and go and he is distant from most, with a few notable exceptions Even his love interest is told in such as way that accentuates his aloneness in the midst of an army in a warzone.This is a slice of life story, and as such gives us a look at the events from one soldier s view as he slogs through the war in Iraq You won t find this story tied up with a pretty bow at the end, because what Thomas experiences is nowhere close to pretty In fact, there are no pretty pictures in this story It s an honest account of the ugliness of war.There is humor, however, and that points up the horrors of war even .The writing is crisp, gritty and frank and perfectly mirrors the events of this fascinating story Although this didn t feel like fiction to me The characters and events were too real for that So 5 stars for the book, story and characters.Now as to the audio version, it is very well done, with sound effects and an awesome voice actor However, there were times when the effects lasted too long and or overshadowed the actor s reading Because parts were difficult to understand due to the effects, I would give the audio version 4.3 stars.Whether you opt to read or listen, if you love realistic war stories, SOUNDS OF WAR is for you I highly recommend this book.

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    I d never used audible before so when I was given the opportunity to listen to the Sounds Of War by Thomas Ferreolus I was hoping for the best But this is not about my audible experience this is about the best audio book I ve ever listened to The reader himself helped to make the characters come alive in my head The sounds in the story were so true to life, and the situation that the soldiers lived in and experienced were so true I have family in the military who went to Iraq Now I know what it must have been like for them, hot, miserable, and possibly frightening Thomas was such a likeable character, he would be someone that I would hang around with or go out to coffee with if he was a real person I loved all the characters Thomas Ferreolus created This book is brilliant, I especially enjoyed the sounds between chapters Just an excellent excellent book Reviewed by Lee Ryder of Fae Books.

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    I was gifted an audio copy of this book in return for an honest review At first when I was approached, I admit, I was a little skeptical about it, but I never turn a book away when I am offered and I always give the books a chance, but I was extremely surprised and very intrigued about this story and was VERY addicted to it It was very hard to stop listening, because I thought about what I heard and day dreamed about what may happen next I really loved the music The background war sounds made me think that I was right there in the middle of the war with the characters I absolutely Loved the narrator He really made it very interesting and sometimes very intense to listen to I give this book 10 s and it s a RECOMMENDED MUST READ for adults, but be prepared to be sucked in and be addicted to it just as I was CAUTION READER DISCRETION ADVISED

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    Thomas Ferreolus Sounds Of War Iraq Attack Of Thomas Edington Was a good book audio He takes you through his experience of what its like to be in Iraq Its different then watching the news Its real, its something I recommend everyone to read I also enjoyed the music either between the chapters or during the reading Even the sounds of the helicopter makes it seem as if you their with him in Iraq If you haven t checked out this book you should.

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