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txt Selected Short Stories , text ebook Selected Short Stories , adobe reader Selected Short Stories , chapter 2 Selected Short Stories , Selected Short Stories b88a2a Faulkner Was A Master Of The Short Story Most Of The Stories In This Collection Are Drawn From The Greatest Period In His Writing Life, The Or So Years Beginning In , When He Published The Sound And The Fury They Deal With Many Of The Themes Found In The Novels And With The Subjects And Characters Of Small Town Mississippi Life That Are Uniquely Faulkner S In A Rose For Emily, The St Of His Stories To Appear In A National Magazine, A Straightforward, Neighborly Narrator Relates A Tale Of Love, Betrayal, Murder And Implied Necrophilia The Vicious Snopes Family Of The Hamlet Trilogy Turns Up In Barn Burning , About A Son S Response To The Activities Of His Arsonist Father Other Inhabitants Of Yoknapatawpha County Appearing Here Include Jason And Caddy Compson, Childish Witnesses To The Terror Of The Pregnant Black Laundress In That Evening Sun , Who Fears That Her Lover Will Murder HerContains Barn Burning Two Soldiers A Rose For EmilyDry September That Evening SunRed LeavesLo TurnaboutHonor There Was A QueenMountain VictoryBeyond Race At Morning

About the Author: William Faulkner

William Cuthbert Faulkner was a Nobel Prize winning American novelist and short story writer One of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, his reputation is based mostly on his novels, novellas, and short stories He was also a published poet and an occasional screenwriter.The majority of his works are based in his native state of Mississippi Though his work was published as earl

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    A great introduction to Faulkner s genius He deserves his reputation It is sad that recognition came to him so late after working so long on many books, poems and screenplays One has to admire his persistence, but then perhaps writing for its own sake must have been all that mattered, or nearly all Faulkner s short stories are powerful, raising the senses Original in style and prose Wonderfully descriptive of varied people, situations and places He puts us in the mind of a boy effortlessly in two stories and gives us the unmistakable flavor of southern culture in times gone by Like Joyce s Dubliners, I ll be reading these short stories again They are instructive.

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    Everything by Faulkner in his prime is amazing, but That Evening Sun sometimes titled, That Evening Sun, Gone Down is one of my favorites It s shot through with visceral imagery that comes from some place other than the conscious mind and works on the reader s mind in the same way It s also one of the best evocations of a child s consciousness that I ve ever read meaning, it s not just sentimentally innocent, but disorienting, unnerving and rich in ways that are almost surreal With that said, it s still an adult s story, filled with violence, lust and loss I can t recommend it enough.

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    As a writer and a native of Oxford, Mississippi, I m expected and required to respect and laud the work of William Faulkner I found the short stories in this collection to be unique, remarkable for their time, and utterly tedious I read Faulkner for the same reason I brush my teeth at 3 00 in the morning after returning from a boozy bender on The Square I know I should do it, for the sake of conforming to community standards, but I d rather just go to bed Bless his heart, that Faulkner For years we treated him like the town drunk that he was Then the French declared him to be a literary genius and with smiles on our faces and pride in our hearts we built him a statue right next to the town courthouse It s a regal and generous effigy I don t know why the French liked him so much I m young and have unrefined taste and no valuable perspective on the man s contributions to Words on Pages about Imagined Things But, I know why Oxford, Mississippi likes him When William Faulkner won the Nobel Prize and the Pullitzer prize, it didn t just mean that he was a great and successful man It meant that one of us could be a great and successful man What was he, other than a product of our mutually shared environment Yes, those prizes were validation of a man s life work, but they were also validation of us Mississippians, the least respected state in our proud nation Today, in Oxford, it s not required for students attending the University of Mississippi which the town is built around to read Faulkner s work, but it is required that at least once before graduation you sneak out to the Confederate cemetery with friends and take a shot of whiskey on Faulkner s grave Then you leave the bottle and eventually either the local prison s trustees or the ghosts of southern gothic literature clean it up I don t know what that says about this book I gave it four stars because it s a well put together hardback collection, but I wish it featured some commentary from an expert.

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    I like his stories about death the best.

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    Reading, parsing, and internalizing many of these complex stories involved for me a lot of work The powerful representation of southern social and racial hierarchies in several stories Dry September, Red Leaves, There Was a Queen, That Evening Sun, Mountain Victory was difficult to confront Among my favorites were Two Soldiers and Race at Morning, which explored human experiences with remarkable sensitivity.

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    I was very disappointed with this collection of short stories I have not read any of Faulkner s novels and thought this might be a great way to sample the works of a literary legend.Well, if this is representative of his novel length works than I m just as happy to go to my grave a Faulkner virgin.I am surprised this collection averaged over four stars Then I went back and read some of the reviews Many people who wrote reviews seemed to have decided they liked the book before they read it and even those who didn t seem to like the book still often gave three stars, maybe because who in their write literary mind would not love Faulkner, write And then there were those who hadn t even finished the bookhmmm, wonder why I almost gave up on this one about ten times myself.In many cases Faulkner s style made it difficult to follow the story I happened to be reading this simultaneously with a complete works of Hemingway s short stories and this is not an issue of not liking short stories Half the time, I was only vaguely aware of who was talking or what they were talking about I often finished the story feeling cheated or spent a lot of energy going back and trying to piece it all together Many stories had no underlying message, or if there was a deeper message, it was buried so deep and camouflaged so well, I completely missed it Instead it seemed as if his goal was to leave the reader with a disturbing or thought provoking image, which can be effective.Was his writing descriptive Yes Does his writing capture the character and essence of the old South Probably Were many of his characters interesting Sure Were the stories well written Depends on how you define a well written story I don t mind working through a read but I appreciate when the writer orients me to his world, even if just a little I never really felt as though I was in the story, but instead on the outside looking in, desperately wanting to get in, yet unable.There were a couple of stories that I enjoyed, but did not love In fact, there is not one story that I absolutely loved Interestingly, I tend to rate books higher than the average because I love to read and I love stories, all kinds of stories I like all different styles of writing and enjoy reading across genres This book, however, I did not love or even like.A few reviewers did mention that while they generally love Faulkner, this was not a great collection, so perhaps I need to give him another shot If you are like me and wanting to explore some of the literary greats, don t waste your time here, at least not at first However, if you are a diehard Faulkner fan, go for it I m sure you will love it even if, like some readers, you don t quite get it It may be that it takes time to get comfortable with Faulkner s style of writing in order to digest it easily and thoroughly Obviously, I m not there yet.

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    Good if seemingly random selection of Faulkner short stories If you like Faulkner, you ll appreciate them If not, things like unreliable narrators, shifts in perspective and just Faulkner s general hey reader, you re smart, figure this story out from what I m giving you attitude will probably put you off.There s the obligatory Sartoris story has anyone put all these together in chronological order somewhere Could that even be done The Sartoris family story is so insanely complex I can t imagine even Faulkner could keep it all straight so many details spread over several generations of one very convoluted family.There s also a good World War I story, with some great dialogue and action, told in the you figure out what s going on Faulkner style, as well.All of the stories are ultimately interesting, and don t rely on the cheesy twist at the end that so many short story writers rely on to keep you turning pages Hey there, Ambrose Bierce A solid collection, but personally, I d rather read several related stories in one book, as was the case with the excellent collection The Unvanquished.And if you are new to Faulkner, keep in mind these were written in the early 20th Century and are set in and around the American Civil War and its aftermath, in the deep south, so the racial language reflects terminology in use in that place at the time If it s shocking, that s because Faulkner did not want to whitewash the era s reprehensible racial attitudes.

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    I don t remember having read any Faulkner before I ve certainly never read one of his books, but I might have read one or two of his short stories along the way This was interesting interesting enough to make me want to try one of his novels But I didn t really like his depictions of middle aged, unmarried women He has what seems to me a very 19th Century view of how being unmarried and presumably, a virgin , makes a woman twisted and pathetic Did Faulkner ever create a sympathetic, strong, intelligent woman in any of his fiction If he has, maybe someone could point me in that direction.

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    The short stories in this book were much easier of a read than a lot of his novels, but some of the stories toward the end got a lot typical in the Faulkner sense of the word where you had to go back and read a paragraph a 2nd or 3rd time to make sense of it All the best short stories are in the first 1 2 3 4 of the book anyway He is one of the best writers of gritty Americana, a lot of his stories deal with the worst side of people and if your like me and you love writers like Cormac McCarthy and Charles Bukowski get into him.

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    I m not sure if I loved these short stories or I was just overwhelmed with joy that they made sense than The Sound and the Fury The stories were well written and very descriptive but I still often couldn t figure out what the point was to the stories I think that is why I like real books better Short stories are over so quickly and if you don t get the point they seem like a waste of time.

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