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    A heart warming short under 5K festive story with a familiar theme but an entirely novel setting This story focuses on one specific instructor at the ski school the setting of the series , telling of how the encounters with one particular group of students gave him pause.

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    This is a short story about one of the workers at the White Cairns Ski School Sandy looks like Santa, but is nothing like him In fact, Sandy detests Christmas The instructors are asked to dress as Santa for the day and listen to the wish lists of the skiers as they ski Sandy encounters a couple of people who bring a whole new perspective to the holiday season and he comes to the realization that things aren t the way he thought they were I loved the lessons he learned and the insight the reader gains about his character.Content one or two mild swear words no violence brief mention of a woman with a female partner Clean.

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    This is a good story to put you in the holiday mood In a way, it s predictable the Scrooge like person who hates Christmas learns its true meaning But it s entertaining to see this realization take place on the ski slopes The characters are entertaining and you can feel their pain and doubt It s worth the read.

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    This is an adorable short story about Sandy, one of the ski instructors Sandy gets to dress up as santa for the day, which puts him back in the right frame of mind Very cute story that honors Christmas and the reason for the season.

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    4 starsI purchased Skiing with Santa September 2016 written by Roz Marshall and this review was given freely This is a well written short snippet that focuses on a day near Christmas and Sandy s regaining the real meaning of Christmas Best if read in sequence and with the remaining sections of the Secrets in the Snow story.

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    Again, I raise my hand and hope I m not falling foul of GR etiquette rules by leaving a review of my own book, but I hope my words can add a little to your understanding of the story If you ve read it, I hope that you enjoyed it, and it would be a huge boost to me if you could leave a review and spread the word I wrote and published this short story in December 2013, and had a lot of fun doing it Once I got the plot of the story sorted out in my head, writing the characters and their interactions was great fun, and I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed the writing The short stories give me a chance to explore one character fully, and describe a day or an event in their lives This story focusses on Sandy, the older instructor who runs the BB with his wife.Chronologically, it sits after Winter Arrives Ep1 which you should read first if you can However, this has a plot arc of its own, and so, as with most of my books, can be read as a stand alone story.Next in the series is another short story, A Dream for Hogmanay which is set on New Year s Eve in White Cairns then Episode 2 Fear of Falling Episode 3 will be released on 31 March 2014

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    I found this book a delight in getting in the holiday mood as I drank my mid day mug of black hazelnut coffee, sweet.Sandy, like some people, hates how everyone participates in the commercialization the holiday season has become and have forgotten what the holiday is all about He even resents being reminded about it by his wife but she s doing it for their grandkids than anyone else.Sandy s boss, Jude, at the ski school where he works comes up with the wonderful idea of having all their instructors dress up as Santa so they can hear the Christmas wishes their patrons have While there no three spirits in this story to help with Scrooge s transformation As he hears the students assigned to him talk about the holiday and their wishes, Sandy slowly begins to realizes he s the one who been brainwashed by the overly commercialization and that there are still others who hold to the true meaning of the holiday and its value the way he remembers them to be.For having been GOOD in writing this story, this Santa s Helper is giving this author, 5 STARS.

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    I received a gift copy of this book from the author, and this is my voluntary and honest review.Sandy had had his fill of Christmas and with the approaching season he is once again confronted with the overt commercialism that surrounds Christmas Ski school owner Jude asks her instructors to dress up as Santa, and Sandy looks the most authentic of the lot However, his heart is not in the venture Having lived in a country where Christmas is not celebrated at all, and also having been in the troughs of despair over one Christmas, I could identify with Sandy s feelings about a holiday that has been taken over by red suited Santas, noisy irreverent jingles and budgets being overextended However, like Sandy I also had my perspective upended, leading me to the realisation of what Christmas is actually all about Skiing with Santa is a gentle reminder of the meaning of Christmas and the reason we celebrate this holiday.

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    Blink and you d miss it I m struggling with the novella, I ll admit I wanted to explore and understand the character a lot , so felt a little frustrated That said, I thought this was a really pretty story, and ultimately encapsulates what Christmas is all about.

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download Skiing with Santa, read online Skiing with Santa, kindle ebook Skiing with Santa, Skiing with Santa 3dbba10c4e9e Sandy Is Like The Original Scrooge He Thinks Christmas Is Commercialised Claptrap, And Refuses To Have Any Part Of It So It S Like His Own Personal Nightmare When Ski School Manager Jude Tries A New Marketing Ploy, Ski With Santa And He Has To Play A Part He Abhors Will His Naughty And Nice Pupils Help This Reluctant Father Christmas To Face His Ghosts And Discover The Quintessence Of The Season Skiing With Santa Is A Christmas Short Story From The White Cairns Ski School Series About A Scottish Snowsports School Chronologically, It Sits Between Episodes And Whilst This Is A Stand Alone Story, You Might Enjoy Reading The Series From The St Episode, Winter Arrives Please Note British English Spelling And Grammar PG PG Content, Including A Couple Of Mild Swear Words This Is A Short Story Of Approximately , Words Or Pages Depending On Your Device And Font Size