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files Saving Sam , read online Saving Sam , free Saving Sam , free Saving Sam , Saving Sam 88542dc88 Sam Wallace Entered The Air Force As A Spoiled, Rich Boy Years Later, He Emerges A Changed And Troubled Man None Of This Matters To Amy, His Oldest Friend And Staunchest Supporter Perhaps The Weary Soldier Might Finally Find Solace From His Nightmares In The Arms Of The Girl Who Has Always Loved Him The Only Thing That Gives Sam Hope His Scarred Soul Might Heal Is The Love He Desperately Wants, But Doesn T Deserve Haunted By A War He Can T Forget, Sam Struggles To Move Forward But The Darkness In Sam Is Greater, Deeper And Dangerous Than Anyone Realized Can He Fight Off His Demons, Or Will Amy Pay The Price For His Inability To Let Her Go

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    DNF at chapter 4 I don t have time for books that annoy me.Sam wanted to be interesting but I just couldn t get over how in the present and past he used Amy for attention and eventually sex I didn t even get through the sample before Amy remarked upon how selfish and lazy he had been.His PTSD may have influenced his need for her in the present but it didn t seem all that separate from his jackhole behavior in the past view spoiler he knew she wanted him and dated whoever while she pined The night before he left for basic, he took her virginity and the next morning pretended he was too drunk to remember what happened he actually asked her why she was in his bed and yes, she waited for him while he was gone He told his fellow officers that she was his girlfriend so maybe he was celibate as well I didn t care enough to keep going and find out hide spoiler

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    I m torn about this book I thought the PTSD parts were well done and I really felt for Sam and everything he was going thru even shed a tear or two On the other hand I never thought of Sam and Amy as a couple I didn t feel any connection between them Almost like it was a relationship built on convenience instead of love It just seemed like an unhealthy relationship even before Sam went to war and added PTSD to the mix The author was true to life that there is no miracle cure for PTSD and I commend her for that However, it left me with an unsettled feeling Yes, they got their HEA but I don t feel like they will last since I never felt a true love connection.

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    A rather intense read, I was bawling like a baby at the end, so I couldn t give it any less than 4 stars, though I had doubts at the beginning, it took me some time to connect with the characters I m still not a big fan of them Janie in particular really got on my nerves , but their story won me over nonetheless The author explained at the end that she did some research to get the facts right while writing this book, and you can really feel this attention to details while reading it, the story just strikes you as right Perhaps it s because I come from a family with a miltary tradition too in the French Army , but the story and the characters struggle with such a devastating illness as PTSD moved me, even if some other elements in the book didn t really do it for me.

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    I m truly disappointed because I wasted my monthly allowance from the Prime Lending Library on this book The plot sounded amazing, but the writing was terrible The characters thoughts and feelings were all over the place, and the writing itself was very one dimensional I felt absolutely no chemistry between the characters and the lead female was written to be a doormat for the lead male DNF 25%

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    This book is the first in a trilogy It is an erotic military romance, but with depth It takes a look at the various wounds inflicted by the horrors of war and how the soldiers learn to live with them or get past them.A portion of all the profits Simone and I receive will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.Being a disabled veteran, this series is really special to me and I love this story

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    A portion of the profits from the sales of this novel will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project by Simone Beaudelaire and J.M Northup.

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    Saving Sam The Wounded Warriors Book 1, by J M Northup and Simone Beaudelaire, is so well drawn it could have been an actual case history of PTSD The authors have created characters with flaws and then brings those into play aggravating the male character s PTSD The family weaknesses have to be sorted out as well if Sam is to receive any kind of help and healing through those closest to him Had this man come home from Afghanistan not affected by PTSD, there may have been a marriage and then a divorce because both Sam and Amy, his love interest, had severe self esteem problems But simple was not the case This story was written with the purpose of understanding the psychology of PTSD and finding a way to begin healing.From the hot, hot love scenes to the terrifying reality of flashback takeovers, the writing of this story flowed smoothly and couldn t be real The authors have created believable characters and moved the Veteran through the effects of PTSD flashbacks and dangers to himself and others Then actual therapies are shown to guide a PTSD sufferer in how to control the effects, though they will never be totally gone There is great validity in this story about what needs to be done to understand and control PTSD The authors have purposely portrayed both Sam and Amy as flawed In real life we all have flaws and weaknesses, some minor, some major The characters are written as flawed for a reason and it couldn t be a perfect approach to helping Sam get the help he needed Putting the characters through having to clean up their flaws and weaknesses in the story is a perfect example of what is necessary in real life in order to help the one suffering from PTSD As in real life, if there is to be help for the one with PTSD, the people closest to them must also get beyond their own shortcomings and become stronger The way this story is set up and led toward the final outcome is so real life, it shows both authors truly understand what PTSD actually is, how it affects everyone, and what to expect of treatment.For those who have an interest in PTSD, any interest at all, or for those who want to learn about what troubles a Veteran they know, this book is a must read With a family member with PTSD, for me it was a walk through memories The hard reality of this story relates to real life Everyone should read at least one story like this to understand the ravages of this disease and how we can help those afflicted I highly encourage the reading this true to life portrayal.

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    We hear much in the news regarding soldiers returning from war, and the difficulties they face as they return to civilian life In Saving Sam , Ms Beaudelaire and Ms Northup have taken the reality some of these brave men and women face, and given it a human face which is often missing in the news The unfortunate truth is that when our service men and women return from serving their country, they are often far removed from the person who left family and friends behind all those long months ago PTSD is an often touted, but little understood effect of this service, leaving both men and woman feeling lost, confused, alone and hurting.In Saving Sam, we are introduced to a family facing just these type of nightmares, and find them trying to understand the man who has returned from overseas service the man who is very different from the one who left all those long months beforehand.Whilst primarily a love story, Saving Sam covers, very neatly, both the effects of PTSD on the service member and those who love him It shows how the wounds are sometimes so deep, they create a ripple effect outwards, encompassing not only the suffererer but everyone around him Add to the mix another character who has deep seated emotional issues of her own brought about by entirely different circumstances and you have a recipe for a well constructed story filled with flawed characters The combined talents of the authors have given us a sense of not only the hopelessness these characters feel, but an interesting insight into how they must face their own flaws and problems, and learn behaviour modification techniques which will, in the long term, allow them to move forward in their lives.This was a little gem of a story, and I d thoroughly recommend it There are a few small grammar and wording issues, which can easily be forgiven as one becomes immersed in the story.I will be moving straight on to the second story in the series after posting my reviews.

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    Simone Beaudelaire is a new author to me and I am very impressed and grateful for the gift of this book and introduction I found the story compelling and the characters, problems and reactions real Sam believes Amy is his life line back from the nightmares of his war experience Amy is willing to do anything be anything to have her long loved Sam.Does her love help or hinder Sam Amy What about the rest of the family unit We see real reactions, they may not act as we think they should, but they are real The pain and situations are than most authors are willing to subject readers to, however I am so impressed and feel a little understanding of what our heroes go through.The love story is touching and always under every situation and action the love is there So many emotions, love is the strongest fear, guilt for his actions on returning and survivor guilt for his lost brothers helplessness to help someone loved how to respond to the stranger who has replaced the son, friend and love returning to them.This is the first in a three book series and completely stands alone I will be sure to read the next two and cannot wait.I received this for an honest review.

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    I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by authors J.M Northup and Simone Beaudelaire This is book 1 of the Wounded Warriors series by the authors.Sam Wallace grew up a rich kid but when he went into the service he became a different man Now being back home he struggles with his demons that try to take over his being, can he fight them or will they destroy him for good Amy grew up with Sam and fell in love with him No matter what she always supported him but when he comes home can she help him adjust to his new life or will his troubles consume her too.This is a darker story with a lot of emotional turmoil for the character of Sam The story is very well written and you can feel the troubled emotions coming from him almost like it is real Not all soldiers return to rosy lives and this story tells the other side of things This is for mature military book readers.

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